Build A House In 2 HOURS?? FOLDABLE Modular Homes


  • Is This Going To Be How Homes Are Built? Comment, What You Think. 🔴Looking For Other Homes That Deliver From AMAZON? Watch This➡️

  • Never forget, you get what you pay for. How strong can something like this be? How long will something like this hold up years from now? Also remember the bigger costs comes with the foundation and the electrical and plumbing work. Never cut corners in those three things.

  • so approx. 500,000 homless . these homes are 50,000 loaded. 25 billion add another 10 for utilities/land to connect all in 35-40 billion to get even off the street. and this is just 1 solution. America doesnt have the will to get ppl off the street. Too much money to keep them there.

  • Yuck. Houses for techies.

  • If we can get these built in Tiny home fashions we can almost solve the homeless crisis.
    At around $10,000 -$15,000 per person, that would save the state millions!

  • I really love these! I live in low income housing and this is larger than my current apartment and looks better made. The price per month would make it the same as my rent. If I could buy a bit of land and get it ready I would have everything I need. I have been looking at tiny homes for a long time. The main problem I have with them is the loft. I can't crawl around on the floor to get to bed and if the bed is down stairs then you usually have to be an acrobat to put the sheets on. I am not even certain that I could climb a ladder. The cost of may of them is also way to high for me.

  • The Elite hold back innovation and technology. They need to profit from the systems they have in place.

  • Structurally is it stronger then normal house build?

  • Yes, these will start becoming the new normal. Plus the ability to add 2nd floor, make condos or apartments too. It can be personalized. From 375 sq' to 1000 to 1800? Adding a pitched roof with the correct material would allow solar panels too. Don't forget the backup battery for future outages. Offering off grid options would be great too; nature's head toilet, water capture and solar roof

  • The remaining trees vote for this.

  • Boxabl INVESTORS obviously do. Wouldn't have invested unless they were in the know of what's to come. Media hype backing them too

  • I definitely need one of this home…the cost of traditional homes in Canada is outrageous.. this house is far more better than someone living in a condo and paying too much rent for a small space….I hope they have office in Canada…

  • Thank you, I hope to get one for my 87 yr. Mother, she has never owned her very own home.

  • Makes me wonder how that would work in an earthquake or tornado, guess collapse on you

  • I think this might help cities for homeless people.

  • Do they work with buyers in Honolulu Hawaii?

  • Which states are these allowed?

  • What is there stock symbol?

  • modular

  • I can see this succeeding. The price is right. Lots of companies make things, and it's totally unaffordable. $50,000 is a fair price.

  • Boxabl looks pretty cool and at 50 thousand I'm sure plus not bad for those that can't afford regular price . we all would like to live in a nice place even if your income isn't the best . I really enjoyed this video and thank you for presenting it to all of us . Peace


  • Is this available to the elderly, or fixed incomer ?

  • So amazing we need this

  • Finally, a house that is more than affordable. And you can add sections without being in dept forever. I am saving now.. Hopefully they can ship to NC in a couple of years. Great video.. Thank you

  • I just wish we could get this in Spain! Great idea and good price!

  • I want this!!! Canada please??

  • What is the cost?

  • The Mods a cool. But that stick built is much much more luxurious

  • Can you and will you make housing for the homeless there are so many people that are in need of homes

  • Modular housing has been around for a long time. From the Sears kit homes at the beginning of the 1900's. In the 1950's there were many modular component homes built.
    Several neighborhoods in Denver were built with this panel type system in the early 1950's.
    In the 1970's there was a complex of modular concrete box units stacked for housing Habitat 67 in Canada in 1967, still standing. And a very desirable area.
    In the 1980's in Colorado an entire neighborhood called Trendwood and Frankline Sauare were modular homes built in an onsite factory that became the Westminter Sports Center.
    So this is not a new concept.
    Except that over the many years this has been thought of it was considered cheap not desirable housing.
    Maybe because of execution and materials.
    But it now has a bad reputation.
    Going to be hard to overcome.

  • very interesting… hope it takes off.

