Мини-дом своими руками/РумТур по каркасному мини-дому/Tiny house

hi friends this video is about a mini house
in the Moscow region which, with its modest dimensions
quite suitable for permanent of residence
this frame house which is made in minimal style black house
quite compact but at the same time it contains all the essentials
vestibule kitchen-living room bathroom bedroom and
the place where the house is built hands and such a decision is good
alternative have your own affordable housing that can
be a temporary option for life yet while you save up money for a second more
spacious house in general the story of this the video started three months ago in
comments on other videos in which I showed a cube-shaped mini-house in
Tartu in the comments wrote to me Dmitriy
that he has a similar house, but more competently planned we exchanged
with Dmitry contacts and agreed with about the meeting and as a result last week I
I visited Dmitry and it turned out this video and now in more detail about
this house will tell you the owner of this house Dmitry pleasant viewing everyone hello
my name is Dmitry we are in outskirts of Moscow
this is the city of Podolsk and actually we we are now near my house
the idea of ​​a small house did not come right away in general, it appeared gradually because
that originally there was a garden house in in which we planned to place something
like a hozblok and for workers maybe for the first time but then
after thinking we decided that it’s better focus on more capital
structure because in the future he too will be necessary and decided to make such
mini house. In addition, there is such Tiny house movement in the west and was
interesting to try this concept just embody with us. That’s all
started i met guys from america they
own a company that is just building such houses and they sent me a catalog
decisions on which in the future I already started to build
design your future tiny home and
it was interesting what actually in reality it is a whole philosophy
that is, when you start designing you realize that in fact often
we don’t need so much, we don’t have the need to have very large
square and tiny house he gives more of freedom. Far less
time you spend building it much less time is needed in
further cleaning and maintenance Such houses are much more economically
profitable, that is, to heat such a house much easier. Accordingly you spend
much less resources. Regarding the size of the house initially
here was the former garden house about three and a half by five meters and and when
we took it apart it turned out that under this house is very
good solid foundation we decided not change
nothing actually and exactly on this we built a new house
used wireframe technology Finnish technology was chosen
frame house building foundation tape next we did
strapping from timber, but the house was built together with with a friend and frame we put together
in about 4 days all completely well covered with vapor barrier it came out
about one week binding lower beam 150 to 150
floor frame board 50 to 150 underneath hemmed my OSB rough floor
yes, with waterproofing, with vapor barrier laid insulation 150
three layers of 50 with overlap to avoid bridges of cold, further sheathed from above
plywood, plywood was on the substrate and then already finished coating on the frame.
The frame was executed from the same board 150 well, actually
further classic wireframe technology the roof is made of board 50 to 200 then
have roofing such a cake he was thicker by
warming because often the main the heat leaves us, is lost through the roof.
Warm air rises always in the house and the actual thickness of the roof
it was decided to do 200 millimeters Style minimalism was chosen because the idea
was to do so as much as possible functional, but very
restrained by some frills, design house. The emphasis was on
functional The color black is partly a tribute to fashion,
some recent trends, but at the same time time it is functional, interesting
works, that is, thick enough pie in the summer does not allow home
get very hot. And plus flowering trees around they its a little
shade, but in the winter and in frosty sunny day if you go out
touch the facade, it’s straight warm becomes, that is, black he still
helps make the house warmer in cold periods.
all double-chamber windows were used double-glazed windows and it just so happened that here
for example a large window that is on top of us three-meter and on the side facade
same vertical window they were given to me by a friend
mounting windows and those windows just don’t approached one of the objects and they
we got almost free Input the door of the house I also really like it
We also got almost free from a friend, they built a house and she’s not there
corresponded to some of them criteria. As you can see the house yet
not completely finished, there are still moments which will need to be completed. In particular,
it covers around the windows. Why was Is such a finish selected? this is the most
quite simple, but interesting It looks like such facades
looked at guys americans they often use such a solution, an overlap board
the facade is quite interesting in appearance, while never moisture
inside under the board does not fall because she goes out with such a Christmas tree.
time enough breathing if somewhere moisture could appear for example under
