CREATE A SIDE HUSTLE WITH ME: Creating a side hustle Part 1

hi guys and welcome back to my channel today’s video is all about creating a side hustle and I’m actually gonna bring you along with me behind the scenes while I create a new side hustle so since we’re on the topic of side hustles I figured we start with the most important thing by definition a side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job a side hustle is generally freelance or piece work in nature providing a supplemental income now side hustles can be very beneficial because it allows you to make additional money outside of what you’re already making and either your full time job or maybe even your business for example I own a credit repair company on a day-to-day basis I talk to a lot of clients who need to either pay down credit card debt or just get into a better place financially and if you have a lot of credit card debt or things that need to be paid down the best way to do that is to add an additional stream of income that you can put solely towards that one thing or if you want to save more than you can create an additional stream of income that is specifically geared toward savings there are so many different things that you can use a side hustle for but it’s beneficial because it allows you to make money in addition to what you’re already doing that’s why it’s a side hustle not a main hustle one of the important things to understand when you’re creating a side hustle is the goals associated with creating this side hustle I can tell you from me personally the reason why I am creating this side hustle today is because I want to generate extra money to take my kids on vacation I do want to go on a vacation with them this year and I do want to take them to Disney World and I also want to bring my family to Jacksonville for Christmas we spent Christmas in Michigan last year and then Las Vegas the year before that so I actually want to bring them here and I want to rent out a really nice house at the beach for all of us too I don’t know do people do during the holidays so those are my goals for creating this side hustle I have very specific goals in mind and that important to consider whenever you’re creating a side hustle because you also have to consider the amount of money that you’re able to make now when it comes to choosing a side hustle I like to choose things that are very closely related to what you already do so that there’s not a lot of clash so the side also that I’m choosing does go well with what I’m already doing and you will see how in just a few so what I’m gonna do this video will actually be part of a series where I bring you along as I create this side hustle today you will see me set up the foundation of this side hustle and getting started and then I will continue to do other videos as I show you how I grow and build this side hustle and I’ll also keep you up to date as far as how much money I’m able to make using this particular side hustle ok so my other camera actually died on me so please do forgive me if you notice a change in video and/or audio quality but let’s go ahead and get back to creating this side hustle so if you didn’t know I am currently a notary but what I want to do is become a notary signing agent and what notary signing agents do they notarized the documents at loan closings but you need specific training for that so it says right here on the website everything you need to know to confidently oversee loan signings in Florida you get to choose your package blah blah ok handling sign is in Florida with confidence go at your own pace on your own time learn the loan signing fundamentals closing disclosures privacy love that okay here we go definition a notary signing agent we’re NSA is a notary who has special training to handle loan document signings title company in signing services hire nsa’s to deliver loan documents to borrowers oversee the signing and return the documents there we go that is what loan signing agents do so some of the requirements you do have to have a background screening in their other state requirements like I said I am already a notary so I’m not really worried about too much of that the biggest thing is going to be the training for me all right so there’s a couple different packages here they also the screening the exam top-tier listing I definitely want that the online course okay so the the cheaper one the one for $65 doesn’t include the online course and I definitely do want that okay so this comes with the study guide essentials training a source book loan signing prep sheets in a signing agent log I’m not really sure what all I mean but you know what let’s just go ahead and go with the 250 package because I have a feeling that if I’m going to be signing documents and going the closings I’m gonna want to have everything errors and omission I already have that so I’m gonna get back membership membership yeah let’s get to little good no see this is how they get you all this extra stuff okay literally I’m spend a thousand dollars if I add everything one year now just crazy what let’s get this road on the show that did set that on purpose alright thank you for enrollment email separate email from backgrounds online to start my screening process with twenty four hours once you take your course pass your exam and background screening you’ll earn top to your listing when finding a teacher comm package three to five days educational videos on our YouTube channel that’s a good one alright okay guys quick update I did get my email from the National notary Association so that I can go ahead and start my training after this I do have to do the background check and I already have the $25,000 errors and omissions insurance so the most important thing now is going to be taking the training and then passing my test let’s find out how much money do signing agents make her Google a part-time notary loan signing agent earning $100 per claimant makes roughly two thousand dollars a month and a full-time loan signing agent that makes $100 per appointment generates six thousand dollars a month now you do have some notaries that charge more they might charge less there is a range you know some people charge 100 150 175 200 it really determines on how you’ve got that loan signing appointment your experience stuff like that but there is good money in becoming a loan side engagement I’m already a notary I don’t really use it very much but becoming a loan signing agent will be beneficial for me because I can do it part-time I can schedule it when I have time available and then on top of that it I mean it’s good pay like $100 for an appointment or $150 per appointment it’s good money and you know this is only for like a couple hours of work it’s not so bad as far as a side hustle is concerned okay you guys so we talked about quite a few things in this video so far we talked about what a side hustle is how it can be beneficial my goals for personally creating this side hustle and why I chose this side hustles so as stated this video will be part of a series where I’m going to show you my process for becoming a notary loan signing agent I will take you along on my first appointment and I will update you on how much money I’m able to make so today we’re just getting started this is my new side hustle if you decide to become a know during signing agent as well definitely leave a comment in the box below and I look forward to going on this journey with you guys I’ll talk to you soon


  • Thanks for sharing your journey!

  • I love how you're not afraid to invest in yourself! That's one thing that keeps me from growing.

  • Great tips.I never thought about being a notary. Interesting. My current side hustle is delivering for Instacart, allows me to do while I travel too. I travel a lot and I like its flexibility. Great video.

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