10 Cities with the most FOOD STAMP recipients.

What is going on everyone? How’s life
treating you? I thought we’d do a requested video
today I did a video about the states with the highest percentage of residents
on food stamps back a little over a month ago since that day I’ve gotten a
buttload of emails asking me what cities have the most majority of those requests
were from people that apparently thought I was being biased towards one end of
the political spectrum because I ranked a to the ten being republican-controlled
states the thing is this I didn’t rank them the US Census Bureau and the Bureau
of Labor and Statistics did they’re the ones that gathered all the stats not me
in my opinion things like that aren’t a democrat or republican thing it’s an
American thing we’re all in this together no matter what the politicians
want you to believe fifteen million households in the United States are
considered food insecure almost 45 million Americans rely on some sort of
help from a government agency to eat programs like the Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program or snap are in place so Americans don’t go hungry snap began
as a temporary relief program during the Great Depression and became a permanent
fixture in 1964 under President Lyndon Johnson
some people think making this a permanent thing was a costly mistake to
taxpayers I don’t think so again we’re all in this together if you’re one of
those taxpayers that wants to know what city’s getting the most of those tax
dollars this list is for you we’re gonna list the ones that have the highest
percentage of their population on food stamps let’s see who starts out the list
number ten Sumter South Carolina have you ever heard of Sumter me either but
it looks like the people of the snap office know exactly where this place is
that’s because 22.5% of their 40,000 residents are on snap incorporated as
some Kerrville in 1845 the city’s name was shortened to Sumter in 1855 I guess
the Ville part didn’t make it sound as classy as they wanted it to Sumner is
home to Shaw Air Force Base that’s the headquarters of the United
States Air Force Central Command it’s also home to some dude that was
convicted of treason in World War two Robert Henry best he was a broadcaster
went over there during the war actually before the war and ended up getting
hooked up with the Nazis do propaganda for him and when the Nazis you know
Germany lost the war if they handed him over to us he died in prison they have
22% of the population living under the poverty line in Sumter the good news is
get a liveable house in this place for under 150,000 and it looks like the
prices will be dropping they look to be losing about 3 percent of their
population in the 2020 census number 9 Longview Washington not too far
away from Portland Oregon and across the Columbia River you have Longview
Washington during the opioid days here in Portland it had a reputation of being
the place to go when you needed pills these days the reputation is more like
it’s a place where all the residents wait around for their government check
and then hang out around payday loan places and it’s really too bad Longview
is a great location it sits right on the Columbia River and it’s a little under
an hour away from Portland Oregon on a good day in 2019 they had just under six
percent unemployment and 17% of long views population live below the poverty
line just about 23% of long views population is on food stamps right now
and like I said it’s too bad cuz this has the potential to be a great little
city number 8 Visalia California have you ever heard those plans that people
want to push where they split a state in two or maybe even three every few years
a group of people in a state that don’t like what’s going on in their state and
can’t seem to win an election decide they want to try and split the state and
twos thing and have their own state to make their own rules you know that
mentality if I can’t win I don’t want to play anymore him and take my ball and go
home in my life I think California has floated this idea about four times it’ll
never happen there’s a better chance to the eight-track tape making a comeback
it’s never going to happen but they try everyone’s well and get to the news then
it just fades away the thing is about California I think most California would
be ok with this part breaking off the whole Visalia Porterville Fresno it
serves no real purpose other than giving California a worse reputation than it
already has 23% of the residents in to Visalia
Porterville area are on snap and they’re rocking about an 8% unemployment rate
yeah 25 percent of the population in this area lives below the poverty line a
quarter of the people it’s crazy number 7 Brownsville Texas have you ever
wanted to live in an American city in a third-world country at the same time in
Brownsville that dream can become a reality
Brownsville sits on the border with Mexico right on the Gulf and it’s not
too far away from South Padre Island the good news is the cost living here is
really low and the crime isn’t terrible you never see those two together the
downside is the unemployment is over five percent and twenty three point
three percent of the residents are on snap but this is to be expected seeing
that almost 30 percent of the residents live below the poverty line now this is
a weird little town you drive around you think oh no I’ve crossed over the border
into Mexico this place is really rundown then you go two blocks further and you
think oh this is a nice neighborhood I guess I didn’t cross the border and then
you look and you go oh tacos let’s eat tacos they got really good tacos they’re
number six Albany Georgia Albany Georgia is one of those towns you never hear
