18 Vs. 28 Vs. 38: Student Loans


  • Bruh it's 18 not 17

  • The tittle says 17 /27 /37 but in the video it says 18 /28/38 🤔

    They fixed it now

  • Simple rule to not drown in Dept AS MUCH: work and study! Stop being lazy! Choose a good affordable school! Make sure your major is actually in need of jobs!

  • This is why I’m glad I went to community college first right after high school. I went for 3 years then transfer to my dream school, but during that time I saved up for my other school and now I’m about to graduate this year in the spring with no student debt!! I would definitely recommend having students go to community college first and work hard to save up. You can have either have less of a student loan debt or no debt at all

  • Student loans in a nutshell:
    Government: we need you to get good jobs but you have to pay yourself!
    Schools: one textbook is a bajillion dollars!
    Parents: start saving!
    Student: applies for every scholarship ever.

  • I’m so glad in in the military and they pay for it, I wish I was rich and was able to help these people :/

  • I HIGHLY encourage everyone to look up Dave Ramey’s baby steps + debt snowball! My husband and I paid off all of our student loan debt in 3 years after graduating (2 years after start baby steps) 👍🏻

  • This is very important, thank you

  • "Don’t lie who else is a fan🤷‍♀️😋”

    (ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ) 🤝

  • Here in Scotland you get paid to go to College if you apply for it lol

  • Just drop out and go work at McDonalds easy solution easy money and the best of best NO LOAN

  • Why is the title 17 27 and 37 but their all one year older ?

  • Honestly, the people who go into college for something like liberal arts, english, or lower paying majors, make mistakes. I am in computer science and will take out 80k total across 4 years. I’ll be fine paying it off

  • What happened to 17 27 37? Now it 18 28 38? Ur title lied 🤥 to me.

  • Why are they only women

  • title: "17 27 37"
    IN VIDEO: "18 28 38"

  • College isn't the way to become successful anymore. Trades are poppin.

  • This is just so crazy. Im from sweden so School is completly free here and thank GOD am I thankful. You whould think a so developt country as America whould Have these, for some of us lucky ones, obious things like guncontoll, free healfcare and free school. I Can just say that America, Im pratighet for ya!

  • I paid my $45k student loan off in 5 years by living with my parents and taking a full time job that paid me $15 per hour.

  • I graduated with 21k in loans last May and started paying off my loans in December. I’ve paid off 3k of the principle and hope to pay off 7-8k of the principle before i move out of my parents house this summer.

  • for those who are majoring in engineering and computer science: when you enter the work force and you work for the same company for a long time and ready to retire. be prepared because that company will cut you right before you are ready to retire.

  • Please don't spread that bernie propaganda! Major Europe countries have free higher education and what do you do? Blabber about how you could decrease your student debt and not the core problem.

  • Don’t care about the video, just came here to say how fckn annoying it is that the title has different ages to the thumbnail

  • Imagine paying for education

  • usually in asia parents pay for our college.

  • Laughs in Dutch

  • WhY don't the schools do it free and not use my tax money? WhO is more heartless The school or me keeping MY OWN money?

  • Buzzfeed: stop looking like you are trying to be antagonizing – you look immature (like my ex) in regards to your title

  • I just shared a video on some of the things I wish I had known before taking on all of my loans! It's so important to be informed and understand that there are many pathways that can get you toward your goals ✨

  • rather work minimum wage than get in debt like this. god bless them

  • I feel like I did EVERYTHING right when it comes to college. I went to a public college that didn't charge that much, it was local, it had the degree I wanted, it was absolutely the best choice for me. I had in-state tuition, I had money saved up from my grandparents, and I had pretty substantial scholarships. I still left with $6000 worth of loans. I know it's not much, but I still had loans AFTER Scholarships and a college savings account that my grandparents had been putting money in since the day I was born. It feels impossible to avoid them.

  • Watching this makes me mad. I'm from Germany and almost nobody has student debt here. School is supposed to be free, not a company!!!

  • Work for a company that will pay for your graduate degree (that’s what I did). I also worked co-op, part time jobs, was a TA, didn’t party (much) or spend much money while in undergrad. Never took any loans. I’m also from Canada where undergraduate degrees are cheaper.

  • Wow I never realised how expensive this is in the US.. So thankful that university is very affordable in my country🙏

  • Bernie 2020

  • We want more educative videos like this

  • I am so glad that I live in Scotland. All fees are covered by the government from tax income. I had three kids in quick succession, and they all went to college/university. The oldest two graduated with no debt, as they lived with family, and the youngest has a well paid weekend job, and my husband and I can help out, so although she lives in student accommodation, her total student debt so far (she’s 20) is under £10,000.

