Banks Pay You NOTHING – Here’s Why

Save your money at Chase Bank, and they
will pay you 0.01%. Go over the Bank of America, and they’ll give you 0.03
percent. But, if you go to Wells Fargo, they will pay you 0.01 percent.
What the heck! What’s up everybody? I am Jaspreet Singh, and welcome to the
Minority Mindset. You’ve been smart with your money, you’ve been living below your
means, you’ve been saving a little bit of money, and you’ve been investing some of
your money, every time you get paid. oh yeah, oh. But if you look over at your bank
savings account statements, you might realize that your bank account is paying
you squat. Nada. Nothing. I know. Your savings are not there to make you
wealthy, but it would be nice if your savings didn’t have to just sit there
and do nothing, this way it’s not slowly being eaten away by inflation. I mean, is
that so much to ask from our banks that we give our life savings to? That’s why,
in this video, I’m gonna be going over why your bank account pays you nothing, and
how you can get a better return on your savings while keeping your money safe, so
make sure you watch this video until the end. But, before we get into that, make
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don’t, then YouTube doesn’t let you know when our new videos are released. First,
let’s start by understanding how the banking system works. I’m not gonna do a
full in-depth analysis in this video because I’ve already talked about this
before, so here’s a quick summary. You have $100 that you do not want to keep
under your mattress, so you go to your bank, this is you—let me draw you a nice
mustache—you go to your bank, and you deposit this $100 into your savings
account so you can keep your money safe. That’s when your bank will take your
$100, and they will give you a lollipop. So, here is your lollipop. But, your money
doesn’t just sit there in a vault somewhere. Your bank is gonna use your
money; they’re gonna use your 100 dollars to make the bank more money. Now, watch
this. Your bank is gonna take this $100 that you deposited, and they’re gonna
give some of it to Bunty here, this way he can go and buy things on his credit
card. They’re gonna loan some of it to Nancy, so she can go and buy a big house.
And they’re gonna loan some of it to George here, so he can go and finance his
dream car. Or they’re gonna give George that money, this way he can go and
finance his dream boat. Don’t be like George. So now, your bank is gonna make
something like 25 percent interest on this credit card they gave to Bunty if he
doesn’t make his payments on time. They’re gonna make something like 4
percent on Nancy with her mortgage, and they might make another—I don’t know—6
percent on this boat that they helped finance for George. Sure, your bank might
not lend out all $100 you deposit. They’ll save a couple of dollars in the vault
just for protection. But, the bank has a superpower called fractional reserve
lending which allows them to turn this $100, you deposited, into something like
$1,000 or $2,000—something between there— that way they can loan out your $100
again, and again, and again. This fractional reserve lending essentially
says, the banks have the power to print money out of thin air, and yes, it is
legal for banks, but it is illegal for you. If you try to do that, you would end
up in jail and no, I will not represent you as your attorney. That means, your
bank is gonna make somewhere between 4% and 25% in interest from this $100 that
you deposited into the bank, and the bank is gonna make that interest again,
and again, and again, from your money, and in exchange, as a thank you for making
the bank rich, your bank will pay you with a lollipop and almost nothing in
interest on your savings. Now, these low interest rates that you’re
getting are partially because two: Interest rates are historically low. The Federal
Reserve Bank, or the Fed for short, sets the benchmark for interest rates in
America. When the Fed increases interest rates, your payments on your mortgage, your
student loans, your car loans, go up. The bright side here is that the interest
rate on your savings account goes up too. When the Fed lowers interest rates then
the payments on your mortgage, your student loans, and your car payments, come down.
