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Amaravathi Nilayam Cat in the house and tiger on the streets Oh God, I am dead She went out and has she
returned so quickly? What to do now? Oh God! I should manage somehow Good morning sir Yes? Sir! I am from Murdoch marketing company
I have some products for the kitchen Wait.. The only product of my kitchen
has gone for her driving lessons If she sees me here with you
I will have to join a meditation camp You can go – Sir?
– Oh no! Sh…! What is it, dear? Hubby, It is me Lucy
I will be done in 5 minutes What are you doing at home? I…er…am watching
Bhakti TV By the way, I will be back after
shopping at the supermarket Oh God! Does that mean
you will be here only after 2 hours? Yes, Hubby Listen! Wait till I return
before you go out, okay? Ok ok..Please come back soon
– Ok – Take care baby?
– Okay, hubby – So, you are from home appliances, eh?
– Yes sir Well, come in – Sir, casserole?
– No Sir, if you are really interested
I have a small side business too CDs of some new movies
For only Rs 100 sir! – Is that so?
– Yes Where? Let me see Sir, are you a businessman? No, I am a cop Deputy Superintendent of Police
Bunny Tharak Selling pirated movie CDs
is your business, eh? Sir?
Be quiet! You are caught with evidence. Non-bail able offence, understood? Please pardon me sir
I desperately need the money Please sir
I will do anything you ask me to Do have only movie CDs?
Is not there any other kind? Other kind means? Do not you have adult movies? Yes or no? Take it out Wait here Let me find out first
whether to send you off or not Oh no! Is not that me? Oh my god! It is me! It is me! Reporter, Bharath vision God! My dear sister,
do not get me into trouble Look.. I have just got back into service
After a suspension and meditation It has not been a week yet..
Do not do it Please, I will do
whatever you want me to Answer that call
Must be from the TV channel Hello? Venu here.. Do u remember me? A well known camera man
of a well known TV channel I know you, sir
I have met you So, further introductions are not needed
– Not at all Today in Bharat vision prime time news if we show …your antics with that chick
what will happen? Oh no! That is not me..
Tell me sir, what should I do? Rs 3 lakhs, in notes of 1000
Send it with that girl Okay Why has no one taken this? We do not want any advance sir
Just give us our salary This is not an advance
Just a security Look, only 2 minutes left
Go and begin the news telecast By then the money would arrive Money that has not come since 4 months
would come in half an hour? I am telling you it would come Then I will read the news
after it comes Or you read it yourself, after all
you were a lion in work, right? Yes dude, I was indeed, a lion When I started my own channel
I became a cat Okay, You need not read
I will do it, give me that coat No need to remove the coat
I got the money Here, Rs 3 lakhs Did you see we got the money? Here is Rs 3 lakhs, take your dues
If anything is left, leave it there itself Bro, I have to go read news
Please keep mine aside Brother, where is mine? What is this? Bharath vision ID card?
Are you back with that channel? I went on an operation, dear
My old card came to use, that is all Stop your chatter and
come with me Were you going to explain
all that happened, to them? You can as well air it on the news!
Let everybody here be aware! Great! What happened to
these ethics earlier? It is after you have ditched the ethics
you left Bharath vision to start a new channel As the head, you are resorting
to 3rd rate tactics, to pay the salaries… …and that too mimicking
a decent guy, like Venu sir If you tell Venu everything!
You can get married to my dead body He will kill me! I have not made it a habit, right?
This was only the first time Sir? What is it? Minister Krishnamurthy will land at 1:00 PM
None of us will be there to cover the event Select some good channel
and just reproduce their content Is not that what we do every time! Hey! Also include an it seems
in every other sentence What is that sir? Like…the Minister is involved in
the sex racket case it seems Or…there is a chance
he would resign it seems Like this, we include it seems
in all the matters, we are not sure of Understood? – Yes, now I do
– Then go Being a big media star you were
drawing a salary of Rs 1.5 lakh in the… …post of chief operating officer
Still what went wrong at Bharath vision? I am the biggest problem. That is what
these problems are about. I want recognition. Oh Lord!
It is Venu! Would he have somehow
come to know what I did? Oh no! Would Bunny Tharak
asked him, about it? Will the Town Hall
be free tomorrow? Why? To keep my dead body
for public viewing Hello?
What is up dude? Is it?
He does not know! Are not you ashamed
to go cover a silly lathi charge? Oh, you call it just time pass, eh?
Definitely not! You are itching for kudos! You returned from Delhi after 5 years
this is a cheap trick to publicise it Ow!
Censor! It is not even four days since he
returned and may prove as fire brand again Probably he needs the money Him? He earns lot of money
writing stories for Reuters and CNN… …no camera man would get that
amount even after 3 or4 years of toil When sensitive issues crop up
channels in Delhi bid for his services He won 4 International awards
including the Rory Peck Award This is not for money but just to show off!
For which channel could it be? For any channel, if he does it,
it is a sensation Look Suraj,
Renuka Madam has come If you confront her,
you will need to look out for another job Otherwise she would ask you to quit.
That is her style I confront for sure, but not her
but with CEO Vijayakumar sir She separated me and my wife allotting
different shifts without a word to us My shift is from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
and hers, from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM I has been a month since we met – Be quiet, dude
– Get lost, buddy When she joined as junior reporter
I was already here, as sub-editor Now she is the
executive editor! Come here Important news for today, people in
Minister Krishnamurthy sex racket are Woman activist Sharada
and the retired DySP Somaraj I want both of them to be connected
on phone at the right time If you come up with stories like unable
to connect, and so on, I will blast you! Greetings,
The news headlines today Minister Krishnamurthy has been
implicated in sex racket case… …and so is retired DySP Somaraju There are complaints of corruption
in the capital Amaravathi land acquisitions The news in detail The role of Minister Krishnamurthy in the
sex racket has become a controversy The girl who had been harassed had named
the minister too in her original statement claims DySP Somaraju, the officer
who was investigating the case then… …has sparked off
these fresh controversies Arun.. Yes madam
did not you get connection? I am trying, but not getting through You will not get it.. worthless fellow Get lost from here
if you cannot! Idiot! The minister who was in Delhi
since the last 4 days, will be here… …in Shamshabad airport
by afternoon…is the latest report Sir may I? Yes What is it, dude? I have a complaint Is it about you or your wife? Oh.. so you know everything eh? Dude, I will know even
if a leaf moves in this place Sir, it has been a month
since i met my wife! Sorry, she will decide She can, but she will have
to bear the curse of my mother What does your mother have to do with this? Mother wanted to die, only after
she sees her grand child That is being greedy, is it not?
Did not she get to see you, as a baby? Look here sir
– Hey! If you want to change shift, go ask her Is she a goddess to bow
and beg favors from? Go and ask her directly, useless! Why use me to test
your sharp tongue? Sir, can you not help?
– No! Oh, here comes the she-devil! We do not pay a salary for
couples to have romance during work There is no question
of changing the shift time May be, on humanitarian
consideration…? I do not see such considerations
when you force TRP rating on me Do you think I am a machine? I am risking an entire life!
Do not forget that! Hello? Is it? Did you see?
No, I will come Sir.. Yeah.. The minister is in the guest house,
there some people protesting there it seems We can catch some hot news
You take over the news, I will go live Did you see that enthusiasm?
Focus channel got Venu to shoot for them You mean Reuters sting Venu? Is he here? He has come from Delhi and is here
since a week, to testify some old case Must have accepted this job
having free time in his hands Oh Lord! Let there be a lathi charge
today and let just one hit.. only one hit… …land on the head of this
queen of Jhansi.. please God! – What dude?
