Child begs mom not to spend grocery money on clothes for herself | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Oh Mommy we can’t. Oh, honey. We’ll be fine Look at this boys. That is a bargain I’ve got Many we won’t have enough money to buy this stuff. I’m sorry, ma’am your cards been declined I Have cash but that’s our grocery money What you’re seeing is a battle between a mother with a shopping addiction and our daughter trying desperately to stop mom’s out-of-control spending Do you side with a daughter until mom to stop her senseless shopping or do you shelve your opinion and stay silent? What would you do? They won’t have enough money to buy food. If you buy all this stuff, honey, we’ll be fine. Mommy has to keep up her image We’re at hangars a clothing store in Astoria, New York. Oh Did you like this I do too Mommy, you can’t afford any more clothes She’s spending too much money. Are you even going to wear it? I will wear this man thinks it’s funny For now, but then she’s me sorry to trust this card was declined maybe even at that card. Sorry about that Okay, didn’t you have $20 from your grandma? Can I just borrow that just for a quick repair one-handed should I know we’ll listen We’re gonna go we’re gonna see grandma later. So I have a little bit of cash. I can put against it Yeah, I’ll go with you. Okay, I’m sorry student. Hang on over just seconds Now as laughter turns to sympathy She says she’s spending our grocery money on clothes and then that sympathy becomes generosity Time to tell this generous man its what would you do you felt sorry for definitely. Yes Because I love kids but it’s hard to tell the mother don’t buy clothes and easy to carry kids first before you buy a clothes I mean Can’t afford to be shopping Honey, it’s fine. This next woman. Looks like she’s a little preoccupied, but don’t let those headphones. Fool you Can’t afford it She’s actually listening to Ava’s warning Okay but when little Ava seeks her advice, oh Don’t shopping addicts because my mom is my mother’s – so you’re like me You told the little girl that your mom was, yeah. She’s like sucia, okay, but she wouldn’t spend grocery money or rent No, that’s the first thing I heard I was like rushing money. That’s like damn Why didn’t you confront the mother and tell her something? I felt like it was none of my business and I felt like it’s out of my control and She’s not the only one who feels helpless So far no one seems willing to tell our mom out right to resist saying yes to all those stresses And then we meet sisters sautée and maria mami you’re spending too much. Don’t you want your mommy to look pretty? Here just Maria overhears the conversation But it looks like she’d rather keep shopping than get in the middle that is until Ava asks for help Excuse me. What should I do about any mom? She said dismissive shop Mm-hmm. She’s spending our grocery money They don’t have that much money. We send Suzanne in I’m sorry. What is she saying to you guys? Okay, we can use some of the Christmas money the grandma gave you Let me borrow it and we’ll just go up front and not bother these ladies and with that they share a lesson about priorities I’m trying to date. I’m trying to keeping parents and kids The kids should find comfort. Listen, you’re not in an expensive job, but Sober $20.00 will go a long way Sorry, I’m not you know one side any parent you’re the parent time to tell her it’s what would you do? Hi there? How are you? I’m John quinones. This is what would you do? Tell us what you were thinking? I have three daughters and I want to go shopping for myself, but I never do it. They’re my priority. They come first my parents did everything for us Whatever they could and now you you would go without for your child So the moral of the story what would you tell people if you have kids kids first kids come first in life. That’s it I’m Greek, man


  • This is child abuse. Taking the child’s money for her own personal needs and In addition the money to feed their child.

  • 03:25 perfect ppl like you in tight clothes should be involved not outcasts

  • UM IS THAT JOHN QUINONES? OMG!!!! (idk how to spell his name)

  • My mom: buys a megaton of dresses and shoes

    Me:mom can i get a mentos? I wanna feel cold and minty.

    Mom: nu uh not today.

  • isnt that girl that has over 5 million folowers on instagram and idk her name i think its jenna or something and shes a spolied brat on what would you do show.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The girl is me

  • I’m literally like this with my dad

  • My daughter is exactly like this! But we are only at the dollar store!!!

  • Food is temporary drip is forever 💯

  • I think the mom forgot to get vaccinated against an addiction.

  • When the dude said ‘l love kids’
    me:yo pe

  • How many times have we seen these actors?

  • Lol this was me when I'm young

  • You are the worst mother ever who will put their self into that stuff I will never let you babysit me or be my mom why won't you act like this I think them other girls being really nice to me because they show our respect tell me and you need to stop being mean to your kids your kids telling you the right thing to do don't spend your money on clothes spending on food I don't even probably got a refrigerator just do what she say she told me the right thing she probably smarter than you you don't know

  • Lets be honest,this video looked for us.

  • 0:14
    Ava is me when my mom sees one of her friends at the store and start talking for 45 decades

  • 0:10 turn on caps

  • The mom is acting like a kid and the kid is acting like a mom

  • My Mom: Okay, were at the store we only need bread no fooling around!

    Also My Mom: Spends 1829 Years In The Clothing Isles

  • The girl is right because wasting our money instead of buying things we don’t really need can make us lose money

  • Wow

  • What omg

  • Gacha life storied be like: UNO REVERSE

  • insert spongebob wallet meme here

  • It’s cute and at the same time sad

  • "She's going to the grocery store…for like……food" it may be because I'm high but that was too funny for me lol

  • Guy: are you hungry? I'll buy you guys food.
    Girl: You'll buy us food?
    Guy: Yeah. What do u want?
    Girl: First, calamari with chili sauce. Go generous with the sauce, but no parsley. A medium rare new york strip with a side of mashed potato. Oh, and don't forget butter. I only eat salted butter.

