AFFILIATE MARKETING 2020 Smart Money Tactics, VIDEO MARKETING & Amazon Associates 4K

this is gonna blow your minds today we
are going to be talking about the money on YouTube that’s right
I don’t feel ashamed to share what I made and I don’t feel nervous about
anybody else taking the tips that I’ve learned this past year and utilizing
them for themselves if they’re into making content and trying to grow a
business on YouTube Welcome to my channel !’m Kim and this is natural
Kaos and on my channel I do a lot of skincare and travel related videos I love being a creator oh I love the fact
that YouTube has given me this amazing platform to actually be able to turn
what I do and my creative nature into an actual business friends I ended up
making this video a series of three videos as no one wants to watch an
hour-long video I know it part one will cover Adsense revenue and CPM part two
will cover all of the affiliate work I did in 2019 and believe me all of these
programs are available to anyone then part three will cover all of my gear
software workflow and my filming studio I hope this behind-the-scenes
explanation helps anyone interested in starting a YouTube channel and how the
whole thing works I love creating and making videos so even if I wasn’t making
as much money or even if I didn’t have like the success that I just had in 2019
I would still be doing this because I I love it and the amount of work that I
put into it obviously I love it otherwise I would not be working this
hard this is part two and we are discussing affiliate marketing all the
programs I utilized this year are open to anyone you can have 0 subs and 0
videos to apply for most this is how I made majority of the money in 2019
affiliate work so I told you how I made over 22 thousand dollars with Adsense
but affiliate work made sixty seven thousand dollars of my 90 thousand
dollar total so affiliate work is so important if you’re small and you’re
growing a channel because you can do affiliate work before you
get monetized on YouTube in the partner program so I can’t say enough about
affiliate work like you’re a creator you’re making content you’re spending
money to make this content and you’re taking up your time I mean this year
like I’ve I’ve taken so much time to make all these videos and it is a
passion for me but like as a small creator you’re not going to get offered
sponsorships you’re not going to get deals like you just have to find
affiliate work that makes sense for you and I hope that you can so I did pay my
bills okay so the other 67,000 that my channel made this year came from Amazon
and other affiliate partnerships I have created three groupings of how I get
paid so the first one is from google adsense the second one is Amazon and the
other is affiliate marketing now Amazon is affiliate marketing too but it’s a
much bigger chunk so I did Amazon and then I had to solve my other little
affiliate marketing Saul put together I did not do any sponsorships in 2019 I
realize many youtubers do but I did not so this ninety thousand son is all based
on people watching my videos not skipping ads and then if they like
something I’m using clicking my link you guys I never knew that Amazon affiliate
was as lucrative as it can be and I’m gonna show you and tell you and just
explain why it’s actually the way I made money before my channel could have ads
on it when I posted my TC a 25% kill video that’s when I joined Amazon
affiliates and link to the asset I had bought and used that video went up in
October of 2018 and I never really thought about the Amazon link I didn’t I
never I mean I made one I joined it but I never really thought it was been doing
anything because the asset is like 20 bucks and as an affiliate like 4% of it
or something so that video goes up October eighteenth and then around
November I’m in Greece and I think oh I should check on my Amazon affiliates
because I know that they cancel people if you don’t like to sell a certain
amount the first four weeks after posting that video the TCA peel video I
had made like seventy five dollars or something
on Amazon yeah I couldn’t believe it I was like wait what people are watching
this video people are actually clicking the link this is gonna blow your mind
because it blows everyone’s mind that I share this with so as an affiliate
there’s like a rates cap or to 10% but most everything on Amazon you’re gonna
get 4% of qualifying purchases qualifying purchases are basically
anything on the site that people buy and keep but like Amazon’s own in-house
brands you don’t get any affiliate money on you know obviously I’m linking to the
TCA asset and I’m thinking okay so somebody’s gonna go buy the $20 ass and
I’ll make 4% for sending them there and I buy it myself so it’s something that I
like and trust well the link the cookie for going to
Amazon is actually good for 24 hours so anything that person buys during that
24 hour period I make a percentage on so when I jumped into my back office and
looked at it I saw like potato chips and garbage bags and journals and things
look like I never linked to but it was because
those people went through my link and either chose to buy the TCA acid or I
think even chose not to buy it I don’t really think it matters if they choose
to buy what you linked to or not just as long as they end up at Amazon through
your affiliate link you will benefit from whatever they buy during that 24
hour period I know it’s like insane and I never hear people talking about this I
don’t know if it’s a secret like I hope it’s not I mean I hope that I didn’t
just share something that’s gonna get me in trouble because I love my Amazon
affiliate partnership it’s amazing you can see that my video is taking off
getting a ton more views on my channel and on these videos but then look at my
Amazon affiliate you can see that it follows the exact same trajectory it is
like skyrocketing so that month before I was ever monetized and I mean over $600
with Amazon affiliates so you guys I don’t even have a thousand subscribers I
made over $600 with Amazon affiliates because of my TC
and micro-needling videos that were at that point I shared this with you
because I think you’re here because you’re a small creator and if you are I
