Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Make Money On YouTube

hey guys Mark here with adventures in
ecom today’s video is going to be about how to make money on YouTube and
this is going to be part of my affiliate marketing for beginners playlist or
series I’ll have it here in playlists so that you can check it out along with all
my other videos in the series now I did a video about a month ago on affiliate
marketing for beginners and using simple videos on YouTube to really focus on
driving traffic to an offer this was a Clickbank offer but in today’s video I’m
going to take a step back and you really can use this in any number of ways
whether you’re sending it to an affiliate offer or your ecommerce store
product page etc so we’ll dive into it here in just a second but before I
continue I just want to let you know that my goal with this whole channel is
to provide valuable information by making videos every week for you to help
you succeed online again whether that’s an affiliate marketing or e-commerce or
just how to make money online or driving traffic whatever the case may be that’s
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be notified when I put out new videos now jump it into the meat and potatoes
on this particular video I’m going to start on Google Trends because
ultimately what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to create a traffic source
right we’re always trying to create a traffic source it’s he that has the most
data and can drive the most traffic wins the game because you can always direct
that towards any offer you want gathering leads
Cpl affiliate marketing e-commerce store doesn’t matter we want to build a
sustainable traffic source for whatever we’re pointing to so we’re going to do
that in this video by creating this video or creating videos putting them on
a YouTube channel and and away we go so the first thing that we want to do is we
want to find things that people are searching for we want to put content in
front of search terms people that are searching for things so here on Google
Trends you see some of the things they just have
right up here at the top Taylor Swift probably because that new song she has
that my daughter sings all the time here’s Kim Kardashian she’s always
trending World Cup football American football there’s all kinds of things
happening here Game of Thrones Season eight so this is
the last and final season of Game of Thrones of course it’s trending because
it’s happening right now I don’t want to hear about it because
I’m gonna wait till the season’s over and just binge watch the whole thing so
you can come down here and start to kind of really go through Google Trends if
you’ve never used it or been here you can also you can see what’s trending you
can see what they’re highlighting you can do all of this kind of stuff you can
also do a search for a particular topic and it’ll show you all kinds of data on
it I’m going to go into one because we have an e-commerce store that is related
with survival and outdoor and things of that nature
and I’m gonna do a search for something like fishing we sell a lot of fishing
equipment and if I come into here it’s going to start to show me some
information it’s it looks like that fishing is seasonal because it dips here
towards the end and beginning of the year and comes up and it shows the
projected volume is going up as we come into the season again this is just over
the last 12 months we could change this to any number of different reporting
metrics we want but what I’m going to do is I’m gonna come down here and I always
look at the related queries and topics for fishing and what I thought was
interesting is I was doing this again for our store and I see that magnet
fishing is a rising topic that is a related search term so I’ve never heard
of it but I clicked into it and it looks like
over the last 12 months that it has been rising if I change this to the last five
years it looks like it has been gaining in popularity slowly and it’s steadily
on the rise which is something that’s pretty awesome looks like they are going
bananas over it in West Virginia but you can see that it definitely has some good
search volume now these charts here we go the last 12 months the
chart on Google Trends doesn’t show actual search volume all of this volume
is normalized at 100% so it really just kind of shows you a trend line over time
so if we come down here magnetic fishing what best magnet for magnet fishing one
of the things that we’re gonna do is we will come over to Google and just do a
quick search magnet fishing I want to see what kinds of things come up see
here by the way I’m assuming that magnet fishing is exactly what it sounds like
you take a magnet and this guy looks like he’s lowered it under a bridge and
got a drill this guy found an uzi and a knife and a hand grenade and all sorts
of great things and I have a bunch of these little magnets in the garage from
another project that we did but so I make a magnet fishing but see guy here’s
Amazon here’s selling magnets okay so this probably would relate I could do
here’s the ultimate guide to magnet fishing I could probably do something
along the lines of this for a survival outdoor store like we have and what I
want to do is is pretty cool I want to come over to YouTube and let’s do a
search for magnet fishing magnet fishing boom magnet fishing has pretty good
monthly volume according to keywords everywhere and you can see what some of
the top videos are here this video is three weeks old and has almost a million
views so people are definitely interested in this this three days old
17,000 views not even sure what that oh that’s a gun they found a gun an old gun
it looks like I don’t know anything underwater looks old what do we got here
1.2 million views in three weeks so this might be something that’s
that might be really neat I’d like to actually go and do this myself but what
I’d like to do is I’d come over here and search the filter by Creative Commons
because ultimately I want to make my own videos for this and upload so if I find
some videos that are sorted let me make sure that I’m sort of by Creative
Commons and I am click on that found two guns all kinds of good stuff so what I
can do is I can download this and I can download a few of these and I could make
a short maybe 5 minute long compilation video of various finds different things
that people are finding how to’s where to go what’s best is it legal all sorts
of different things that we could start to craft a very of a video series around
for this and I bet would get really good traction based on these numbers these
are pretty crazy numbers that would get pretty good traction and then what we do
is we want to push our affiliate offer we want to try to monetize the channel
to run ads on we want to try to push it to a product on our survival store so
you kind of get the point of this whole traffic generation mechanism that we’re
trying to go for here now one of the things that I could do is I could find
some various articles about fishing I could then go over to Fiverr and I could
start to create a little dialogue that would overlay on top of a five minute
long video and I could find somebody that will do voiceovers on Fiverr if you
didn’t feel comfortable doing a voiceover like I’m just talking into a
microphone right here you could hire somebody on Fiverr that would do a voice
over for you and you could lay it on top of a compilation video now let’s go back
to these videos I would download some of these things and all I have to do to
download them if I find one here’s let’s just click into this one then I’ll pause
it all I have to do to download this is download YouTube videos and go to I use
this keepvid dr. OH there are a lot of free YouTube
downloaders online there’s no risk at using these things you just go back to
the uuhh the video copy the URL let me copy that
show you paste it right into here and hit download now and that will start the
download process you can do that for a couple
here’s best download 720p that’s fine you can do other formats 1080p probably
right here Boop without sound and that’s fine because
we’re not looking for sound because we will do our own voice over now you want
to with respect to these videos you want to the reason why you’re doing your
voice over is you’re taking the Creative Commons Attribution of the video and
adding your own commentary to your improving on the video and that’s what
makes it legitimate in YouTube’s eyes so when you download the video you put the
voice over to it you upload it to your channel and what you really want to do
is you want to use in your title here’s magnet fishing best finds although
magnet fishing has 5,300 searches so that’s probably a better keyword to use
in your title you want that to be the first set of keywords in your title and
then you can use a colon and then do you know big you know fine sweep or whatever
you can do some catchy little trailing part to your title you want to use that
same magnet fishing keyword in the first line of your description and use it as a
tag and when you upload this video it will start to get traction just like
these and if you start to do a series of these videos put them into a playlist
just like I showed you with my affiliate marketing for beginners you can put them
into a playlist and they’ll be watched over and over and over again and people
will start to subscribe to your channel you’ll have a following you can push out
your affiliate offers and links to your SuperDuper survival knife on your
survival website and things like that so I think that you start to get the gist
of what it is we’re trying to do here it is not an overnight success type of
thing although a million views in three weeks
is pretty overnight success awesome but these are the same kind of results that
you can get if you apply this strategy to your affiliate marketing or
e-commerce your overall traffic getting list of things to do things that work
this will be a very successful way to grow your business and enjoy the
lifestyle that you have always wanted and that is to kiss your boss tell your
boss to take this job and shove it and work for yourself from home so as always
I hope that you are able to take some of the information from this video and
apply it to yourself and see great success if you like this video then
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