  • The fact that government backed student loans are so widely available creates a perverse incentive for colleges to jack up tuition and other costs of attendance. They know they can charge pretty much whatever they want because the government will just give out loans like candy.
    Why are the interest rates on government loans so high? Because they are widely available and given to students regardless of field of study. They are also unsecured loans, meaning the lender (the government) can't take your degree or other asset away from you if you default. If you default on your car loan, the lender can take your car away. The interest rate is higher because the risk of nonpayment. For every student that graduates and goes into a high paying STEM field, there's at least one student who either never finishes the degree or graduates with a liberal arts degree who can't monetize their skills.
    There are many ways to fix the current problem. But there also need to be solutions moving forward to keep the problem from getting worse, the government needs to have stricter loan criteria and there needs to be a method of holding the schools accountable for their rising costs.

  • When I went to college, I never considered having to take out a loan. I am retired. Grew up in California. School is only good for all the teachers, not all the students. Trade school will return your investment.

  • My husband got into the trade industry. People will always need welders/plumbers/carpenters/electricians. And they train him on the job. He gets paid big $$$ to travel to do a job.

  • Maybe study something that’s gonna pay off or maybe go into trade school. There is other ways to be successful. College isn’t everything

  • 100k JESUS

  • Thank god education is free in my country

  • Should be more 19 29 39 since I'm going 19 July 2020 and graduating

  • I do not care lol Noob 0 robux

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  • We gotta add this to the HS for all students to talk about it

  • @daveramsey

  • They all look old

  • Everyone just go to Community college, unless you get a full ride or close to one

  • These three stories are obviously the worst case scenario. I went to a private school and had a little over $20K in student load debt in 1999. Yes, it was VERY hard to make the payments. I even had to defer them for a couple years when the dot com bubble burst and 9/11 happened.

    Colleges are pricing themselves out of the market. Meaning, college might not increase your earning potential enough to pay for the cost. With that said, colleges aren't hurting for students. Demand is still higher than supply, even at the current prices.

    If there is a better alternative for increasing your earning potential, people should start to think about those.


  • I spent 8 years in college to get my degree and now iam working at something i have never studied or knew
    College is a scam (from my experience)

  • Lexi looks like Marina from Hiho kids. Are they sisters?

  • I am so happy I live in Belgium. Going to college for 3 years was like €300 (+- $300 I think)

  • I did do university of applied sciences in Finland and graduated for construction manager. I didnt get any loans while studying. Actually i paid mortage whole time.

  • Lol people need to realise that there are paths other than uni or college, dont be a sheep 👀👀

  • Need Lexi's instagram account please!

  • in Poland u pay only for books(but most of them is online tho and other things like notebooks etc

  • You have the internet but can't take 30mins out of your day to understand the basics of student loans??

  • *laugh in European *

  • 🤤 I’ll take all 3.

  • Imagine going to school to make a lot of money but you owe more money then you will on your “dream job” will make in a decade🥱😂

  • Americans…

  • So grateful for My GI Bill and Tuition Assistance that the marine corps gives me

  • Ok y’all say don’t go to college but wtf are we supposed to do to make money then

  • heres an idea learn a trade, go to a community college get some TRANSFERABLE CREDITS , find q college in your desired field that will take those transferable credits ,start paying back those loans ASAP pay back CHUNKS of a time and you'll be fine also don't go to college for any LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE. "STEAM"

  • bernie we need you

  • Getting out of college feels like you are still making minimum wage with a high paying job. You can't afford crap. If I had the chance… I'm better off working at McDonald's, get food stamp and free housing. Currently, I'm on repayment plan($0). I'm waiting to reach 18 years to remove my debt. Seriously, don't pay. It already ruin my life. Also, I'm still trying to learn about student loans. It's still confusing because they keep changing the rules.

  • Sorry, I don't feel bad for any of these folks… Next

  • Yikes.

  • I don't feel sorry for anyone. Get your dream schools out of your heads. Go to an AFFORDABLE school vs. your DREAM school. I can't believe the lawyer "didn't understand". Give me a break. Where are their parents? Would you go and buy a $100k car? My parents had no money. I went to a low cost community college for the first 2 years. Got an Associate degree and worked full time the next 4 years and went to school at night and summer nights. Nobody wants to do that. Everybody wants the 4 years of fun, 4 year college life & dorm experience. I lived AT HOME and commuted every day. Nobody wants to do that. It isn't cool. Then I went 4 years full time to my professional school and worked every possible free moment I could. I came out with $45k in loans, worked 6 days a week to pay it off in 10 years. Busted my butt and nobody gave me anything. And all these kids want handouts. Sorry, not sorry, not on my dime!

