Both parties don’t care about the national debt: Kennedy


  • Outlaw burrowing

  • America has no debt problem because its army is stronger than the creditor nations all combined

  • Owed to the fed reserve .ppl think we owe other

  • Yet they passed a trillion dollar tax cut!!

  • They dont care because they know its already broken beyond repair. All we can do at this point is to manage the monetary collapse to minimize the pain.

  • *neither party cares.

  • Get rid of the federal reserve, criminals collecting money for nothing

  • Deep Socialist State leeches who could not survive without capitalism spending $3 trillion a year now. How much can we save cutting Congressional staffs and unnecessary agency unelecteds? $2 triilion could be cut…

  • That debt is not ours. The bankers created that debt with the first dollar we took out and they charged us with overdraft charges. They bankrupted our country and took all of our gold and this is the end result. GET RID OF ALL OF THE BANKERS BESIDES THE ROTHSCHILDS AND BACK INTO THE CONTROL OF WE THE AMERICAN SOVEREIGN PEOPLE.

  • The money is all going to the immigrants at the border thanks to the Dems. Now they claim they have a plan to improve the living conditions for children and families. Where is that money coming from. Don't blame Trump if taxes go up, call your democratic representative or senator.

  • Sorry I disagree our President Trump care for our Debts more than the Democratic . Dem want Bigger Government . Under Obama the Dem did nothing about the Debts .

  • I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime.

  • Fox is finally coming to its senses

  • Democrats are pushing slavery reparations. That's why they don't care. I'm not paying a dime for that scam.


  • both parties don't care about the Constitution, or honoring their oath. Or America for that matter!!!

  • With depth??… they own the dollar machine & have a lots of paper, why worrie.

  • Step 1) Throw out illegal aliens who suck us dry from bloated welfare programs and stealing entry level and trade jobs.
    Step 2) With blood suckers gone, more jobs will be available with all jobs having an increased wage with importance and availability. Further diminishing the welfare state.
    Step 3) US Citizens will have more of their own money meaning living more prosperous lives with more homegrown children and families.
    Fin) National Debt is gone.


  • The national debt stopped mattering after qe ditched the gold standard.

    Now? Taxes matter.


    Not in a FIAT Currency!

    We print money like its NOTHING!

    Problem Is? We don't tax anymore, and thats gonna make the dollar fall off a cliff one day.

  • Debt worries. .That flew away in the Late 1960's. .

  • This what I look at when voting.. where our money would go. And it's pretty sad to say Trump is still the most logical of all the candidates. I really hope we get an awesome president one day but these past years give me almost 0 hope in that.

  • We need another TEA Party movement

  • Dems are trying to bankrupt us for their globalist masters. Reps know the economy is about to collapse and the fed will be blamed as we go back to gold based system so our debt doesn't matter. The global central banks are about to go down. Why not waste more of their money before destroying them?

  • Would like to see a guest shot with Kennedy and Gutfield.

  • How can you care about the debt when there is a mile long list of other issues? If you have over a million Mexican refugees at our boarder, Iran blowing up boats, a more torn country then ever before, and a trade war over stolen intellectual properties the budget cannot be fixed until the causes of the bad budget are… I'm not even a smart person and I know that. I think it's time we get away from the American royalty family they are out of touch.

  • First things first dumbass. We are fighting for the life of the nation

  • Do your G. D. research, whining POS ! Use your butt for something other than a head holder ! CNN wanna be's.

  • The Dirty Little Secret is the debt is owed to the cabal. Guess what I just learned some huge actual history and now I know who the debt is owed to. The three cabal family families but guess what these three families will fall and we will take back our country we will be free again and not slaves to this debt which is the cabal anymore. I don't owe this debt you don't owe this debt the cabal owes this debt. This was created for war plain and simple and so they the Enemy of the American people can control u. To keep in debt your whole life. But God Jesus promise this better than that he promised us freedom he promised to Salvation through his words we are healed. And he will wipe out this debt all at one time. So I'm not worried you should be worried either the Lord has got this and so does Trump Amen!!!

  • You can’t cut taxes without cutting spending or debt is ur result

  • Are trying to collapse the republic?

  • Usa go crazy spendthrift.

  • This is one of the reason why I'm supporting Howard Schulrz independent run for president; to address the $22 trillion national debt.

  • If we all chose to stop paying taxes on, say, 8-9-20, and we wouldn't pay them until this issue was resolved, betcha that spending problem gets dealt with REAL quick.

    One way or another.

