Chance the Rapper Carpool Karaoke


  • Bro everytime I see a video about Chance I freak out hoping he would talk about me because I saw him at gma and during the break I went up on stage and he talked to me so I’m just shook yet I didn’t get it on video because I wanted to be present

  • 6:23
    His expression when James was about to pull out the vegetables LMAOOO ?

  • Not liking vegetables is such an American thing

  • Need to get logic on this

  • James about to get invited to the cookout! lol

  • I'm NOT going to let you feed me???? ( I was nervous wen he said open your mouth).

  • James sounds good when theres someone singing to?

  • James is the most versatile artist in recent history. He raps he sings he does it all.

  • But like the thing nobody mentions is that….they ride with him to work but don’t have a way back home until after he gets off. Kinda selfish

  • I just love Chance

  • It amazes me how James can know (or learn) all these lyrics to all the songs of the people he has on this youtube show! Also, cudos on that fast rapping James and as always Chance the rapper is ?

  • What was that last veggie?

  • Did they not do one acid rap song?..

  • Post Malone needs to do this

  • Yeah James has to memorize these lyrics, but if he really fucks with the music thats easyyyy

  • A rapper that actually acts and talks like a real human being, love him

  • No veg…….

  • Love this one CHI TOWN

  • Carpool karaoke with YG
    James: My -, my -, my -, my motherfucking -.

  • If they don’t get lizzo on this season ima be so mad

  • Halsey should be next

  • Or pitbull show be next

  • That on-beat ha ha ha on ‘no problems’ never ceases to make me lol ?

  • James the Rapper is in the house ?

  • I feel like this format works better when people are actually singing.


  • Chance do the woah better than me..oh wow

  • Wish y’all woulda done a song from the acid rap mix tape ?

  • I need a Jake Gyllenhaal Carpool Karaoke please!!!

  • 6:37

  • damn i wish they did Tamale

  • What’s the first song?

  • Does he have the skin died/painted under his beard? It's like what Jon Cryer had to do on Two and a Half Men when he was going bald.

  • Positivity is infectious! This video was awesome!

  • I love my wife

  • U should do Lewis Capaldi

  • We need carpool karaoke with Travis Scott

  • I been waiting for this since he did the doritos commerical

  • love this. But I REALLY can't wait for Billie Eilish

  • now I am waiting for Eminem carpool karaoke

  • What was the first song? adding this to my playlist

  • Damn, his vibe tho ❤️

  • I was dead when he grabbed the cucumber and thought it was a d*ck ?????????

  • You gotta appreciate the fact he enjoys rapping, it’s nice to see someone that’s really passionate.

  • Honestly Chance I saw you at every talk show on this week. ? lol.

  • I’m more in love with Chance now than I was before. ??

  • Chances goatee looks like a Nike swoosh from the side?


  • I'm here early

  • I love Chance so much.

  • I wouldve really fjcking enjoyed this if I could hear chance . …..

  • All these videos of chance have definitely made me a fan. He’s so ???

  • What a relief Chance the rapper is not a vegan….

  • Finally! A new carpool karaoke!

  • This is how many people want to see NF on Carpool Karaoke

  • He’s just so adorable

  • I need a Charlie puth carpool kareoke.

  • This is how many people sexually like turtles

  • "Its true!" ?? he got so excited

  • James definitely invited to the BBQ ?

    Who else ??let‘s go MIXERS

  • Can someone give me the song list

  • He’s too precious

  • Would be epic if he got bone thugs in there but would they all fit?


  • You could land a plane between those eyes.

  • Anyone know the song titles?

  • Do a carpool karaoke with Little mix❤️

  • Are all your veggies now you get a candy ?

  • Check out my peppa pig episode edit

  • "I want that story that says out of the blue come to Milan" trueeeee

  • Who came here after watching chance on the ellen show?

    nobody? ok just me I guess…..

  • "But what I don't want is my life to be completely different" AHAHAHAHAHA

  • please do a Melanie Martinez carpool karaoke ????????????

  • This was so wholesome. James was having so much fun and Chance was so hype listening to his own songs.

  • "Why are getting divorced?" LOLOLOL

  • please do an LSD (Labrinth Sia Diplo) carpool Karaoke ????????????

  • "If you cross her, then you cross me. That's so true" AHAHHAHHHHA

  • 6:28 legit thought it was a bra lol "WAIT WHAT"

  • Bring real artist please…

  • and this won an emmy over beyonce's Homecoming, ok…

  • ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♀️??‍♀️?‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♀️??‍?

  • I been wait so long for one carpool karaoke, you must make Brendon Urie carpool karaoke.


  • You eat your vegetables and now you get a candy ? ?

  • What is the goddamn first song

  • Chance the Rapper is so incredibly dreamy… sigh

  • With all respect, James corden can sing but can’t rap. This is a clear case why he shouldn’t rap

  • I thought James gave Chance a bra, to cover his eyes-

  • chance is just adorable

  • It’s incredible to see how far Chance has come over the years. Still remember him smoking blunts and dropping hits in Chi for all his friends back before he got famous. First time I saw them debut his music at Lolla, I knew he was gonna go huge immediately after and he sure af did 🙂

  • Was really hoping to hear some Acid Rap

  • James, us sinners are begging, please have Brendon Urie on the show/in karaoke carpool. Please.

  • All these comments are dead. I'm gonna come back and I better b entertained by yall

  • do one with billie eilish

  • Please do this with NF

  • James every video: tysm for helping me to get to work! is driving himself
    Maybe celebs should be picking him up or they should say ty for helping me get to work!

  • If you get Nicki I would die

  • Don’t lie who’s watching this while reading the comments?

    I know most of you will probably ignore this comment but I am an artist like Chancelor and would love for you to give me a chance ❤️

  • Scraping the barrel,never heard of him here in the uk…..

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