just hope that you don’t burn yourself out trying to figure out how to survive
as you’re making videos and not really getting paid anything I think there are
things that you can do to find a way to continue making great content now this
is a thing you should be making great content if you’re not making great
content and people don’t want to view you well then that’s going to be a
problem for you always to make sure that you’re making high-quality content and
that way when people find you they want to subscribe and they’re like wow this
person like does amazing things of course and then it will just continue
that way but nothing’s usually going to skyrocket overnight that doesn’t happen
but you just keep working at it and as long as you believe in yourself and you
constantly make good stuff people are going to come watch it so in 2019 Amazon
equates for over $21,000 actually it equated for over $24,000 almost $25,000
I don’t know where I got the other number from but in the end the numbers
don’t really matter the whole point is the system and the scenario that as a
small creator you can actually make real money you know I always thought that
Amazon would always pay me more than any odd cents I could make with Google but
that’s just what I thought and I honestly assumed it would always be that
way but then in May Adsense actually beat out Amazon because Amazon was at
12:50 and absence was at 1580 so after May Adsense and Amazon are actually
pretty neck-and-neck they’re like you know a little bit more or less from one
another which is awesome like it’s good and then ad rates jump in the fall and
Adsense beats out Amazon both months at the end of the year although my other
affiliate work is lumped together in yellow and represents things like eBay
Amazon international okay so when you’re an affiliate with Amazon it’s broken out
by distribution hubs around the world so if you’re an Amazon affiliate you’re an
Amazon affiliate in the US but if you want to be able to link to things on
Amazon UK you have to become an affiliate with Amazon UK Amazon trance
and them on germany amazon italy amazon japan amazon australia it’s kind of a
nightmare honestly like for such an amazing
company I don’t understand why their affiliate program is this way I think
it’s gonna get better because I did have a phone call with an Amazon rep recently
and she said that eventually it’ll just be like one link that I can link to and
then no matter where the person is in the world like geo-targeting will know
like oh they’re in Australia so link them into their Australia Amazon it’s
gonna be like one link to rule them all but that’s not how it is now so anyways
it’s pretty difficult because if you’ve ever looked at one of my description
boxes you will see like I try to break out by country and different things that
I use from each country is just it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it now
internet feel for me does not do nearly as well as Amazon you ask but I mean
that’s something in 2020 that I plan to work harder on and grow and make a
better stream of income from okay so then after Amazon international I have
Young Living and actually I still make money with Young Living even though like
I don’t really do anything with it I just buy my products every month so that
kind of goes to the idea of like if you put in work early on something you can
benefit from it residually I don’t know if that’s always going to be the case of
that because it’s probably going to eventually die off because I’m not
working in anymore but I mean I still benefit from the work I put in
previously so I’ll just watch that over twenty twenty one of the biggest
affiliates in the year 2019 that I made was with g-tube because I made nearly
twenty thousand dollars would you do is there just a travel site there travel
portal it gives people wholesale deals in and then I just like share that I use
it because they do and I think it’s a great value and so people can join that
and I make money for sending them there and if you’re a small creator all of
these things that I’m talking about you do not need to like qualify for you can
just like go be an affiliate so it’s not like there’s some like rigorous process
well if you’re super small you can’t have an influencer page on Amazon but
you can still be an Amazon affiliate there’s a kind of like a little bit of
different stuff but you can still be an Amazon affiliate so in 2020 I’m just
like constantly look at the escape of things really it’s all
dependent on the stuff I use I buy stuff if they have an affiliate program and I
like it then I’m going to sign up for it and use the product to make videos on it
and link to it so that if other people want to try it or like it to like you
know that just helps support this whole creative journey affiliations I think
are pretty sporadic and they come and they go and they do well then they don’t
do well and so I’m always looking for new ones to participate in because you
just you never know like you can’t think like oh this one’s doing so well in 2019
it’ll do so much better than 2020 I don’t think it works like that as much
Amazon is different but for most other affiliations I think like you just have
to keep your options open all the time and just be you know working you just
work alright so I hope that this helped now we’re going to go over basically as
some of my goals for 2020 the things I learned from 2019 and the things that
I’m going to implement so that I can have even better you know this year and
I’ll make another one of these videos next January to see if I fulfilled my
goals so in 2020 some of my goals are I would like to have 300,000 subscribers
on my channel I know that’s kind of shooting for the Sun I would like to
have Adsense clear $100,000 itself so just on the Google Ad so I made 22,000
2019 that’s a huge jump in 2020 to think that I could clear a hundred thousand my
goal for 2020 was to start a podcast and I have started that podcast so if you’re
interested in anyone can make money on YouTube go check that podcast out it’s
on Apple iTunes and Spotify and I’ll link to it below the check one goal
completed already so right now I’m not in every Amazon global distribution