  • I would not say we do not need tanks and flying machines seeing it is at the forefront of our defense/offense strategy. But what I really do not understand is congress is in debt, they set a bad example for those for the public which then they also do. Then 10/15 years down the pipeline yes, we will have another bank revolution when people will not pay back what they owe and yes, the stupid government will bail out the banks again. It is all a cycle

  • Party is above the country & people.

  • I remember during the Obama years republicans were railing about the debt while democrats ramped up on spending. Republicans were also warning about how much Obama Care would add to the debt. After Trump was elected the first fiscal budget that got passed almost appeared like democrats created the entire budget. Even Chuck Schumer praised the budget but said it needed to be even more. So if there is one thing democrats and republicans have in common it's spending.

  • Funny how democrats don't hammer Trump on the debt. They just want the money spent on other things instead of border security, the military, and law enforcement agencies. Anything that helps keep our cities safe and our country secure is a waste of money to democrats. If democrats were in power, spending would be tripled. Free college, debt forgiveness, free housing, free healthcare, etc.etc……..

  • Fisical misconduct.

  • Only ONE solution to the problem: massive inflation, which will hurt especially the lower and mid incomes.

  • Boy! Ya got that right K. Nobody in DC cares about America, except for the POTUS.

  • In 2016, Campaigner Donald Trump said their were 30 million unemployed American
    citizens and Harvard study said 20 million illegal aliens. If we could put those 50
    million to work, we could pay off the debt very quickly. If Trump's tariffs completely
    cut off trade with China, we could put 50 million people to work in America.

  • Fox is calling it a healthcare scam now lol

  • Don't get hung up on the left-right paradigm. It's totalitarianism[1,2]. Consider a decentralized form of Edgar Feige's 0.3% flat tax[3,4] on the broad $4 quadrillion liquidity flows tax base[5,6] instead of the double-digit income tax[7] on the narrower subset of the $10 trillion liquidity flows tax base[8] and the average 6% sales tax plus the 10% capital gains tax, excise taxes, subsidies and tariffs. A decentralized APT tax reform increases liquidity on main street for households and productive businesses, i.e. higher money velocity[9]. These lower taxes raise net wages, net profits and enables lower priced goods, services and exports. Apportion these tax revenues to local governments and legislate appropriations upwardly to state and federal governments so local constituencies, through their locally elected representatives, have more of a say how their tax dollars are spent. Enable your local government to retain funding to reduce property taxes, reduce education taxes, and reduce reliance on politically conditional state and federal funding.
    Set up a sinking fund to reduce the debt on the fiscal side of the house.

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  • The Federal blank check won't stop till total collapse. The only solution
    is to get your pitchforks and storm the capitol. Pin your name to your shirt
    so they'll know where to send to body after you're shot 35 times in the back.

  • President Trump has a plan. Silver and gold. Silver and gold.

  • The fools in office don't realize that if OUR Nation falls apart, THEY will be the ones WE hunt down & dish out justice on & it won't be lock up. Something they might want to think about, real seriously.

  • Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Thomas Massie & Justin Amash are 4 of the very few who actually talk the talk when it comes to the national debt & yearly fiscal deficits.

    PS the biggest spending items are 1) Social Security 2) Pentagon (+OCO) base budget 3) Medicare (soon to be #2) 4) Interest Payments on the debt

  • I predict that one of the political parties will some day place debt repudiation in their party plank. Future generations don't have an obligation to pay our debts. Some day, a U.S. Savings Bond may be worth pennies on the dollar, and justice will be served.

  • FYI – All the increased revenue from the expanded tax base from Reagan's tax cuts didn't start coming in until his second term. Same apples to Trump. It will start going down. Always a scare tactic of the insane left so they can raise your taxes.

  • Why doesn’t Congress just care about the people in America? They are supposed the represent the people in Their district, right? Hypocrisy is what is running rampant in Washington. The sad thing is, we elected to keep them doing the same thing. This is the best example of selfishness. I give you something to keep me in office and someone else will pay for it. Shameful, these are supposed to be smart people, I’m sure they don’t have a debt of their own like this.

  • The US population has almost doubled since 1960[1]. The civilian work force[2] has more than doubled since 1960 and the civilian work force participation rate[3] is relatively stable. Unemployment[4] is leveling off and median household incomes[5] are relatively stagnant. The lack of wage growth to keep up with inflation in housing costs[6,7], college cost of attendance[8] and transportation[9] are major drivers of consumer debt for the current working generation. Global competition in productivity for real goods & services is one likely cause for slowing wage growth and increasing debt/gdp[10]. The need for increased automation[11] in the US to increase productivity may likely drive down demand for lower skilled jobs in the near future.

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