  • I would definitely save up to buy one of these and then scream DOWN WITH 30 YEAR MORTGAGES at the top of my lungs😆

  • Awesome

  • What builder is going to do this for you? what are the complications of land, sewer, water, cable, elec? etc. if you find a builder to do it, then what is the cost of completing your home? none of this seems simple or reasonable.

  • Would this meet the codes for Florida?

  • Been looking for years how to get something inexpensive for my 65 year old mom to replace a rotted mobile home, wonder if it's approved in GA.

  • Love the concept

  • Are these the ones that FEMA gets and the walls are made of asbestos? Or were those made in China?

  • I do not think they would withstand 150/250 mile an hour hurricanes or tornados

  • As an Architect for 50 years, this has been under discussion for my entire career. Spend many long group discussions with my fellow archite turek students in the late 60's. Had projects in college to design this modular type of housing. However once getting into practice in the real world, almost no one that consulted an architect showed an appreciation for this concept including most builders. As the builders had a hard time selling this concept to middle income clients. And lower income clients are dependent on government programs. After the Habitat 67 project most governments did not have much interest. Government iterest today seems to be mostly for housing for the homeless population. This is going to be a hard sell for anything more than starter homes and smaller homes.

  • I love this concept but would love it if they could put this into a tiny home form! Put it on a motorized system to unfold. The customer would need to carry supports like cynder blocks for the half that unfolds.

  • Life is way too complicated and death is so much more easy!

  • This could change the residential construction business in a great but scary way. UBI should be discussed more seriously if things like this come to pass. A LOT of skilled tradesmen will be out of a job!!!

  • That is Awesome!!

  • Most of the modular homes I've seen have been crap compared to a stick built home. I've even seen baseboards in 'factory' built homes where the baseboard was basically cardboard with paper wood print design on it. The cabinets were absolute junk, press-board with a thin wood veneer – even seen some where the cabinet drawers were stapled together rather than dove tailed joints…etc. Carpet…ditto.. I sold carpet for 20+ years and I could tell the pad and the carpet in those homes were base grade and in a few of those homes… they even kicked out the carpet pad and carpet at the factory then built the walls on top of the carpet!

    I think I would rather have an older stick built home than 99.9 percent of the factory stuff that is being built out there. And just to be fair, yes, I've seen some shoddy stick built too, but most of what I've seen and lived in have been solid homes built with quality materials.

  • With the change in the climate and the weather lately, I need a basement foundation. It's a must now in my area. We now have tornado warnings 10 out of 12 months of the year. Smh. Would these homes attach to a basement foundation?

  • I need this I live on my own property but it's a mobile home tract I have a mobile home on it but its tiny and would love to add additional living space in the back yard for my family the biggest problem is getting homes to the site as it goes up to mountains by a lake this would make it so much easier

  • 1st bed in a bag now house in a box huh

  • 🤮

  • These houses are such a great idea!! I can see them becoming really popular!!

  • We have to see in future w demand and production.

  • 30 min or free

  • This is a great idea and I think they will get a nice percentage of new buildings. May take a few years but with downsizing, the tiny home movement, off grid, homesteading, etc., it can grab a good market share.

  • Make a unit that is half the size of your "standard" model. Some folks don't "need" all that space.
    Being modular in form factor, increasing the size of the house would not be an issue.

  • Because of ancient laws regarding square footage based on having a wood burning oven or heating system, you can't build this in Ontario. Even with the homeless crisis, the housing crisis and the giant welfare issue.

  • This is cool but I just bought a condo 😅 also me personally idk anything about permits or finding trusted ppl to make sure my water and plumbing is done correctly or building a proper foundation for my house to sit on I think this where they may have issues cause those are things I don’t want to deal with although my condo is being built I’m learning slot as I go that I may be ready to build my next house only issue for me is I want a chefs kitchen with PROPER good ventilation and I don’t think I could get that with this as of now …

  • Modular homes is the wave of the future. On site stick build homes is not very efficient, time consuming and costly. I've been following a stick build home in my neighborhood for 1-1/2 years, they've finally put exterior siding on one side of the house, but the other side that was exposed to the elements ('cause the Tyvek failed) is black with mold. If they'd ordered their house from Boxable they'd enjoying their home already 😁

  • What about tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes? Will they stand up against them

  • really cool but after you factor in all the cost of the place/ land /permits/etc you looking at 80000 or so where i live in florida you can get a 1000 sf house for about the same price

  • Omg I want one beautiful

  • Very nice idea and low cost. Great video.

