Budak Tebing (2020) | Episod 3

I may look like this,
but I don’t do drugs. Nonsense. Who are you? Did you run away from home?
-I’m Ira. Munirah.
Do you live here? Take your things and
go back to your house. People are desperate
for a home these days. But you ran away from yours. Go home. The battery’s dead. You again. What are you doing here?
Leave. If JAIS came and saw us
here last night,… …what would’ve happened? We’d have to get married.
Do you want that? You do?!
-No. I think you’re crazy.
Are you crazy? Do you think I’m joking? Leave, now. What?! My bag. I don’t have a home,
just like you. It was dark last night.
There were dogs about. I was scared. Thanks for not doing
anything to me. Do you want to eat? Drop the act. What’s the point?
There’s no customer. You’re wasting cucumbers. You shouldn’t sell on Sunday
if there’s no customer. You haven’t had enough rest.
-What are you talking about?! We usually have plenty of
customers of Sunday. But there’s no one here now
because you’re here. She’s right. Sundays
are usually crowded. Why did you call me?
-Go to the shop. I’ve written it all down.
-I don’t know what to buy. Just give the person
that list! You go. What’s your problem? Go!
Just give them the list! I’ll go with you.
-No! Let him go alone. Go, now! Or I won’t give
you money for top-up. I’ll be going then. No need to help him. He has
to learn how to be independent. Would you like some nasi lemak?
-Two packets. Any side dishes?
-No. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Is that enough? Order whatever you want.
Rice, or fried noodles. It’s okay. My mother
taught me that… …I shouldn’t order more than
the person who’s treating me. You’re not eating either.
-I don’t eat breakfast. It gives me a tummy ache.
I’ll make up for it during lunch. Go ahead and order.
I know you’re hungry. Don’t be shy. Are you sure? -Just go.
I’m never stingy about food. I know that food is rizq
that comes from Allah. If we’re stingy, Allah
might be stingy with us. Go on. Can I have briyani rice?
-Yes. But don’t exceed RM20.
That’s all I have. Thanks. Aunty Laila! What are you looking for?
-The house key. Why do you have it? Your parents told me
to keep it. If you want to go out,
you must tell them first. I’m not a bird, to be
caged in this house. My parents are on
a flight right now! Where are you going?
-To feed my furry kids. Furry kids?
What are those? Where are you going?
No! You’re so cute. Stay here. Who are you? I’m Ira. You? Laura. Where’s Tongki?
-He’s working. Is this your cat? What are you doing here? Just hanging out. Is the boss here?
-Yes. Where is he?
-Over there. Peace be upon you. Is there a job vacancy here? Where did you last work at? Actually, I just
left Henry Gurney. Sorry, all the jobs
are occupied. You should come back
next time. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. What did he want?
-A job. Did he get it? Are you crazy? A boy with
that ‘qualification’? No way. I thought you were desperate
for a cleaner. He seems okay. Come here. He’s a former
Henry Gurney kid. What if I told you that
he’s actually…. He’s actually? If you’re lazy,
you’ll never find it. Don’t give excuses. I’ve searched.
They didn’t have it. If I go to town,
you’ll complain. Your clothes are folded.
Arrange them nicely. You shouldn’t change
clothes every single day! It’s tiring to wash them. Going to the shop?
-Do you want more top-up? That’s all you ever ask for.
But you’re too lazy to help out. Fine!
-Where are you going? The riverbank. How much do you need?
RM5 or RM10? RM10.
-Lock the door. Lock the door, Yoyol!
-Okay. You blackmailed Mak? Blackmail? Mak forces me to stay
at home like a young lady! I can’t even meet
my friends,… …because
“riverbank kids are bad”. Did you hear that?
This is all because of you. If you weren’t arrested,
no one would think… …that the riverbank
kids are bad. Who’s this? Tongki’s wife?
-I guess so. She’s diligently
tidying up the house. But it’s a pity that the
house doesn’t have walls. Next time, find
a richer husband. Do some research.
Don’t just marry a guy. That’s right.
You’re brilliant. If she was on Bersamamu,
the viewers would love her. That’s true. Let me settle this. Don’t sit so far.
I just want to be friends. My name is Talam.
Let’s shake hands. What are you doing?! I didn’t do anything.
Should I come nearer? Why are you still here? Our hero has arrived.
-I’m talking to you nicely. Before I smash your head in,
I want you to leave. Did you hear that?
He’s threatening us. Have you forgotten what
happened to your friend? He forgot. He ran away!
He’s a coward! He ran away? Why are you running away?! Who are you? Is this your home? I was born here. When will you pay me? You’re
supposed to pay every month! Be patient.
-I can’t be patient forever. Okay, I want your daughter! Open up! What’s wrong? Who is that? Tell me…. Who’s out there? You have to go.
-Tell me why. This place is dangerous.
You must go! I don’t know where else to go.
-Why did you come back?! Tell me. Why can’t I stay
with you? -Who is this? My friend. Just let me stay with you.
-Please take my daughter away. No, I’m not going anywhere.
-I trust you. Take her away. Tell me. What’s the problem?
-Please take her away. I trust you. Please.
This place is dangerous! I don’t know where to go.
-Don’t be stubborn. Just do it! Please take her.
-Wait. Who are those men? They’re staring at us.
-Who are they? Ira, run!
