Cuomo Issues New Work From Home Order As Coronavirus Cases Surge | MSNBC


  • He did what Trump won't



  • Cuomo, brother of Fredo, will soon need the President of the United States to take over and lead the people of NY to victory over the virus.

  • Trump has absolutely no leadership skills to effectively govern the United States of America. This is a historical fuckup.

  • Most of the businesses in this country our retail. How are retail workers supposed to work from home?

  • What a globalist tool.

  • I work in a group home. Just out of curiousity, how am i supposed to adult babysit these folks from home? How are 75% of my coworkers supposed to work from home?

  • #Thankstrump #republicansareterrorists

  • I don't think they realize that the average American can't do their job from home.

  • It changes daily and Mitch took 3 days off…..well done letting us know the Senate had no plan to deal with this even up to last weekend.

  • Government Inflicted Power Grab!
    Everybody In The World Knows The Upside Down Government Of United States Will See The Loss Of Everybody In Government Over 50 Years Generously Speaking ! 2020

  • Cuomo is kissing the President's azz now. Andy finally got his mind right.

  • This is what a real leader sounds like. I wish Governor Cuomo were our president right now.

  • STFU Cuomo. You’re destroying New York.

  • This mofo is scarred. He knows people are going to panic. Admite it. Anyone that says they are not concerned is lying to themselfs. I’m thinking about a month or two when we actually see what our gov is about.

  • Hold up!! Hold up!! Who will deliver my Nacho Cheese sauce to 7-11? .. If I dont get my Nachos from 7-11, I may go into withdraws in the same way MSNBCannibals go into withdraws not having their Illegal aliens to chomp on!

  • WWG1WGA 🖕🏻You Deep State!

  • WHY USA is LOSING after 3 months while China has some type of control in 5 months!! 1. Not everybody can be coronavirus tested 1 or more times per month. 2. CONFIRM Coronavirus positive people with no symptoms to mild symptoms are NOT being properly isolated / quarantine outside of the hospital. We should be like China and those people should be staying at a special setup hospital hotel not at home. . 3. Americans are STILL going to crowded events, and still not practicing good hygiene 4. Military/ National Guard/ police/ security guard should have ACCESS to laser thermometer And be able to check people temperature if he or she goes into certain public places.

  • F Xi and the entire Chinese government!

  • Cuomo, 😁😂😂😎, you are making me laugh!! ISOLATION is most effective when it is done early, CAN SOMEBODY GET THIS INFORMATION TO OUR GOVERNOR!!! And you will change your story 90 days from now, I AM WAITING!!!

  • ‪Cuomo and DeBlasio = Dumb and Dumber ….. Two followers, not leaders – they are both Useless. Instead of action plans from Cuomo, all we hear is his family stories as if anyone gives a $hit. ‬
    ‪Trump may need to push them both aside and fix NY himself. ‬

  • Arbitrary numbers are arbitrary.

  • this is pointless. its time to implement herd immunity plan

  • The world is seeing a serious shift to remote work, is it because of the pandemic caused or is it an wakeup call for the future of work? Crafting an employee experience for the work from home set up has become crucial now, for your economy to maintain the momentum!
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  • Safer at Home Starts LA County and Beyond. California and local cities have issued a "safer at home" order which in effect will close down many businesses for a couple of weeks. . Interestingly, I think yesterday Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that we should not be telling people to shelter in place and not tell people to lockdown. Garcetti was also telling people not to hoard supplies, then today he says people should not stockpile supplies; however the CDC has specifically said that seniors and other persons at risk should stockpile supplies. Over 80,000 people have applied for unemployment in Los Angeles county; Mayor Garcetti said almost nothing about offering financial relief to those not able to pay their bills or those who cannot find a job. Grocery shopping today,  I found many shelves half or more than half empty. If you look at the list of what government services and businesses will remain open, there will still be a good number of people still on the streets. Time will tell if the State of California has moved too little, too late.

    “Garcetti stressed that the order is not a “shelter-in-place” directive and is not a lockdown, those are terms, he said, that should be reserved for incidents like school shootings.” That's funny because shelter in place and lockdown is exactly what other countries have been doing, unless Garcetti does not comprehend this?

    It is interesting reading to see who the "Safer at Home" applies to and who it does not. The population of LA County is over 10 million. The population of City of Los Angeles is about 5 million. I will just pick a few jobs because the list of workers the order does NOT apply to ("exceptions") is humongous. The Order does not apply to the over 36,000 homeless people; the order does not apply to the city of Los Angeles 50,000 government workers; it does not apply to 22,000 county health department workers; it does not apply to city 5,000 primary care physicians and 11,000 medical specialists; it does not apply to 28,000 state wide dentists. So the order, for starters, does not apply to 152,000 people. I wonder if any of those people could carry the virus to their loved ones? (That is not the total figure, just a small slice). Will this affect the middle and lower wage earners more? Stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes!

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