center like I’m not in Brazil yet and I’m not in Japan and like I don’t think
why me I don’t know there’s a couple others that I think when inactive like I
think my Spain one is inactive because if you don’t sell anything in those
areas they just like terminate I want to make sure that I have every Amazon
distribution or the world up I’m active in them and that they’re
producing I’m going to continue to add new affiliations I just want to clear
that up though I hope you guys understand that I really only do try out
and use things that I like if something is horrible I’m not going to share it if
I share it it’s only because I want to make sure that you guys know that it’s
horrible and not to buy it I just want you to know like as I’m talking about
money and affiliations and links and all these things like I’m only doing the
ones that I really believe in and and I hope that that makes sense I also have a
goal to find five brand sponsors in 2020 I’ve been on the fence about doing
sponsorships because I don’t really want to take on a Clinique sponsorship and
how to tell you that some skin care cream is amazing if I really don’t even
care so I’m not gonna be looking for sponsorships like that I’m thinking more
along the lines of things that I use like if I could get sponsored with Sony
because I use all of their products or gji because I use all their products or
Final Cut Pro because that’s what I edit on or epidemic sound because that’s
where I get all my music from or Skillshare or or Wix cuz that’s what I
use for my website like things like that that don’t feel as like I’m selling my
soul to make money if that makes sense like I would rather just do ones that
I’m using and I think are not worthwhile to share about so I’m gonna be looking
for brand partnerships like that but right now I don’t have any and nobody’s
talking to me about it so in 2020 we’re doing our first ever
natural chaos tribe trip it’ll be in April 2020 that’s going to be huge and
I’m super excited about it so every one of my that Facebook group is very well
aware of it and we’re working on the details for it and I think it’s very
great I’m going to try to do more collabs with other youtubers in 2020 I’m
really bad at collabs I think it’s just because I’m so focused on doing my own
content that stopping and trying to organize a collab like stresses me out I
know it’s good to do collaborations so I’m going to try to do more of that in
2020 I’m going to do more giveaways cuz I just think they’re fun and I wanted to
be able to give back more this year to the people who have helped me there have
been so many people on my Facebook group who have helped me there I mean right
now that comes in films with me I want to be able to give him more money
my sister is helping manage me I want to be able to give her more money so it’s
things like that where I take like the money that I’m making and I want to
spread it out unless the people who are helping me oh one huge expense I had
this last year that probably not really you tubers huh I spent over six thousand
dollars with lawyers because of my lip filler videos and Botox videos I got
taken down and my fight with the doctor show yes so I also have legal bills that
I have to deal with because of my youtube channel so in 2020 the goal is
to not have any more legal ramifications I did not want to fight with anybody or
be in trouble with anyone it’s just not worth it other changes I’m going to be
making to my channel as I’m only going to be doing 4k video I’m not going to
obviously do any videos under 10 minutes I’m not going to be doing any videos
where I feel like YouTube will give me more strikes against my channel or take
down videos or cancel my channel I want to make more device videos so I’m
looking for more skin care devices and people who saw those so if you are one
like I want to do more skin care devices on my channel this coming year I will
not be making any more cooking videos since those who really do badly that is
kind of like my analysis of what I did this last year I hope that basically
what you take away from this is if you are thinking about starting a YouTube
channel I want you to know that when you hear people say that they don’t make any
money on YouTube that those people aren’t actually doing it the right way
they’re either not making good quality videos that people want to watch they’re
either not making them on searchable terms they’re just not doing something
because if you come to YouTube with a plan and you make high-quality videos
and you put yourself out there and you do it on a regular basis all the time I
promise you you’re going to make money it might not happen as fast as it did
for me but it’s going to happen and I think it’s gonna happen faster than you
think if you really buckle down and make youtube your focus because that’s what I
did this is not a hobby for me ever since I started this this is all I do
every day every weekend I don’t not do this job because it’s even part of
traveling so whenever I’m on a trip I’m working I work 24/7 and I just hope you
know that like you can make it on YouTube if
you really want to make it on YouTube and for all my subscribers who are here
who made it through this crazy video that is not our normal thing thank you
for joining me I really love you guys so much because
the success I had on this channel this year is because of you
you chose to watch you chose to sit through those ads you you chose to buy
whatever random thing I was doing that day and he used my link and that
supported me it doesn’t only just like Humble me and touch me that you would
choose to support me in that way but I feel your love I really do and I love
your comments and I appreciate it so much so I just I hope you guys know that
I think everything that I have in this channel is because of you
so I don’t take any of that for granted and I want to continue making amazing
content for you and serving you the best I can in 2020 the visionary year thank
you guys so much for watching and of course if you found this video helpful
you know one nugget please like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys very
soon thank you so much bye guys funny how the story goes but bigotry


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