Casually Explained: Moving Out


  • As someone moving into a place alone, I had the same great ideas to start off my apartment

    I'm terrified now.

  • My name is James and I'm about to move (hopefully). Strange coincidence.

  • 3:35 so fucking true hahaha

  • 0:59 that cardboard box looking fire chief

  • Vvery true????

  • live laugh leave

  • ah shoot, ya got me eh

  • 1:35 That's Leon and Nilce right there

  • Damn perfect timing.

  • Noodles? LUCKY CHARMS? Boy you gotta be making some mad youtube money, cause you're sounding like bill fucking gates to me right now. Plain macaroni and oatmeal to be more precise.

  • Nooooo ? Don't cook the rabbit!
    Moving out sounds hard, but I've always wanted to move out thou ;-; maybe I'll just have to find a good paying job

  • This hit too close to home ?

  • Woah you live in Victoria? That's crazy man- hit me up sometime maybe we can hit up bastion or go take a RIP at centen. Always looking to kick it lmao

  • 1:17 #ILoveQuebec

  • this hurt more than i thought

  • He just explained life.

  • I wish all my bills were only about 1200 bucks

  • No matter how much you pay, it is better than a roommate.

  • I didn't have a Craigslist with maps when I moved out. I feel personally offended.

  • Honestly buying a house is a better investment

  • As if you went frim the shoutout to 2 million subs

  • I think I'll just kms

  • 1:19

  • Guys I’m only 14 and now I’m scared to move out

  • Hey! That's also my golden rule!

  • Wow you can afford not just cereal but cereal AND microwave noodles? you must be rich

  • 3:28– 3:55 oof that's too accurate

  • the fuckin accuracy ???

  • I live in Victoria too

  • Getting to the stage of moving out still requires an employer who will actually hire me.

  • If you get a roommate, make sure it’s not a girl with daddy issues.

  • I’ve been binge watching . My gut hurts

  • “That ones self evident”

  • Wow you have this down to a T.

  • This is true. ;-;

    I’m moving out tomorrow lol.

  • oh look Jordan Peterson reference nice

  • I connected with all the things in this video way too much.

  • The Nietzche influence is almost palpable in this video.

  • Why is this in my recommendation list ?
    Does anyone want to tell me sth?
    Edit: I just graduated school in germany last week

  • I'm confused and offended this is not under educational content

  • Moral of the story: Save money

  • “Why are young people so anxious and depressed?”

  • Why is this recommended to me when I’m moving out ?

  • For many places you also need credit and a certain income. I’m 21 and I’m already thinking ahead but then again I live in NYC where rent is an organ a month. ???

  • Always put a lot of thought into your roommates. I’ve had good situations be ruined by shitty roommates

  • ?‍♂️

  • Sorry if you're over the age of 20 and you think your parents throwing you out of the house at that age is the same as throwing out a fetus your parents failed you in raising you to be an independent adult.

  • Bro, just dont play on hard mode and you wont have to worry about starvation

  • I love you and your channel so much. Marry me.

  • These happy drawings amidst the chaos of living alone are the funniest thing, even got me to pause the damn video in order to type this poorly written comment

  • Hey Arnold! I would live there too:)

  • I'm moving out soon to another city. NOW i'm motivated.

  • When you get kicked out your homeless and no one cares.

  • yo the realness

  • I want off this ride, later

  • Holy shit, is renting an apartment really that complex? I mean, in my country you literally just show up, say "Yeah, I like it", pay the rent, get the keys. Done.

  • Now I feel less exited to move out

  • “That one is self evident” I feel so fucking attacked.

  • Nothing beats trying to fry an egg and setting off your fire alarm, getting your building evacuated and paying for the fire truck call out.

    Ah yes, loving independence.

  • …….military……..:.:..

  • Here before 100k squad??? I got here at 99k!!!

  • guess ill die

  • Omg 1:20 the joke on Quebec X) Love it.

  • Yo, but why u didn't even let out a peep about all the home maintenance stuff??? I recently moved out and within the first week I had to learn about 4 types of energy saving light bulbs, benefits and disadvantages of polyamide carpets and my flooring's specific requirements for cleaning supplies. Noone prepared me for this shit!

  • I'm 25 and walk to work 2 miles and only pay 200 a month for rent 28 for water and 100 for electric and split Bill's with three pple

  • Isnt life so great u get to go to school from pre k till 18 work ur entire childhood learning useless shii and then get to work ur prime years 18 to early 20s away for scraps of a useless currency that means nothing that we were tricked into believing means selling our time away for on this earth to get married divorced child to be given to mother dad to no longer see it and end up killing himself or drinking alcohol or paying all his money to child support and ect

  • Don't forget the crippling college debt! ?

  • Happy my moms a real estate agent

  • You'll have to do that for another 60 years, unless you get lucky and die before that

  • i just have moved out and this is sooooooooooooooo real. nobody told me this shit be for

  • welcome to REALITY

  • My immediate response to this video was: major OOF

  • Yang gang 2020

  • what city is shown in the map?

  • oh man, this could not have explained my situation better. i just wish it didn't….

  • “It’s only been about 6 years and 8 months” I’m dead

  • 3:45 god damn that hit way too close to home

  • “Tidying up your room with Nietzschean philosophy?” ??
    Would Zarathustra come and help you?

  • lmao "listening to your neighbours trying to save their marriage"

  • oh

  • U just killed my future

  • Anybody else regularly rewatching casually explained because life is worthless and you have nothing better to do?

  • Your free trial has expired

  • 😀

  • 4:05 with how much simplicity he said this line "good news is that you will have to live like this 60 more years and then your kid will do."
    Meanwhile Pardon dad for not living upto your expectations

  • I unsubscribed just so I could subscribe again?

  • I just moved out two weeks ago and I can confirm that this is, in fact, correct.

  • was cursive not taught in like elementary school?

  • Just moved into a dorm for college. It's really how it be sometimes

  • Ouch.

  • Lolol I'm literally on an uncovered mattress rn

  • capitalist prices.
    rediculous cost of living.
    Nearly all the youth are poor and struggling

  • Im 18 and im going to move out soon for college. I clicked on this video hoping it would make me feel better about it. Can confirm it didnt make me feel better about it

  • One first aspect of moving out: You’ll eat the weirdest things at the weirdest times.

  • Omg this video is depressing asf thanks god Im not living in US, this culture sucks

  • Shit I already said I was a terrorist

  • RENT IN VICTORIA IS THE WORST! (Born and lived here virtually all my life)

  • Now im just depressed…

  • don't sit on your mic, when recording audio please, thanks 😀

  • Thanks, dick.

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