  • Private schools can be some of the best financially accessible institutions. Most of them will offer you full-ride scholarships if deemed necessary

  • English 101 & English 102 is the same at a community college as it is at Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Princeton, etc……..The real smart students go to a community college and transfer to a 4 year AFFORDABLE college.

  • It’s the predatory lenders that are taking advantage of this. As they have students have a permanent debt which will NEVER be forgiven and will only increase with interest. The government subsidises the interest FOREVER on these loans and the lenders know this. They don’t care how much the student’s future is crippled. The current billionaire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos refuses to forgive student debt on students who enrolled in fake universities DESPITE CoURT ORDER, trying to lay blame on the students. DeVos has financial interest in charter schools and the student lender market. Total conflict of interest.

  • 18 :0
    28 :0
    68 :0

  • im lucky cuz i got into my dream undergrad school with full ride and so did my brother. two of the top colleges in america.
    watching this video makes me even more sure of my decision not to do grad school since i dont wanna end up in debt.

  • doctor: “you have 8 minutes and 7 seconds left to live”


  • It’s sad that wanting a better life requires such a financial burden. Most low income families can not afford tuition so of course they’re going to take loans. Why do other countries have free college but not the U.S.A smhhh!!!

  • You chose to go to college and take out a loan. I get it… it’s extremely expensive. I’m 34 and debt free, all my school loans paid off. Do your research before you take out your loans… don’t go to school just because you want to make a lot of money.

  • lol – Danish citizen here: was paid during my education (perfectly normal in DK, no matter the education)

    How about you guys start by fixing your country, then you can focus on your education, these things kinda go hand in hand.

  • University (Bachelor and Master) in Switzerland costs a max of 1600 CHF (roughly 1680 USD) per year, it's absolutely ridiculous how much money going to university costs in other country, I'm absolutely shook.

  • I recommend working full time for a university too. When a person works full time at a college, there’s the tuition free benefit. So you get the salary plus benefits. I worked full time in information technology at a university. So this helped me a lot and I ended up with two masters degrees. I majored in information technology and instructional technology. Then I ended getting a new job as an IT systems administrator at a well reputable Ivy League university. I highly recommend working for a college too!

  • For both under grad and grad school I took out student loans. I knew EXACTLY what I was signing and knew that I would have to Pay it back. Don't borrow money thinking you don't have to pay it back, not for school, your car, your mortgage…it's called life…take responsibility.

  • The Total Money Makeover, the debt snowball works. I paid off 67K in 2.5 years. Most of us that have parents that have blue collar jobs, stress college without a plan to pay for it and are terrible money managers.

  • In order to form a more perfect union. America gives money to banks for free if not less. IE, bailouts in 2008. Then the bankers prey on people who do not want to be uneducated in a technological work enviornment. What a trash concept of freedom in a democratic society

  • I’m 23 years old and just graduated college in May of 2019. I paid for everything myself. I worked 2 jobs and commuted 2 hours a day to get to school. 0 in student loans. Granted if I had lived on campus, I would have been in a lot of debt. Go to CC first. You’ll save SO much money.. and when I did transfer to a 4 year I was only there for 1 year and 3 months!

  • Military offers free college with monthly stipend. Cry me a river and enjoy your debt.

  • Imagine paying for education and to get medical help
    I live in egypt which is a very mid or you can say very poor country and we have free education and health

  • No one is forcing 18 year olds to make 100 of thousands of debt decisions. Go to community college find what you love to do, then commit to a 4 year. You will save so much money. Many people complaining about student debt did not have a meticulous plan of action when entering college they just joined because it was what society told them to do.

  • In the middle east college education is for free, also you get a monthly rewards in Kuwait it’s 650$ ,Saudi Arabia 250 , Qatar 1650~2500 (according to the Academic specialization ), there is also other rewards for A students

  • your decision to take out the loan, same as me. I'm paying mine off and if i encounter any financial difficulties then that's on me

  • Everyone from a country with free or almost free education: MURICA WTF

  • …so a t 38 y/o she finally found her path! uuuuuuuuhhhh pretty expensive journey. Higher education is not about finding yourself.

  • Educated about loans….. lol, find out what it means…….. LOL… it means you owe money!

  • One read everything and the fine print. Two get a degree in STEM.

  • It hurts to see how the "American dream" makes people believe that not being fine with how this society is organized and what it's based upon is their fault. It's not. It shouldn't be normal to pay for education or health care, it's absurd. Those girls didn't do anything wrong, it's just the system that's really messed up.

  • Bernie 2020! I feel so awful for these women. You should not have to pay interest on loans for education. And community college at a bare minimum needs to be free.

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