Bongu Tamil Full Movie

Boss, come in bravely, safe place. Bhai, greetings. I told you about them on phone,
they’re here. Please wait. Will car come or not, bhai? Nothing will happen,
car will reach you as promised. Don’t worry.
– Can I trust you, bhai? When will it reach?
– It’ll surely reach. Okay, bhai. What happened to the car?
Party is waiting for it. Bhai, car is starting and stopping,
I don’t know the reason. Call mechanic, check it. I called him, bhai.
His phone is switched off. Someone go personally
and get him. Go, get him quickly….go… He’ll be here now,
they’ll get him, bhai. They too are workers,
good car mechanics. Go, boss…check it. Start the car. Didn’t start?
– No, Deva. God, help it start quickly. Check the sync. It’ll take 2 minutes,
battery must get drained. Okay. Sync isn’t switched off, right?
– No. It started, man! Check it. Thank God, he saved me. What happened?
– Electronic sync out. Okay?
– Okay Babu, let him stay with us. Are you Bhaskar? I’ve 4 years experience in this field. We don’t need your service.
You can go. Go straight….first floor. Your profile is good,
you’re also beautiful. We’ll offer you job in this company. But you don’t need to work
for this company. If you give me company,
your job here is assured. If it is okay….?
– Get lost, How dare you come seeking job!
Get out! I’ve B.E. Mechanical Engineering degree,
4 years experience also. Your profile is good,
why did you quit the job? That is…
– Why were you black listed? Get going. Boss, come.
– Where? Come with me,
I’ll take care of everything. Where are you taking me? Come…come, boss.
Let’s go. Get your file. I don’t want that thing anymore. Did you tell him about job, Babu?
– Yes, I’ve told him. Did you tell him? Then, no need of them,
ask them to leave. Bhai, we came here trusting you. They’re either professional thieves
or amateur thieves. How can I trust and offer them job? Bhai, you offer them job,
they’ll do it. Let them first rob a place
I’ll tell them. If they accomplish it,
I’ll think about offering jobs. Okay, bhai. Why did you bring me here
promising to find a job? Jail…who will offer job to
a jail returned man? I saw how you were humiliated
while seeking jobs! It is intelligence to search in the
place where you lost your life! If you accomplish this job. You can live happily
till you’re caught. What if I get caught? Weren’t you caught earlier? Ravi, come online. Tell me, sir. Shop is closed,
shut down the parking lot. Get up, man.
Time to close. Time up, tell them to close it. Tea…cigarette…
– Hey, entry is restricted. Please come, brother.
Would you like to have a peg? Peg? In a tea can?
– Please come, brother. Have you started selling liquor
in bicycles also? Give me peg of good …
– Take your hot peg.- What’s this? You said peg! What to do, brother?
I’ve to lure people for tea. You’re right. I too got lured by it.
– Yes, brother. Greetings, boss.
– Who are you? What are you doing there?
– He’s my friend, brother. Friend?
– Come, boss. I didn’t see you here
for couple of days. Brother-in-law’s marriage,
I went to attend it. Where’s your native place?
– Near Tirunelveli, brother. That’s why, taunting others! Then, you’d have brought halwa
from there, right? You asked me for it, right? Have it, please. Is it Iruttukadai halwa?
– No, from Shanthi Kadai. I had halwa from Iruttukadai,
but this Shanthi… Boss, he’s expecting you
to offer halwa. If you want halwa,
why not ask it openly, brother? I had Iruttukadai halwa,
never tasted other shop’s… Come on, have it. Tea and halwa, good combination. Looks like you love halwa, brother. Many had given it many times.
– Then, have some more. Brother, I need to visit many places,
if you settle account, I’ll go. You don’t have money, right?
– Yes. No problem, I’ll collect it tomorrow. Okay, I’ll pay for halwa too.
– No problem. Halwa is free for you. Free?
Then, please do come here tomorrow. Sure, brother. Tea and halwa
is good combination, right? I’ve connected the device,
unlock the door. Janani, activate the key. Someone is taking the vehicle,
close in and catch it. Stop…stop… Why boss is driving car so rashly? Boss… He’s going away furiously. Thank God. Deva, get up! Didn’t you call Bhai on phone? Car side window is jammed, must get
it repaired before calling bhai. Ask Bhaskar to check it. Go! What? Deva asked me to wake you up.
– Why? Car window is jammed,
he asked you to repair it. How can he sleep? Get up, man. Bloody fountain mouth!
Nasty man! I checked all the doors. Boss! Totally Rs.10 crores, Deva. Babu, get newspaper. Bhaskar, keep cash in locker. Switch on TV. I’ll switch it on. Don’t know why myriads of
thoughts looming over… Making memories colourful… Increasing terrorist acts have
made European countries… Mullaiperiyar storage has…
TASMAC shop working hours reduced… Only rich can visit…
– No news about it. Different tourist places… From June first week,
water from Mullaiperiyar dam… MDMK meet in Chennai…
– No news about us. Why did you buy so many newspapers? Boss, it’s because… We don’t know if car owner is
Seth, Reddy, Bhai or Chettan. That’s why I bought all newspapers. Smart boy! It’ll take a month to read
all newspapers. Did you see this, boss? Popular Tamil film actress is marrying
mobile phone company owner. Who could be that Tamil actress? If you know who it is,
will you offer money gift to her? See this…new Commissioner
appointed to inquire MP’s killing. No safety for MP also?
How can a car be safe then? Why are you reading unnecessary things?
Just read about car theft news. No news….no problem, Deva. It’ll come in newspaper or TV media
only if owner goes to police. It means they didn’t go to police. Bhai was 100% correct. Money in the car must be black money. Why not just leave as it is, Deva? We can’t leave as it is,
if we’ve to live in peace. We must know in advance
what steps they’re taking! Please listen to me.
– Go, man. Go…I said go. Dev, look there! Car was here only. Deva, he’s watchman. Bhaskar, follow watchman and
give me his details on phone. They tore my shirt and threw me out. How loyally I worked for him! Times not good for honest men.
– Have tea, please. Seth, I’ll take you to task. Bhaskar, don’t talk to him.
I’ll give you instructions. Okay, Deva. They left me in this condition.
– What happened to you, brother? Brother, your shirt is torn.
What happened? Give me a tea.