about unless someone is doing a list or a story about places you should never go
to let me put it to you this way these are things you should never do in
regards to Albany Georgia never visit never entertain the thought of buying a
home here never rent a home here never drive-through by ordinaire never stop
for gas never think about Albany Georgia after this list is done there you’re
safe 24 percent of the residents here are on snap and about 25 percent of the
residents of so a quarter live below the poverty line
if Albany Georgia’s crime scores were high school test scores you’d be going
to Harvard with a full ride number five Hammond Louisiana Hammond
Louisiana is about the same as Albany Georgia just a little bit worse with a
higher cost of living Hammond is home to southern Louisiana University have you
ever heard of this school me either they are famous for yeah I got nothing
during the Civil War Hammond was a shoe making center for the Confederate States
Army the shoe making industry was the work of Charles Emery Kate bought the
land in 1864 a home and shoe factory towards the end of the war Kate laid out
the town’s grid using the rail line as a guide and naming several of the streets
after his son also kate street is named after him even though he supplied shoes
to a failed war effort those would be considered the good times in hammond
it’s been downhill ever since but what do you expect from a town that was named
after a swedish sailor who was a fugitive from the british firm escaping
from a jail yeah that’s true nothing but bad luck comes from things like that
twenty four point six percent of the residents receive SNAP benefits and
Hammond number four Rocky Mountain North Carolina Rocky Mountain North Carolina
is east of Raleigh about an hour away this is like the town that progress for
God I know stand-up comic from the area I don’t leave
actually from Rocky Mount but he said in his act that there’s only three types of
people in Rocky Mountain those who can’t afford to leave those who can’t leave
because of parole and people who have failed at so many things this is where
they end up this town just might have more boarded up businesses than actual
open ones with an almost six percent unemployment rate it’s kind of makes
sense nobody has money to buy anything here and twenty four point six percent
of them are on snap number three Grants Pass Oregon there’s a reason everyone in
Oregon refers to Grants Pass as grants ass it sucks in so many ways it’s hard
to give it anything but a universally known word for bad as a nickname this is
the only town I have ever seen that was great at D or D – across the
board by area vibes it sucks at everything statistically but not
terribly just enough to make it bad one bright spot is my friend jinx she has a
YouTube channel called Oregon family adventure I watch that all
time I’ll leave a link below besides the crime drugs and poverty in Grants Pass
you have fire season and a serious housing shortage if you talk to real
estate agent they won’t have much to offer you or show you fire season sucks
especially if you have asthma oh my god it’s brutal out there 25 point
one percent of the population is on snap in Grant’s ass Oregon so enjoy number
two Laredo Texas I haven’t been to Laredo in
about 20 years and I can’t believe it’s still as bad as it is whenever I read
anything about Laredo it’s negative the people are great don’t get me wrong
everything else sucks I have some friends there their whole family’s there
and they’ll be the first ones to tell you this city sucks but then they turn
around and say but their family’s there so they can’t they have to stay you know
so I appreciate that but god this place I see stats on Laredo every so often I
take a minute wonder why is it so bad then I go down that conspiracy rabbit
hole and start looking at real estate developers in the area I wonder if
there’s some organized thing where they’re trying to keep the prices down
by having bad stats everywhere it’s like buy up all the land and chase all the
locals out you know then I wonder if it’s government thing and their God
aliens buried in the desert or an explanation of why the last season of
Game of Thrones was so disappointing you know real important stuff
Laredo has 34 percent of its population living under the poverty line and 27
percent of their population is on snap and number one McAllen metro area Texas
now this one’s really strange it’s obviously the highest snap percentage in
the country and that’s why it’s number one on this list the poverty rate is
really high but most of the other stats are great schools are good cost of
living is low weather is nice housing is a little bit better than average then
you get to the crime it’s bad but there are far worse cities in this country the
unemployment in poverty is what sinks McAllen according to the US Census
Bureau and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics they had over six percent
unemployment for most in 2019 and thirty one point five percent poverty now those
are bad stats and then team it up with twenty nine point nine percent of their
population is on snap or some other program so that’s pretty bad thirty
percent twenty nine point nine that’s pretty much thirty percent
McAllen I can’t believe how many Texas cities were on this list I’m kind of
shocked by that alright so that is today’s list I hope you guys got some
information out of it hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget all the links
below buy a t-shirt everybody have a great day be nice to each other you


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    Is Robert E Lee's sword still stuck up Grant's ass?