– Nothing, sir Hey, did you see Venu sir?
– Is Venu sir shooting this? Is Reuters stinger covering this story?
– Our vice President requested him, come Where the heck is this man?
Must be hanging around somewhere! The Minister will soon be here Nothing should happen
till I get out of here We cannot guarantee that, sir Your own party members
caused this stir sir That is also a part of politics
Creating and solving problems You guys need your guns and sticks
I just need my tongue, just watch Do not get excited Stop your slogans Stop!
Stop, I say Stop, I say
Do you not understand? Stop! I have a lot of respect
towards the women of this state Listen to what I have to say and
if you are not satisfied, …after which you can shout
dissent or block my way! Please! Please…please…please! Okay, stop
Let us hear what he says Do not bother me with questions
I will tell you what happened All this hullaballoo is because of the
statement of a retired DySP after 6 years After the police investigate
I am prepared to face any consequences If you want me to step down
during the period of investigation.. Let my party or chief minister demand
I am prepared for that too Should i take the responsibility
for the blame thrown by someone long back? Did you see my talent? Do i leave now? Ok.. Mohammed, what is
the schedule for the evening? Renu, do not hurry in vain
He subdued everyone with just 4 sentences Do not think you can play around
with this news, the whole day today Damn! I came because I heard
Venu was covering this for Focus TV You can expect
fireworks when he is around Everyone move aside Move! Side Move Drive away this mad crowd! How dare they throw a shoe on me! Charge! Get lost you! Driver! Go fast! Hey! See that! – Shoot both, dude!
– Okay Hey! You are totally useless
Get lost, you…! Venu sir? There will not be any
further issues right? What? I mean that matter? Did he see me throwing my shoe? Well, if he did, let him! – Here is the footage, deliver it
– Ok sir.. Thank you The protestors have calmed down hearing
the soothing words of the minister But someone threw a shoe at him
and party members turned violent Damn! Who could it be? Did you see the rhythm
in those shots? Oh! One second, 180 degree pan shot by turning
on a single leg with amazing impact! Would not you have got it
using both legs for 2 seconds? It sure will But it can be shown only in your cheap,
crappy, sub standard channel The low standard channels
will cut them, edit them Whatever I shoot, will not
give them a chance to edit Oh! For sure
– Look there, my boy Damn! They chopped
the scenes, those vagabonds! See? he is a man to have edited your footage Yes, Venu here I came, created an issue
and shot those scenes for you Now, using my footage, you are
teaching your boys editing, eh? Rascals! With no sense
about rules of continuity! What? Sorry? You can stuff your sorry
in your…pocket… …I will take it when I need it! What is it, dude?
Giggling away to glory, eh? Twin screen play writers
What the heck do you know? Venu, they are my friends. They have
5 super hit film stories to their credit They are here for a programme discussion
for my NBI Channel If you have anything to say
tell it to me, not them I will tell this not only
to you, but to them also I did not jump up from the middle
of my dinner, to wield a camera Even after getting a gold medal from film institute
I refused to step into the movies…ok? My ambition was to shoot visuals
that were authentic and not manipulated Understood?
Yes i understood now Huh!
Cinema my foot! Looks like, our man is quite rough! Sounds like a vague story heard
in the military hotel Yeah! Army story indeed Kargil war! Who covered it
for the Defense Ministry? It is him The terrorist attack
at the Taj hotel, Mumbai Who covered the commando
operation for CNN channel? Was it Rambabu? Not Rambabu
Your dad! Take it easy Is Venu in?
Yes please come in.. Ok Venu, look who is here Hey, Somaraju sir? When I called
Rishi said you were here Do not worry, I will not
stay for long and trouble you Ok ok.. So my perjury,
led to something good Yes, I got the fax today
My lPS is confirmed It was only for you
I have surfaced here after 5 years Just to change
my earlier statement Thanks Thank you When I packed up and left
I swore I would not return But my return has resulted
in something good! Do not you know him? Superintendent of Police
Somaraju sir of Special branch – Was suspended for a brief period
– Along with a criminal case He was the defendant
and I was the petitioner News continues Take it..
Thanks! Minister Krishnamurthy is also
implicated in Vadakara sex racket case… …says retired DySP Somaraju There are complaints of corruption
in the capital Amaravathi land acquisitions The news in detail Did the vehicle suddenly
slip into the reverse gear? This vehicle does not have a reverse gear
It can only take an U-turn, if you want Venu
Come on, take an U-turn These guys are writers anyhow, They will give a turn for your story – Should I?
– Go ahead Sir Please.. About 5 to 6 years ago… After nearly 7 days of fasting
and in very poor health conditions… …social activist and poetess Radhadevi
has been arrested and admitted in hospital Demanding immediate solution
for a mass rape case …Radhadevi announced solidarity with
the citizens protest and started her fast Venu sir has come! Did you get the permission sir?
The police refuse to allow us in Here is the permission of the Commissioner If she is conscious after an hour
and cooperates, take her interview also Let us go to the casualty
– Me? You want me to shoot
this lifeless interview? To just focus on her face
watch it and die of boredom? Get lost, dude!
Go do it yourself Sir, the permission
is in your name, Reuters Venu If you are not there
the police will block our entry You can go after it begins You are just harassing me Come! It is not for an interview
We must tell the public about her condition Did not I tell you
that you cannot meet her? Why not? Not possible, that is all Let me see why not possible Who is this fiery maiden? Renuka, junior reporter of Bharath vision Enthusiasm of a beginner I must see her
– Let me go Do you not understand you bloody.. You…! Oh! Excellent! Will you hit a police woman?
Look what will happen to you now You! You dare lay hands on
the police you bloody.. Stop! Are the lady-police not
assigned to deal with women? Why do you interfere? Throw this dog into the police van You dare to lay hands
on media persons, you pig?! Go.. thrash this dog badly He is Reuters Venu
– Reuters Venu? Sir And then? What? You saw DySP Somaraju
pushing away the reporter Renuka And then? very calmly and
full of respect, I asked him Sir, is it right to do such things
to a girl, that too, to a media person He said who are you
to ask me…come here Abused me and gave me a slap And he kick me here
here on my chest I do not remember anything else sir Note it down.. Ok doctor. The wound certificate is ready
You go and take that How are you?
Are you in pain? Sure, I am covered by insurance He asked, if you are in pain What?
– Pain Pain, yes it is paining
This thing blocks and I am unable to hear Removing that is not going to help
He cannot hear with that ear again I hope there is no
other problem, doctor Ear drum is totally damaged
He will have to use a hearing aid Explain it to him gently Okay? Venu, please do not get tensed What? Do not get agitated
You will be a little upset on hearing this But how can I tell you this,
in any other way…? Doctor just said… What is this, dude?
Like some melodrama in cinema With broken words, it is cancer
it is blood cancer, brother… Tell me whatever it is
you dumb fellow! I am not dumb
You are the one now, deaf Your ear is gone forever, dude Hereafter, we must fix that thing
A hearing aid, that is what he meant So, this is a goner! Once, the artist Van Gogh
chopped his ear off, for his lady love My dear girl, I have just lost it for you
without love or any such crap Be grateful, okay?
Gratitude – That thing which you said…
– Gratitude? No, love It can happen even now and
everything will fall in place Will that happen?
– It is already too late Hey! go get a taxi. Do not keep blabbering.