– Nothing happened, my damn fate. Why are you lamenting like this, brother? How are you hit my brother! Who dared to hit my brother? Tell me, brother…let it be anyone,
I’ll take them to task. Why are you boiling like hot oil?
Seth may come out. Are you worried about me or
interested to know what happened? Both!
– Both? Is it important now, brother?
Tell me, what happened? That is….a small talk with tea seller
has left me on streets. I’m asking you what had happened,
you’re accusing I’m responsible for it. Not you. Last night a tea seller came here. I went out for a tea and in that
short time, they stole Seth’s car. Why didn’t they go to police? I asked them that, for that they thrashed,
abused and left me on street. You come back.
Get watchman along with you. Go, man.
– Brother, one minute. I feel his face is familiar.
– Would he recognize me? Who are you, brother?
– I was hearing your talk. Looks like you’ve lost your job.
– Yes, brother. Trial of truth! Will you do any job if offered? Lies, cheating and robbing,
other than these I’ll do any job. Did you hear that? We’ve a driver’s job in my company,
would you like to join? Car driver?
– No, ship! Why are you getting angry, brother? I’m not angry, car driver’s job.
Would you like to join? Why are you doing this
unnecessarily, Deva? He lost his job because of us. Moreover he has been affected
like us from others. We’ll give him refuge. One minute. Tell me, bhai. No problem, right?
– No problem, bhai. But you said not must risk
but they chased us to hilt. I told you only henchmen will
come after you not police. The more risk you take in life,
the more richer you can live. Correct bhai. Let the car be in shed,
my boys will come for it. I’ll message details of next car,
steal and leave it in shed. Sure, bhai. Brother, he’s owner.
– Greetings, boss. Deva, he’s brother Mani.
Please come, brother. Okay. Brother, she’s Janani, sir’s PA. He’s Babu,
we both are sir’s assistants. Your moustache is very good. Shall we offer a party to brother?
– What? Party before joining duty? First change dress to Mani. How am I to show my gratitude
for your help? What’s this, brother? Do you always pray to God
before eating? No…just now…
Boss must be fine. I prayed for all of you. Good habit. Eat. Don’t do it while eating. Wait, I’ll wipe it, brother. This is too much. Why are you looking at me, boss? You’re very handsome, Mani.
– Am I? This is what you call as feeding
and admiring beauty. I swear, sir…not even my mother
took care of me so lovingly. Did you call me, boss? Till now you too were with me,
hereafter Mani is my man Friday. Come, let’s go, Mani. They said company…
but this looks like junk yard. It’ll not be illegal I think so… What’s this, boss?
You’ve pasted car with newspapers. Boys, he’s asking you, right?
Answer him. If boss wants to read paper, his hand may pain holding it,
so we pasted on it. Yes…yes…he’ll read it. Why are you surprised, brother? Am I going to drive this car? No brother! Boss has decided
to buy you a new car. No need to drive this car
pasted with newspaper. Yes, brother. You’ve pasted side view mirror also.
– You’re right, brother. Coffee? No need of coffee, I want car. Car for you, coffee for us.
I drive car very well. Boss, next job before the dust
of previous job settles down. Babu, we can get a place in history
if we keep on doing jobs. For that we’ve to run and
keep on running. Don’t call me to such places… Mani, please come in.
Car will come now. No, boss…I’ll not come.
– Why, brother? Brother, this is hotel. You get tea and coffee also,
come, let’s have. No need of food in this
busy work schedule. Particularly tea,
I’ll never drink, boss. You three stay back here,
come Janani, let’s go.- You go, boss. Why are you so scared?
– I’m scared of tea. Just one tea only. One tea, please. For you, sir? What’s this, man?
– What do you know about tea? Go, have it. Can you drive Benz car? I know to drive sand lorry
and mini lorry. Brother, that’s different from Benz car. All have similar gears, right?
– Do you’ve license? I do.
– Did you check it? I’ve checked it. This is the car you’re going to drive.
– Is it? This is the car. What?
– Don’t rush, brother. Okay. Madam, I’m here only.
I’m standing right before hotel. I must drive car with her next to me. Just 10 minutes only,
after that car is ours, brother. Mayil of 16 Vayadhiniley? That was beauty Mayil,
I’m 36 naughty Mayil. It seems black comedy. Who is laughing there
without any joke? Boss! Let’s go to next room. Do you driver car very well, Mayil? Not just car, I’m good in everything. I taught Ultimate Star Ajith
to drive car. Is it? Come for a round with me, Bhaskar, send message to Janani
to leave that place. Didn’t madam come with you, boss? She’ll come settling car deal, Mani.
– Okay. He’ll not pay for coffee also,
would he pay for car? Boss, let’s go to temple first
and offer prayers. You’re the first man to offer
prayers for a stolen car. Did I say anything wrong, boss?
– No, you’re right, go. I’ll go to rest room. Boss, one selfie with car. Wants selfie too! Tell me, sir.
I’m with client, sir. I’ll be there in an hour, sir. I’ll bring her with me. Not yet clear if she takes
cheque or cash, sir. I’ll be there, sir. We’ve offered prayers, boss.
Not a scratch on it…. A scratch! Mani, wait….
– Don’t know what happened? Hey you, why are you spoiling it?
– Leave it, Mani. Forget it. Do you come to ruin my livelihood?
Are you blind, man? I came properly,
you came from wrong side. Did you see how arrogantly
he’s replying? Car has developed scratches. Look at this!
– Leave it, Mani. Looks like Mani and Tea
are sworn enemies. To compensate scratches,
I’ll offer free teas, have it. Tea again? There’s some connection
between you and that tea seller.. Mani, let’s go. Not yet come. I can’t go inside and check. Why are you fighting
with a cyclist, Mani? Drive the car to bhai’s shed. You’re not angry on me, right?
– No, you drive. You’ll not fire me, right boss? Don’t worry, you’re going
to stay with us forever. Because Mani is very important
to me, right?- Yes! I think priest didn’t offer
prayers well, boss. Sir, bill.
– Bill? Madam must come, fix the deal
and you’re bringing bill now. Madam told me to give you. Madam told you?
– Yes, sir. Where is she?
– She left. Did she go away?
– Yes, sir. How did she go? Which way she went?
Who let her go? I don’t know when she left, sir.
– Don’t know? How did she come here? She came by share auto.
– Share auto? You mean auto where 3 people
sit in the front.- Yes, sir. I thought scratch would
be deeper, not much. No problem, right Deva?