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    That was a 5th grade subject!

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  • I lived on South Padre Island.

  • I lived on South Padre Island, Texas. Had to to Matamoros by way of Brownsville to go to the orthodontist.

  • McAllen is the rich and fancy part of the Rio Grande Valley. Well, judging by it's shopping mall and downtown.

  • I have an appointment with my wellfare caseworker tomorrow.

  • This list must have not been so well researched. Weirton, WV…..5 outta 6 households here receipt SNAP food benefits….FACTS. its the only $ keeping our grocery stores/bakeries going! Gas stations n novelty shops were losing $ so badly, that they ALL now have signs out front stating "we now accept EBT"! cash only for products, of course, but they take food stamp cards for Hershey bars n sodas now! That proof alone should have got this town in the top 5, at least.

  • Rocky Mount percent on SNAP is higher than stated here !!

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  • As a republican, I'm all for snap and other social programs. They should exist to help people stay on their feet if they fall on hard times (like losing a job). What I'm against is people staying on it for life so they can stay home all day. I think Australia has a good grasp on social programs because they have time limits on how long you can stay on welfare without a disability. They are the only country I'm aware of that has a balanced budget between welfare payout and taxes, unlike the US were the taxes collected isn't enough to support our current welfare programs long term.

  • Republicans in my state of VA tried to petition to divide up my state. Western VA is highly Republican while Eastern and Northern VA is very Democratic.

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  • California does needs to be split up though. It's way too big, and it's ungovernable. The CA State Constitution is the worst.

  • My aunt lives in grants pass. Her husband talked down to her one day and she calmly walked back into her house and grabbed the largest cattle iron pan she could find and slung him all the way over the car to the other side and walked back in the house and put the pan away, he never did that again😂

  • I am not ashamed to be on food stamps. I work full time 40 hours a week at 17/hr. In a family of 4 I'm still at poverty. Can't even afford daycare to make it worthwhile for my spouse to get a job

  • So…I dig your videos. I’m from Visalia, which is why I’m speaking up. Your explanation on why Visalia is on the list kind of sucked, but the pictures where nice. Number one reason we have people on foodstamps in the Visalia, Porterville, Fresno areas is the highest population of migrant farm laborers in the entire country live here. You don’t get Rich picking in California. The reason doesn’t change the percentage of people on foodstamps, but since you like to rationalize cities on a list, at least put down a reason that is legitimate. Look up what percentage of beef, dairy, nuts, citrus, etc come from this part of the state that feed the world and the USA and the say again how this part of the state is bringing down the rest of the state. Farmers and laborers are important. Obviously you don’t recognize the connection of laborers and low income wages

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  • These stats reinforce the reason for tightening the border between Mexico and the USA. Those cities are that way because of corrupt business owners hiring Illegal labor. I.E. they (laborer)work for nothing because they are ignorant to what the law is and in turn can't or won't support their local economy.
    I bet if you dig a little harder All or most of the border towns will be in the 25% or better range.

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    Hammond LA sounds like a crazy place. A co-worker warned me not to go there, because 2 of her uncles were constantly shooting at each other across the street.

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  • Food stamps of the current census will be sanctuary cities.

  • Hammond Louisiana is where SOUTHEASTERN Louisiana university is located, Not Southern, but everything else was correct, It does suck.

  • The Visalia area has many of the same problems as other places in the Central Valley. The economy is based on agriculture. That means that there are a lot of seasonal jobs. During the growing seasons, there's a lot of work — more work than people. But when it isn't growing/harvesting season, forget it. I know the area well. There are a lot of really good people there. It doesn't help that Sacramento makes life so difficult for everyone, but there are a lot of long-standing issues that partisan bickering is doing nothing to alleviate. As for Boregon and Texass, couple of no-hopers.

  • Without getting into the politics of this topic, generally speaking, I think it is a good thing because it also helps to keep the crime rate down, of which, shoplifting is also a contributing reason costs are higher than they should be to begin with.

