A Family Relieved they Reduced their Student Loan Debt by 85%

So I’m on Facebook and I’m seeing that My Education Solutions was interviewed by a local news company and so I was looking
at all the comments, you had to see the feedback so I was a little skeptical. So
I made an initial contact to My Education Solutions and realized what a great deal for me and my family– kind of relieves some stress. My loans
were coming up within the next three months or so. I was going to have to pay
over $1,000 a month so I called. I filled out the survey. It was
really quick, easy, and then realized my payments were going to be dropped down
to less than $200 a month. So that’s what I needed to hear and then I talked to my
husband and then he signed up. So then I signed up but I did paperwork. It was
really quick, just put all the information in and then they got my
payments down. It was like I’m gonna pay a car payment, but now I’m paying about
$100 a month. We pay for gas instead of the car! And so we are really excited to to
be part of My Education Solutions. I think it’s a great company. They’re really
friendly. We are relieved also and we hope that more people will sign up because it really is a great deal for everybody. No, we’ll get more people to sign up! Yeah, we will! We’ve done it. We’ve come to the offices. We met the nicest great people that y’all have here and I mean all we can do is just
try it.

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  • How long ago did you post this video? I am just signing up now!

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