– No problem, bhai. Who is he? He’s checking the car. Move man….blocking my way. What’s this scratch? That scratch?
Mani hit a cyclist on the way. Did I hit him, brother?
He hit me. Can’t drive car without a scratch? It wasn’t Mani’s mistake,
it was cyclist’s mistake. Who is this new man, Deva? We needed a new man,
so we appointed him. Give keys.
– Take it. I want to talk to you alone, come in.
– Coming. Why did you give the keys to him, boss? You mustn’t drive a car
with scratches, Mani. Car is not important to me
but Mani is! No, boss… Mani brother…please come here. Sit. Take it. Winning first game is known
as beginner’s luck. You won the second game also. So, I’m going to give an assignment
matching your talent. There’s one Pandian in Madurai. You must steal 10 cars from him. Can we do it, Deva?
– We can do it, bhai. Now, you stole a proxy owned car. He owns the car you stole first. You’re going to Madurai
and stealing his cars. We’ll do it, bhai.
– I’ll message details. Boss! Do you want me to do anything? Important work of taking rest
is pending, do it now. That work? Why is he telling like this? I must do and earn good name. 2030…whose car that is? The same white colour! Same white colour….
white glass…same 2030… Same car! No doubt. Boss, you too! What? Why are you talking loudly before boss?
Come here. Why you’ve dirtied the place, brother? Dust? You horse face!
You came there to clear dust, right? Isn’t it you who asked for
a peg of tea? I should’ve got alerted after hearing
tea and halwa combination. You cheated me with
new combination. Did you steal car in that time?
– Not I stole, we stole! We? When did I join your gang? Brother, when you came to have tea,
your interview was over. The moment you ate halwa,
you were selected. The moment we met you in tea shop,
we appointed you in this job, brother. You’re the company’s first staff, brother.
– Then, you? Partner? Boss…boss…what’s this? Mani, I said important job is to rest,
why don’t you do your job? Take rest? I don’t want to take risk,
leave me, I’m going. We don’t mind if you leave us. But it was you who was with them
when Seth’s car was stolen. You drove the stolen car
from coffee shop. That was also stolen car? Not stolen car,
you stole the car, Mani. It’s your fingerprints on the keys.
Proof is perfect, Mani. Show him. Brother, selfie taken in temple. Got caught! Identity is there. We took a group photo, right?
But only I’m there in the photo. Cheated me here also. Boss, you too! Generally people buy car first. Then, they appoint a driver. If he drives car safely for a year,
they’ll offer him bonus. But you appointed driver first,
then a big party. Then, the car comes. You’ll sell that car also in 30 minutes. Order is improper.
I missed to judge it. Now I remember. You said many a times that
Mani is important, right? Now I know it very well. It is money! Will you do anything for money? If you don’t like, you can leave us.
You’re talking too much. Did we kill anyone?
We just stole a car, right? Murders too happen in
a fit of rage. But thieves like you steal others’
happiness, hard work and desire. You steal everything. People who hurt other’s feelings is
worse than hurting them bodily. Yes…we’re cheats. We too had wishes, hard work
and happiness was with us. It was stolen from us, so we’re
standing like thieves before you. Our lives were so happy
to make others feel jealousy. We three were living happily together
without any great expectations. Enjoy today…
this day will never come again… Every day is good day…
it is love all your way… There’s no window to look at sky… No ladder to climb on it… Earth never stops rotating… It is spinning like a top… We see earth and sky everyday… We live with the
excitement of youth… Sunshine to blur eyes… To show new image in the mirror… Rain will drop unexpectedly
to drench earth… It gives an occasion to celebrate… Subba Reddy, Minister in Andhra Pradesh
and former MP. He came to book Rolls Royce car
as gift for his daughter’s birthday. He gave cheque for full amount with
a condition to home deliver the car. We can live on terrace and
sleep watching stars… Let’s wake up when noon sun
burns the skin… Let’s consider Monday also
as Sunday… Let’s live happily like dew
whether we melt or frost… Whether rising or setting,
let’s live like sun… What’s it, Deva?
– I don’t know. Buddy….what’s this? Who are they? They’re taking away car. What’s this? Come in, sir.
Come in, sir. Please sit down.
– What happened? Your job is on, sir.
They’re on the job, sir. I don’t know how or what you do! I know, sir. MP after hearing about
car getting stolen. In the anger of failing to give his
daughter her birthday gift. Using his political influence,
he put pressure on police. Police remanded us to inquire and
finish the case as quickly as possible. Instead of arresting thieves,
why are you inquiring us? Though we told them,
they didn’t listen to us. They made us the criminals. Body pain would also ease in few days. But they branded me as thief,
that pain will hurt me for life. We lost our life for a crime
we never committed. Leave them! What’s your name? Bhaskar.
– Bhaskar. How did you find I was a Tamil? Wherever one may be
Tamil fragrance will spread around. Eat, Deva. I don’t want.
– Why? Not feeling hungry. Look here…sambar for chapatti. That’s known as jail! Aren’t you eating, boss? Babu, he doesn’t want,
give it to someone. Why should I give it to someone else?
I’ll eat it. Babu is good man.
Talk to him, you’ll like him. Our time is running bad,
so we’re in jail. He appears like he’s in jail
to pass time. Be careful with him. Suspecting everyone. Greetings, boss. Do you’ve match box, Babu?
– Take it. We met Babu in jail. How are you, Deva?
– Going on. How are you, Janani? Going on! You’re in jail and I’m outside. But situations are same. Did you meet advocate?
What is he saying? I’ve talked to him, since there’s
no evidence against us. He says can break the
case easily but Dev… But profiles of all three of us
have been blacklisted. Don’t feel for it, Janani. Get us out from here. Let’s think about future
after coming out. Till then manage it somehow. He’s Babu, he’s very helpful inside. She’s Janani, our friend.
– Greetings, madam. Buddy, you’re rocking! Sensational, buddy! We were out of jail after few days. I brought them to Chennai. Is it? It’s okay, you were out of jail, boss. Why didn’t you take revenge on the man
whose car you were blamed for stealing? We stole the car from jewellary shop,
you lost job because of us. We’re standing right before you
pushing your life on streets. Could you take vengeance on us? He came, he stole and
he went away. Where am I to search
an invisible man? Moreover there are at least 2 thieves
in every street of Ahmedabad. Where am I to find him? That’s okay, boss.
