Banks to meet with White House officials Wednesday


  • And what's that gonna do??

  • Another bailout coming!!!! How many is that now???


  • Trump wants to congratulate them on making them much wealthier. What a con artist

  • Maybe banks should give higher interest on the money they use that belongs to US!

  • Peter Schiff just won another gold coin. Some one still owes him a penny.

  • Have the US Marshals waiting for them
    And cart them off to Gitmo

  • The Ponzi scheme is over!!!


  • We told you Mr Trump, your credit score is too low and your assets are truly liabilities. Sorry

  • No more bailouts! I guess socialism is fine when it comes to the banks, right?

  • End the Fed!

  • Do not bail these bastards out !

  • Trump isn't bragging about the economy anymore I wonder why

  • Abolish the IRS and watch the Market Rebound instantaneously… 😁

  • The Corona virus was purposely released by the enemies of MAGA. In 2018 Members of the emergency epidemic board in this simulation, which consists of representatives from major banks, the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson and Johnson, logistical powerhouses, the media as well as officials from China and America's CDC deep state are responsible.

  • Trump tax cuts & trade policies are the cause for all this financial crisis. Trump & his supporters are solely to blame. Can't hide from this truth.
    Bernie 2020!!!!

  • The stock markets are indicating that ⏳⏳ running short for Donnie and his CULT in November.
    America's alot smarter than the naive narcissist TRUMP thinks ,and don't forget being misled and misinformed too about this VIRUS crisis…it's now SHTF time for 45

  • Love the Bernie bro/ north Korean comments here.

    If you bought at the PEAK of 2007 market… you're still up 10,000 points today!

    That crash was "the end of the world" the past two weeks are "the end of the world" like all down turns before, and until the end of humanity… this is an opportunity to buy.

  • What bullsh$t …Whenever they say “ everything is fine”then get ready for big trouble

  • Tomorrow will be up 1500


  • Banks' service fees disguised under all sorts of terms, and interest rates on unsecure lines of credits/loan make up for the lower interest rates on collateral loans.

  • Cough on them.

  • People are saying 2.5 trillion dollars has been lost in the stock market.
    This is a lie.
    2.5 trillion dollars has been milked out of the stock market.
    It's gone into a short list of accounts.
    The same accounts that it always goes into.
    Capital doesn't just disappear…
    It transfers.

  • You will know the collapse is happening when shorting the financials is prohibited, as what happened in 2008, and general halting of trades.
    Prosperity cannot be legislated or commanded by edict, because governments only hasten wealth destruction by its decrees to intervene in market forces.

  • Bernie Sanders corporate socialism assertions will be validated if the administration bails out a single industry. Let capitalism run its natural course.

  • How will this affect credit cards interest. It needs to down in big jumps.

  • No bailouts. Let them fail


  • here we go you got good volume and everything's fine but you got vice president Pence coming on at 5:30 at 5:30 you pushed it till 6 o'clock I wouldn't put it past you to push it till 6:30 and I'll guarantee you there will be no volume won't be able to hear nothing you need to get it together

  • The lower the interest rate, the more willing people are to borrow money to make big purchases, such as houses or cars. However, when rates are too low, they can spur excessive growth and perhaps inflation. By reducing the income from interest-bearing assets – they may hurt the profitability of banks.

  • Is there an alternative fact to this?

  • Socialism

  • ♥️ that GOLD tie Prez Trump 🌟

  • I don't know about meeting with the bank presidents but Trump should be meeting with the World Health Organization and United Nations it's time that the world put sanctions on countries that import deadly species that carry viruses in their food chain and food markets those that do this should be boycotted buy the world only one way to make sure this ain't going to happen again China would be first on the list more cleaner standards in their food markets and put boycotts embargoes whatever it takes to make sure these countries don't import these type of species that carry deadly viruses

  • all trumps fault

  • Low interest rates after they had 10 years to trim the fat? Interest spreads are ricidulous now. Any threats by them will be nationalization.

  • Donald Trump's policies will lead to a recession.

  • More socialism for banks. Socialism is ok for the one percent but not for you. Interesting. The hiprosity ..

