Amex Gold 4x Points on Dining Going Global

hey credit Warriors credit shifu here and we have some exciting news for you today that is that as of June 6th 2019 which is actually tomorrow as of the time of filming this video the four points per dollar category on dining on the American Express gold card will be going global so you'll be able to earn four points per dollar at restaurants all over the world not just one point like in the past because this category was originally just us restaurants but now it is actually internationally so you can use it when you're traveling the car does have no foreign transaction fees as well so you know you'd expect kind of you know if it's billed as a travel credit card which it is that the point earning will be international and probably a lot of people have you know had this gripe with Amex I'm guessing they're listening to feedback on this because that certainly would have been one of the one things that I would mention if I was complaining about this in that it doesn't get that forex at restaurants internationally the supermarket's category because the Amex gold it earns points in the following categories we'll put that on the screen now so you can see it earns for exosuit US supermarkets you wouldn't really need that internationally because you don't generally go to supermarkets when you're traveling you know general you're going to be eating in restaurants a lot more you know you might sometimes if you're seeing an air B&B or something but generally on business trips or when you're staying in hotels or whatever you're going to be dining in restaurants and that's a large source of spending when you're traveling internationally so absolute thumbs up to American Express great that they're doing this one thing that some people have reported though is that sometimes restaurants don't code correctly so it does actually have to obviously code as a restaurant if you want to check out where you're actually earning forex you know what purchases you're earning for x1 you can look at your statements online you have to go back to the previous statements okay if you look at your current month the points won't post there yet but if you go to a previous statement you can actually see 4 X 4 X 4 X and you can see this I use this card basically for dining purchases and a few other small purchases but basically I'm maxing out the you know the bonus categories here but then your current month will look like this ok so you actually can't see look here this is a restaurant but it hasn't got 4 X next to it yet because the statement hasn't closed because obviously points get added at the end of the statement so you have to wait till you're in the statement to see if you've earned 4x on that or not sometimes you can open them up and you see like this one it does say restaurant some of them don't know and then they still earn 4x so I don't really know how that I guess there's codes and stuff there if you really bothered to go and look up the codes for stuff you might be able to figure it out but basically if you just wait till the end of the statement you'll be able to see whether you're getting 4x or not now changing this to International definitely makes a card a lot more competitive there are other cards though that give really good point earning on dining one notable example is the city prestige that just changed to 5x on dining okay now it's not really a like-for-like comparison because the city prestige is what I'd call a premium a tier 4 credit card whereas this Amex gold it's a tier 3 credit card so City procedures annual fee is actually double what the Amex goal is so it's kind of a different level but you know there are other options out there where you can earn a slightly better rate even than the 4x on Amex Gold okay City procedure I think is probably the highest one out there at 5x restaurants and lastly I'll just give you a little quote from Sabrina soldier who is a vice president of consumer charge cards at Amex who told nerd wallet we know dining is a top interest category for our Gold Card members and we know that their average travelers we want to make sure they're getting value in all the ways they want to Danny in dining out and dining abroad so yeah they have it Amex is listening to customer feedback changing the things that people don't like so much about the card the gold card if you remember it was rebranded at the end of 2018 I was actually you know I got it on the first day that it came out on October 4th and I got the limited-edition rose gold card which was only available for like three months until January 9th 2019 so yeah it's a great card and this makes it even better now if you want to know more about the Amex gold card we'll put a link to it on our partner website credit cards calm you can look at all the information about it add you remember that it's affiliate link so it helps out our show if you want to see advertiser disclosure it's at the bottom of the description section of this video what do you think about this change to the Gold Card guys leave your comments below I'd love to hear what you think about it I will see you next time bye bye


  • Nust wanted to say yay u finally got a decent haircut sorry if it sounds harsh

  • Hey @The Credit Shifu are you allowed to downgrade your credit cards with little to no consequences?

  • Hi, I’m new to your channel and enjoying the content so far. I’m also new to credit card rewards and feel like I have been missing out on so much for a long time (I pay for everything through debit). Being a newbie, I’m failing to see how the rewards of a card like this justify the high annual fee. Can you explain? How much would a person need to spend to break even and start to profit?

  • Credit warriors…dislike

  • The credit card companies love this guy, doing their advertising for them.

  • bummer I just upgraded to the CSR for the international dining. I also have the amex gold so I guess I’ll have to downgrade again, CSR isn’t looking good right now 🙁

  • So long as you can find a place that accepts it. I imagine that different countries are going to have different success rates but my recent two weeks in Ireland and Scotland I counted on one hand the number of businesses, never mind restaurants, that had an Amex logo on the register.

  • Made a video about the re release of the rose gold card

  • You can get the rose gold card if you are an existing card holder (for now)and you missed the limited time…I requested mine today!!! or apply for a new one through the ref links

  • Hey Shifu you don't actually have to wait for the statement to come out to see if a purchase actually earns 4x. There is a button where you get to select a range of dates to see all your transactions, under that mode you are able to see your multiplier for that specific purchase. Works for all Amex cards, purchases within last 3-5 days may not show multipliers in my experience. If you find it helpful, pin this comment please.


  • Love the changes but it's still not widely accepted internationally. Heck, there's several restaurants in the US that still doesn't accept Amex.

  • Somehow I'm still not able to see what items are coded as on my statements.. I even went back 3 or 4 months, I wonder if anyone else is having this issue??

  • This is awesome!

  • Hi shifu, I live in Xchange apartments, do you also live in the community. I am a points nerd as well, i have a few ideas. pl let me know

  • It’s great more beneficial keep it coming

  • Time to get a new card

  • I use my Amex Gold at supermarkets overseas a lot more than in the US, I hope Amex extends to the 4x to supermarkets overseas.

    Btw, what’s the title of the song at the end of your videos?

  • Smart move from Amex I think, that's awesome I'm Canadian living in US , was using my Amex Bonvoy for 2x, but now I'm golden in Canada too😁

  • Rose gold coming back

  • I received my Credit Shifu wallet , Amex gold looking good in it .. thx !

  • Too bad Amex is almost nonexistent internationally.

  • That's Great News!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Wow. And I just wanted to upgrade my gold card. Maybe its better to just apply for the plat seperately.

  • But this doesn't mean that the amex gold in my country will get this perk, right? Because you don't get any extra points for dining here.

  • You can check the points earned in the current transactions view after 5 days generally, available through the new version.

  • Credit fudu thank u

  • Now makes me think should I keep the card for second year…..

  • "trump bar" RIP

  • Shifu! Please answer

    Ritz Cancun or JW

  • Going to Santorini and Paris for 12 days in July. Will now use the gold card. 4x MR + three Michelin Star dining = thousands in MR points. I already estimate my earning to be just shy of 20k points.

  • Now the only issue is finding a global restaurant that accepts AMEX.

    It’s hard enough in asian countries getting many restaurants to accept Visa/MC. Lol

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