Why did you take to stealing? Not the one who drinks but one who passes
near wine shop is called as drunkard. Get branded as thief once,
you’d know it. Know? They thrashed me black and blue, boss. Good thrashing?
– Thrashing? I didn’t commit any mistake,
they thrashed me mercilessly. I was loyal to him for 3 years,
he punched on my nose, boss. What you did was right….
what you did was right… No other way.
– He has passed judgement. You’ve become member of this gang. Look…
– My darling! Not just Audi cars,
let’s steal bullock cats also. We will. Deva, look there. Call him. What’s this, brother? Get up…get up, brother. Why are you looking at car? Give this car to bhai.
– Why? Whenever I see this car, it makes me
remember about the thrashing. Brother is thinking about
getting thrashed. How loyal I was…
– Brother. Did you think you got
beaten up for this car? For something that was inside.
– What’s inside that I don’t know? Tell me…where are you taking
without telling me? Rs.10 crores, brother!
That was inside the car. Rs.10 crores! Boss! Now I’ve understood. For a car, this loyal man…
Seth is here… Sitting here…get up! Is it your car? Is it your car? Are you Seth? He was selling Paani Poori
on streets, boss. Just because he was fair,
my boss made him Seth. Isn’t Seth the owner?
– Owner? He? Do you know who the real owner is? His name is Pandi. Madurai Pandi. Leave me….leave me, please… If it is yours,
how carefully you take care of it. Boss, I don’t know anything. Why did you lose my car? Keep hand here.
– Please forgive me. I said keep hand here.
– Do it. Please forgive me. He has many such cars with him. You must steal 10 cars in Madurai. Can you do it? I’ve decided, we’re going to Madurai. Along with Mani. We’re not going to Madurai
because Bhai told us. We’re going because of Mani,
he knows Pandi better. We’re going there trusting Mani. Because Mani is very important to me. Okay, Deva. God, if you’re with us,
it’s victory al our way. We must always be happy like this. Mani is with us, right? Victory is all ours! Victory…victory….
what do you say, brother? Cheat…cheat….cheat…. Bow and arrow…. It’s Arjuna’s bow and arrow… Machete…machete… It’s a machete in the
hands of Lord Ayyanar… Touch me, you will get
thrill of life… Ask me… your town
swears by my name… Warrior of warrior…
brave heart… Ask them to steal,
they’ll run away… Sky is above the head… Earth is trapped in
net laid by us… Five fingers are five
basic elements… Just a little tweak to rob… Can’t take anything with
us from this world… Happy-go-lucky is our
motto of life… Our attitude is
devil-may-care… Our tails stretch
like Lord Anjaneya… We’ll not shake tails like kite…
we’ll fly high with thread… Pandian, the man who rules,
never sleeping city. Running kangaroo courts, settling
issues, pulling down people. Even changing black
money into white, he’s the man who every
crime perfectly. This man loves cars. There’s no foreign
car he doesn’t own. He’ll go to any length
or do anything for car. He’ll do anything for it. Bow and arrow…. It’s Arjuna’s bow and arrow… Machete…machete… It’s a machete in the
hands of Lord Ayyanar… Touch me, you will get
thrill of life… Ask me… your town
swears by my name… Warrior of warrior…
brave heart… Ask them to steal,
they’ll run away… Cheat…cheat….cheat…. Boss Pandian is unlike past. He has started going to gym but
his pot belly remains same. But how majestic he was in
handspun white dress… Is tea hot?
– If not he’ll not have. Mani, we offered you job
and brought you here. Are you giving us jobs now? Why are you saying like that?
– What else then? Bhaskar, I want to show
my loyalty to boss… Brother, you betrayed that Seth is
not the owner but Pandian owns it. Started it again. You told us Pandian
has ten cars. Now, you identified
Pandian physically. I didn’t betray. – Then? It is known as…
I was your spy. Spy? – What do you say, boss? Spy? You’re my right hand, Mani.
Sit down. Shall we give promotion
to Mani, Dev? Sign a new contract with Mani,
because Mani is important to us. Mani or money? Which one
they’re talking about? From now Mani is company’s
one of the partners. No need of partnership. He doesn’t want partnership,
let’s make him boss. Oh no, I don’t want such big promotion.
– Then, give treat. I’ll give party but no
need of partnership. You’re giving party, right?
Then, you’re partner. Please sit.
– I think they’ll not spare me. Partner has betrayed, boss,
let’s finish the deal. Babu, be patient. For doing good or bad, we
need to fix auspicious time. Are we doing good or bad? Boss, in your photo, if you trim
moustache, your face will… Will you do me a favour?
– Tell me. Go to sleep. – Okay. Yes. Greetings, sir. Come, ward! Hey, give it. What’s this? Came to meet you, sir. Leader sent us, sir. Your gift is massive. Elections are coming, sir. So, leader asked me to meet…
– Please sit. What’s the occasion? He said it has 200, told
me to deliver it to you. 200? – Yes, sir. Are there 200 in this? Nothing to worry. – Okay, sir. Will change it in 2 days.
– If you do it quickly… New membership is stopped
for now, sir.- Sorry. This is my cheque book,
these are my cards. All are original documents. No sir, a member here must
introduce to get new membership. Then, I’ll pay entire
payment in cash. Get me membership. What’s the problem, sir? I want to become member
here but she’s refusing. I’m there for you, sir. I’m
everything to this club. Keep cash inside, sir. Why don’t you check before
talking to clients, Hema? You tell me, sir. My name is Thiru,
native of Coimbatore. I’m an NRI basically. I came to Madurai for 30 day tour,
I want to become club member. But she’s thinking too much. No problem, sir. Join
immediately, sir. I’ll take care of
everything, sir. Your good name, sir? Deivakulandai. Deivakulandai? Very
reverential name! Sir, there 1007
members in this club. Till now no one
has paid so much. They pay monthly fee
also very late. Mustn’t face any problem in
that land deal, take care. Brother, Palani is
here to meet you. Where? – Waiting there. Sir… – What’s it, man? Are you cheating me? I’ll rip you apart. She’s coming at odd
hour to torture. Ask her, what’s it?
– You keep quiet. Tell me. Don’t you’ve soul? I’ve been
visiting you so many times. You’re not responding at all. Your father died
leaving behind loans. I’ve soul, that’s why
I’m repaying his loans. He’s not in town, let him
come, let’s discuss. This is what you’re telling
me every time I come here. What’s your final answer? I want to kill you. Eat well and take rest.
