Bernie Sanders Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination

Bernie Sanders has already won the Democratic
nomination. Of course, as I stated the morning after Super
Tuesday it’s GAME OVER, for the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign, but the argument
the New York Times made and the one I’m about to make is that his movement has spread
like the coronavirus… Throughout the Democratic primary I heard
the mainstream media cover the race as if it was a battle between “the moderates”
and “the progressives.” But if elected, Joe Biden would be the most
radical leftist president in American history. Period. Joe Biden only looks like a “moderate”
compared to a socialist proposing… Medicare-for-All: full government takeover
of healthcare, Jobs-for-All: guaranteed government jobs at
$15 per hour plus benefits, which would wipe out small business owner’s ability to find
workers; and College-for-All, which includes cancelling
all student loan debt: This means tuition free public universities and cancelling all
student loan debt for some 45 million Americans who owe about $1.6 trillion and placing a
cap on student loan interest rates going forward at 1.88 percent. I know those proposals sound appealing when
everyone is playing the game, “What would you do if you had unlimited money?” The beauty of Bernie Sanders proposal’s
astronomical price-tag is that it’s so high that it’s hard for anyone to wrap their
hear around it, especially when you can get lost in the emotional vividness of a socialist
utopia. But to put into perspective how much 50 trillion
dollars is consider that the federal government could write a $155,000 check to every American
man, woman, and child. It’s Absurd! Consider that the top 1% of Americans own
more wealth than the bottom 80% of Americans and they still only have 25 trillion dollars,
i.e. half of what’s needed to cover the cost of Bernie Sanders proposals using the
most optimistic numbers. Bernie Sanders might as well promise Millionaires-for-All
because the dollar would be worthless at that point. So it’s due to Bernie Sanders popularity
and kooky proposals that he’s been able to drag the entire Democratic establishment
to the far left with his soft government hands that have never had to work a real job in
his life. It’s because of him that 2016 Joe Biden
looks like a Barry Goldwater conservative compared to 2020 Joe Biden. For example, Joe Biden’s proposed tax increases
are double what Hillary Clinton proposed in 2016. He’s declared that the so-called “Equality
Act” would be his top legislative priority. He raised his hand when asked if he’d support
extending health care benefits to illegal immigrants. He’s called for the expansion of Obamacare,
which would include a public option — that would cost $750 billion. He’s proposed an additional $750 billion
for education and $1.7 trillion for his climate plan, which I’d say double or triple those
numbers because I’ve never heard of such a massive government program costing the same
as projected. And then to add makeup to a clown, in a last
ditch effort to come back from the grave, Bernie Sanders has tried to claim that he
was the moderate because a poll showed that 70% of Americans are in favor of everyone
having medicare, which is a misleading poll because only 10% of registered voters want
the equivalent of Medicare-for-All if it meant abolishing private health insurance. Anyway, in all this discussion of increasing
federal spending you know what’s missing? ANY discussion of balancing the budget, states
rights, or the national debt, which has never been in a worse state. In previous elections Democratic candidates
at least pretended like they cared about fiscal responsibility so that they wouldn’t be
labelled a starry-eyed liberal. But this time around they shot for the moon. And now they’re flying dangerously close to
the sun.


  • Dude you have a great channel!

  • Trump 2020?

  • I am a communist and I love Bernie but at this point the wise move would be for him to concede and support Joe Biden. Doiing the noble thing now would endear him to al Americans; I dare say even Republicans. What is much more urgent is for Trump to be thrown out of office and I am begining to believe that Biden has a good chance of doing that. If Bernie continues and Biden loses, people will blame Bernie. Of course Bernie can make Biden look bad in the debate but this will only strengthen Trump and if Trump wins people will blame Bernie. And the truth is, with all of his experience, Biden will at leats me an average president. The important thing is to get Trump out ! Listen, we went through wrenching pain with McGovern in 72; We also passionately believed. In the long run Bernie will win. With the passing of time, he will be more and more beloved and remembered and appreciated while politicians of all stripes will be forgotten.

    If Biden were to select Michel Obama as VP the country would EXPLODE in enthusiasm !!!!!

  • Good show ! (I am a communist)

  • Funny how most other industrialized countries seem to manage universal healthcare and tax funded universities. Guess you Americans only know how to spend trillions on war and bailouts for corporations.

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