– Okay Get lost, dude Venu & Renu!
Why me in between? My God! You should have
seen them after that incident It was not love,
they just got into a high! I was the reason for that love to begin
Since I am not in the rest of the story I will leave now.. good night Good night What happened then? And then… Hey! Where were you? The press meet is about
to begin, I will call you back Hey, it is urgent
It is an exclusive Needs to be
shot immediately What is it about? I will explain
Come quickly I am waiting outside Mahesh, I have got
an exclusive, I am leaving Should not I come
to cover the event? This is being covered by Venu sir
Reuters Venu, accompanied by, Renuka Come, get in What is so exclusive?
– I will tell you everything Which is this place? Guest house of Kelvin Joseph He is the guy who is
funding Rishi’s new channel Did not you say
we have something exclusive? Yes, there is no one else here
Only 2 of us, exclusive literally, come Come on, I say
– Venu Venu.. Let me go Come What are your intentions? Naughty one, of course! Oh, mess with someone else Oh! That! No! Please no…not before marriage Is that what you mean?
Well, madam! I have no such inclinations Then? Why that disappointed
expression, when I said that? Oh no! That is not true!
Come inside! Hey Venu! Do you know to cook? Sure, to an extent
– Okay Where is the kitchen?
– Over there What do you prefer?
Tea or coffee? Before that, by the way
have you heard my song? Song? Yeah! music track, karaoke In our future lives, very frequently
we have to face 2 gigantic issues One is your cooking and
another is my song! Let us begin our interaction
from that point Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you When you look at me
with your round and black eyes When you surround me
with your looks Heart slipped from lips
to the feet Age has raised a feeling
through the hugs Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you Your beauty has
great fragrances My heart and body
waited for you You are for me
and I am for you Till we become
one with each other Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you If you wait as a tide,
dream like a statue Every part of your body
looted my heart Your beauty is not seen
in reality and dreams Our love bonding is
an unforgettable relation Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you Thought of giving it
to someone else! Naughty! And then? Why mood off, sir?
A kind of sadness? He is sad that
he cannot have a baby Have not you heard of the
sorrow of being childless What do the doctors say? No use!
No use at all! How can a baby be born
when we did not have a chance? Cruel she-devil
blood sucker, hellcat! Cheater! Hey! You do not say anything I will, she cheated me also
I will tell you, the rest of the story It was when, I quit Bharath vision
and started my own channel, the NBI It was 2 or 3 days
before its launch The day before these lovers
tired after loving for long… …decided to get married
at the registry office Well known NRI and businessman
Adi Narayana nominated… …as Rajya Sabha member from Telangana as
decided by Democratic party central powers State party president and possibly future
Chief Minister, Bhavani Prasad… …overcame objections
of other parties in Andhra… …and vouched for Narayana is nomination
with the central leaders When State does not have
a single candidate or MP… Rishi, this is a good omen Our channel is taking off, at a time
when the situation is heating up with news Our channel will not have
any lack of news That is true, but actually it is not
the way you think it is From today, all channels will focus on
Narayana and Bhavani Prasad But we will wake up in 2 days with
an exclusive story that will divert viewers That is our launching special What is the story? 4 exclusive stories are ready We will just decide what to air
We have 2 more days, right? We need the most surprising
exclusive, we will try for that Venu! Ah! The bridegroom has arrived? Do not you know him?
Venu Who does not know about Tsunami? The chairman of my channel
– I know him Do not splurge all your money on him
although he may convince you Come We are getting married tomorrow But not inviting anyone,
it is a registered marriage Rishi did mention it, congrats!
Thanks! Give it to me Dude, it is only a signature tomorrow
Do not take way Renu, for another month She is my sub-editor Do not over act dude! You have just
started the channel.. Dad wanted my wedding to be grand Find someone else then, to stand
well decorated and smiling…shall we? I just mentioned what my dad wished Let us find someone for dad then
Will your mom allow it? God! What a thorny tree Am I a thorny tree? Will you see my romance? Hey! Can you not wait till tomorrow? Are you hiding and seeing
it all? Rishi come here,
I am reiterating what I have always said I am not investing, to strut around like
a channel owner, it is only for business I have no allegiance to
any particular religion or party Ratings, commercial
value of news, that is all Also, I am giving you
the freedom you have always wanted Correct! Even otherwise
who are we indebted to? A man comes home, freshens up
waits for his kids to sleep, views TV… …for 2 hours, the programs and news
for which we have toiled and sweated We do not need them. Sheer attitude problem
Let us see you like this always, okay? Sure, if the attitude changes… …I will work for you,
for your channel, for what you pay! Renu, its Manilal here A shocking exclusive!
I just got this information Thank you, Mani Venu, something important, come Rishi! What is the lanching telecast
in your channel tonight? We are on to an exclusive
which nobody may get Do you need it or not? Yes! Listen, we are going on air
tonight itself, get everything set The promos have to start
by today evening, 6:00 PM NBI will be launched tonight at 10:00
with news, that is going to shock Nation Promos have to start
on internet and FM Radio Rishi, seeing the promos,
people will wait for the shocking news… …but what if the info is wrong? We already have 4 other gripping stories
sir, we will start with any of them Mail me a copy of all these Okay What is that? 5m, waterproof USB wire camera
Usually used in surgical procedures It will enter even deep
into the intestines, to shoot But why, for our purpose? 62 degree wide visual view AV details would be, clear
as crystal, high resolution Have you prepared
your introduction lines? Let us shoot it here
in the vehicle itself Do we have to? It must be your face before the visuals
You will not get any benefit otherwise Okay Ready, rolling In India, people get into political and
law making infrastructures of this country… …out of sheer power of money, one such
shocking scene, we invite you to witness Candidate for Rajya Sabha, Adi Narayana and
Bhavani Prasad Democratic party president… …caught in the act with crores
of money changing hands, watch it! I hope we get to see all
what was just said Camera
– Sir Here, take it Pan right
– Okay, sir Okay sir?
– Okay, fine Sir, this has come back after repair
Where shall we put it? It was taken from the office room
Keep it back there Why does he still have this old fridge?
Cannot he buy a new one? That is our Bhavani Prasad sir
Such humility and modesty Guys, I am feeling very tired
We shall meet tomorrow Okay, sir Okay, leader Okay, we are leaving Okay, leave and come
tomorrow Come, come Greetings
– Greetings Venkat, do not allow anyone in
– Okay sir I did not have much hope
till the decision was made Party members
protested so vehemently They raise a hue and cry
only here, none of it reaches Delhi Is it not why I extended
my hand, when you asked? Now, where is that stuff
which must reach my hand? Oh that, yes!
That is ready True, it is the key to your fridge I took it by telling Venkat,
it needed repair Is the repair fine? The entire amount
you have asked is here, count it This will cover only
the Rajya sabha seat The crown of a central minister
is on its way, do not forget me then I shall continue remembering it
like this, all the time, is not that enough? Sure Sir is returning Get the camera Madam Come Where?
What is it? Sign off, it should be with
Bhavani Prasad is house as a back drop This is Renuka, with cameraman Venu
from Bhavani Prasad is residence Come Police! Do not drive off immediately! Go straight ahead, there is
a roundabout, take a right and ask there Now take off! Hey! Come here Who are you? Why are you
prowling around here? Nothing Who was in that vehicle? They asked for directions
and I told them Hello? Chief inspector Anthony What is it?
You wanted to see me? I am right in front of your house We have caught a man
who looks suspicious Looks like a journalist What?
