Bernie Sanders Calls Out Joe Biden On Trade & Unions; Coyly Dodges Question About Trump's DNC Tweet

Bernie Sanders has been kind of calling up Joe Biden a little bit he I saw in some interviews or something he was saying he was saying that Joe Biden is my friend and stuff so he's trying to like somewhat play nice with Biden but he's also calling him out on policy he's calling him out on things that he feels Biden is not good on and he so Bernie made a he made an appearance on CNN and I'm going to play this video for you real quick about your new trade pledge you're asking President Trump and all the Democratic primary candidates to sign on to it just explain what what what it is and obviously beyond the substance which is reducing the trade deficit and scaling back job outsourcing would do you think it's actually realistic that your chief rivals whether it's war nor Biden would actually sign on to something of yours or where they try to just put out their own plans well look mostly this is directed to President Trump what we have seen over the last many years is one disastrous trade policy after another and that is NAFTA which I helped lead the effort against cost us about a million jobs it is PNTR with China cost us approximately four million jobs and it has led to a race to the bottom Anderson where companies now understanding that they can go abroad and hire people for a buck an hour or cutting back on wages that American workers receive so what I am saying to Trump and everybody else is look we need new trade policies which protect the interests of American workers and not just the CEOs of large corporations and I'll give you the thrust and the heart and soul of what we are talking about is that we have profitable corporation after profitable corporation shutting down in America throwing American workers out on the street going abroad and then they line up at the federal trough for contracts and what I am saying is if you want a contract and you are a major corporation you know what don't think you're gonna get a contract if you lay off shut down plants and lay off American workers don't think you're gonna get a contract if you don't allow workers to organize into a union if that's what they want to do if you're cutting back on their healthcare you have to be corporate citizens good corporate citizens and I think one of the ugly things we're seeing in America today is while the rich get much richer while corporate profits are soaring you are seeing tens of millions of workers struggling to make ends meet people working two or three jobs in corporate America now has got to understand that they've got to pay attention to their workers not just to their stockholders yeah I wanted to just comment on that that that statement that Barnum just me so what bernie is saying there is that he's saying to the companies that are that are are sending jobs overseas because of trade deals so they're they're basically not basically what it comes down to is they are not willing to give decent or high paying jobs to their workers so they just send the jobs overseas to China and and Singapore and Bangladesh and all these different poor countries who are B who are willing to pay their workers you know ten cents an hour essentially with slave wages essentially and because the people in the you know the the companies in this the you know the companies in this country don't want to give money don't want to pay their workers so what Trump assam said was so what bernie is advocating for is saying that to those companies so if bernie was president what he's gonna say tell those companies is excuse me is that if you're not going to keep the job you're not gonna keep those hardworking American jobs in America you're gonna get taxed higher you're going to be you're gonna suffer some sort of financial punishment I guess if you want to call it you're gonna suffer some sort of you're gonna have to pay some sort of tax some sort of levy some sort of something that was that is that is going to force you to keep those jobs in the United States so this is something that I mean honestly and they're not going to because they're not because they are they are beholden to their corporate donors they are beholden to the heads of these companies this is what Democrats need to do when they are pushing for when they are pushing for trade deals so so I'm sorry when they're pushing for you know for not essentially doing trade deals is what your what do you have to do is you have to be a bully you have to be a bully and be like this is what's gonna happen if you're going to send jobs overseas this is what's gonna happen if you're gonna sell out hardworking American workers hard-working American you know you know people out there who are just who are just trying to get a paycheck they're not asking for much regular people out there are just trying to get a job they're trying to work 9:00 to 5:00 or you know how whatever you know whatever hours they're working they're trying to work 40 hours a week sometimes they're working 50 and 60 but all they're trying to do is just work and get paid so that they can have the lights on and feed their families you know get decent health care all that stuff so if you didn't send those jobs overseas we're gonna punish you and you're gonna deal with that punishment or or are you gonna bring those jobs back bring those jobs back to America and then you don't have to deal with it you have to deal with anything any of that punishment any of that financial burden essentially that you're gonna that Bernie sent that Bernie Sanders would levy on you so I mean it's a very simple concept and it's a very good concept and this is how you do it and then you know if Bernie Sanders gets hate for that then fine big deal you're gonna get the praise of the people you meet you're obviously you're not gonna get the praise of the of the big corporations I have to get the price of the corporate mainstream media who's gonna attack you but at least you're gonna go out there and you're gonna be able to say like listen I'm standing up for people I'm standing up for hard workers that you know they're not asking for much and this is what we're gonna do you don't like it then fuck off this I'm standing up for regular people here did you're just gonna have to deal with it so let's go on to the next part of the clip here you talk about unions former Vice President Biden at his first campaign event today was in front of firefighters union obviously a critical organized labor is critical support in in a Democratic primary are you concerned that that Biden can make inroads there