  • Know what's funny? If you replace the 'a' with a 'u' and add a 'y' at the end it will spell hungery and that's what there gonna be if she wont stop spending money on nice clothing and not grocerys (if this was real)

  • 6

  • Me: takes a shot for an old man
    Also me: wondering where John quinonas is

  • My mom spents alot of money in cloths like 200. On every trip. To the store

  • Hey mom can we get food?
    Mom: We have food at home.
    Good at home: clothes

  • Yeah I’m sure telling parents how to raise their child and spend their money is gonna make them thank us for looking out for them.

  • Why would you even tell someone those card is decline in front of someone or loud of enough for people to hear?

  • I'd be like him excuse me but…your kid is smarter than you and you need to save money for the groceries so Lauren to her

  • sopr

  • Kind is my favorite thing to do and I will be kind to people and pet's 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Call CPS. DONE.

  • Mom is me and kid is my conscience

  • "Because I love kids."
    Chris Hansen appears
    "Why don't you take a seat?"

  • Fake! It was too much that she goes talking to strangers about her mom's shopping addiction. Strange she knows this word.

  • Mom: but don’t you want you mom to look pretty?

    Me: go and buy food or starve

  • I dont think this happenss in real life…!

  • 10 year old me buying a 0.50 cent shirt

    My mom:oH hUnAy nO tO ExPenSiIvE

    my mom buys 3 iPhone 11’s for herself

    me sitting there with a Samsung 1

  • That guy is so nice

  • Girl:no food !
    Mom:so you have chosen death 💀

  • “I don’t know how to help?”

    “She’s spending our grocery money”

    That’s neglect. If she can’t feed her child because she’s spending her money on clothes instead of food than she’s neglecting her daughters well being. call social services

  • 3:29 Alexa play despacito

  • Hey WWYD you should do one of kids going up talking to strangers in shops asking annoying questions 😂

  • 2:09 😅

  • Beep!
    This woman acts just like my mom
    *laughing beeps*

  • See

  • W

  • Me:Picks 1 dollar at a stone ground to buy 7 eleven slurpee
    Me:AAaaaa RUNnnNnNnNnn
    (My mom:Aaa what a great movie

  • The acting is hilarious!

  • This is my mom to a T, and it disgusts me. Sometimes when she's desperate, she even steals money from her loved ones, or lies and says she's buying things for my sisters so they'll give her cash & she'll secretly spend it on herself. It's gotten worse over the years. I just wish she'd stop, she's creating enemies within the family because we've grown tired of her BS.

  • Woman: If I were you, I would throw out all her credit cards….

    Girl: …

    Woman: Im kidding don't do that laugh

    Girl: Holding her moms credit cards above a candle Too late. Burns them

  • bad acting

  • Hahaha. Wow if a mother can't even consider to care for her child. The child needs food.

  • So don't do it

  • I agree with the child


  • You can call police/CPS if a child is not being fed enough or even knows about this stuff cause its considered neglect and I've even heard of cases of people being additionally charged for emotional trauma/abuse for taking birthday money and gifts.

  • plot twist the clothes are the groceries.

  • Lady:kids come first in life

    Me: isn't god comes first in life…?

  • True people spend time on spending money instead of helping people so sad😔

  • I’ve had a costumer before who was gonna jump at the jump place I work at and I told her that it was $16 to jump for an hour and $2 for socks. She lost it on me saying “now we don’t have enough money for our food for this week” I like that’s not my problem and don’t jump if you literally can’t and they kept yelling at my managers. Finally they agreed to really pay for it but when we closed they left dirty diapers all over the entire park and even outside. Shame just shame

  • Family comes first and mostly the kids! It's so sad!

  • Yay one person gave a shit…nd not even that the girl had to seek help…yup in real life no one cares dude…

  • 1 Penny shirt
    My mom:never this shirt cost 200 pounds
    My mom:Oh a 1000 dollar shirt I could buy this for myself

  • Seems bit to scamish

  • Nobody is born cool but except the first guy

  • that girl crying doesnt seem realistic at all. who cries like that tho?? and who walks up to strangers and asks what to do? not realistic at all.

  • Not gonna lie this is a pretty stupid situation.

  • Its just an act. But the way little girl made my heart go heavy. Damn

  • Me: mom, can I get this shirt? It's $5!
    Mom: no, that's a waste.

    Mom: Adriana look at this! It's only $100!
    Buys it and doesn't even wear it twice

  • The premise of this video is so unnecessary

  • That Second Girl WAS SO STUPID! (With the purple headphones)

  • Child

  • The mom is very realistically acting as she may be in a manic phase of bipolar disorder.

  • I would laugh

  • Thank god my mom doesn’t like clothes

  • This is old because now Eva is older now….

  • Mum: just grabs clothes that she didn’t even try on are see if it was her size

  • Is it just me or does the girl at 3:38 look like Kendall Jenner. Just the face a little

  • (This is the egg from the most famous instagram photo)

    How many like will it get? Like the Instagram photo.

  • This is so unrealistic

    everybody knows that credit cards don't exist!

  • I need that little girl as my financial advisor.

  • I had an ex husband who spend all the money on booze.we never had enough money for food and long time divorced. And the drink killed him.

  • Hello

  • Still none of my business. If i can help little girl with money i will

  • Daughter: But mommy,we don't have enough grocery at home.

    Mom: Oh, don't worry, honey. We'll be fine.

    Daughter: This is why dad left you.

  • 1:44 who the fuck cry's and rubs there eyes like that?!?

  • Little girl doesnt look like she been deprived to make this believable

  • Man: "I love kids"

  • i can see this right now, this is so out of control about what's going on right now

  • To all the parents who have kids and care about their looks more than their kids don't have no more same goes for people who are planning on having their first don't unless you're gonna care for them

  • Every parent should be very comfortable financially. Zero excuse. Either that, or they should have never had a child/ children.

  • Omg😍😮😱

  • 🙁

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