A journalist? Reuters, BBC
Delhi based Not any local channel eh?
What were you planning? Look sir, this is wrongful confinement
How can you hold me like a criminal? I am a media person
with a national rating Okay! How many policemen know
what Reuters means in our town? Please wait outside
Venu, sit please No thanks What was the information? What did you see and shoot? Open your mouth
and tell me…! Hey, be quiet! Whatever guessed
was the information we got Later, we realized it was false How? Narayana sir came in
with nothing in his hand He did not carry any briefcase
or bag which could contain money Sir
– What is it? Police chased and caught the van
We have got a wireless message About? The van belongs
to NBI, a new channel It is all set to launch tonight Flash news is appearing on TV right now
Nothing was found from the vehicle Only the driver was there
So the van was allowed to go NBI, News Bureau of India
Launching tonight at 10:00 PM With explosive news
Tonight, at 10:00 PM Is this news about us?
Come on, tell us If it is something like that
you can demand and we will fix a deal Start talking now!
only 5 minutes more, tell me I do not know
I really do not know, sir Venkat, get an ambulance ready
So as to reach here, in just 2 minutes Hello?
Yes, Bhavani Prasad Who was it? Do not know, got disconnected
– Call him back Now it is switched off Greetings, good evening
NBI, News Bureau of India No need for introductions
for news, that is true and authentic In the same way NBI
without introductions From this minute, for you, from today As a brand new channel, naturally
we come to you, with exclusive news Confessions, we have seen them
many times on channel screens But here is a secret which will
shock nation, truth brought by a priest In 2003 there was a sensational…
lockup death of Joseph Sorry Venu
Sorry for the inconvenience Venkat, drop him
wherever he needs to go Sorry Why are you so impatient? Was it only me?
Who asked for an ambulance? If the news was true
we had to shift stuff from here What will I do with that cash?
That was the reason Is it a new channel?
Who knows? A sinner who is not penitent
deserves to be punished Rishi What happened? Where is Renu? You went together, did you not? We waited for you till the last minute
When you did not come, we aired another story Tell me what happened? I sent her off at 9:00 PM
With the footage we shot And then? I am afraid if someting happened to her. No! Do not panic!
Nothing will happen to her Why do we not air
this issue now itself? Rishi look! Candidate for Rajya Sabha, Adi Narayana and
Bhavani Prasad, Democratic party president… …caught in the act with crores
of money changing hands, watch it! How can your program stand
before this hot news? You killed this channel in the womb Even a launch program
could not be done confidentially… …and I have wasted my money
Enough, just wind up now This is Renuka, with cameraman Venu
from Bhavani Prasad is residence Sir
– Where did you drop her? Sir, at the stadium
Another car came and she got into it Come let us go to Bharath vision Move man You are dead! You are dead! You are a living ghost according to me! Hello? Venu, you dragged and threw me down
from a very great height I called to let you
know my happiness Only I know the deep wound and
the sharp pain it gives I will make you know it too Democratic Party after its meeting… …decides to strip
Bhavani Prasad of his presidential position They have also requested vigilance… …to start investigation
against Narayana and Bhavani Prasad So that is how your story ended! Does not matter
Forgiven If I was 1 day late, I would have had
to stand in a queue at the family court I have forgiven! I will not forgive!
She ruined my future Ok. Leave our tiff aside Bhavani Prasad would have
been a Chief Minister today Today he is just
a state committee member Let him cry! It is 5 years since we heard
anything about NRI Adi Narayana Hey!
– What is it, dude? They are all his people
Send them away, quickly I am hungry, where is your bike? Did you pay salary to your staff? Yes I did
– How did you manage? Did you borrow it You refused to give a loan
So I sold you How? We got footage of that
DySP Bunny in compromising position Some youngster shot it at some resort I showed him the footage and
threatened him, mimicking you He gave Rs.3 lakhs Stop! Stop!
– Do not punch me Stop the bike!
Oh no! I will kill you Can I not use your voice a bit? Did you find only my voice
You idiot It is not wrong to kill you too Did he run away?
– I am here You used me?
Now I will use you too Do not do that
I am not like that Hey! Police! Why are you fighting
in the middle of the night? We were just exercising Exercise? Middle of the night?
Put them both in the jeep Wait! I will come myself Do I have to repeat it to you? You will face consequences
if you lay your hands on me Tomorrow, all channels will carry
your stupid face, as their cover story Beware! Do you want to mess with
with Reuters stinger Venu? You may be influencial, but when you
create public nuisance, what shall we do? Oh, so what shall we do? Sir? This is his usual drama Any time police catch him
or gets into any other issue… …he will immediately say
that he is big-wig of a channel He is nothing of that sort
He is a wedding photographer sir Hey! I will come Move aside! Francis! Get their bike
to the police station Put in a liter of petrol also, okay? Get up, I say Get up What is happening? Sir this man is a nuisance He brought the bench
from the verandah to sleep here Lock me up
Or, I will sleep here I always sleep at ten
after a glass of milk Go This is sheer menace and
I already wrote out the FIR! Look! If you want to get out
get someone to bail you We do not have anyone, sir
We are orphans We are from the Gandhi orphanage Sir? Please switch on that fan Do you hear him?
Switch on the fan Who is it, middle of the night?! If it is anyone important
ask him to call tomorrow Hello, who is it? Is this not the number of Venu
stinger cameraman, of Reuters? Who is it, sir?
Is it from the orphanage? Shut up! Hello? I am advocate, Manilal
What is the case? Counsel, it was a mistake
Please ask him to overlook this My police pal, please do not punish
good people during night patrol Did you see now?
– Heard him? Thanks a lot Venu? I have been trying your number
since evening but could not get through Who are you? I am advocate, Manilal
I have something to tell you What is it? It is about an exclusive Whatever crap exclusive it is…
I do not have time now …We will meet in the morning
Come let us go! So tell me, what is this
exclusive, all about? An exclusive like this will not ever occur
in the history of news channels again A story that has
to be shot risking life I have risked my life many times
Forget that, come to the point I will, but before that, I want
a firm affirmation from you This exclusive info was got
from a particular channel The story has to be
covered, only for them Their reporter will accompany you
Do you have any objections? Once I disclose information
You cannot go back on your word Mr.Lawyer, I do follow certain ethics
If I give my word, it is forever So do you agree? Agreed But I will be the one to decide
what to do and how to do it Okay, agreed I will come to the point now
What you have to cover, is a murder The murder is planned for a
well known politician of the state Sorry! I cannot shoot as you like Hey! Venu!
Hey! A life is more important
than a piece of news When we get an information like this,
we have to try and save him A news is a news even if the value is less,
but how can I shoot somebody being murdered Venu, let me explain It is not my intention to encash
the live coverage of a man dying But he cannot be saved by anyone
even if it is reported to the police Because, Bhavani Prasad still dictates,
even though, he is not yet Chief Minister – Bhavani Prasad?
– Yes This murder is being done
for Bhavani Prasad We cannot stop the murder, but we can
make sure the culprits do not escape? Okay, so who is the victim? A man in the group of Bhavani Prasad
We do not know who or what… So what do you know? I can only assure you
this information is 100% genuine Tell me the place, time and date and
who is the reporter, coming with me Renu? This woman? I will not work with this unworthy person.
