24 Insanely Specific Ways to Pay Off Debt

– So, one way to pay off debt is not only just to
sacrifice your lifestyle but to actually bring in
more money, make more money. My great grandmother would always say, “The best place to go when
you’re broke is to work.” So I know. Maybe you’re saying,
“Well, I have a full-time job. “I can’t work extra.” or “I stay at home with my kids.” But I bet if you get creative, you can find a side hustle
that is right for you. So, some important things to think about. Number one: Ask yourself honestly what your schedule allows. Also: What are the needs in your area? What are you really good at? And then lastly: How far
are you willing to go to get out of debt? So, I thought through some of these things, and here are 24 insanely specific ways to make more money to pay off debt. Number one: pet sitting. Number two: private sports lessons. Number three: rent your
house out for Airbnb. Number four: landscaping. Number five: house cleaning. Number six: meal prep. Number seven: babysitting or childcare. The next four ideas are for those of you who have a car. Number eight: drive Uber or Lyft. Number nine: grocery
delivery like Shipt. Number 10: be a food deliverer, not just a pizza deliverer. You can do anything like Grubhub, Uber Eats, Delivery Dudes. Number 11: sign up to
deliver for Postmates. Now, these are things you can do at home. Number 12: For all you
photographers out there, choose some stock photography and upload them to a stock photo app. You can get paid for that. Number 13: calligraphy. Number 14: cake baking. Number 15: monogramming. Number 16: consignment. Number 17: Give music lessons. Number 18: Be a tutor like
teaching English online. Number 19: building slides or PowerPoints. Number 20: transcribing. Number 21: Be a virtual
personal assistant. Now the next couple are
if you are a neat freak. Number 22: home organizing. Number 23: car detailing. And number 24: For all of you, start a membership to Financial Peace University. Two out of every three of you say that your friends don’t
think that debt is a big deal. That’s why it’s so critical
to surround yourself with people who are on
the same journey as you to keep you motivated. So make sure to click the link
below for more information. (upbeat music)


  • Great ideas Rachel. I love the delivery services not just for making extra money but to free up your own time (when delivery costs less than your time) to spend more time on some of these other ideas.

  • New to your channel. Love the ideas. I have debt and want to pay it off. Mortgage and a used car.

  • Awesome ideas!!! I started to work part-time as a DayCare helper 2yrs ago while my kids are at school!! I love it❤️ Its a perfect schedule because I get to drop them off at school and pick them up and I’m off when they’re off school, like Holidays and vacations!! My income is all extra money that goes into savings and sinking funds since my hubby and I are debt free!!

  • Hi Rachel!! I know this isn’t relative to your video however when/where can I locate your RC wallet! I’ve been dying to get my hands on one and can’t seem to locate them anywhere. I hear there’s been a faltering zipper? I didn’t know if you guys were revamping the wallet or if they’re discontinued:/

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