that Biden has a leg up there well look I'm running against I think 19 other people so I'm concerned about everybody but I think when people take a look at my record versus Vice President Biden's record I help lead the fight against NAFTA he voted for NAFTA I helped lead the fight against PNTR with China he voted for it I strongly oppose the trans-pacific partnership he supported it I voted against the war in Iraq he voted for it so I think what I hope Anderson what this campaign is about and I gotta tell you I like Joe Biden Joe is a friend of mine but I think what we need to do with all of the candidates have a issue-oriented campaign not personal attacks but talk about what we have done in our political lives what we want to do as president and how we're going to transform our economy so that it works for all of us and not just the 1% okay so before I move on to the next clip that I want to again I don't want to comment on what he said so first of all from the outset I need to say this Bernie Sanders always feels this need and I know what I'm not I'm not attacking for it necessarily but all I'm saying is that he always feels this need to say that all I'm not you know everything needs to be not be a personal attack we all need to you know you know be you know be nice to he says he says Joe Biden's a friend so what he's trying to say is like we don't need to attack first thing again Bernie Sanders doesn't attack anybody personally Bernie Sanders is stating the truth about somebody's record when he went that when he went down that list of saying all the the trade policies that Bernie you know that that he opposed whereas Biden supported and you know not supporting the Iraq war and Biden supported and all those different things he's stating facts if you don't like facts then don't listen to Bernie Sanders if you want to hear a bunch of stupid platitudes and cliches and you know rosy language and and ridiculous slogans go listen to Joe Biden Goldust into Hillary Clinton Goldust into bed O'Rourke go listen to people to judge go listen to Amy Klobuchar Kamala Harris all the rest of them all those fucking knuckleheads those people will give you all that stuff that makes you feel nice nice and warm and cuddly inside you want to hear Bernie he's not gonna give you that shit you know sometimes Bernie does give you some cliches sometimes he does say say some things that are that are gonna be kind of catering to the static of it to the establishment a little bit like for example saying that Joe Biden's my friend hasta but my general point is is that he the only reason he's saying that stuff about you know not you know not you know using personal attacks against somebody in this case Biden or whoever is because he gets attacked for doing these so-called personal attacks so when he calls somebody out on the record just that he did with Hillary Clinton he never used a personal attack against her he never did any of that shit he called her out for the policies that were bad that she supported he's doing the same exact thing with Biden he's gonna do the same exact thing with every single other candidate and they're gonna do that with Bernie if they don't feel if they feel Bernie's policies are not good they're gonna call him out for the same thing so are those personal attacks too and every single time Bernie did that with the Hillary Clinton he got called a sexist so other people that go after Bernie Sanders for his policies are they are they anti-semitic are they an taeju so don't don't play those fucking games these people that are that are you know anti Bernie and gonna call him sexist if he goes after Kamala Harris are in club or whoever is on that fucking debate stage don't fall for that stuff this is this is a policy this is a policy based candidate Bernie Sanders Tulsi Gabbard is the same thing Mike Gravel is the same thing to some extent Elizabeth Warren is the same thing another person that Bernie Sanders says is my friend and all but Elizabeth Warren says you know and to some extent is not that great but but she does have a little bit of policy that she puts out there's people like to refer to as a policy wonk and stuff I got into a discussion with somebody about that on Twitter but and I'm not a really big fan of policy walks but yeah but Bernie Sanders what he does is not attacks he's calling somebody out on their record if they have a bad record he point he says it and he states it flat out and if you don't like it then just you don't then don't get involved in a political debate don't follow politics because that shit's gonna happen people are gonna get called out for shitty policies that they believe in and that doesn't mean make them sexist or you know excuse me sexist or racist or anti-semitic or anything like that that's just people that are having a debate and having a disagreement so the only the only reason people do that is because they want to deflect away from the issues they don't want to focus on issues they just want to focus on specific pet pet issues that they like so there's a okay well if you don't want to do that near a sexist so yeah okay so let's go onto this last minute and ten seconds or so finally the president tweeted over the weekend he said quote the GNAT the Democratic National Committee sometimes referred to as the DNC is again working its magic in its quest to destroy crazy Bernie Sanders for the more traditional but not very bright sleepy Joe Biden here we go again Bernie but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get screwed end quote it insults aside do you know what the president is talking about I mean do you not usually I think most of us don't know what the president is usually talking about but our response to that Anderson was yeah I do feel indignation and anger against a president who told the American people you remember this he would provide health care to everybody and yet he worked overtime to try to throw thirty-two million Americans off of the health care that they have he was a president a candidate who said he would not cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid and then he brings forth a budget with massive cuts to Medicaid Medicare and cuts the Social Security as well so our big nation is at a president who lied to the working families of this country when he said he would stand up for them senator Sanders appreciate your time thank you thank you okay so that was a very convenient dodge by Bernie Sanders he knows exactly what Trump is talking about and as ridiculous and annoying as Trump is he is correct the DNC did screw Bernie Bernie Sanders over I do not