Debt Therapy – Credit & Debt Counseling

When you have that overwhelming feeling of debt, the first thing you start noticing is
that you don’t sleep at night because every time you go to sleep, or you’re on your way to sleep, you start thinking… I’ve gotta pay this and don’t get paid for two weeks. I got paid yesterday and all that money is gone. And, you’ve gotta try and figure out, okay, what can I do who can I pay? Um.. you get money from family and friends and
then you have to pay them back so not only are you now avoiding debt collectors, you’re avoiding your family and friends because you owe everybody
something and so um… you kind of finally have to come to a realization
that even though you think that you can
handle on your own, you can’t. And, but, there are places like ClearPoint
that are out there that can help you. It’s a very scary process. You know, looking from the outside in, I can understand why someone would be hesitant. However, picking up the phone is the
hardest step. Once you get through the door, you’ll find that it’s a much easier
process and taking it step by step, not as one big, giant jump, then you’ll be able to break it into pieces to make it more manageable and you’ll have someone who’s working in partnership with you who is a certified credit counselor who has been in the industry for a number of years and will help guide you through the process.

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