Find someone else! Lawyer, drop me back! Venu, listen to me
You cannot go, you agreed… …I disclosed the info because
you claimed to have ethics Did you tell me before hand
this useless creature was coming? You only said some reporter Did not I warn you to disclose the info
only after telling him everything, Damn! Venu! Think it is not Renuka, but
a stranger X or Y. Think that way Look at it with a professional approach I am telling you professionally! For such a
risky job, I need someone genuine Venu.. such petty personal issues
must not come in the way… …of this exclusive which creates
a strong impact on the society We do not have any option, but Renuka Venu, you can insist on
whatever conditions you want Please Accept it Venu! Okay These are my conditions
I will be the sole decision maker Reporter X or Y is not allowed
to make any suggestions Sure A DSNG van, without any crew
must be at my disposal Okay The visuals i upload, should be unedited
With no interference in it, whatsoever Agreed My remuneration alone, is 10 lakh rupees Here is more than what you have asked for
– Let it be, there are more conditions visuals must accompany
a scrolling script… visuals exclusively covered
by cameraman Venu No intro or signing off by the reporter Agreed You have 12 hours to plan
and prepare, Renu knows the details Okay So you both are united now? Venu…Renu?
Shake hands on this Hey! Not necessary! What is this? You will be
working together hereafter Be professional Venu please? Keep the cash in the car You have neither an intro nor sign off
Why the hell are you tagging along? Suppose you run away with the footage
as a revenge for the old tiff? There is one creature on earth
who can do such henious things, that is you! Venu! I forgot to tell you, DSNG receives
poor signal at the crime spot Even if it did, we cannot
go there with the van, right? Oh, that is true Okay, now both of you
can chart out a plan Not both of us
Only me! Shall I suggest something?
– Do not! Listen first
– I will not Do not get into a frenzy
and try to save the victim You must be so blood thirsty!
Cruel she-devil! Murder will occur even if we interfere
and finally we will become the accused Is it?
– Yes. Then I will surely interfere, I do not care
if I am accused, you will also go to jail Come on, be serious You want me
to be serious? I will not. If I did, you will be lying
in the ICU, very serious I already owe you a lot No need not tell me, be quiet
and just allow me to do my stuff To hell with you! Lean back and sit without
touching me, especially your bust! You dirty! Turn left This is the club house Here? In such an open area? Disputed property Government acquired it 15 years ago,
not even a watchman will be here What time is this
murdered scheduled for? At 8.03am Is this a wedding?
to fix an auspicious time? Come here Are you scared to be alone?
I am going up there A little Then wait right here After some time,
your fear will increase If you make any sound,
I will strangle your neck! What is it? A rat! Rat! I will stuff cloth down your throat!
Not a sound from you! Do not scare me,
you she-devil! How did you come up? I too learnt martial art
Karate, for 6-7 years Venu…a car Let me go, do not kill me
I begged forgiveness at his feet Leave me, or take me to him No need of that
Sir will come to meet you here Do not hurt me, please
Let me go Leave me Let me go Do not harm me Do not harm me, sir
Did not I confess everything? Will your confessions
give me back, all what I lost? My image, position, the days I spent
idle at home, since last 5 years Suman, to you, was not it
just an itch on your tongue? When you betrayed us
to the channel I knew very well… …it would cost me
and Narayana our political careers Please leave me sir! Let me at least have
the joy of deciding your end Give it to me..
Sir, do not kill me I did not do anything sir! Do not do it..
Please! Please! Take him away and hang him Hello, Venu? Ready? I am going to upload
the footage of the visuals You have to up it with
the scrolling script and your logo Okay Venu When you switch it on, I will go watch TV
in some place, any editing, remember…?! Okay Venu, there will not be
any interference from us Yes! Venu is footage will come now
UP the scrolling script along with it, okay? Get ready with camera
DSNG, crew and everything Within half an hour, we have to be
at the house of Bhavani Prasad I am going to that
restaurant to watch TV I want to see if they have
messed with my visuals Be right here, till I get back A true and shocking incident
that occurred a few moments ago Prompted us to air this special bulletin Brutal visuals we have never seen before Democratic party leader Bhavani Prasad is
Cruel revenge against party member Suman Do not harm me, sir
Did not I confess to everything? The days I spent
idle at home since last 5 years Suman, was it not to you
just an itch on your tongue? Do not kill me Take him away and hang him From the place of incident
this is Renuka with camera man, Venu Get down the way you came up Sure, give me the bag
I will carry it From the place of incident
this is Renuka with cameraman, Venu You…! Is not it them?
The camera man and reporter? Sir, this is really amazing
Did the two of you really shoot this? Is his body still hanging there?
– May be, let the police enquire – They must have shot it, hiding
– No dude, it is them who shot it They would not be alive
if they had been caught by those thugs Sir, we are on our way
to Bhavani Prasad is house Sir if he resists the arrest
we will have to use force We have sent our forces
to the club house sir Once the body is traced and identified
we will immediately go in and arrest, sir Look! Bhavani Prasad is house
Police have come to arrest him After watching visuals of
Bharath Vision is exposure You are seeing the frenzy of the
people gathered at his house We also know only
what was shown on TV Police have already gone
to the place of the incident Let us trace the body first
after that we will take necessary steps Will there be any arrests, sir? We cannot say, at this juncture
We will let you know by and by Sir please sir!
Move! Arrest the murderer Stop! Stop! What do you want?
Pelt stones till I die? Kill me then.. No need of the police and courts,
You have the right to punish me Before that, you have
to know certain truths You do not have to say anything!
We saw everything on TV Just answer the police
when they question you Venkat!
Sir! Look! There is the dead man! Whatever I have to say
is here, for you to see, alive It was him, it seems
who I killed and then hanged What more can I say?!
Ask him whatever you want Mr. Suman, what do you have to say? I do not know anything, I too saw it
on TV, Bhavani Prasad sir will tell you the rest I do not understand why that girl
and cameraman have enmity to me I also have no idea
how they created such visuals I am not a technical expert You remember, 5 years ago
the same team hunted and… …pinned Narayana and me down
with a bribe charge, using visuals I could not prove anything then Break and destroy Bharath vision!
Come, dude! Damn his hidden camera! Wait there! You cannot go
after creating controversies Renu, get into the van Hey! wait.. where are you going? Catch that idiot! Climb on! Abu van! Move Burn it up! Turn right, we will go to
Bharath vision Turn right
It is safer there What? Turn right
We will go to the studio Shut up! What crap to
do at the studio? Move aside Where is he?
Come I do not know what happened Enough! Stop I was just talking to the home secretary
– Later Let me discuss this with my legal advisor
– We will get him to the police station, come Move aside! Get down! Today, some shocking visuals
of a brutal murder that stunned… …the conscience of State
were aired by Bharath Vision But soon after that, within minutes
the man who was claimed to be killed… I am Venu
– Where are you? Are you in your apartment?
– No, at the studio I am right beneath
your apartment Right below my apartment?! If they know you went to cover the news,
they will kill you there You and your crap exclusives Why did you get her along?
I cannot do anything for you Tell me where the keys are, vagabond! Only you can go in, not Renu I will decide that, now tell me
where is the key, useless! On the window sill Do not open the door to anyone, I will be
ruined if anyone knows you are in there Look, you do not tell this to anyone,
I will kill you! Get inside, you…! Oh Lord, am I fated to die
without a drop to drink? Protestors from Bhavani Prasad is house
were uncontrollable by the time… …they reached the Bharath Vision studios
and started attacking Police arrived and stopped them while
breaking the glass and trying to barge in… …and on charges of
telecasting false news …they arrested CEO
and 1 of the directors, Vijaykumar His granny gave the information!