by the wall it will come out very easily Below the house is trimmed with a professional sheet – this is also
there was a decision from american house designs they
build motorhomes and in their homes often noticed such decisions here – bottom trim
went from a professional sheet very functionally very easy to follow and they wash their homes,
there is a normal car wash car with on the one hand budget, on the other hand
why not. Very good looking decision. We have a water supply,
we have a city sewer. So this one we are planning a further house
used as a guest, and we started to build the main house further,
between them we decided to do a common the terrace. Then it will be possible to go out,
get together with guests, relax, drink tea Well, in general, it is very functional,
fits comfortably here. Terrace made from larch on a pile foundation
the size of the terrace is about 6 by 5 meters and Actually, here we are inside the house,
start with the hallway hallway dimensions meter twenty five per meter twenty five in
the hallway is small a clothes hanger is located
bench with shoe rack actually the shoes that are stored here
now not worn, there is a mirror Yes, here we have a shield on
electricity when, well, if something is there you need to de-energize and, in general, everything for
control well, such a small locker there
cosmetics is for wife and such a locker, always the keys in front of the entrance
every little thing everything fit in here we have streetlight control he’s on
sensors if you will the need can also de-energize
from the inside. This is the lighting in the hallway itself. LED
and underfloor control. Also possible adjust, set the temperature and
actually here again the zone is small but she is very very warm shoes
always dry, never here in winter there is a puddle, due to quality
floor heating. We go further and here we are we get into such a space of the kitchen where
there is also a small storage cabinet various preserves, there other things,
other things here kitchen block. Here we originally had
electric stove, then decided try gas and in general essentially
saves gas stove compared to electro. Two-burner stove
enough, there’s a sink near the window classic such a circuit, very convenient
when the sink is located in front of the window and besides here in your own home it
more justified by the fact that is there always anyone or
and children or there someone needs to come up wash something here. Very comfortable
the mixer can be easily routed to window and wash apples, fruits, everything
what do you need. the countertop was made, I wanted to make it
so old and when we took apart he had a former garden house
very massive so old thick floorboards and they are very
liked and I decided to make one of them countertop. They were completely
discarded, cleaned, was removed completely all the old paint then they were thrown, they turned out like this dark charred. Covered with oil and they
such a peculiar color appeared. Above we have a cooker hood the exhaust duct works here right away
the street and through the check valve system an extract from
a bathroom accordingly, through the check valves do not
let the air out of the bathroom into the kitchen and also from the kitchen to the bathroom. Here alone
spotlight, spot with several operating modes. That is, he can shine
bright, medium lighting and such dim restrained. Here is the second lamp,
there’s another kitchen in retro style Actually very similar to this one
lamp, here we still have such a system drying that is easy to clean. And we
smoothly moved, by the way, into the zone such a living room. I wanted to create here
more light therefore used large window on one side, south
side of the sun and another one tall three meter window which
goes to the parking well and actually this is
the southeast side in the morning from here is very a lot of light is also poured. Space
decided as follows – we have the opposite a sofa, there is a TV and a small
this section is also for storage I would like to say a few words about this.
a table is a table on one side, with other side
training board that is, when the child wants to exercise
to draw, here you can actually here show your creativity and besides this
we periodically do the same at home and here we decided so that we have this part
adult, here I for example write some tasks, and here my daughter performs them. Then
we have one two zone board for work
And here is just this section for storage of crayons. AND
the board turns with a flick of the wrist in such a table. On the one hand, when
he doesn’t need it easy to clean and watch TV, play chat, and
when for example we need lunch we are going to sit down at this table
comfortable area of ​​such a dining room it turns out. Well, actually here we are
examined the entire first floor, but except one room is a bathroom – a bathroom
let’s go see. Here the decision was to tie in one button and
range hood and lighting. The bathroom is enough small in size
twenty-two meter and a half. All
repelled by OSB sheet sizes lying on the rough floor and in general
then, in this space we placed toilet, washing machine combined with
washbasin over her. And here for the door we will see now there is still
bathroom. Well, since everything is tied to us electricity then it was decided
use such a cumulative water heater.
