Betsy DeVos Gets CRUSHED By Senate Republicans

Yesterday, 10 Republicans in the Senate joined
with nearly all of the Senate Democrats. Not all of them, but most of the Senate Democrats,
to tell Betsy DeVos that her greed and incompetence is no longer acceptable and they’re not going
to stand for it. Specifically, they voted to destroy a measure
that Betsy DeVos has been pushing for three years now to undo an Obama era rule that essentially
forgave the student loan debts of college students who went to a for profit college
only to find out that they had been scammed. DeVos originally finally put her proposal
up in 2018 after spending about a year working on it, it got shot down then. She went back, retooled it for two years and
released it not that long ago and the House already voted on a measure saying, we’re not
going to accept DeVos’ rule. The Senate got to vote yesterday and 10 Republicans
had enough courage and enough sense to join with the Democrats to stop this thing and
pass a bill preventing DeVos from being able to do this. Now, as I mentioned, Obama’s plan said, listen,
if you got scammed into going one of these a for profit colleges and you had to take
out loans, now you’ve got a degree that’s worthless. We’re going to forgive your loan debt. DeVos said, now hold up. I don’t know that we want to do that because
she called it a quote, free money for people and Betsy DeVos, the billionaire by the way,
doesn’t like free money for people. So she said, first we’re going to get rid
of the program altogether. That didn’t work. And then she said, okay, well we’re going
to tighten, tighten the requirements here. You student who was scammed, have to be able
to prove that you personally got scammed and because of that scam, you went to that college
and took out those loans and that’s almost impossible, folks. Because yes, we know that these for profit
colleges were scams. They lied to the students, they lied about
enrollment, they lied about success after graduation. They lied about the value of the degree. That was a scam and we know it and they told
it to these students. But if that student can’t prove somehow that
that is why they went to that college under DeVos’ plan, they would not have had their
debt forgiven. Now, can you prove that you went to a certain
college because of a certain reason, folks? Do you have it in writing? Do you have documentation saying that this
particular reason is why you went to that college? I’m willing to bet, no, you don’t. Unless it’s a letter saying, hey, this is
Harvard here. We’re giving you a full ride. You want to come? Yeah, that would be considered documentation. But the college I went to, I don’t have any
documentation showing why I chose this college. It wasn’t a scam, by the way. I didn’t go to one of those, but I couldn’t
prove why I went to my college. You see what I’m saying? DeVos made it nearly impossible by doing something
that most people would say, well, it’s easy to prove why you went to the college. It’s actually not, not to prove it, you don’t
really have documentation of that. And so again, the Senate yesterday said, yeah,
we’re not going to tolerate this, Betsy. Quit trying to make this happen because it’s
never going to happen. Now, Trump has said he remains neutral on
this issue. I don’t buy it. So these bills now go to Trump’s desk. He could veto it, he could pass it, but Senate
Democrats are hopeful because they said, well, we found 10 to side with us yesterday. I’m pretty sure we can find another 10 to
override a veto and for the sake of these scammed students, I hope these Democrats are


  • Trump college it was a shame ?🤔🤨 no way 🤣

  • She's a piece of human stain, needs to spend time in prison like all the rest of the Republican Party and the majority of the Democrats.


  • SHe is a waste of air space. She bought her position, and it shows.

  • Wy haven't prosecuted the fake universitys Like trump u? What about the evangelicals and the grift they preach to scam millions from nieav fallowers?

  • The REPUG’s are starting to run away from Trumpty DUMPty! 🥴

  • So Betsy Devos' "prove why you went to college question" to erase student loan debt from bogus colleges was in itself a scam? This woman is a pathetic excuse for Secretary of Education.

  • And yet, no one from one of these scam colleges is going to jail.

  • And yet, no one from one of these scam colleges is going to jail.

  • Incompetence breeds incompetence. The maggot has no idea what he’s doing so he’s going to appoint people who are the same. Like this bimbo and Ben Carson, a brain surgeon, surgeon to run HUD. What he should do is operate on the maggot’s brain, provided he could find it.

  • What is the deal with Cruella DeVos ?? Is she really this vindictive and evil? There are laws out there protecting the American consumers, e.g., bankruptcy laws, etc. So what's the difference with protecting defrauded students? It's not like they lived high on the hog off of their student loans. They actually went to school to better themselves.
    The GOP and their Uber rich supporters want Americans to be dumb and uneducated, so they can easily manipulate them, with the help of the FoxTV.

  • Her resume was her checkbook.

