Betty Liu explains: the Bond Market | Trading debt securities | Money In :60 | GZERO Media

Hi everyone. My name is Betty Liu and this is your Money In 60 Seconds. Alright, first question: That’s a great question. So, the bond market is the way people describe the marketplaces, the primary and secondary marketplaces where debt securities are issued by public and private sector entities. So, there’s a lot of different types of bonds. There is muni bonds, federal government bonds, corporate bonds. US treasuries are federal government bonds that people typically go into or buy in order to seek some safe haven from the market conditions. So, as you can imagine, investors are seeking safe haven assets. And that means that they’re piling into US treasuries, whether it’s the two year or the 30 year. And that means that those treasury prices are rising, and the yields are falling to record lows. That’s your Money In 60 Seconds.

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