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  • THREE Texas border towns on the list before they build The Wall. But you can drive your RV to a resort area and get murdered like the couple last fall.

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  • I’m surprised Texas appeared the most on this list.

  • Yeah Fresno, Visalia, and Porterville serve no purpose, except being some of the world's most productive farmland and one of the primary economic engines of the west coast.

  • From what I have seen in my 43 years, for the people out there that are truly "food insecure", the primary issue is never as simple as lacking the money required to purchase food.

  • Well shitty

  • America can give billions of dollars to Iran but can't come up with my 450 dollar tax refund

  • Business don't want to pay enough

  • During the Civil War, the town was an important supply and railroad repair center for the Confederacy.[5] After the war, Sumter grew and prospered, using its large railroad network to supply cotton, timber, and by the start of the 20th century, tobacco to the region

  • NC is actually in the process of moving the main DMV office to Rocky Mount which should help with the unemployment rate, there are also a lot of new restaurants and bars in downtown.

  • So, title couldn't say maybe cities w the least employment or least opportunities connected to lack of employment opportunities.

  • Day-labor can help some of these people…. I've done it for a couple of weeks at a time…. even made my car payments… couldn't get S.N.A.P….

  • Actual Grants Pass conversation:
    Me at a gas station: Can you direct me to the Rogue River?
    Attendant: There is no river here.

  • I lived in the hellhole of Phoenix, Arizona from 2005-2019 and that city has many many food stamp recipients. Tucson is almost as bad. Illegal aliens should not be given any food stamps. They are NOT US citizens and should not get any benefits of any kind.

  • Why highest percentage? Why not most recipients since taxes are in dollars and welfare entitlements are in dollars?

  • And many Americans would love to see California succeed from the union.

  • SNAP is probably a good program but too many people take advantage of it or abuse the privilege. Not being able to find employment leads to all kinds of social problems. Good vid Mr.Briggs!

  • Wow,hard to believe Pennsylvania didn't make your list,we moved out in 2018 ,and never looked back!

  • I have seen these numbers before. The problem that bothers me is that "Percentages" do not necessarily depict the "Most". These are all relatively small population areas with fewer job opportunities. I think these numbers are skewed. I think the raw numbers would paint an entirely different picture. That is the reason for the electoral college and frankly could have a lot to do with why these areas have higher "percentages", because the voters don't care about these depressed areas.. There is nobody pushing for factories, or employment opportunities. Granted, moving is always an option. "Percentages" are more accurate with more numbers. These are not the "worst" areas, these are the outliers and as such are not truly representative.

  • All along the Mexican border there is going to be a much higher than average poverty rate. It's one of the poorest regions in the country. Despite the poverty, the Texas side of the border region is relatively safe.

  • They are liberal hell holes.

  • Seeing how I was a case worker for a couple years. Ppl are abusing anything. You have no idea the reality until you work as a case worker. Then you see the truth. All these talking point are absolute BS.

  • Poor whites always vote against their own best interests! You can’t fix stupid!

  • They made it permanent in 1964 to give to all the illegals that came after 1965.

  • Id havw tonsay that the 10 Republican city's were DemonRat control till the last election then the DemonRats who had control lost the re-election
    That's why they were considered Republican city's in the survey. But waant told

  • Hey Briggs I had to re-subscribe I don't know why my subscriptions keep dropping from YouTube but I was proud the day I shut my food stamps off I got a letter from the food stamp office why we shut your food stamps off because you asked us to I wanted to frame it🙄😁🇺🇸🦅 hey Briggs that's funny I say that about Winslow Arizona don't even stop there for gas it's not that far to the next town I'm not surprised about Texas it has to do with immigration you know all the people Mike Bloomberg wants to give free healthcare to and our country depends on illegal immigration OG I'm sorry you're not allowed to call them illegal it is not politically correct🇺🇸

  • congress is driving the country off a cliff……THEY, and theirs, have golden parachutes, so they're not worried

  • McAllen Tx is over 80% percent hispanic and over 50% of them are on stamps- and that doesn't even count the ILLEGAL alliens on welfare there! They make up 90% of all the wellfare recipients in McAllen!

  • We are all in this together if we are socialists get your ass out and get a fucking job you loser that’s my opinion

  • I'm sure most recipients are people of color.

