China’s trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

There’s a new highway in Pakistan. And a new rail terminal in Kazakhstan. A sea port in Sri Lanka recently opened. As well as this bridge in rural Laos. What’s interesting is that they’re all
part of one country’s project that spans 3 continents and touches over 60% of the world’s
population. If you connect the dots, it’s not hard to
see which country that is. This is China’s Belt and Road Initiative — the
most ambitious infrastructure project in modern history that’s designed to reroute global
trade. It’s how China plans to become the world’s
next superpower. It’s 2013 and Chinese president, Xi Jinping is giving a speech in Kazakhstan where he
mentions the Ancient Silk Road: A network of trade routes that spread goods,
ideas, and culture across Europe, the Middle East, and China as far back as 200 BC. He then says: “we should take an innovative approach and
jointly build an economic belt along the Silk Road”
A month later, Xi is in Indonesia: “The two sides should work together to build a maritime silk road for the 21st century” These two phrases were the first mentions
of Xi’s legacy project, the multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative, or BRI. They’re also the two components of the plan. There’s an overland Economic Belt of 6 corridors
that serves as new routes to get goods in and out of China. Like this railroad connecting China to London. And these gas pipelines from the Caspian sea to
China And a high-speed train network in South East
Asia. Then there’s the maritime silk road — a
chain of seaports stretching from the South China Sea to Africa that also directs trade
to and from China. The BRI also includes oil refineries, industrial
parks, power plants, mines, and fiber-optic networks – all designed to make it easier
for the world to trade with China. So far, over 60 countries have reportedly
signed agreements for these projects. And the list is growing, because China promotes
it as a win-win for everyone. Take, for example, the BRI’s flagship project:
Pakistan. Pause for Pakistan
Like many countries in Central and South Asia, Pakistan has a stagnant economy, and a corruption
problem. It wasn’t a popular place for foreign investment,
that is until China came along. In 2001, China offered to build a brand new
port in the small fishing town of Gwadar. By 2018, the port as well as highway and railway
networks became a $62 billion dollar Corridor within the BRI. It’s where the Economic Belt meets the Maritime
Silk Road. And it seemed to benefit both countries. Pakistan saw its highest GDP growth in 8 years
and forged a tight relationship with a major world power. China, on the other hand, secured a new alternative
route for goods, especially, oil and gas from the Middle East. Through projects like these, it also found
a way to boost its economy. Chinese construction companies that had fewer
opportunities within their own country saw a huge boost from BRI contracts — 7 out
of the 10 biggest construction firms in the world are now Chinese. What tips the balance in China’s favor even
more is a requirement that it be involved in building these projects. In Pakistan for example, Chinese workers have
directly built projects, like this highway here, and a Chinese firm has worked with locals
on a railway here in Serbia. China’s involvement is one of its very few
demands and that’s set these deals apart so far. See, typically, to get investment from the
West, countries have to meet strict ethical standards. But China’s offered billions of dollars
— mostly in loans — with far fewer conditions. So, it’s no surprise the BRI has been a
big hit with the less-democratic countries in the region. China has signed agreements with Authoritarian
governments Military regimes. And some of the most corrupt countries in
the world. It’s even affiliated with, Afghanistan,
Ukraine, Yemen, and Iraq; all currently splintered by conflict. Because of China’s willingness to loan money
to unreliable countries, many experts have called the BRI a risky plan. Eventually, these countries will have to pay
China back — but corruption and conflict make that payback unlikely. A recent report found that many countries
indebted to China are vulnerable, including 8 that are at high risk of being unable to
pay. So why does China keep lending? Because there’s more to the BRI than just
economics: In Sri Lanka, China loaned about 1.5 billion dollars for a new deep-water port. It was a key stop on the Maritime Silk Road. But by 2017 it was clear Sri Lanka couldn’t
pay back the loan, so instead, they gave China control of the port as part of a 99-year lease. China also controls the strategic port in
Pakistan – where it has a 40-year lease, It’s pushing for a similar agreement in Myanmar,
and it just opened an actual Chinese naval base in Djibouti. These are all signs of what’s called the
String of Pearls theory. It predicts that China is trying to establish
a string of naval bases in the Indian Ocean that will allow it to station ships and guard
shipping routes that move through the region. So while China’s not getting its money back,
its still achieving some very important strategic goals. China’s growing influence challenges the
status of the US, which has been the world’s lone super-power for the last several decades. Isolation is trending in the US meaning it’s
investing less and therefore losing influence around the world. The BRI is China’s way of leveraging power
to become a global leader. By building relationships and taking control
of global trade, China is well on its way.