  • This has been the biggest failure in presidential history, we have a world class moron running this country

  • While the world deals with the coronavirus, Trump glorifies himself on Twitter.A dangerous pathogen is spreading across the globe. Financial markets are having a nervous breakdown. Oil prices have collapsed. Americans are hoarding hand sanitizer and surgical masks. Air travel is down. Conferences are being canceled. Merely shaking a stranger’s hand suddenly seems like a risk. And the president of the United States, in response, is spending hours a day glorifying himself on Twitter. Trump’s solipsistic response to the coronavirus crisis offers overwhelming proof, if any more were needed, that it was a catastrophic mistake to give an egomaniacal reality-television star such power and responsibility. We are all paying the price.

  • Once this Virus is over, I see a lot of people making good moves with interest rates and oiling being low like this.

  • This country has never been so focus on Wall Street since Trump became President and this MANMADE VIRSUS during elections time . We are not stupid !

  • Trump has another record breaking drop on wall street.
    Two in two weeks.
    Go dump go.

  • Capitalism = give money to the rich people, great job!
    Socialism = give money and health the most people in need, hell no! It sucks!

  • trade war, oil war, corona virus all culminating in a historic drop at the stock exchange. Now is the time for true leadership and for Trump to shine!!! 🙂😉

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • This administration is incompetent! They failed to initiate manufacture of enough go to tests to protect the general public against the coronavirus. They relegated Health Services Secretary Azar to obscurity. Trump initially proposed a minimum 2.5 billion budget. Trump administrators (cronies) reflect Trumps attributes of a communist capitalist ie., authoritarian, oligarch, autocrat, and demagogue. For example: Trumps cohorts are Communist Kim Jung Un, North Korea, Communist Putin's Russia, and Communist China's Xi Jinping. All together, the four of them have the same above attributes. Therefore Trump and his Republican supporters, Fox news commentators, reflect a communist capitalist philosophy.  Trump claims to be a capitalist but the reality is he like his cohorts is a communist capitalist.  Trump must resign today!

  • Our fearless leader/Stable Genius will get it done🙄

  • We are living the end times the Bible talks about in Revelation. Unfortunately, is going to get worse, not better, if you believe in the word of God.

  • JP Morgan was doing fine 3 weeks ago. this is not because of low interest rates. this is because of vrust hype. JPM is now a good buy and will be way up this year. get in now/soon before it takes off again. it's also a dividend stock. I think Gasparino is wrong about some of this.

  • The folks at Corona Beer Company must be in a coma right now. 🙁

  • The President is Gonna Shine is what’s gonna happens as he takes down all the corruption

  • Trump will own the Bankers that show up. He knows what these guys are all about and dealt with them for years. He knows their crooked.

  • Lower Interest means good for Consumers and Econmy and housing market.screw the banks, they have completely stiffened Home Loans due to unrealistic qualifications.

  • Nah! We would not worry much about corona virus, which is just like other annual outbreaks including Asian Flu, SARS and H7N9-all originated from China eventually disappeared. Of course, we have to be a little more cautious avoiding close/direct contact and washing our hands more often. After all, we have survived Asian Flu, SARS, H7N9, MERS and Ebola; there's no valid reason for us to worry about coronavirus.

  • hold on this is like 2008 all over again, banks crying the dont have money, asking the US taxpayer for a handout.
    last 70yrs there have been 11 official recessions, 49 recessionary quarters , 41 of which were under a Republican president.
    lets see how Trump handles this fiasco or will he add to the total!?

  • Excuse me but Fed buying stock isn't socialism???☹️

  • President Trump is setting We the People free by plunging a spear into the heart of the Vampire Squid!
    Get your popcorn.

  • Did this guy just say banks are safe and well capitalized. Then why when I walk in an need $7k cash, they start freaking out. Umm, Fractional reserve banking.. They aren't even liquid. WTF is this nonsese. The Feds agreed today on 150 billion QE everyday.. what kind of fake news is this as the middle class and retiree's funds are being wiped out.. sick chit

  • Best economy ever!!!

  • Trump……….Such a disgusting pathetic little man

  • Abolish the Federal Reserve.

  • The root of ALL evil is USURY! Let us NEVER forget that…we didn't become a "socialist" nation until 1913 when the private central bankers got their foot in the door with what they called, 'The Federal Reserve" which is NOT "FEDERAL" and is NOT even American!

    Twenty years later right after the inauguration of FDR during the week of March 4, 1933, the banks shut down and our ENTIRE American "system of government" did a 180 degree revolution making everyone a "trustee/corporate entity" who "pays." We were no longer presumed to be "private citizens."

    This has got to STOP! We The People will always be presumed to be the Grantors/Beneficiaries of our government of, for and by the people! USA is a PERPETUAL PUBLIC TRUST! Never forget that!


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