Therefore, we examined the entire first floor I invite you to the second floor. To can
notice we have a lot of balls today, but it just so happened that shooting for
channel coincided with the daughter’s birthday so we are in the scenery today.
let’s go to the second floor so we are on the second floor as you can see here
on the one hand quite low the ceilings
but this area where we do not spend much of the time. A bedroom is organized here.
and cabinet, but so small when designed the house I proceeded from the sizes
your height and so that you don’t bang your head be in
extreme point near the balcony for example at it could be easy
study and walk comfortably this part. In the part that goes
we only have a bed on the slope actually we just sleep there
already there such a height was not needed in farthest point at this at the lowest point
the height of the second floor is one and a half meters in top point at the edge
external wall, here we have it turns out a meter ninety well
actually here an office where you can work out. I
engaged in the design of houses in including here everything
necessary – laptop, printer, scanner all what do you need . Respectively
there is enough space for this. Well, so how we live in family and things are enough
a lot was decided to make such a long a three-meter chest of drawers in which it is very possible
to store a lot of everything and all is enough compactly folded and besides me
really liked this the three-meter window is horizontal. It’s straight
floods a lot of light as in small is this space
the second floor as well as the second light works very cool for the first floor
accordingly, the house is always enough light, well, plus the white color of the walls –
he creates such a feeling of greater space. House total area
it turns out 30 square meters, the first floor we came out in total
18 squares and second floor 12 square
meters. In fact, it is 30 square meters, but it’s almost like
odnushka such an apartment. But still I more like the idea of ​​a small house
because living on earth closer to you feel much better on earth.
That is, at any time you can go to yard and you can do something
construction, garden, sports, all that whatever. You’re always right next to you
fresh air, well, actually the cost of such an area of ​​housing – she
incomparably lower compared to Well, if you compare with
the cost of an apartment is even the same area. That is, to build such a house
the two are quite capable of more than I am in In this case, I do not see the need for
some loans there, some long ones stories from
banks and stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. But to better to consider here from this side we
moved to another part of the second floor here we have organized a bedroom and
storage of outerwear and here also
ends our infinitely long chest of drawers. Yes, even on the second floor, and in general
then in the house it was decided to use pass switch so when you
go up there wasn’t having to run down every time
for example, turn off the lights. These are spots which are managed and from here from the first
floors and another switch he creates such a dim light, there is a lamp
under the balcony. That is, you are from the second floor you can fully control the lighting in
house on the ground floor and make it bright and dimmer, these lights are also welcome
works in three modes. They can be as bright as
so dimmer and quite like that muffled
Regarding the decoration – in the living area we used an engineering board on the floor, in
the kitchen area we have laid a board too artificially aged floorboard
and in the zone hallway and bathroom tiles, floor with
heated. The walls in the house are sheathed drywall, it was convenient because
under it was laid all the electrics divorced and actually so we
got another extra air gap which too
additionally also insulates the house. IN quality of heating are used here
such quartz heaters They are quite economical in
using just 400 watts and this the house is used only two such
heaters. One here, one in the zone kitchen, respectively, it allows
comfortably warm the entire house evenly and at
this heating costs less than
probably an electric kettle in repeatedly. Ventilation is carried out with
recuperator that is, in such a way that here in
hallway we have air coming from the street but before that he warms up going out
from the second floor, on the second floor it is sucked, that is, it is stretched
and going down, going outside the incoming street warms up
air in this way into the house air comes in fresh but slightly warmed up
already but also a natural question may
arise that with such heat transfer condensation may be produced. is he
really stands out, respectively on the street you might notice there under
we put a bucket with a recuperator, where All condensate is discharged. By timing
construction in fact, everything is completely in that form
as you can see now in total, it took about three months. And at a cost it happened somewhere in half a million rubles, certainly not
I’ll say, but somewhere in such limits. Well, in conclusion, what I want to say is not
be afraid to realize your plans, your dreams and thoughts. Besides that it is very inspires when you do something
do it yourself it is very interesting and actually you
get as a result essentially the house of your dreams


