Barbie – Money for Mighty Beanz | Ep.185

Barbie – Money for Mighty Beanz What do you think about this bag? Hmmm… No It not go with your dress You’re right! So we allowed to buy it? Mummy…? How’s this one? Yucky Thanks Tommy… Tommy’s right That not good Hmmm… Mummy? Yes Annabelle? Mighty Beanz We allowed to get it? Mighty Beanz? What are they? They beans that you play with and collect What about this one? Not good… Yeah, that terrible! Really? Mummy… So can we? Have you saved up any money? Ummm…. No Well when you save up some money you can buy them How we going to make some money? Yeah! We too little to go to work Ok, this one? Yes! That’s the one! Finally! What can we do to make some money…? Barbie, we really need to have that garage sale There’s so many things around this house we don’t need Garage sale…? Why we sell our garage? Please? If we have garage sale, we make some money to buy our Mighty Beanz Not now Isabelle Why not? Because you’re father, Chelsea and I are off to Tamika’s house for lunch so we won’t have time to do it today Auntie Stacie can help us Me? Yes! Please Auntie Stacie? I’m busy With what? Just…things! Well I’d prefer if you’d wait for us, but if Stacie wants to look after the garage sale, then I suppose it’s ok with me Barbie… Think of it as spending time with you nieces Are you really going to say no to these cute little faces…? Well… Mmmhhh…? Oh alright! Yes! I tell you Auntie Stacie is a pushover What? Nothing… Here’s a list of things around the house you can sell at the garage sale Ok Only the things on that list Right girls? Yes sir! Make sure you look after the garage sale Stacie Ok, ok! How the sign look? Ahhh… Perfect Isabelle I think people will get the idea The big sign done too I think it look good! Well I think that’s everything on the list! It a lot of things I know! We definitely get our Mighty Beanz now I so excited! We going to get lots of people coming to buy our things… (45 minutes later…) (Yawn…) I’m getting a bit bored here girls Where is everyone? Maybe we not put enough signs up? Alright, I’m going upstairs to… Oh! Hello Mister Hello dear Anything you like? Mmmm… How much for the tennis racquet? How much Auntie Stacie? Ummm… Ten dollars Hmmm… Ok, thank you What? That’s it? Wow! You not good at selling things Well I don’t think you do better Watch this! Hello Miss Nice day we’re having Yes it is How much for the books? Oh, good choice That be… Five dollars …five dollars Hmmm… Listen, I do very special deal for you You can have them for four dollars I might leave it for now Thank you But… Great job Annabelle! You really good at selling things Hmmmph! I’ll be upstairs if you need me This garage sale a silly idea! I know! We never get our Mighty Beanz! Huh Hmmm… Oh, sorry Mister How much for the soccer ball? Ummm… One hundred dollars What? That’s… Fifty dollars! I’ll give you two dollars We’ll take it! Thanks for your business! Wow! Two dollars Oooh! More people! There nothing I like here Mummy What about the toy cash register? No Nothing you like? No She wanted to see if you had any dolls Yeah, like American Girl doll or something Sorry, no we don’t… Wait right there! I not sure where she go I sure she won’t be… What about this doll? Annabelle? Oh, wow! She perfect! But that Auntie Chelsea’s doll! She got lots of dolls That’s great! Is five dollars enough? Five dollars! Yes please! Well you were very lucky to get that! Oh… Doesn’t matter What you looking for Mister? A black shoe that matches this one I seem to have lost it somewhere Oh No, nothing like that here Wait one second! Not sure where she went? How about this shoe? It’s… It’s perfect! It one of Daddy’s shoes How much? Five dollars We can’t do any better then five dollars I can give you two dollars? We’ll take it! No old coffee machine for sale? Hmmm… Wait right there! There we go! Are you sure? It looks new We sure Our Daddy not use it much Yeah, he only make one or two coffees a day with it Wow! How does ten dollars sound? It sound like music to our ears… Look how many people here! I know! How can we help you Miss? Pink shoes? Something dressy Ummm… Mummy’s second closet, third shelf Got it! Just step to the side please Miss Oh, sure Yes Mister? A set of golf clubs, but maybe something a bit better than these ones You’ve come to the right place! (1 hour later…) Oh boy! There more money here than I can count! You know what that means…? Mighty Beanz! Mighty Beanz! Mighty Beanz! Oh… No luck selling anything That’s no good Oh no! We sell lots and lots of things Wow! How much money did you guys make? Like a zillion dollars! Hang on… But… These are all the things on the list I gave you Girls… What did you sell? Just a few things around the house we not need anymore Like? A hair dryer and a belt Girls! They weren’t on the… And your golf clubs and Mummy’s pink shoes and some glasses But you… And a jacket and a chair and some LEGO and games and pillows and a doll What? A doll? Which doll? Ummm… Why wasn’t Stacie looking after you? That’s everything? Yes! Pretty sure
Julie! You sold my Julie doll! I think I need to lie down So we get our Mighty Beanz now? Ohhh! We’ll see Yay! Where’s the coffee machine?! Oh, and we sell the coffee machine too You did what?! Mighty Beanz! Mighty Beanz! Mighty Beanz! They still got Mighty Beanz even though they sold my doll Yes, well they’ll need something to play with while they’re grounded Barbie, have you seen my other black shoe? No
It must be there I’ve looked everywhere Unless… They sold it?! Oh great! This is going to be so embarrassing going to work with one shoe…

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