As markets drop, is now the best time to refinance your home?


  • What is a home?.

  • amazing content keep up the good content

  • I was going to buy a house in 3 years… maybe I’ll buy one next year instead. After the apocalypse.

  • Yes to refinancing now.

  • Saludos hola

  • Can you refinance on welfare. Food stamps can be change into cash to make tax payment. My mom, dad, 4 brother and 6 sister are all on welfare and public assistance with disability insurance benefit. Plus we sue a sucker for million and buy a tax plan and is now make monthly for the pass 10 yrs with welfare…America=Socialism.

  • This sounds familiar

  • no as long as the fake pandemic is still dropping why now?

  • Millennials might finally be able to afford houses

  • Well don't companies cut employees when the market drops?? If so then how ya gonna afford the home.

  • Also buy utility, telecom, packaged food companies, and health care.

  • Save money buy gun and ammunition.

  • Idk if this is legit or bs which sucks because I want a house.

  • Never get a 30 year loan. 20 at most.

  • Yes…did it already…thank you Rocket Mortgage, again!

  • Yesss we moved from 30 year to 20 year and less interest…..just as you describe.

  • SO MUCH WINNING now that markets are down is this a sign they still like Trump better.

  • US gov $24 Trillion in debt 🤣🤣🤣
    More than US GDP

  • MARKETS :DOW almost 6000 point drop in 3 weeks , freefall for all
    FOX: were going into an economic slowdown Nows a good time to refinance your home make sure its a fixed rate

  • Dow was up 63% this time under Obama, equivalent to over 32000 today. Orange Genius is 8000 points behind. Sad.

  • Orange Genius now owns the TOP 11 WORST DROPS IN HISTORY.

  • Next up on Faux: thousands die from virus, now's a good time to have children!

  • Orange Genius now owns the TOP 11 WORST DROPS IN HISTORY.

  • Dow was up 63% under Obama this time, equates to over 32000 today. Orange Genius is only 8000 points behind. So much winning!

  • Invest in coffins. Corona Virus will make you rich.

  • Virus is spreading faster than Melania's legs at a Trump fundraiser.

  • Trump 2020 😍

  • You just got conned by Donald Trump telling everyone the virus was not going to be a problem as Trump and his rich friends have been cashing out of the stock market the past 10 days, while you're losing 25% of your 401k.

  • People are dying the stock market is crumbling this is all Trump's fault

  • No bank(1%) bailouts. It's funny that no one is talking bad about socialism now that the banks and the 1% need some to keep from losing everything. Bailouts= Socialism.

  • Invite Peter Schiff!

  • Interesting…

  • 🔴I don’t own stocks nor I know nothing about economics. ☹️ I live paycheck to paycheck and I just praise and worship the rich so one day maybe I’ll be in their club. Meanwhile I’ll just shut up and will fall in line🤷‍♂️

  • Is this a joke?

  • No, interest rates are going to decline more

  • American Nero to the rescue,
    America’s riches gifted to the few,
    The last two years of the Dow has vanished,
    Just as sanity was quarantined and banished.

  • Why would you tell millennials to buy a house when it looks like the economy looks like it's heading into recession? When the market falls, everything falls including real estate. We are just at the beginning of the problem it's not the end. When you see your neighbors getting fired, that's when we are in the middle of it. During every downturn, people that are over leveraged are always flushed out of the market. That hasn't even happened yet.

  • Watch house prices go up very soon. Better buy now, if you want a house.

  • OMFG, if only I had waited until this month. I refi'd in January, saved $205/month. Since I was right at the edge on the wrong side of 80% LTV, waiting until March might have saved me almost another $80-90/month.

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