Please take her away. Go! Where’s your father? I don’t even know
who my father is. Seriously? I’ll just stay with you. Where? Here? Do you think this is
some kind of shelter? The problem is that
you’re a girl. Your mother gave you money.
It’s enough for you… …to rent a room
for a few weeks. Go somewhere else.
You can’t stay here with me. Wait. I pity you. I can help you.
But you can’t stay here. So, what should I do? I pity her. If you don’t help her, she’ll
be abused by her stepfather. Why don’t you help
yourself first? Have pity on yourself. If you can’t help, it’s okay.
Thank you. -Tongki. I’ll help,
but on one condition. Can’t you sit down when you
drink? Where are your manners? Arif did kill Kodi. Everyone thinks that small
children don’t lie. But Yoyol is different.
You know what he’s like. Why did you run away?
Where did you go? I couldn’t face the police
and everyone else. Let them find out from
other people, but not me. I loved him. No matter how bad
he is, he’s still my friend. He’s also your
first love, right? Can we stop talking about
Arif and Kodi for a while? Let’s just forget
about the past. Our friendship has changed. What’s this? Rent money.
-No, keep your money. I can’t stay for free.
Take it. No, I’m okay. Don’t worry. What’s the matter? What if your parents come back?
-They won’t care. You don’t have to worry.
I’ll talk to them. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. Be patient.
You know what Mak is like. She’ll be okay. I don’t like it
when she nags too. But trust me.
When you have a job,… …when you give her money,
she’ll be quiet. Watch your mouth! What’s the problem? Don’t you think that would
hurt her feelings? If we make her cry a
single tear, as her children,… …we’ll never go to Heaven.
-Look who’s talking. You’ve hurt her
so many times. She has cried a lot of tears
because of you. You had to go in there.
Who told you to confess? I’m not a fool. I wanted….
-To protect Tongki? I’ve tried my best
to defend you. But you just wanted
to protect Tongki. Now, we’re all struggling.
Maybe Tongki’s having… …a great time out there.
Think about it. Why be friends with
someone like him? Come here! Yes, you. Come here! Have you found a job yet? One of my workers
have disappeared. Do you want to work here?
-Yes. You can start right now.
-Now? Sure. What’s your name?
-Arif. Arif is working here now.
Show him the ropes. Get a uniform for him. If he bullies you, tell me.
-Okay. Now, go. -Thank you.
-You’re welcome. There’s a sofa now? This is great! It’s soft. Good. The line is fast. How was school today? Did you give your teacher
the money? -Yes. We only have curry puffs. That’s all? Did Kak Nab make these?
-Yes. No, they’re not good at all.
You shouldn’t sell these. I’m doing her a favour.
What do you want to eat? There’s no more nasi lemak. You have to do your homework.
-Of course. I’ll be going now.
Peace be upon you. Don’t vape.
-No, Mak. My car key…. Laura. Do you think I killed Kodi? Arif did kill Kodi. Can’t we stop talking
about Arif and Kodi? Let’s just forget
about the past. Our friendship has changed. Yoyol, get some
pandan leaves for me. What are you doing?
Give it back! It’ll make you go deaf.
-They’re my ears, not yours. Mak has been calling you! What’s the commotion? He grabbed my phone
and called me deaf. You know I’m right. What’s the problem? This is expensive.
Where’d you get the money? I gave it to him. He helped
me during the holidays. Mind your own business! These things are addicting.
What if he fails his exams? Save the money, so he doesn’t
have to rely on a student loan. Don’t lecture me. Do you want
him to go to the riverbank… …and mix with
those bad kids? And then he’ll sniff glue
and become like you! I made mistakes
when I raised you. That’s why all this happened.
I won’t let it happen again. Don’t be like your father,
lecturing people about… …everything when he
himself is worthless! How many leaves do you want?
-I’ll get it myself! See? It’s that simple.
I can keep playing now. Mak!
-What are you doing?! It’s nothing. How childish. What’s the matter? What is this for? Don’t stay there.
-Why not?! Are you ashamed to have
a homeless friend? No, I mean, you should
rent a house or something. You gave me money
for rent? Let me be homeless,
but I have my dignity. I don’t need a woman’s money.
Use it to feed your cats. That isn’t dignity,
but ego! Why does he like to stay there?
There’s nothing there! Why are all the men
in my life so arrogant?! Are you okay?
-Don’t bother me! Sit here with me. Give it back!
It’s the only thing I have! You pawned my necklace.
That’s all I have left. The necklace was only
worth a few hundred! Give it back!
-I can sell this bag. It’s just a cheap bag.
-It doesn’t matter! I want it back.
-Let go, or I’ll kick you! Don’t be like your father.
Don’t take a woman’s money. A man is supposed to provide
for his wife. Don’t be like him. You must uphold your dignity. What’s the matter?
Did I do something wrong? No. I should thank Tongki
for bringing you here. Why are you upset? I gave him money.
Why won’t he just take it? What’s the money for?
-For, whatever. He can’t stay under
the bridge forever. I told him to rent a place,
but he won’t listen! I don’t get it!
-Is that it? Just relax. When I see
Tongki, I’ll explain. Maybe he was in a bad mood
just now. Who knows? Isn’t it boring here?
-A little. Let’s go shopping.
-No, I don’t have any money. Don’t worry about money.
You don’t have any clothes. Are you sure?
-Yes. Let’s go. My bag! Hold on. Boss. Hello. What?!


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