  • Ecactly they need to get off who are lazy or illegals

  • Were not all in this together I'm tired of paying for scam artists. I say sink or swim!! There are jobs to be had get a job !!!

  • You had 3 Texas cities on the list, all three divided by a fence with Mexico??? Hum? And your stats were not numbers but percentages???. Percentage of towns populas. 25% of. Probably more people on snap in LA or Dallas, just Less percentage of the whole. However guess as Texans have been saying, jumping the border is not for jobs!

  • Albany Georgia!
    The don't city…..!
    😅🤣😂 i am crying…

    The food stamp/welfare system has spiraled out of control and needs to be abolished. Elderly, military vets and many disabled people have to fight for benefits and medical assistance while others walk in with five kids, one on the way , driving a gas guzzling SUV with a $1000 cellphone and get everything handed to them!
    Its been abused for years. I am sure they have a way to sell their food benefits as they did with the foodstamp books years ago and people were buying property with the accumulated books.

  • The town's of Brownsville, Laredo and McAllen Texas and commiefornia all have one thing in common, high population of illegal aliens.

  • Albany ga is in poverty. Just because you get food stamps doesn’t always mean you don’t work. It also means you work and don’t make enough to feed your family. The economy is good but the pay could be better. Rent is sky high, which is why we have so many homeless in California.

  • Weird. Every place here is hiring. Can’t find enough people to work ?? Wisconsin

  • I've been to every town on your list. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing

  • A country as rich as the US and people are on food stamps? How's your healthcare system?

  • Hammond, LA University is NOT Southern Louisiana University!! The University in Hammond, LA is… Southeastern Louisiana University. I know because I attended this University in the late 70's/early 80's.
    Makes me wonder just how many "facts" you get wrong.

  • Tacos, they have tacos! Ha

  • Meanwhile it's probably illegal to grow your own food.

  • I think the problem is generational. there are people that have been living off government assistance from there great great grand Mammys time. And Have never gotten a job. if you’re disabled in a way that you cannot go to work that is different or if you lose your job and have children but if you just don’t feel like going to work there should be no public assistance for you. I find it disgusting the amount of lowlifes that run around having kids just so they can have benefits and that might sound like a longshot but there are millions of people that are members of that group.

  • But they always complain about who has their hands out. Just pull yourselves up by your boots straps….

  • just a few notes to add. Those cities with the higher and highest food stamps , the store prices are higher when you go with with cash…food store know exactly how much the government will allow . So as cash buyer go to another town to buy where food stamps are low to none. I do. Other problem that exist is neighboring states people come across state lines and are able to double dip …A food chain store manager had told me about that one. So if there is a way to cheat, it's know and quickly spread with a simple txt to their friends and others who take advantage…I know Hispanics do car leases and when the lease is close to being up the car gets suddenly stolen…guess who pays for that …..

  • And the butthurt will commence in 3,,,,,2,,,,,

  • Democrat run cities.

  • Two key letters in SNAP to note are NA which stands for "Nutritional Assistance"….meaning said program should be used by those that require it to get such things as vegetables, fruit, and other NUTRITIONAL foods. In fact some states have proposed making changes to the program in which the only foods that can be purchased with SNAP are those that qualify as nutritional (in other words no more pop, common snack foods like pizza rolls, chips)

  • Jinx 💜🖤 is such a cool name or YouTube channel name, either one. I love it! 🥰

  • That's My Hometown Albany, Georgia I seen a lot of Poverty. Growing up there Until I moved to Atlanta Still In poverty in a bad area shootings and such but just not as bad as Albany, GA. Just Sad It's a reason why I want to leave Georgia because I'm so depressed here. Feel like Killing myself to be honest Tired of struggling plus I'm fighting for Disability. Places with a lot of poverty just going to have a lot of crime sadly

  • Hi! I really enjoy your videos, they are entertaining and as someone who will be relocating later in the year, I also find them informative. Keep up the good work!
    The Intrepid [email protected]

  • And Fat Donnie is BOUND AND DETERMINED to KILL SNAP, MEDICARE, MEDICAID and throw everyone out on the streets. AND it's brownshirtsupporters FULLY SUPPORT IT. Can't wait for THEM to lose the SNAP and Medicaid. But they will vote for it again and again and again.

  • I'm not and don't have to justify myself to anyone or anything for using S.N.A.P.

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