hello hello how are you greetings to all
welcome once again to my channel virtual economy online this time I’m going
to talk about a platform called this time I’m going
to talk about a platform called attonbank attonbank is a platform that is very active at the moment they give us a
investment model which is for each deposit that is active gives us
1% daily profitability which means that every day
we are going to add 1% daily and on those profits we will generate the
1% more profitability making us automatically compound interest
gives us 25 percent of income for each affiliate ok that we enter the
platform and at the moment we can make an investment
through any cryptocurrency currency bitcoin, ethereum, das, bitcoin cash any cryptocurrencies we have available, we can invest in
is on this platform also for payeer medium
well this platform is like works like a bank she
receive money to invest and also makes loans remember that
what this platform does is provide our money at 1.6 percent and they pay us 1% I have
understood that it stays more or less with 0.6 percent of the
profitability this platform becomes sustainable she’s an online bank pretty much here we can see a little about the company
says atom band is a financial product incredibly attractive created over
the bases of technological solutions of avant-garde even in the sphere of
blockchain and here below we can read but attonbank allows you to do the following
make instant transfers between customer accounts convert one cryptocurrency to another at a rate incredibly low
and also receive a daily income guaranteed without any investment and by
course attonbank offers loans short term loans for any
purpose we issue them around the clock and remotely with minimal information
necessary the uniqueness of atom band is that its
activities in all areas are carried carried out remotely via
Internet anyone can become
bank customer without any restriction based on citizenship
and residence the profession or level of income undoubtedly attonbank what
becomes one of the banks of more stable and reliable investment the
good world here it is clear to us that attonbank is dedicated to making loans
in the short term with a percentage of interest in this way is that they
make sustainable in this part we find
loan characteristics here is all the information to request a
loan look here it shows us here that the rate
of the loan is 1.6 percent per day here shows us the different plans
investment or the different ways of to earn income
in this part we find all the global rates of crypto currencies by
which we can make deposits and withdrawals to this platform
I already made a small investment of 10 Dollars
profit has already been reflected to me So I wanted to share this
information about attonbank invite them if they want to do a
investment or if you want to register in the page in the video description are going to
find the link where you can register I remind you that if you want to make some kind of investment already do it under
each one’s responsibility I only give you the information of the
platform that seems to me a model of profitable investment and already you take your
own decision voy a proceder
a informarles cómo pueden llenarse los data for registration I already have a
account I’m registered what I’m going to do is provide you with the information to
that they know how is the subject of register on this on this platform
well after having accessed the platform through this part where
says open an account here asks us to let’s put a username
we put the user name mail electronic
name we put the last name and here in this part we introduce this code
then we click on new account bank well I’m not going to
because I already have an account registered good name after you guys have
placed all this data automatically you will get a
mail with the information with the name user password so they can
enter the platform well what I’m going to do now is go to me
platform to my homepage ready I am here on the main page
What I’m going to do now is enter with with my email
with my password that I have saved on the team but
remember that this password and this email we find it in the
mail that they send us that sends us the platform when we register
we put this number and access by clicking on authorization we hope
a little bit good remember that also this platform every time we go to
login sends us a confirmation of authorization by mail we
send another code then come on here we quickly click down
and here is the code that he sent us we select
we copy and paste in this part where it says
security code then here in front we put this other code again and we click confirm again
authorization and ready here we have entered my page
main here is where I have my funds as you can see here I already know
reflect $ 10.26 at the time of it invest invested 9.6 because I gave
deposit $ 10 but charge us a small commission and we are reflected in the
page 9.6 they were reflected to me 9 points 6 dollars but now again
recovered with compound interest with the with the remuneration of the profit already
I’m going for $ 10.26 this is just three days
what i’m going to do in this part is teach how you can add funds to
this platform i will do again a investment of 10 dollars through
christ coins exactly for bitcoin we click here where it says add
money in this part we get the options
that we must select if we want add background is perfect money, payeer, bitcoin a series of cryptocurrency always
long then so the invitation is that if you want not to be part of this
this company from this investment fund it is very simple they can do it to
through cryptocurrencies in this case what I am going to do bitcoin well
since I already use bitcoin I already have one direction to add funds this
address that appears here always goes to be through this the one that I can
add funds to this page what I i’m going to do is copy the leg again
and send through the local bitcoin of again my ten bucks i’m going to start
session in local bitcoin which is where I have my cryptocurrencies we are going to do
click on the balance and we’re going to send bitcoin as our address we go
paste here in this part as I need invest in dollars ten dollars them
I’m going to select the box that says usd and here I place 10 automatically I will get the
amount of bitcoin that I should send and I’m going to click continue ok here
it turns out that the bitcoins were sent successfully to the following address good
after making the deposit having sent the bitcoin the 10 dollars
I’m not going to grave and here I click on this name attonbank and here in this
part 9 points are reflected to me 97 dollars that I already have invested the other
amount of bitcoin I just go through the shipping process then
this column has hardly progressed 5% it will fill up
and in the course of two or three hours it will investment appear and it’s going to start
generate profitability after it starts generating the
profitability then what look at our balance as it all increases
the days he is making an interest progressively composed
I also wanted to teach them so that find their referral link they will
find here where little nature says click and in this part is the area
of affiliate the affiliated area here will find this link which is the one that can
share with your friends your for them to enter and be part of this
page of this project and in this way they can win 25 for
percent on the profitability that they generate with your investments this is very
important and very good because if the person has a daily return of
a of a of a great investment to we will also generate a
profit I’m also going to teach you this part go the compartments of
earnings and in this part we can observe that every day has been
been adding 0.10 cents of dollars that which is the balance of the
daily profit and in this way we have our current balance has been growing
so I hope you like this platform those who wish to invest now
those who wish to register in the description of the video they will find the
registration link there is also a group of Whatsapp so that they enter that they obtain
information about this excellent platform
as you know I always like it after making an investment make
a new video withdrawing my winnings then very soon I will be uploading a
new video of this of this company of this investment fund where you
reflect earnings profits and making withdrawal of the balance any doubt
any concerns you have me can make known through the
comments let me in the video description
I will be happy to answer them they are not subscribed on my channel
I invite you to support me subscribe give like share thank you very much god
bless and see you next time


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  • Es excelente este banco yo tengo casi un mes en el, los invito a q se unan aqui les dejare mi link por si me quieren apoyar como referidos, la verdad se los agradeceria mucho, si tienen alguna duda pueden contactarme por whatsapp al n°+50578765644 y el link mio es se los agradeceria de corazon…

  • Es excelente este banco yo tengo casi un mes en el, los invito a q se unan aqui les dejare mi link por si me quieren apoyar como referidos, la verdad se los agradeceria mucho, si tienen alguna duda pueden contactarme por whatsapp al n°+50578765644 y el link mio es se los agradeceria de corazon…

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