Benefits of Refinancing Before Retirement – American Financing

In this month’s mortgage matters we’re talking about retirement and that may mean downsizing your home It may not…but where and how you want to live in retirement is a personal decision But one of the experts at American financing says it is worth thinking about far in advance If you’re say 10 years out from retirement, it’s an excellent time to evaluate Positioning yourself to hopefully own your home outright and being debt-free. So there’s three common areas that I would suggest looking at Lowering your rate without extending the term which give all your payment It’s also a good idea to look at accessing a limited amount of cash from the equity to pay off credit card debt Or do some immediate or wanted home renovations that can often make the home not only more comfortable but increase in value and if you refinance before retirement You should try to figure out what your income will be in your retirement years You want to make sure you’re able to afford the payments. American financing sponsors the mortgage matters segment

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