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  • И сколько встал по деньгам полностью с работой?

  • Круто когда гостевой дом из условно говна и палок гораздо лучше основного дома ))

  • давайте побольше обзоров на такие домики!!!

  • А где спит ребенок?

  • А о воде в доме. Откуда и как подается.

  • Сколько он стоит

  • Если годик пересидеть с женой то норм,а если надолго,то это пипец..проще купить две бытовки строительные.

  • Фундамент использовали который был, уже экономия, работал человек явно не один, т.е. сразу вычитаем 40-50% стоимости за работу. Про 500 тысяч это вранье. Поверю что весь материал на эту будку стоит 500 тысяч, и то вряд ли. Без сметы это пустой трёп. Кто строит, тот понимает что это всё пустозвонство. Как начнешь детально разбираться и делать смету, то сразу становится всё понятно.

    Знакомый продал квартиру за 3 миллиона, построил зимний каркасный дом на 100 метров за 2, и началось: отопление – 500, электрика – 300, канализация – 200, вода 200. В итоге денег нет, и начались потребительские кредиты на доделку. И это вшивый каркасник, где потолки на втором этаже 230, и когда прыгаешь стены ходуном ходят и мебель танцует.

  • А дитя внизу спит на диване? Не слишком опасно ей там одной? Вдруг кто залезет ночью в дом… И немного неудобно, что пространство слишком открыто, родителям практически не уединиться) Для бездетной пары самое то…А так домик хороший, немного поработать над распределением пространства, мебели и вещей и всё супер) А главное – своё и без кредитов и ипотек.

  • Хорошо . Способен наша раша , если не употребляет.

  • Респект! Дмитрий , а можно проект приобрести?

  • Какой милый домик 😍

  • Молодчина мужик!

  • можно узнать контакты ребят с США,которые прислали решения по домам?

  • Если это Россия. Токакай нах. Рум тур… Русский забыл????

  • Доченьку с прошедшим днём варенья, а домик очень хорошенький и уютный.

  • А у вас есть видео где вы сами всё делали?

  • Отлично спланированный и продуманный проект , при этом очень уютный. Респект. Только один вопрос , а где спит ребенок?

  • Уютный дом. Спасибо за хороший обзор. Владельцу дома добра и всех благ.

  • Посмотрел 10 минут, на большее не хватило. Моё мнение такое: этим сюжетом рассказывается как не надо строить, ка мне надо делать. Я поясню:
    1. С первых минут нам рассказывается что это эконом вариант. Мы прям экономим-экономим. Но если так, что смысл делать террасу из лиственницы?! Вы когда мрамор то собираетесь привезти?!
    2. Входная дверь. У меня дача из бруса 150х150, обшитого пеноплексом и сайдингом и вагонкой. И знаете ли, при стеклопакетах и прочем там прохладно. Откуда? Из двери. И поэтому всегда вторая дверь – она же тамбур/крыльцо /терраса.
    3. Кухня. Если ты живешь один то Доширак заварить – отлично. Но видя холодильник я понимаю что либо впереди гастрит, либо ты вечно в ресторане, либо это дом ради забавы.
    4. На чем я остановил просмотр. Столешница. Ребят, экспериментируйте дальше. Сделать столешнику из ковра уже наконец. И, хочу заметить, что экономия на газовой плитке это хорошо, но обогрев газом? Тогда о чем речь. И как готовить на такой крошечной плитке в крошечной кухне на газу?! Вы издеваетесь?
    5. Да, отделать дом снаружи деревом – модно. Особенно черным покрасить. Только через пять лет ты будешь снова красить?!

    Ребят, простите, есть золотое правило: нету денег – не фиг строить. Всё это смешно и очень грустно, что потрачены деньги в жопе мира и впустую. Ни дом Ни участок.

  • этот дом действительно больше нравится и самое главное по цене выходит примерно столько же , круто!

  • Сусликовый заяя,ц с винни ппууха… поц отменный

  • Можно ссылку на модель кварцевого обогревателя?

  • Круто

  • Хороший домик получился, только я бы диван и телик местами поменял!)

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