He has to be kicked, the pig! It was I who got the information
Not Vijaykumar, sir What? It was me who got the information! Tell me, who gave the info to you I will kill you if you do not tell me! Tell me! It was the advocate, Manilal So he was the one who betrayed, bloody fellow? Mani Lal is innocent
I know very well Not innocent
Trapping case How can you trust him?
Is he God, or your dad? He is my cousin, all exclusive info
I have covered, were based on his tip-offs His information was always right
including the bribe case Manilal will not betray Bhavani Prasad did not lose anything He retrieved all he had lost earlier in a
single night, and he is making us run now. Yes, now I can hear Mr. Bhavani Prasad, the incident at
the club house being proved false… …are you now claiming that
the bribe case charged on you …and Narayana 5 years back
was totally baseless? Did not the truth
come out by itself? Now let the central committee
decide what I should do I have suffered for 5 years, in spite of
not having committed a single crime The people and party members
who rejected me then, are now with me I am sure the central
committee will realize this Thanks Mr. Bhavani Prasad.
Thanks! Eh! I did not hang that fellow
to get an award for good behavior I will get the post and my
revenge would be fulfilled Both of them are in a pathetic state.
Must be hiding, not knowing what to do Renuka along with camera man Venu Narayana, this is simple straight math Anyone with an ounce of brains
can decipher this move, let alone Venu I destroyed his credibility in the market I have finished his career and all the
opportunities of his future totally. a silent chase in the same route.. No sir, but is not there a risk?
Will he not come after you again? Of course he will
But not immediately, Venkat They will not get out
until this problem is solved I too gain time that way,
because by then… …I will occupy the chief minister is chair Let them come after that Onions..
– I do not want your onions Do not show your craving I never asked
– I will not give, even if you ask Shhhh! Someone is knocking Someone is outside Sure, there is someone Greedy devil! Thanks Ask them to come in..
Ok sir Burn it all up, dude! Sir, this is Venu’s I-Pad
All the visuals are in this So we have got all
the original footage Yes sir
– Good! Settle their accounts Having been proved
that the visuals were false… Police have charged a case
against Venu and Renuka And they are on the lookout to find them
Switch it off first! As soon as possible What do we do now? Think! If you get
a brainwave, tell me We need to know
the legal consequences Shall I call Manilal? Who am I to ask permission
am I your husband? I lost my phome somewhere.
If you give me your phone, I will call him Call him with the speaker phone
switched on I want to hear what he says Okay Do not tell him about this place Stand near me and call Hello? Mani, it is me Renu Renu! where were you? Could not you call?
I was so worried Do not ever be caught
by the party men or police All of them are in a frenzy Tell me, what can
happen to us, apart from you? If you are caught
it will be a big problem Once arrested, you will not
get bail for 40 days But there is a way out, I am telling you
only out of my concern for you The 1st one, who is caught
gets 40 days in lock-up When the 2nd person surrenders,
it will be for just 2 or 3 days You will surely
get bail, being a woman Why take a risk?
Get him caught somehow Tell me the place,
I will take care of the rest What are you looking at? He likes me
He must have said that, to save me Your Mani…I will…! You and your people
are all of the same kind, cheats! Did not you move away
from me, to talk secretly? I have been told the FIR
has not yet been written Yes sir.. Tell me, you want to be
defendant or a witness? There is not much time
is not it, Anthony? Yes, sir See, you trusted Renuka
and aired the visuals from Bharath vision You do not know anything else. As a channel head, you never ordered
Venu to shoot. Say this in court! Bharath Vision can continue
functioning as usual from tomorrow What do you say? Where are they?
Venu and Renuka? They are on the run We have decided not to run after them
Sorry sir! But I am running after them Was it for this show-down
you made us come to the club house? No sir, the commissioner
wanted to question… No!
– Sorry sir! You never asked me
why I was running after them?! Ok leave it.. I have a doubt why they had to portray
an undead man as dead So I am thinking of asking them directly Bunny You must find them, quickly
Time is running out, for me and you! You heard that? We have to show the 10.00pm news
of today neutrally Another thing.. emphasise on Renuka’s
thirst for exclusive popularity Ok Sir And Venu, just a camera man
who covered, what she asked him to We whould protect him..
So, we will drop a bombshell An exclusive interview with Venu
– Is it in our studio sir? You…! Go get your text
ready for the evening news! Go, all ofyou Everyone starts giving advice.. SP Somaraju sir is calling Hello sir? Rishi, Police may raid your studio
Their intention is to catch Venu Come, we have work to do If they begin to shoot
take away the camera Return it only after
removing the footage Indhu, is the sound ready?
– Ready PCR must be in position Play after they enter
Ok! Do not allow anyone to enter or exit
Ok Sir! What is it, sir? Where is Venu?
– Which Venu? How many Venu’s do you know? Indhu?
Hmm? Call Venu
Yes sir.. What is the problem, sir?
Do not harass him, innocent chap! Sir, there is Venu What is it sir? This fellow! It is him sir! Are you making fun of me?
Where is he buddy, the Reuters stinger? Why would he be here?
He must be at Bharath vision studio Are you playing games with me?
You dare show your tantrums to me? Tell me! You are his close friend right? Sir, leave his collar
Look, it is going on live Live? Mr. Rishikesh, as a responsible channel head
should not you be helping the police? What sir? What will you do if
I help you to catch him? Cut the audio of Rishi See, it would be
a shower of swearwords! Okay, Mr. Rishikesh, let me know if you
get any information.. This is my number, call me on this..
Ok.. Come..
Ok sir.. If we leave them, they might even
install a camera in my innerwear Indhu, audio on..
Audio on.. The competition for exclusive news
may have put Renuka into this jeopardy What you just saw is the Police harassing
the entire media in this case This is what DySP Bunny Tharak
wrote, just before he left the studio Come outside you pig! He wrote ‘Come out you pig!’ In case you do not see me on this channel
you can conclude, I am in the police custody We have just got some fresh news about
the telecasting of this false news issue The one who is wanted by the police
in the controversial fake murder video Reuters cameraman Venu, is going to
talk to us on the phone Sorry, our technicians
will soon connect us Hello? Hello! Hello Venu?
Can you hear me? Send me at least
a bottle of brandy, you fool! Hello? I am going insane, there is nothing
to booze, you miserly vagabond Hello Cannot you hear me?
– Yes, I can, tell me Venu What actually
happened that night? What else, it was just
a drama by that Bhavani Prasad I must kick myself to have
felt it to be true…! Hello, Venu? You vagabond! In this situation
what have you got to say? Nasty people who use personal phone calls
selfishly for their exclusives Are amongst our media people If that attitude changes
we can be free of such issues Thanks Mr. Venu A short break before
we move on to other news Sir, Hitech City, Skyline apartments
Thank you! Sir, we have traced his hide out
Skyline apartments, at Hitech City Very good But we could not trace
the floor he occupies We will enquire if any media person
resides there and search that first Sir!
Come Hey! You would be bashed by me again!
You thought of seling me again? That is ok dude! Your phone call
was traced and the police have located you Somaraj sir informed me, they will be
there right now, so go away from there Where will I go at this time of the night? Just move from there for the time being
I will find another place and call you Where are you going? Police have traced us here
They will be here at any moment Oh Lord! One minute, I will go
to the loo and come I cannot bear it any more What? Can you please stop! What for? What?
What is it? I want to pee Oh! Could you not finish it
at the apartment? You locked the door before i could! Get off Oh no! That was an ambulance! Hey! Where is the bike’s key? Here You were trying
to get me caught, right? I did that, so you
would not leave me and go You cheat! It is a lie..