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  • Seems like China is playing Sugar Daddy game here

  • People thinking that China is a Philantropist, are somehow naive. They are faking their smiles, so people do business with them. In order to produce, export and import, they need massive infrastructure. They don't build infrastructure for free. That's when the loans come to play. Sri Lanka for instance is having trouble to pay the debts! Debt trap!

    They also don't see, that they are following a path into China's slavery, until it's too late and China is the next superpower.

    For clarification: I don't hate China. I visited China and I was amazed and I like it! But Chinese have never forgotten about the gunboat politics by the former colonial powers.

  • yeah i don’t think they’ll become the superpower anytime soon, maybe the super power of trade but aren’t they already that

  • Well, I say good on them. The Chinese people have certainly worked hard to get where the country is today and if their leadership is smart enough to think of this good on them!

  • Choose comments wisely. No one is right.

  • The Kid President Has Done Nothing For The Population of America but Has Made The Corporations and Large Share Holders Juggle Around Their Investments and The Only Country's Benefiting Will Be South American Nations That are Experiencing Economic growth while The American Public Suffers The Hardships of His Administrations!
    Government is Collecting More Money for the War Chest!

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  • So China is quiet guy who can beat up every guy in school

  • Beware: The Road and Belt Initiative is about world expansion FOR CHINA disguised as a mutual trade route benefiting everyone. Look at Malaysia's "Forest City". The Chinese built 4 islands near SIngapore with lots of high rise buildings but then it also bought up 70% of the available apartments until the Malaysian government stopped it.

  • China : Money
    US : Millitary

  • Free money will always be spoiled no matter what ambitions.

  • In the thumbnail, vox does not consider Taiwan as a part of China.

  • 厉害了我的国

  • Isolation is danger

  • now the world will only consist of the Chinese Federation, Holy Empire of Brittania, and U.N. then Zero/Lelouch will own the world.

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    China has changed
    It’s just the beginning of an new era

  • Philippine is shakiiing

  • Even kuwait is contracting with Chinese to build houses bridges and roads clearly not because kuwait lack money its one of the richest in the world it’s because we are tired of corrupted government that is using there on companies to take contracts and use them as a in infinite money source without any progress in the project not mentioning China companies efficiency and quality

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  • China is building a california through burma and pakistan. They're playing for control over the Eurasian landmass and thus control of all global trade, THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  • why are people bragging China and India, China is 5 to 6 times better than India but they are still a highly populated poor country, its is controlled by western world, the western world gives them work to do for cheap labor esp manufacture of goods……

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  • China has no rhythm and no soul and their oppressed people have no identity. Blahhh. I'd rather make America Great Again.

  • String of Pearls theory @5:06

  • People need to oppose the Chinese so they stop going in debt.

  • China love to partner with corrupted countries
    Its always a win win for China ?

  • I think China's plan is not to dominate, instead they have bigger plan to unite all neighboring countries

  • Wow this must be the new cold war. I support China.

  • It seems like a good project, at least first part how you described it, the background music made it sound like a horrible doomed plan, I am so confused.

  • At least China doesn't invade other countries to sell more weapons or to manipulate the price of oil.

  • Criminal Chinese government!!!!!

  • To be honest, China will still be
    no. 1 with or without trade war after no of decades.Not U.S. nor even mention about Taiwan used by western world as a trump card to suppress development of China. Taiwan's GDP used to be 1/2 China now is only 1/20. Will it be back to half of China or 1/5 of China the answer is definitely no. The iconic industry in Taiwan is only semiconductor industry left as no. 1 in the world and a small place without much resources, well infrastructure, system, lifestyle, environment and strong economy and power and energy industry to support it's development so it's population is continuously declining and moving out. The reason why western world support Taiwan is due to the fact of their national interest not values or sincere relationship or any culture or arts and beauty attractions from it. Ask most people in the world if you gonna choose a place to live or travel, would you choose China, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, U.S. and Europe or you gonna choose Taiwan? So sometimes you have to let go, and now it's time to let go Taiwan and it's good for everyone to prevent next war.