  • Betsy DeVos is a dumb bitch. There I said it…


  • Federal courts have also ruled against Devos – rulings she ignored. Devos, Trump family, Kushners, are all perfect examples of what conservatives repeatedly rant and rail against, namely, people who feel “entitled”.

  • Cruella Devos steals from the poor and gives to the rich 😈

  • She going to tell her master (Trump) watch the Republicans tuck their tails like a dog. Just vote them out of office trump and the Republicans party in November. Blue wave coming.

  • deb is a bum fuc#### [email protected]

  • get rid of her, she's the most unfair hateful woman alive

  • nice to see the US government work together for the betterment of the ppl about fuckken time.

  • Good! Bitch, deserved it.

  • Mike Pence deserves much of the responsibility for DeVos being a part of this administration. She's been funding his various campaigns for years. Both are "devout Christians" who want to steer public funds to "private" (viz: religious) schools.

  • I CAN NOT WAIT TO VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!!! WE NEED TO HOLD THE HOUSE, GAIN CONTROL OF THE SENATE JUST IN CASE THAT CRIMINAL GETS BACK IN HE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY OUT IF WE CONTROL BOTH HOUSES..VOTE BLUE ALL THE WAY DOWN BALLOT, keep governorships, mayoral, that we have, gain other positions at the local levels…🤔🤔 I wonder..if Tang won but we got both houses would he just quit??

  • Resign sooner than later .

  • Well, Trump did run a scam colledge, didn't he

  • Rich billionnaire, (amway, quixtar) cult, twisted religious fanatic, dishonest screwed up devos family. Always involve in politics to do some thing hatefull. Instead of doing something good for the country.

  • Betsy Devos Is A Filthy Useless Cunt

  • I guess Devos believes scamming people is working hard and not a crime.

  • If the 'school' was a scam, 'officially by court' then any contracts had any illegal content they they are automatically null and void. What's the problem?

  • If Trump puts out the order brown shirt republicans obey

  • She has interest in a company that collects those debts. She’s losing money on her investment.

  • She is part of the rabid pack of Trump there all nuts and horrible and need to be shut down from Trump down!

  • Election year. ONLY reason the republirats are doing the right the thing. Next year or 2 they will change the laws again

  • Free money is the what the colleges got for lying that they were getting an education and degree and job.
    The students were just trying to better themselves.
    About time some republicans stood up for the citizens.


  • DeVos reminds me of my terrible Stepmonster.

  • The tsunami is Coming and tRump's lies are catching up with his colluding, lieing, backstabbing ass. You SOB YOU'RE DONE! BYE BYE .

  • She needs to go. Shes as heartless as trump. She doesnt deserve a job like hers. Give it to a more qualified sensible person that can make logical decisions on behalf of other people to their benefit. Not hers. It's not coming out of her pockets. Or was she planning on filling them? Thank you Republicans for being on the justifiable side. That's really impressive to me. Keep up the good work and maybe we can fix this mess. We're depending on you.

  • Bet-she's de-Void of heart, mind and soul. Just another vacant eyed evangelical grifter.

  • Just like Trump got busted for a scam school… He was being prosecuted while running for office and won.. FULTHY RICH SCAM ARTISTS….. THEIR CRIMINAL AND THE FUCKING REPUBLICANS VOTE FOE THEM

  • She is a cancer on society, hope she really get's it

  • This whole administration is a Mafia family.

  • WOW…her own party called her out! Is hell freezing over? DAMN!

  • She is the best at being the worst. Whatta P.O.S.

  • DeVos simply made the corruption too obvious for some Republicans to be comfortable with it, otherwise, they would be completely onboard.

  • Betsy, DA BITCH, karma is coming for your ass, you stupid, greedy, bitch!

  • De Vos simply executes Donald Trump's orders. He is still fighting the judge that exposed Trump University as a scam. Trump cannot bear to be exposed or to have lost anything.

  • Sm not going to clap them because it's not because they found an ounce of humanity or decency
    It's because election is around the corner and they want to dish out some feel good medicine for votes

  • Amazing! republicans doing the right thing! Doing the right thing for American commoners? Amazing.

  • Betsy is a blatant – obvious example of what the GOP values. The GOP does not seek to apply the rule of law equally. No. Rather the GOP make a blatant thief like donal scam – cheat and steal decade after decade. Why is donal not charged criminally for his massive thefts using a fake university and a fake foundation.

  • DeVos is a trump butch. Incompetent, trumpturd suck up


  • 10 Senate Reps had a moment of humanity. Let that moment grow like a fucking tree.

  • A bitch is a bitch!

  • I hope and look forward to the day when Cruella DeVos gets her long overdue comeuppance and goes to federal prison.