I know…you did not go to pee Hey! Get lost! You dare say get lost? Did not you start the bike
to go off and let me get caught? I thought I will be ready
by the time you come back Why did you lock me up in the flat? To get you caught.. So what now? Sure, I too did the same One of us must give ourselves up
We cannot live like fugitives, under pressure I am not giving myself up
without finding a solution to this Is it? then drop me at
the police station and go Do not start being sentimental, okay? Sentiments?! I do not have any.
I just have a popularity mania. Hey, I am already pissed off.
Now you do not dig the flash back You are a reporter and I am a camera man
That is all, now get on the bike Unless this issue is solved
we both are not surrendering A hideout is ready, take the 1st left
after the Patancheru ring road After about, 1.5 km, you will see
a wooden gate on the right side I will be there, with Abu Okay Who was it? Rishi Hi Come dude, this summer house
belongs to a friend, he is in the USA Come I will come back
tomorrow morning What? I will be here in the morning
with clothes and a hearing aid Buy all newspapers
you can lay hands on I have news for you Renuka has been relieved from Bharath vision Vijaykumar announced it
in the late night bulletin Tell this to her tomorrow It is not over
– What else? You have been terminated too from the
Reuters stinger panel in Delhi What else? Nothing much particularly Bhavani Prasad is being
considered for CM post The central committee is meeting tomorrow
Swearing in may happen soon Okay
– See you, dude Abu
These clothes are for them Dude, give me those newspapers
Here.. These are clothes for both of you Take it.. Rishi, the original footage
is missing from the DSNG van Without that
how can we prove the truth? They played the drama so that
we could not prove it From the time we got the information
to the restaurant drama, a neat script! Written and directed
by Bhavani Prasad If so, Adi Narayana
must be the producer He is here in Vijayawada
since the last few days Almost from the day
you came from Delhi Did not you say, swearing in
of the CM will happen shortly? We have time
only till then, Rishi Now Suman must be
made to talk, is not it? Yes Ouch! What happened? That car hit me and took off! Aw, my hand Hey! Are you Suman sir?
Yes.. Just give me a hand, brother
Let us go to the hospital Ouch my hand!
– Gently, take care Is it still paining?
– No, it is better now Sir you are very smartly dressed
Do not you wear Khadi usually? It is to avoid TV
Nuisance! Look! That is the vehicle that hit me Really?!
I will find out right now Do not step out sir, you will be recognized
I will go find out What is all this?
– Exactly what we also want to know! First you die, then come alive
Are you some character from our epics? First let him get over his shock
Then he will talk We saw you being killed We showed it to the public also
No confusion about this at all! But after some time
you reappeared alive Public became confused
– And so did we We are not going to clear that
We are going to increase it On the same place and rope
you will swing, hanging dead We will shoot it very smartly
and show it to the public The public will go mad
What must they believe? I swear, I have not done
anything intentionally They threatened to kill me I did tell Manilal, about the bribe You guys flashed it, as hot news It was only recently Bhavani Prasad sir
came to know it was I who had informed I fell at his feet, and begged his pardon He then gave me a chance and asked me
to pass one more information to Manilal That a murder would happen,
on behalf of Bhavani Prasad sir After I did that,
he asked me to leave But the next day… Suman, come with me
Bhavani Prasad sir, is asking for you Hello, take this What is it, sir? What are you doing? Leave me What is it, sir Do not harm me sir.. Did not I confess everything? If you confess, god will forgive you
as you repented.. But I am a demon and not a god Suman.. Ready, sir
– Lift him now How is it? Is it ok?
Ok.. Leave me, I say Go, hang him! After you left,
they came back again Shibu.. This is an antidote of Chloroform…
Make him inhale it, he will wake up They took me to the
house of Bhavani Prasad sir When people were agitated,
He asked me to come out I was only a dupe sir, a dupe of
the person who was to be, actually killed Dupe? Yes. They are going to kill someone in real In that club house
there will be an actual murder In the same place
almost in the same manner Who?
Who will it be? I do not know, sir But I know that the murder would aappen
on the night of the 12th of this month How do you know this? I heard the PA of Bhavani Prasad
telling my captors that day …that they must leave the club house
as soon as the deed was done That their tickets have been booked
for the 2:00 AM train, on the13th That they should return, only after
Bhavani sir, was sworn in, as Chief Minister Abu, go drop Suman
at the nearest hospital Do you know who is going to die?
– No It is you Bhavani wants to frame us
in that crime later Do not try to run and escape.
Even if you try, they will not allow you Remember, we have not met We will be there on the 12th
We will shoot that event Go, do not be scared
Nothing will happen to you Abu
– Yes, sir Here, ask that lawyer Manilal
to meet me before noon tomorrow He started all this, right? Mani, I have to see you urgently
Come tomorrow afternoon What is the matter?
– I will tell you We have found a way out of this mess
You have to stand by us Sure What do you think?
– Poor fellow Is it?
Yes He is a great actor, cried without
even a drop of glycerin. Bloody thief! We did not get him, dude
Bhavani threw him at us, a bait What are you saying? It is the next scene in
the fake drama of Bhavani Believing his story, Renuka and I will
go on 12th, to shoot the original murder Bhavani, Narayana would be ready
with their goons Because it is me and Renuka
who are going to die Simple Gosh! This is getting
more and more complicated Yes.. If we both are live, they know we would do
anything to prove the truth So we have to be
eliminated forever Then the truth would never come out.. That is what they want too..
We have to expose the truth bravely There is no other option Rishi,
we have to enter that trap on the12th In a way, this is either a danger,
or a way to escape There is only one way… If we win, we can regain all we lost
As well as ensure, Bhavani’s political funeral If you lose?
– Death In our language, they would say
‘they have committed suicide’ On 12th we are shooting the incident
whatever the risk involved Look at the irony of it However priceless, this exclusive
we shoot now is, no channel will air it! Including his NBI No dude! Ours channel is a small one… …if you intend to give it to some
big channlel, please let me know We do not have to trouble
ourselves unnecessarily So I will be going alone to shoot this What if I come? To grab the mic in the end to say
this is Renuka with Venu? Not needed. This is an issue
involving my credibility I will come!
Whoever objects, I will come! You go dude, let me plan this out I have been noticing since some days,
You are being silent with me You are not talking like earlier,
Nor do I even expect it You do not deserve it also I do not need to
convince you on that The one who was supposed to be
convinced, is not giving a chance Look..I am not interested
in a reconciliation talk Me too..
Then? This is a social issue
which involves me too I cannot stay away
whatever you say We are asking to stay out
of your death! He did love you heartfully for some days..
So he is.. He is now going alone
into the arena of death What?
– Nothing Tell me, Rishi
What is happening? It is not Suman, who will die
It will be you and Venu Do you really want to go now? If i do not go after knowing this,
I would not be a human.. All these days, i could not say as
I did not get a right time I expected such a chance, when
I set out with Venu on this venture I do not know if i would
get a chance again So I am telling you..
I never betrayed you Rishi That day, fearing the police
when Venu sent me off in the van I was on my way
to our…sorry, your studio But… Abu make it fast, its already 9:15 PM
It has to be edited and aired by 10:00 PM Renu, be assured
We will reach there in 15 minutes Mani! Success! I am on my way
to the studio with the footage Renu I know, I was there nearby It is all a mess now and Venu
has been caught by the police Now, they will soon be after you Oh no!
