Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Wednesday, March 11 | Northern California


  • THANK GOD THEY CANCELLED THE GAME! I’m from Sac, and they decided to go on with the game even after the announcement that the season had already been canceled, because of GREED trying to make money off one last game even if that meant spreading the virus to tens of thousands of Sacramento area residents !!!

  • The bozo at 5:40 forgot that ENGLAND is still ALLOWED to come infect the USA. The BAN does not include ENGLAND yet…

  • Lol Awsome good no more sports 🙏👍☺

  • Clown make up

  • You need to add autoimmune diseases to that list who should wear masks anytime leaving home as well as not leaving unless required too.

  • covid 19 is already widespread in america so other countries probably need to ban travel from america.

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