  • Bạn thảo vy dịch hết chưa ? Mình thấy còn thiếu nhiều chỗ quá

  • It's humans against humans….. Whenever something is to happen…. We will do what humans do….. Fight!

  • Imagine if China spent at least a part of it to reduce co2 emission…. I would like to think that our next superpower doesn't have the world's greatest co2 emission rate.

  • Trade depends on peace. They intend to destroy the peace, such as it is. So, they will lose twice. Poor Chinese people. I feel so sorry for them. It’s their turn to learn what happens when absolute power corrupts absolutely. The rest of the world is going to hurt too. The world needs no more emperors, monarchs, dictators, and charlatans. But it is something we are very good at producing.

  • Come on India!!! Speed up your development! The world is going to need you to counter China’s nefarious plans. You guys will be the leaders of the free world as the world’s largest democracy, with the largest economy (possibly).

  • Is this the root cause of repealing article 370 and 35A in kashmir by Indian government to stop this silk Road project????

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  • China > India.

    Love to China ?? from Iran ??

  • It's chinese money trap,china will rule the countries that can't pay their debts

  • US = War
    China = Trade
    China vs US = Trade War

  • Same old story .. what Britisher did in is China doing in present. Later in future there will be fight for the land and culture and end result Sri Lanka will be divided nation. So do whatever you want don't let them to take your land.

  • Debt trap

  • China will Own alot of my Art

  • Who is the imperialist now?

  • The world money lender ! But if win win situation than it is good progress for all. But when one country is too powerfull it is always danger in future

  • You didn't mention much about Africa – China is hugely involved in countless infrastructure projects here, clearly dominating African trade and politics.

  • depressing

  • So basically they are building infrastructure in there future colonies?

  • The age of the Western pirates are coming to an end. Peace to the world. ✌

  • people in the world please love and support chinese

  • i dont surprise because china is banned addictive things and many social media and they always have huge ambitions to be dominate, always work harder and stay healthy while non chinese are affected by negative impacts of globalizations and bad things in social media

  • America has borrowed trillions of dollars to finance tax cuts and we must pay trillions in interest payments to finance the debt. Had we paid our bills and instead invested in infrastructure projects like the Belt and Road, we would have secured our economic dominance for years to come. Instead, many countries are going to be more economically tied to China and not to the US.

  • China has zero influence in India .they need to be careful

  • Regard to my memory the geological center of China is not yiwu.

  • I don't think that's evil, well, at least, China never launch war after being rich, but white man did or they are doing now.(look at the Middle East)

  • American jingoism at its BEST! ? ? ?

  • Good for China, the West have done it before with Africa. They shouldn't complain.

  • this video is outrageous,it shows how Americans are hostile over or envious of China,worthless vox

  • If Bri is in favor of China only or for dominating the world,why there are 60 coutries now joining it? China is building infrastructure for the other countries…help them improve economy and bring better life to people,vox didn't say a word about it,instead,vox focus on smearing Bri as debt trap,all negative reports

  • India did big mistake here,

  • A great disaster, however you can't exactly put all the blame on President Trump

  • Pak chaina friendship zinda bad

  • Honestly this is worrying, as really no country can stand against them. The only one would be the US but given the current "leadership" of that country, they will actually most likely help China to reach that goal sooner that expected.

  • India is not in this silk route because the Pakistani route goes through Azad Kashmir (Pakistan kashmir).

  • So why this video is blaming china for building relationships and developing their own country?

  • How awesome would be if the West would have China as it's ally, all that talent wasted on political spite of Communism. I hope that one day during this century, the Chinese people will have the perspective of what's it like to be free of deadly 19th century industrial idea called the Communism. Now that would a victory for all of mankind.