  • I think it's an awesome idea but $50,000 for the smallest size is too much. $15000 to $30000 should be the base amount with everything he talking about. Then as people add higher roofs, floors and various configurations the prices go up. Other than that it's SUPERB!

  • Did they address the fumes from the laminate???

  • I'm guessing these are only available in the US?

  • Retractable roof …… Just think….. somehow,unfortunately & sadly a small kitchen fire starts …… what do you do, well first thing …… retract the roof then immidietly make your next move. This would prevnt the ceiling from catching fire and/or smoke inhalation etc. .once the fire is out,close the roof back, Once a fire has mde it to the ceiling, a regular ordinary person wont be able to put it out even with an extinguisher because its too fast spreading and usually out of reach.

  • I keep looking thru the comments, trying to find that one c omment that says something like ……. ARE YOU INSANE-WAY OVERPRICED ….. bUT DONT SEE ANY COMMENTS LIKE THAT, wANNA SEE OR HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS KIND OF HOME. Very interested!!

  • And by the time the house is ready to be inhabited you spend thousands more to meet codes and inspections.

  • Lady, your taste for "brick and deck" are basically the foundation of our housing crisis. Elevate your goals.

  • Great idea….wish you were here in GA….my county requires 1300 sq ft though.

  • Hello website please

  • What’s next folding vehicles 🚗

  • Just takes one big wind and all the occupants are dead.

  • Prefabricated Builds have been used for a long time in Asia. That’s how they managed to build in the temporary hospitals in China so fast.

  • Great innovation, I would buy me 1

  • build a house in 24 hours not 2 hours… the description is wrong..

  • That was jaw dropping awesome! Wow, would love to put one of those babies up in New Hampshire as a retirement home! Still in awe! Super cool!

  • Sign me up

  • Put homeless people in them and ship them to mexico.

  • 50k for 375 sq ft? That's $133 a sq ft wayyyy to much for something like this. And that's I'm assuming isn't counting foundation shipling utility hookups ect

  • I love this

  • What a great concept, I personally would love a dome house. Wind flies right over it if you live on the East coast! 👍

  • I'm in love with this concept. How can I invest? When can I get one to live in?

  • The way of the future is to get rid of the gov oversight,an permits issues along with how big u can build in your local gov,

  • I love this, it's Brilliant

  • I love this

  • Think micro factories accross the country

  • Wow! This is the answer to..disaster relief… homelessness….affortability home ownership….Congrats…got to get more info.😇

  • Ok, this is cool and all… but, when will this be publicly available?? My buddy is considering buying a piece of property near me, and slapping a double wide on it, but if these were available now, this may be a viable option. If this is a couple of years down the road, though, it's hitting the market a little late to be of use to anyone that I currently know.

  • Is there a phone number for box’s last to contact them or do we go through u?

  • I want this sooooo bad😩

  • What's the price?

  • Tornados?

  • Built from SIPs? Structural Insulated Panels. The military have been using this system for field hospital operating theatres since 1980s

  • I kinda think 50k is too much cuz ya still gotta have land, sewer utilities permits & a Roof added on and any hidden details that may not be accounted for yet along the way. 35k would make me have strong interest imo

  • Sorry to say this would not be cheaper at all by the time you set up foundation and electric, water and lot purchase these houses would be more expensive, and the square footage is a tiny home, there are cheaper ways to go tiny, and these are tiny apartment size type homes. If tiny is what you need or want there are cheaper ways to achieve that. I don't buy whole heartedly into this huge push to go tiny. There needs to be more effort put into mid size home builds that are less expensive. This is just another take on tiny homes and it is extremely high cost.

  • Easily blown down by heavy winds??? Quest of the century. Much Lol for all our survival. PEPS

  • In case whole structure with wind proof solid tough material… PEPS

  • Robot helpees can lower cost alot to..

  • That turns out pretty reasonably priced. Just a question of durability I guess.

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