I’ll call you on phone. Go. Why is she going overboard? Why do you get tensed for her?
Shall I kill her? Yes, he’s right, brother. Whatever it may be,
she’s a girl, right? I’ve to think about sentiments. Let my birthday get over,
we’ll think about it. Coming, sir. How are things going on, Anbu?
– Going on fine. Where’s madam?
– Talking on phone outside. Watch out, sir. You’re
losing heavily. I didn’t lose, sir.
– Didn’t lose? Then, what do you call this? I know what you are
thinking, sir. This is not arrogance of money. It’ll not pain you on losing if
you know you’ll win the last. That’s why I’m losing. Though I didn’t get you fully,
I did get something from it. Magnetic power in your eyes
and confidence in your talk. You’re not an ordinary man.
You’re a great man. Why do you say I’m
not ordinary man? You own this big club, you
interact with people like a child. You speak like God and
appear very casual. And very calm too! Infact you’re great! Come, let’s discuss over drinks.
– Come. You’ve variety of cars. You’re
rocking with cars and club. I must tell you the truth, Anbu. I’ve been lying to you till now.
– What are you saying, sir? Can God ever tell lies? Wrong…wrong… it’s
time to tell truth. What are you saying, sir? I don’t own this club or bar. My uncle owns this club and bar. God! Shouldn’t this be false? I don’t know how God would
forgive me for so many lies! No, sir, don’t feel for it. Cars are exquisite. Pandian loves cars so much? Not just Bedford, 407
and Main body vehicles. He many bigger cars than that. Bigger cars? – Yes. What are those cars? Can
I take a test drive? Do you want to see? Sir, this is my
uncle’s luckiest car. He started raising up ladder to own club,
bar and shops after buying this car. That’s why he has locked this
safely from public eyes. He still signs important
documents in this car only. He drives this car and
he cleans it himself. He’ll not allow anyone
to touch it except me. Is this car so lucky to him? This is the place where the
10 cars are parked. Janani, hack all the cameras. He’ll cut the cake at 10, he and
his men would be enjoying party. I’ll unlock the electronic locks
of all the 10 cars. I’ll do it and inform you,
you come to the parking lot. Let’s go to the party inside. Bhaskar and Babu will enter
inside with Bhai’s men. Keep this indicator machines
in hand. Each one of you sit in each car. When people in the party are
intoxicated after drinks. Each of your devices will
get an indication. As soon as you get it,
leave with car. Boss! What about me? You keep playing game on IPad. Tell me, Deva. Plan is ready. Send your men to birthday party.
– Okay, Deva. I’ll send my men but be careful. Pandian is very dangerous man.
– I’ll take care of him. Gold is shining… It is pricking us… Gold is shining… Tamil Nadu is rocking… You bring it and cut the cake… If there’s no one for me,
share it with me… O man, bloat your heart… O man, change your life… Everything loses to money power… Admiring beauty bedecked with jewels… Spending the saved treasure
to savour happiness… The wind is blowing your side… There’s plenty…
heart is very big… You were born on earth to enjoy… Small sky…tiny earth… You were born to win… If your wishes are too big,
pray to live long… If wishes are small,
ask me what they are… It makes you forget everything… Fun and frolic is raising
sound and dust… It is uniting local and foreign… Add little ice cubes
to gulp it down the throat… Last night on Madurai Highway, former MP’s daughter Priya Reddy’s
car met with an accident. Since no body was found near
the accident site… Is she alive or not….
– Get Bhupathi. Police are investigating if it was
accident or an attempt on her. Any details about Priya Reddy case?
– We’re on it, sir. The girl’s body isn’t in car,
then who drove the car? Is the girl alive or not? What are you doing here then?
You’re saying on it and trying. This is MP’s daughter’s case,
special officer is coming from Centre. His inquiry will put you to wall. Go, man. Get coffee, please. No coffee, please. Green tea.
– Okay, sir. I’m handling Priya Reddy’s case. I want to see the accident site. Ilango, go with him and
stay with him till the case is solved. Whatever help he seeks,
do it for him. Let’s go, sir. Which car was involved in the accident? Hyundai Accent, sir. Which model?
– 2015 model, sir. Headlight glasses are old.
– I don’t know, sir. No material must be moved
from here without my order. Time of the accident?
– Night between 11 pm to 12 pm, sir. Is accident report ready? It is ready, sir.
– Where is it? It is in Commissioner’s office, sir. Go to Commissioner’s office
and get the file ready. Where’s the nearest check post?
– About 2 kilometers away, sir. Look here…Andhra… Look there….camera 2…
– What? Greetings, brother.
– Did you find or not? We’re checking, brother. So many are here, yet no use,
what the hell are you doing here? We’re on it, brother. Did you collect the footage?
– Yes, sir. Sir, a new officer from Andhra is here
to inquire Priya Reddy’s case. Whatever matter it may be,
you must inform me immediately.. I’m paying you for it. What are you doing there? Coming, sir… Forward it little. Stop that monitor. Who is he? Bother-in-law, he’s from Coimbatore. Very good man, his name is Thiru. Very rich man.
– Come here. He stole my cars,
you’re praising him as good man. Can’t you judge a man
by his appearance? He entered my place
and stole my cars. Not only that, he showed his
middle finger to me saying he did it. Who is he? I don’t mind spending every
penny I’ve earned till now. He mustn’t leave Madurai
at any cost. Which room she was staying? Collect complete details about Priya. Including CCTV footage.
– Okay, sir. Did you visit this club? No sir, never visited it, sir. Get complete details on this club.
– Okay, sir. Arrange to meet this club’s
owner tomorrow. Yesterday you sent a photo
and asked me to inquire. He’s involved in Priya’s case. I found our club’s visiting card
in Priya’s room. AC is coming tomorrow
to inquire you. Okay. Brother…brother Mani… I want to ask you a thing, boss. He’ll never reform. Boss…
– What’s it, Mani? You pulled off a big heist,
how come you’re so cool without fear? Why? Are you scared, Mani? Scared? I’m getting dreams
of getting run over by car. It is natural for you to get scared,
you’re the kingpin is stealing cars. How can I be? I just took you
in car and brought you back. How can I become kingpin? Is it justified? Do you think you’re not in this game?