  • Me wonders if these 10 are up for reelction

  • This American demands that Trump resign and Adam Schiff be given the Metal of Honor, for fighting Trumps Corrupt, criminal administration for the American People.

    Fire Trump and GOP SENATE 2020!!!

  • This greedy hag needs to be duct taped naked to Trump for eternity.

  • I tried to get my loans forgiven. But since I didn't have written proof of scam in the form of a brochure or something like that then I don't qualify.

  • too bad Trump will veto their votes and push through her proposal.

  • You are the best!

  • Arrest her! If it was anybody else pulling these scams, they'd be prosecuted and jailed!

  • Our president ran a sham school that stole children’s $! Only reason he won the presidency was because he appealed to the racist side his followers.

  • Throw all these scum buckets into a crowd of we the people! We don’t have time for trials! Justice for the People!

  • Must be an election year for the Rethuglicans to side with Dems

  • Surely the new American Revolution isn't far away now …
    "Clowns to the left, jokers to the right" ….

  • if you have not figured it out , it is all show, hand slap and back to business

  • It's funny, we are forgiving students loan
    But not going after the profit schools

  • Michigan's worst person very sorry America

  • If her head is still intact, they didn't stomp hard enough

  • “Sinate”

  • OMG. Mitch brought it up for a vote and Republicans helped pass it. I'm going to faint. There has to be a dark side to this.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing them all load up into Air Force One for a play day at Doonbeg or Douchebeg or whatever it is and somehow the plane just disappears over some freaky triangle or whatnot. The pilots and staff that aren't total dicks make it back somehow, they just pop up in a Subway Sandwich Shop scratching their heads but safe. As for the rest of them, it's a complete mystery nobody knows anything. Years later they might find some hair fragments or those gross old glassed that trashy Devos wears on the bottom of the sea floor but nothing more. Welp, Tha ain't happening so it's back to reality and virus dodging for me. Fuck you Betsy, fuck you.

  • These are the people Bernie wants to put out of business, but you guys won't vote him in.

  • GOP Senators are concerned about corruption. What a joke.
    They kept the king of corruption in power.

  • Can we please sink another one of her yachts? Please.

  • Do not fall for this sham people! These Republican Senators are doing this because they know that this is election year on November 2020. And if it is true and they get re-elected, I hope that the backbone they are growing now won't disappear if their constituents re-elect them for that Senate seat. Watch and learn people

  • Are these 10 Republicans up for reelection and are in jeapordy of losing thier cushy Senate seat.

  • Betsy Devos & Eric Prince are 2 EVIL CORRUPT siblings.
    2 of drumpfs friends
    Spreading rbil and chaos in the world.

  • She doesn’t mind free money, she just doesn’t like free money for other people.

  • Free money,? Paying for something worthless isn't free anything. What a horrible example of a human.

  • Only ONE important question: WHEN IS SHE GOING TO JAIL???

  • Bye Fellicia!

  • Vote Blue.

  • Thank God!

  • Lol. Only 10 Republicans? So the rest are ok with people getting scammed?

  • We want to know who are these ten unsavory and possibly disloyal to the president Republicans to try to pull this kind of bullshit? Did they forget who is their boss and who wants DeVoss to run the Department of Education according to his will?

  • Trump picked the very worst people in the world to be in his cabinet. They are all corrupt , greedy ass holes.

  • She's in Trump's grifter circle.

  • That 10 our of 53. WTF is the major problem with the other 43? These mobsters need to go.

  • Betsy Wetsy is opposed to free money for anyone but herself and her ultra-rich ilk. I can't say "friends" because I doubt seriously that she really has any friends. This is why the orange one chose her, because he and his friends need people like her to be the country's new robber barons.

  • She's a Capricorn. Capricorns are horrible. Their card in Tarot is the devil for a reason.

  • I say If Betsy DeVos wants the money back she needs to sue the so called school for the money.

  • dosen't her family own a student loan company.

  • DOES NOT MATTER! Trump will quickly veto it. Why are you WASTING TIME on a story that DOES NOT MATTER?!

  • Cruella DeStupid….

  • Lap Dog.

  • Vote blue nomatter who! The alternative is 4 more years of this nightmare we're stuck in. Rich people looking out for the best interest of the rich.

  • She's so corrupt, she makes normal corrupt look good.

  • Betsy DaVos is a rich, cheating the poor people "B". She started in office just like that and I guess until her a** gets kicked out of office, she'll be doing the same [email protected]*m thing. SHE GOTTA GO PEOPLE. BETSY "BYE BYE" "B".

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