Can you get coronavirus from handling money?


  • “Rick grimes”..WE ARE ALL CONTAMINATED

  • Hospital Supplies for the lab are running low in Michigan, because they all come from China. Pretty soon all hospitals would be useless without an operating lab

  • Yes it can

  • Democrats will embezzle that money into their pockets

  • Now money is infected.

  • 💲

  • You can get it from this money….

  • I work at mcdonalds as a cashier, I’m near an area with infections, I’m kinda scared tbh

  • Let’s pause for a second. So nobody was worried about Ebola, SARS, MERS, swine flu, etc on our money now suddenly THIS virus is different? A virus the WHO said could only live an hour to a few days on a HARD surface. Cold germs can live a week. Soft surfaces are even worse for viruses.

    We want the truth. Something is up. Why this reaction and why now? #Election2020

  • now, no need for money! lets go to the mountain and get our supply of food from nature! 😕

  • From every wher u can get it destroy all Gold as well gold money and the world Devil kills him self whit the Viruses

  • The division

  • Whats the harm in just assuming that the virus can survive for around 9 days on money. Wash your hands and or sanitize. Couldn't hurt.

  • If its jumped from animal to human, how much longer till the next jump becomes human to "COMPUTER? …then on to the rest of the world in nano-seconds!! Guys better start getting serious about things!

  • What about touching the pad when putting in your pin number, those things are never cleaned.

  • Bitchute bitchcoin

  • Say it with me folks: Cashless society.

    You will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

  • Bitcoin ppl

  • I think I have a good idea for countering the banning of physical currency thing.
    Trump could have the US mint produce some newly designed silver coins in 5, 10 and 20 dollar units. Silver is the ideal antiseptic element. And because it has intrinsic value it can end up being worth more than the monetary unit that it is due to inflation.

  • With the current state of HEALTHCARE and STOCK MARKET crashing globally. Invest your money with STEADYGROWINGWEALTH101 . C O M , I have been able to put in my investment here while the CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK has caused me to stay away from work. I am being paid here. Lol ..

  • That's just tells you it can duh

  • It's big so they dont care about us they'll tell us it's safe just to spread the infection faster the faster they do the faster they depopulate us like there doing right now your blind if u dont see

  • Most pathogens are on the smooth surfaces of smartphones and cell phones!

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