– Yes, surely. I never went inside, right? I was playing video game
sitting in car, right? Video game? Think again. All cars are out! Every time you won in the game,
you shouted out, right? Cars zipped past behind you,
what’s the meaning of it? Go, man…disturbing game. Game over! How am I connected to stealing cars? Keep quiet, Mani. You did everything, Mani…
Don’t act innocence now, Mani… I purposely stayed out to avoid
you using me in the theft. Though I was out, did you use me? Brother! I told you to find the car thief, did you? We can find him, brother.
Men are after him. How are you?
How did the party go on? Who are you? You want to know, who am I, right? You asked me, right? Even if you had vanished after stealing me,
I will find and kill you. You wanted to take on me,
that’s why you stole all my cars. If I get hold of you…
– You mad Pandia! Are you worried about losing cars
or documents hidden in your cars? How come you’ve gone silent? What do you want now? I don’t want anything,
give me in cash Rs.100 crores. In new notes, I’ll return you cars
and documents. No….the consequences will be terrible. Return everything and leave this place. Rs.100 crores is not my wish
but payment for your sins. Then, you hired men to kill Priya. I’ve evidence for that also. Tell me now, is it right or wrong
to demand Rs.100 crores? Deal or no deal? Okay….how can I believe you? My sweet little darling! If you don’t
believe me, why did you call me? Where should I deliver the cash? It is inauspicious time now,
so I can’t fix delivery spot. You get the cash ready,
I’ll call you again. Brother, we were searching
for a man, right? I’ve seen his car driver, brother. Is it? Where did you see him?
– In Dindukkal, brother. Don’t leave him, I’m on the way. Come on, boys. It’s been days since I came out. Greetings, sir. Cheque is passed, right? Come in….please come in, sir. Come in, let’s sit and talk. Why did you come to club, sir?
Any problem? Have you seen her? Many people visit club every day,
can’t remember everyone, right? I just asked if you saw her,
why are you getting tensed? No tension, sir…
What’s the problem? I want your club’s CCTV footage. Sure, I’ll send the footage
tomorrow with my staff. Tomorrow? I’ll wait. I’ll wait and take it now. Collected CCTV footage, sir. What’s going on, Dev? Everything is going on fine. Don’t raise my tension,
why did you call Pandian? Why I called Pandian because…
– Did you call him? Ask him, Bhaskar. For the trouble we’re in,
do we need to invite more trouble? Vegetables are same rates
in Dindukkal and Chennai. What do you want… Why are you angry, boss? Tell me, what do you like, Janani? Did I ask you to cook?
I just asked what you like to eat. What’s it, Bhaskar? Coming…okay, go. Hey horse… So, you don’t trust my cooking ability. Just watch how many would come
following the scent of my sambar. Boss, watch out, they’ll come. You’re demanding Rs.100 crores,
moreover talked about Priya also. Tell me, how are you connected
to Priya? Boss, you’re not normal since
you came to Madurai. Yes, you’re not what you were. I can see you going wrong way. There’s nothing for you to suspect me. We came to Madurai to steal
Pandian’s cars from club. But what we saw there was different.
– Different one? Once when I was talking
to Deivakulandai. What I saw then I realized was
life changing incident. I saw Rolls Royce car there. When I sat inside car and
searched to find any document. I realized it was the same
car stolen from us. I found details about Priya there. Deivam was drunk, so he didn’t
observe me taking the documents. Who is it, Deva? Janani, go. Janani, go! Have you come? Why did you rush?
Ingredients are ready for sambar. Go…go…I said go. They’re hiding somewhere here only. Search every nook and corner.
Go, boys. Come….come I say! Sambar is ready.
– Sambar? What are you doing? Bloody rascals! Why did you leave everything? Hey you fool, why are you talking
like smartass? Go, prepare spicy gravy. Spicy gravy? Go away, you fool. Come on…come on, boys… Come. Boss, we planned to steal 10 cars,
why didn’t you steal that car also? We could…we could’ve stolen it. When I had to choose
between life and car, I chose life.
That’s why I didn’t steal that car. Life? Whose life?
– Priya. How did it happen, boss? In club. After seeing our car in club,
I had a doubt. If Pandian stole that car or
someone else had sold it to him. I had a doubt what’s the connection
between Priya and Pandian? What do you want to talk to me?
– I want to talk about Pandian. Pandian was working with my father. After my father’s death,
entire property went to him. I was studying in foreign. If I get any small evidence, I’m waiting to take
legal action against him. Is this evidence enough for you? I planned to steal cars
on Pandian’s birthday. I used Priya as trump card
to raise Pandian’s tension. I asked Priya to threaten him
with police complaint. I was planning to steal Rolls Royce car
also but Deivam blocked my way. What’s this, Anbu? You’re here without
watching program inside. Awaiting important phone call,
so I came out, Deivam. Chicken is going inside angrily. Chicken is going end up
on dining table. What are you saying? Yes, Anbu. I’ll go inside,
finish your call and come in. I’ll come immediately. Where are you now?
– I’ve hit highway from club. Just follow my orders. So, Pandian was responsible
for everything. Then, why wait, boss?
Why not hunt him down totally? We’re not going to hunt him,
we’re going to play with him. That too hot game! But it is not safe for us to stay here. We must shift our location. White horse…
I’m white horse… This Queen of Mangatha
is from Manamadurai… Come on…take on me…
Flatter me with your kisses… Thief…tough guy…
Decipher my youth… Buy betel… You’re a cheat… Taming the bull is beau’s
favourite game… Take on the beauty by its horns… I’m a tiger…
you’re a grasshopper… I’m anti-dote to sleep…
You’re my guest… You’re sweet dish to Cupid…
You don’t need this hard stuff… Shall we play?
– Kabaddi… Shall we play?
– Pipe… Come on….
– Caress me… Come to me… I’m chic to country man…
But I want you…. I don’t want your fake note…
Try your trick on someone else… I’m a fighter at night…
I’m water lorry for your thirst… Show me the way with
your kohl laced eyes…. I’m a girl..
– Magical… Eyes are…
– Charming… What’s up?
– Do what you want to… What else, dear? For the money we’ve, could stay in a
5 or 3 star hotel or at least a lodge. You brought us to this place…
– Brother! Can you get this garage feeling
anywhere else? Come…come in, brother.
Let’s clear it. Infact I must feel for joining you. Have you finished them or not? Hey Pandia! You’re having raw drink
and taking wrong decisions. How decently I talked to you
and fixed a deal. But you sent your goons
and committing mistakes. You tried to finish me, right?