  • 巴中友谊万岁。

  • America will never be great again. this is a fact. your time is up and it's just a matter of time. Hahahahahahaha

  • When USA boom them China build them

  • China has not waged wars for any energy, such as oil. Construction and development of any country is of mutual benefit, mutual cooperation, is also a wrong way to do this?

  • Where is Taiwan province

  • The map title cover looks a lot like, "America who?"

  • China regime = Slavery.

  • I'm from Serbia and I can confirm that China already invested and built serval important infrastructure from highways, bridges, railways and energy and what they are doing exactly? They give to the country loan with low interest rates and grace periods up to 20-30 years, but only condition is that has to build Chinese company with Chinese workers and when they finish one project they are moving on to the other and so on and so on. They are returning big amounts of money right away because their government ruled companies are making profits.
    More stable country is they give greater period of delayed payment, and if they not return they will take control of the project for long time.
    Why Serbia? They bought ports in Athens and Thessaloniki and if they have stable infrastructure to the Budapest they have win the jackpot.
    As I understood they are building big warehouse close to the Belgrade where highways for Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia and Thessaloniki intersect and railway passing true plus there is two rivers Danube and Sava.

  • It's a risk, serious risk because there are seriously politically disputed regions in some parts ,,,it's not like Europe calm and smooth ,,political rivalries ,differences will prevail

  • Also china :
    · kept protecting the SC Sea
    · try to corrupt the 1C2S such as Hong Kong

  • imagine all the ccountries starts war over china!

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  • Oh oh we better get our pronounce correctly LOL

  • 4:50 so China is basically taking it all

  • "Get over here Mendrake….the Red-Coats are coming."

  • So that's the difference between a cultural country and western countries. People often think about everything as part of tactic or advance in the western world. Even some family charge rent to their own people. What China has done is to help African countries to grow, because it will bring peace to their land. China was experiencing the same pain long ago, so that's called feedback. Why is Africa so behind? You know the history of colonization right? It could have been the western world who should make up for their own fault to do the same to help them out. But they don't. Why? Because they don't see the 'advantage' for their own. American friend-countries are scared of being in that relationship because they do not have a solid hand to shake with. They say A, but they act B. And it's all based on their benefits instead of the rest of the world. You pollute much more than China, but you restrain China's production, not yours. China's production only earns a small portion of your sale price, and the western companies are the biggest beneficiary of China's production. Yet, their politicians use 'they steal our jobs' to earn votes.

  • you really forgot Kuwait…… one trillion dollar deal!

  • I was enjoying this video until it got near the 4-minute mark and started editorializing.

  • Because of that. China wants to make more allies if war came bck

  • Im sorry but the Marine silk road has nothing to do with Africa as the land masses are connected. China's future Marine silk road is to connect China with the only geographically completed continent that's abundance in minerals and resource's are critical in the next 100years when all other continents resources are depleted. Known in China as "New China" the oldest Continent Australia is the only key to future prosperity. You will find their steady military /naval appearance in south East Asia and Indonesia actually is to secure their position. To add to this China disregarded to even approach Australia with no form of respect after taking a part of The Australian Sovereign Antarctic Territory which was given to Australia in 1933. China's plan and future development holds no regards to any other race's. Funny how people complain with negatives towards European colonisation on other Continent's. Truth that can be seen if you look is that China's future of the world is Chinese only. Truth is that if smaller population country's acted as China has for last 5 years they would be stopped straight away. If Australia is apparently close friends with China and China still invaded /stole Territory from Australia then truthfully China has no respect for other nations.

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  • $$$

  • So it's mean Pakistan is sitting on a golden egg

  • How many countries in the world pay protection fee to USA every year?
    1. S-KOREA
    2. GERMANY
    3. JAPAN
    4. Please continue….

  • China is building major Infrastructure in Bangladesh. Constructed bridges over major Rivers. Transportation is skeleton, communication is nerve system and energy is vein of a country’s economy. China is immensely contributing in all 3 in Bangladesh. Is there a string attached? Possibly yes. It is cost of doing business, trade off for 8.17% gdp growth

  • The map is wrong

  • 2020 Chinas economy will be larger than USA's remaking it number one

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