believe as much as other people to believe that Bernie sold out his supporters and and did not speak out against the the DNC I think this is I just wanted I don't want to get too far into this because I want to get on to different issues here but I just want to quickly say that when it comes to the issue of the DNC scoring Bernie Sanders always they definitely did there's no doubt that Bernie Sanders got screwed by the DNC got screwed by Donna Brazile got screwed by debbie Wasserman Schultz caught screwed by the Hillary Kent but Hillary and her campaign guaranteed 100% that happened but when it comes to Bernie's response to that that is not it is his response being weak or his response being you know what you know not enough and not responding Bernie Sanders fought Hillary Clinton all the way to the Democratic convention he fought her and fought her and fought her and made sure that you know all the whatever votes were counted when when the convention happened all the you know all the the the electoral votes and everything during that primary so people that are that are saying that Bernie Sanders does not stand up does not stand up for what he believes and did not stand up for you know against the dance he did not stand that you know did not hold the the Democrats that establishment to their their feet to the fire and sold out his supporters that's just bullshit so people want to do that because they want to act they want to find something on Bernie and then they want to claim you know they want they wanted you know it's almost like a it's a it's a it's a stupid form of your of purity I don't like to use that word the whole purity test stuff but in this case this is just stupid purity because what you're doing is you're whining about Bernie Sanders not doing enough when he did a lot he fought all the way to the convention and didn't get what he wanted so he ended up endorsing Hillary Clinton I did not support Hillary Clinton obviously I did not vote for her even though 80% were whatever roughly 80% of bernisa you know Bernie voters did vote for Hillary and I was not one of them I went in voted for Jill Stein and I'm happy to say that I'm happy to admit that but when it comes to Bernie selling out his supporters that's not true however this statement Bernie Sanders knows exactly what Trump was referring to he knows he got screwed over by the establishment he knows he got screwed over by the DNC but he is playing he is he is walking a very very fine line I don't like it but he is doing it he is walking a very very fine line to make sure that he does not piss off the Democratic establishment to make sure that he stays on their good side that he doesn't piss them off doesn't you know doesn't make them angry and you know upset and started whining about him and you know I mean the problem is that Bernie already gets attacked enough for not being a Democrat and not being you know not supporting progressive policies laughs along with me obviously he does they just making shit up but he already gets called out for that kind of stuff so him and I'm sure he obviously thought this himself but many of his advisors as well tell him if Trump tries to goad you on calling out the DNC don't do it because that in the long run that's not gonna help you out and that's true because if he does do that then the DNC is going to actively try and screw him over but they're already trying to screw him over as it is let's just be clear I'm not saying the DNC is not trying to screw over Bernie they're already doing it they've always been doing it and they're still doing it the DNC the Democrats establishment all the majority of the you know the the super-delegates all that stuff all the DNC the the members that the blimps at the board that are on the DNC everything all those people a majority them are all trying to screw over Bernie I'm not saying they're not doing it I'm not that I'm not saying they're ever gonna stop if Bernie if Bernie appeases them no there's no way that's gonna happen however he does not need to attack them when he's goaded by Trump you know if you if another Democrat wants to come onboard and say let's say Tulsi Gabbard or something says you know what the DNC did in six – does this it was unfair you know maybe Bernie Sanders will say that but when he gets goaded by Trump that's a different story don'tyou can't take that bait if you take that bait then you're you're you're basically what you're doing is you're saying Trump is right and that's political unfortunately it's political suicide as much as you know I'm not the type of person who's just gonna disagree with everything the Trump flippantly disagree with everything that Trump says but at the same time you have to pick your battles and you have to choose what thing are better to you know better to speak out on and other things that are maybe not maybe you shouldn't have or sure didn't have to or don't have to speak out on but in this case I think I don't think Bernie answer that question very well but at the same time I know why he answered it the way he answered it and I'm not really going to have an issue with that but IIIi just hope that he doesn't I just hope that he comes up with a better answer and doesn't cater to the DNC that much or at all really but when it comes to dealing with Trump yeah with Trump II you can't take the bait on that Trump is just he's and Trump doesn't care about corruption Trump doesn't care about it Trump doesn't care that the DNC screwed over Bernie Sanders that is the that's don't get was Trump is not some moral character he's not something that's gonna you know stand up for what's right and stand up for what's moral he's just going out and just trying to exploit the DNC and pretend you know trying he's trying to hurt Bernie in a way to you so in this case getting Bernie to respond to you know what the Democrats didn't 2016 and what they're possibly probably gonna do do this time around – in 2020 but he's trying to get him he's trying to get Bernie to shoot himself in the foot so that he screws him so four screws himself over early and then you know he doesn't end up having trumpet doesn't end it have to end up fight you know facing Bernie because Trump knows that a lot of Trump that a lot of his supporters that are anti-establishment are gonna go and support Bernie who's also anti-establishment so Trump knows what he's doing he's doing this specifically to get at Bernie and call his bluff and Bernie luckily did not go for it I just didn't I didn't really like that answer let's just put it that way

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