I’ll give you a big jolt. Then, add another 100 to it and
pay Rs.200 crores for your crimes. Rs.200 crores? You’re committing mistake again. Pandia, it is not crime to
commit crime against you. You’re taking on me without
knowing my power. Pandia, I know complete
details about you. But you don’t know who we are! Shall I tell you something
which you too don’t know? Do you remember car with cash was
stolen from your Chennai jewellary shop? We’re those car thieves. Who are you
Who are you? Why are you repeating
the same dialogue? First get ready the cash,
I’ll reveal my identity then. If you raise my tension again,
your final warning would be different. I’ll pay Rs.200 crores
as demanded by you. Like backstabbing, you did
everything behind my back, right? Pandia, I didn’t backstab you,
I punched right on your face. You don’t know the difference
between face and back. If you’re a man,
inform me and then do it. I’ll pay you Rs.200 crores happily. Super! You want to kill me
and have fun, right? If you can’t do it,
then accept you’re eunuch. How do I know what you are! I can understand your pain. Like kings of bygone era used
brigades of horses and elephants, you used cars! I stole your entire fleet of cars. Now, left are Queen Rolls Royce and you. I should’ve stolen Queen on your birthday. But you asked for it, right?
I’m coming. Excellent! Come. Come…come…
I’ll be waiting for you. I’m coming, Pandia. Just 3 days! I’ll enter your fort and
steal your queen. Count and keep Rs.200 crores ready,
I’ll come to pick up my winning gift. What’s it, Mani? You talk about Rs.200 crores
and stealing queen. But Seth too didn’t dare
wake me up in sleep, you did it. Are you an infant not to
wake up from sleep? You went out, that’s why they
chased you to our den. Did I go out? These guys said they were
longing for good food, so I thought of cooing something
good and went out buy vegetables. Tell him, you horse face. I’m very sorry, brother. Where? Confirm? Brother! I told you, right?
He’s that car mechanic. He’s Pandian sir, right? Do you know about cars? I know everything about cars
from Fiat to Ferrari, sir. Do you know about this car? Did you call me this far
to ask this question? He has done it. Open the car.
– Give me the keys. If we’ve the keys,
why would we call you? Should I’ve to use crowbar to open it? Open it without key? Enough of cleaning it, open it, man. Move little. Shouldn’t I see it? What did you study?
– Fifth class. Then, you can see. Brother, he opened it! Brother-in-law, he seems to
be damn good worker. Sir, I’ve opened the car as you wanted. Service charge for opening it
with tax is Rs.3750. If you pay, I’ll go. You opened the car without key,
are you a robber? I’m an engineer, not a thief. Moreover I belong to
a respectable family. If you steal this car,
I’ll pay you Rs.10 crores. Rs.10 crores? I’ll pay. When should I steal it? You talked as if you’re honest man. Money can buy honesty of any man, sir. If someone pays him in plenty,
he can also kill you. I said just for fun. You must steal it right now. All of you turn back
and close your eyes. I’ll steal it. Hey, come here. Why are you hitting me, sir? You must go out and
come like a thief and steal it. Would anyone pay you
Rs.10 crores just like that? Never robbed earlier,
I’ll try. Ask our men to go out.
– All of you go out. What’s this, brother-in-law? You’re paying Rs.10 crores
for Rs.6 crore worth car. Shut your gob! You’re letting me go out,
what if I run away? You’ll run for some distance only. Then?
– You’ll not have legs to run. Two men are waiting outside.
– Okay. You’ve given employment to many. Go, man. Give me 15 minutes,
I’ll do warm up exercise. I’ll kill you, go! He mustn’t go anywhere near the car,
if he does, hack him, boys! He’s here, hack him, boys! Dare to take on me! Brother, he paid Rs.150
to break the tight door. If you ask the crowd outside
to clear out. I’ll take out the car. How is it? You’re an expert. How is my talent?
Sir, know one thing clearly. Instead of having brainless 30 henchmen,
one smart man like me is better. You’re talking too much. You’re useless but raising voice. Shut up. Brother! A man has thrown challenge
to lift this car. How can one man lift this car, sir?
It is too heavy, right? I mean steal…okay. If you give an idea to stop him,
from stealing this car. I’ll pay you Rs.10 crores. First you promised to pay me
Rs.10 crores for stealing it. Now you say you’ll pay Rs.10 crores
to stop someone else from stealing it. What exactly you want me to do now? Shut up and do what he says!
You want money, right? What do you want now?
– I want hot tea, I’m tired, sir. This house must come under
my control from tomorrow. Everything must go on as I say. If it happens, I’ll make sure
this car is not stolen. Take control. But accomplish the job.
– What if I fail? You’re dead. Is that the meaning of your laugh? I and Pandian were working for MP. Pandian looked after
business interests of MP. MP had drinking habit. Pandian loved cars. Greetings, sir. I bought a new car, sir. I brought it here to show you first. What’s the price of the car, Pandi? Rs.60 lakhs all inclusive, sir. I settled it in one payment, sir. You were struggling for Rs.500 or
1000 when you worked for me. Now, you own Rs.60 lakh luxury car. I don’t get you, sir. Do you’ve sense? Already Income Tax and Economic
Offences wings are after me. You’re working for me,
if you buy Rs.60 lakh worth car. Won’t I get caught? Keep the car inside the garage. I’m going to registrar’s office,
you too come there. Not in car or bus,
walk your way to office. Only then you’ll understand it. Suspecting Pandian’s intentions,
MP started to look after work personally. Meet me at home after 2 days. Bring all the property documents
that are registered on your name. I want to talk to you alone. I stole that car on Pandian’s orders. To keep us from the blame. I escaped without the knowledge of MP
by bribing Ahmedabad police. Sir, take it. The documents you asked. Are you angry on me
for confiscating car? No…no….nothing like that, sir. I know whatever you do
it is for my welfare only, sir. All documents are in it, right?
– All documents are there, sir. Bloody betrayer!
How dare you try to steal my car! I’ll show you my power. Boys, close the door. How dare you attack me! Come, Dileep.
You walked in at right time. He stole the car from us.
Car documents are here. What’s this, Dileep?
Did you leave car delivery copy in car? Look, how tensed sir is! Keep the documents safely in car. You too!? Shall I stab him, brother?