But that also means that the interest rate on your savings account comes down
so your bank will pay you less on your savings. After the 2008 crash, the
Fed cut interest rates drastically to stimulate the economy because they made
it easier and cheaper for people and businesses to borrow money. Interest
rates stayed close to zero for years, but then in 2015, once the economy started to
recover, the Federal Reserve started increasing interest rates again, and they
kept doing this through 2018, and then in 2019, the Federal Reserve took a u-turn,
and then they started cutting interest rates agai. To put it in perspective, in
the mid-1980s, a savings account would pay you something like 7% a year, but a
mortgage would cost you something like 12% in interest a year. In the mid-1990s,
a savings account would pay you something like 5% a year on your money,
but a mortgage would cost you something like 8% a year. And now here in 2020, a
traditional savings account will pay you less than 0.1% a year. That’s 0.1% in
interest a year. But a mortgage will cost you something like 4% a year. But, what I
want you to understand is that, right now, you don’t have to blindly accept these
super low interest rates on your savings account because three: Some banks are
getting with the times. Ever since Amazon came online and took
borders out of business in 2011, more and more businesses are starting to come
onto the internet because they’ve seen the power of the internet. I mean, the
internet is great because one, it is cheaper for businesses to operate, it is
more convenient for customers, and it allows businesses to access more customers.
Well, finally some banks are starting to see and do the same thing. Your traditional
brick-and-mortar banks have a lot of overhead. You have to pay for rent at
these really, really nice buildings, you have to pay for the salaries for their
tellers, and bankers have to sit there and wait for you to come in. You have to
pay for electricity to keep the lights on, and you have to pay for all the
lollipops. With these higher expenses come lower interest rates on your
savings. But, thanks to responsive CIT bank, you can move your money to an online
savings account, you can get a much better interest rate, and you can pay no
monthly maintenance fees. It is really easy to open an online savings account,
and it’s very quick; I know this because I bank
with CIT bank. Once you open a free high interest savings builder account,
you can transfer some of your savings there, and then you’ll start to get this
higher interest, and everything is super easy to track because they have a mobile
app, so you can see where your money is, and you can see how much interest you’re
earning every single month. Plus, your money is safe because cit bank is FDIC
insured. I mean, they’re a real Bank. The main difference is, they’re online so
they have less overhead, so they can pay you higher interest. That means your
savings can earn you more money. Conditions do apply, so if you want to
learn more and see how much more you can earn on your savings, I got the links to
where you can do that in the description below. Or you can just go to Minority Mindset is a partner with CIT Bank so if you use them,
we will get compensated, but there’s no additional cost to you. It’s free to open
account, and it’s free to save your money there, so if you wanna learn more, and you
want to see what their current interest rates are on their savings builder
accounts, I got the link to where you can so that in the description below.
And number four: Traditional banks don’t feel the need to pay you anything. Look,
let’s look at this practically. A lot of your traditional brick-and-mortar banks
have been in business for a long, long time. That means they have a lot of loyal
customers who have been with them for decades, and they like coming into the
bank and depositing their checks, and asking their banker all their financial
questions. Hey George, listen to me. Look, I think you should take out a home equity
line of credit, that way you can finance that boat you’d be dreaming about, and
we got a great promotion going on right now. So not only do they not want to pay
you anything, but they don’t feel the need to because George keeps coming in
to finance new boats. If you don’t believe me, just look at the numbers.
Between 2015 and 2018, interest rates didn’t go up one time or two times or
five times, they went up nine times, but the interest rate on your savings
account at most traditional banks didn’t budge. They stayed at nothing.
We’re living in a time where people are just used to getting nothing from their
savings account. I mean, it’s just normal for your bank not to give you anything.
Maybe this will change in the future as more and more people go to online banks,
but who knows? But until then, you don’t have to be stuck getting paid nothing.
Remember, I got the information to how you can get higher interest rate on
your savings in the description. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed
this video, share it with one friend, that way you can help spread the word. I hope
you enjoyed learning more about why banks are paying you nothing, but if you
want to learn more about how the banking system actually works, I already broke
this down on YouTube, and you can watch it by clicking this button, right over
here. Thank you for watching, and as always, KEEP HUSTLIN’ *


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