Oh God! I am right behind you, In black Innova
Stop and get into my car, that will be safer – Abu, stop here
– Renu, time is…? Abu, just stop! Get in, quick! Mani quickly, it has to be
aired at 10:00 PM Being on the payroll of Bharath vision,
you get the story for NBI Channel, eh? But I am no longer your staff
I resigned 5 days back We have not got any such resignation
And even if I did, I would not have accepted it Mani, stop! I want to get out He will not, because if he does
this footage will go to Bhavani Prasad Drive us to the studio, dude! He has taken Rs 2 lakhs to
sell this story to Bharat Vision How can this become
NBI is launch story? My mistake sir, I did not know
she had committed to NBI I will return that money
today itself…sir, please! That is all over
Nothing more to discuss Sir, but… It is not money alone Once you did this story, he had bargained
and fixed senior editor is post for you Mani, I do not want any post
Get me that footage back This will come only in NBI It will not It can come in any other
channel, but never NBI I am sitting in the chair
Rishi discarded and left How can I let this explosive
story, be launched by Rishi? Mani, for them it is channel war
To me it is a question of trust and my life Mani please, tomorrow
Venu and I are getting married Sir, please! You do not talk anymore I will not air this without your permission
It is a promise But I will use this to
make sure NBI is not launched Simple, I will just hand this over to
Bhavani Prasad NBI will remain, a dream to Rishi
And Venu is in police custody I will not be able to even guess
in what state, he will return You have time till
Bhavani Prasad attends this call Sir, no
I beg you Sir, it is her future
that will be affected Hello?
– Is it Bhavani Prasad? Yes.. Bhavani Prasad Sir… I became all alone
in one single night I remained as a no one I had only Bharath vision
as an option for survival Renu, these 5 years you have… Oh God! Venu must be told…
– Do not, Rishi Renu he must not know this now
– He will not take me along otherwise I know his concern, for people
he cares for, please do not tell him Okay.. What is that secret meet there? Is that devil still
planning to betray me? Hey! Do not be so mean about Renu.. Oh! Are you on her side or mine? Hey lawyer..
– Yes? Your cousin is risking her life
coming with me to cover this story Convince her not to,
she refuses to listen to us But.. Venu, is there
no other way out? You tell us if there is any Mani, let Venu explain Today is the 10th
Day after tomorrow is 12th Only if we convincingly shoot
our act, that we are going to die… …Bhavani and Narayana’s
intentions can be proved But how and who will shoot this? It is impossible to shoot in
the club house or surroundings Then? Come, I will explain 500 meters, that is half a kilometer
away from the club house, there is a stadium We will set up cameras mounted with
telescopic lenses on the pavilion The camera crew of Rishi
will operate them Pretending to cover the murder of Suman,
we will reach the club house, on 12th night They will surround us and
a small chaos would take place After a little action sequence by me
we would finally get caught Bhavani and Narayana might come
and stat cinematic dialogues.. But audio? I will have a voice recorder in my pocket If required, after shooting it
you and Abu should interfere Do not delay my friend,
or we will never come out alive! I will come sir Can I tell you what I fear? Those who fear need not come
Did I not make it clear earlier? Hey.. let her tell her opinion You continue.. By any chance if we are not able
to pull this off, Bhavani and Narayana… …will escape for ever
We cannot take that chance That is what I am also coming to, silly This will not be an exclusive to the NBI
– Then? We will allow 2 more channels
to shoot, without our involvement That is why I asked
the lawyer to come You cannot do that! It is impossible!
This is exclusive to NBI Dude? Do not say no! I have pinned all my hopes
on this and planned a lot for its success Does our friendship have just
the value of an exclusive? What have I gained from
this friendship? I have lost everything If this is not an exclusive.. never again
– Never again? Never again expect
anything more from me Neither do you expect then!
I am not giving you this story Abu! Start the vehicle Rishi! What? Did not you hear me? No. I am not coming.
you can leave.. Rishi.. Rishi? Please! Is your father dead?
Everybody is selfish This is not the first time I am
into this.. Abu can operate my camera Mani, 12th is day after tomorrow, we will
set up cameras at the stadium tomorrow Fix up a channel amongst both
the channels and call me Park it near the north gate of the stadium
When it gets dark, we will be there Ok.. Abu, do not be here, it will take time
Come only when I call you Okay, sir
Ok? What is it?
– A mosquito Mosquito? This is field limit, whatever happens
do not move away from this limit I fixed the limit keeping a
lot of things in mind Venu, there is a car!
– I saw it too, you stop now! Bhavani Prasad! Venu.. Rishi has cheated us
It is not what we thought, lets escape Be quiet, girl! Venu, it is not tomorrow,
It is today.. it is happening today! The camera is gone
Now what will you shoot with? Whatever happens
you will not die, I promise..Ok? Without getting into trouble
come with me, you shrew! I was not in a hurry to die sir..
So, I am giving you the opportunity You saw your cameras, how will you
shoot and show it to the public now? Call that lawyer soon..
Call immediately! Call that lawyer! Do not! Take it away, there must not be
even a small scratch on the body Take them away and tie them up
This is murder but as suicide Why do you need a binocular
camera when we are killing you so closely? Not binoculars, a microscope
is enough for a worm like you What are you glaring at? Where is your worthless team
your witnesses and one or two channels People ready to jump to save you
from death, where the hell are they? When you assured him and sent him away
I knew, you had a plan Stop lecturing and call that punk That Bhavani who waved from 1.5 miles away
and now hiding in some kitchen I will give you a sound sla-! Why should I hide, Venu?
It is you who are still in hiding Venu, Manilal is trapped
I heard his phone ringing He is here somewhere Hey lawyer, enough of hiding
Come out, you pig They are calling you..
They want to see you before they die Son of a mongrel! I will not deliver any movie dialogues
I will go away after just one word, okay? This is not a revenge..
Actually.. I am just like fire I will burn anyone who touches me!
Allow me live my life peacefully dude Is Taking cameras into the bedroom and
bathroom of someone called media activism? This is the right medicine
for that dude.. The suicide of two media persons who have
lost their credibility and life What are we waiting for? Tell me.. any final words? I do not have anything.. but she has Sign off for a last time..
We are going to die.. Look somewhere and say it.. This is Renuka reporting with cameraman Venu
from the venue What? Cameras again? Narayana.. ask your people to search the
entire stadium for cameras and destroy them Why are you panicking sir? these are
their last minute tactics to escape Hang them both! Freeze! Are we late?
– Perfectly on time! You asked me where my worthless team was.. Look there! Look at all those cameras! No other channel
except NBI.. Because, this is
an exclusive for his channel Arrest him Lawyer, when Rishi stormed off
angrily, what did you think? That we had parted ways? Just because he had a job here
we acted before you people When I learnt that you trapped Renu earlier
and gave the story to Bharat Vision, I knew this time it is
you backing him.. You want to give him a slap?
You cannot, once we are out of here That is not my job sir! But that is my job. That was personal Come on, get going Come, my girl With 7- 8 cameras around, you signed-off
looking, where there was no camera! Smart girl!
Come There it is.. say it now This is Renuka
with camera man Venu Along with camera man Venu?
– This is Renuka, forever! Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you When you see me
with your round and black eyes When you surround me
with your looks Heart slipped from lips
to the feet Age is got a feeling
through the hugs Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you Your beauty has
great fragrances My heart and body
waited for you You are for me
and I am for you Till we become
one into other Beautiful lips are showering
honey drops With a naughty look
I have become you


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