– Wait…wait… Don’t stab him to death instantly. Subba Reddy loves liquor. Let him die having his drink. One last parting shot. If you wish to keep someone
as your worker for lifetime. This will be the result. Dileep has been arrested, sir. He got caught! I must inform this to brother Pandian! Give me your phone. Give me your phone.
– No, sir. No balance?
– No sir…there is, sir. Do you’ve or not?
– I have, sir. You have it, right? Give me.
Give me. Get them all into vehicle.
– Okay, sir. Come… Come here.
– Come? I’m calling you, come here. He’s overdoing things. How many henchmen are with us? 2, 4, 6…13! 13? 13 men are not enough for this
palatial bungalow and this car. Get another 20 men.
– What? 20 men? All are here. Not a fly, sheep, dog, fox or man
must enter the premises. If they want to enter,
they must get my permission. I’m the boss of this gang,
only my orders must be followed. I’ll go away. Say okay, boys. That’s it! Among the 30, 10 outside the gate,
10 inside the gate, 3 on terrace,
one man each for car wheels, one on the car
and one below the car, totally how many?
– 37! Now I know why you’re a henchman?
Totally 29 men! What about the one man left? It is you, stay with me. Everyone must be alert
like soldier on border. What if anyone dozes off at night? You can resign as henchman
and join as security watchman! Stay awake and
do your work, you fool! Go, stand in your designated places. Super idea! If we cut power to entire area,
we can steal the car. Are you still planning?
It is dark now. Do you’ve power cuts here?
– We do. Mustn’t have any power cut. Shall I talk to people in Kudankulam? I didn’t expect so much
sense from you. But it is very long process. Buy a genset instead of that. I didn’t get you. Darkness is very helpful for robbing. Is that the meaning? What else can we do? Shall we enter through drainage? Brother, come here. Come…bend down… XXX….vest size. That is also tight. Think according to your size
or else you’ll get stuck. Inside drainage. Close all drains in house. Shut down bathrooms and toilets. If possible don’t use it for 3 days. Stink will be unbearable.
– He’ll steal the car. Damn fate! Shall we hack CCTV? How CCTV cameras are there
inside and outside the home? 10 cameras. Not enough.
– Let’s install 11. If you like talk a fool,
I’ll kill you. Different. Madam will not get down to work,
she’ll work sitting in one place. If you touch the vehicle,
SMS message will reach his mobile. Shall I steal mobile phone, madam? You’re aiming to steal phone only. Tell your boss to keep his
phone on always. If possible tell him to keep
2 extra batteries. Why? If he unlocks the car,
he’ll get message. That’s all?
– There’s more. I’ve drained petrol from car. If possible shut down the near by
petrol bunk for couple of days. Why? Car will start if there’s petrol, you fool. Brother, buy 10 litres petrol for safety.
– Why? To douse ourselves and immolate.
– Do it first, boys. I’ll die first. There will be at least 20 to
30 men around his house. Whatever idea we’re getting, it is
possible then can think better than us. What shall we do? They were thieves till now,
they’re getting into terrorism. Don’t know what they’re up to! Gun is in different design. What are they going to do with it? Give it, boss. No problem, give it, boss. I think he’ll not come, brother-in-law. Just 5 minutes only remain
for his deadline. Would he have got scared? Uncle! Can he dare fight us?
That’s why he backed off. Where are you guys? They’re here….catch them, boys! Catch them! Catch them! What’s this smoke, brother-in-law?
– Uncle…uncle… What’s going on here? Call him! Brother-in-law, he’s not answering. Why is he not answering?
Call him again. What happened?
– I think he’s driving, brother-in-law. Call him again. If he’s not answering your call,
why are you taking my life? He’ll not come. Brother-in-law, he’s here. Are you fine, Deivam? Is money ready, Pandia? Where are my stolen cars
and documents? I can’t hear you. Where are the documents?
– I don’t get you. You asked something big first. I feel you’ve come to smaller things now. Tell me correctly, Pandia. Go, man. He’s asking where
the stolen 10 cars are. Don’t say you didn’t get
or you don’t know, Anbu. He’ll thrash me. Documents are in car,
cars are coming. Will you ask Pandian
to pay money as decided? It seems documents are in car.
– I heard it clearly. Who are you? What’s the problem between
you and me? You were thinking who am I and
why am I doing this for a week, right? A year ago we too were thinking
just like this for what you did to us. At least you know
we’re responsible for this. But we came to know just 10 days ago
that you’re ruined our lives. We came to Madurai
to steal your cars. But after coming here, we came to
know it was you who we must kill! So, you didn’t do it for money.
You did it for revenge. Can give up money
but never give up revenge. What’s it? Kill him, boys! Bhaskar, get into the car. Are you all here to watch fun?
Kill him, boys! No use in trusting them. Brother-in-law….brother-in-law… What do you want?
See what he wants! Come here. Who are you guys? All are down. Why are you watching fun?
Kill the man sitting inside the car. Go quickly, boys. Brother-in-law….
– How much money! Brother, get up….
– Is it original? Fainting every now and then.
– Never seen so much money in life. All are original notes.
Get up, brother. You’re fainting on seeing money. Come, brother. You thought hand that holds spanner
won’t pick up knife, right? Pandia, I stole your queen
right before your eyes. Watch, now I’ll steal your money
right before your eyes. Look there!
– Look! Look here! Catch! Stop, please… Hello Thiru! Your show is over! Come, sir. You came at right time. Arrest him, sir. He killed Priya and stole my cars,
arrest him, sir. Look at him, sir. I asked him, why did he stole my cars,
look, how he thrashed me and my men. Where are you going, man?
– Gong for leak. If I hit, you take a leak here. Pandia, I wanted to tell who am I
and then put end card. You’re too hasty, Pandia. You can take on good, bad
or power men. If you want to take on intelligent man,
you’ve to think twice. If not we’ll lose everything. I’ll not spare you.
– Go…go… Would you like to go
with Pandian, Ilango? No, I don’t want, sir. Don’t want to go with him?
– No, sir….no, sir… Try to be honest.
– Okay, sir. Go. Go…go..I said go, man. No case on you. You returned the stolen cars. Likewise if you reform
and live honestly. I may not have come again for you. Sir, we want to live as good citizens. But nobody knows when, how
and why fate changes lives! Everything is in the hands of God. Queen is yours. Your father bought it as
your birthday gift. It deserves be with you.

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