DESIGNING OUR HOME | Home Sweet Home – Episode 2 🏡✨

Hello friends I hope you’re having a happy
day so far today I am so stinking excited because we are going to the Design
Center and we are gonna pick out features for our new home that Brandon
my husband and I are building so if you haven’t heard yet you should go up to my
video about us talking about our decision to build a new home and we are
doing a semi custom home so basically how that works is you pick out your
floor plan and kind of the model of home you like so they have your Builder has a
selection of homes that you can choose from so it’s not fully custom like you
don’t pick every single room and layout and stuff but then once you do that and
sign your contract you get to go to the design center and pick out what kind of
floors you want what kind of cabinets you want what kind of countertop in just
all these little details so that is what we’re doing today so we actually are
supposed to have at least two design appointments in total so this is just
the first one I really don’t even know how much we are going to do today it
might just kind of be more of an overview and just to kind of give us an
idea of what everything looks like and what everything costs but I’ve been
doing my research and I heard it’s like quite the overwhelming day so I’m a
little nervous but hoping that we prepared okay
and we will just know what we want and feel confident in our choices because of
course it’s a lot of money and these things are pretty permanent of course
you can always switch things up in your house but it’s expensive so you kind of
want to make sure you choose the right thing the first time so yeah I did want
to show you guys what I prepared before the meeting though so if you’re
interested in this process or you are going through it yourself you’ll kind of
have an idea of how I prepared and hopefully it’ll be helpful to you so
basically I’m going to bring my laptop because I I could have like printed
images out but it’s just so much easier to have it all virtually and I can email
it and it’s not wasteful like waste a bunch of paper and ink okay I have a
lot of pictures and pages of inspiration so to get my home inspiration I usually
just play around and browse Pinterest and Instagram I have a lot of posts
saved on Instagram of house features and images I really like and then I kind of
just pulled the images all together and I created like a page for each part of
the home in canva and canva is like a much more user friendly Photoshop so I
love Photoshop but canvas free as well so if you guys want to do that I highly
recommend I’ve made lots of different mood boards on canva and presentations
when I was in school even for work sometimes so I highly recommend that but
this is kind of what I did so the first one is kitchen and it is just all white
I knows if white is gonna go out of style soon for kitchens but I cannot
think of a white kitchen I’ve met that I haven’t loved so this is kind of what
I’ll actually put it on the screen so you guys can see it better cuz this is
not ideal but I just have like the lighter gray box flashes and then we
will have the warming cooktop overhead hood and I just really like the open
shelving aspects too but I do want to not have too much open children because
I want to be practical as well but that’s kind of what I’m going for it for
the kitchen and then for the exterior we will have like some white side panel
enon our exteriors Johanna came to be so proud and we will have like a light blue
door so I’m really excited about that but in the Design Center today I don’t
think we really do any other features for the exterior except porch lighting I
still need to do a little more research about that but I want to ask about like
the gas lanterns and any pendant Lighting’s we can put out on the porch
so I’ll let you know what they say about that and then our bathroom oh my
goodness I am so stinkin excited for the bathroom so we will be getting a
standalone bath but I haven’t chosen what kind I want I mean I love clawfoot
wines I love the more modern just kind of like Bowl
looking fun so there’s so many fun options but you know me you know I love
my bubble bath so I’m really excited about that aspect of our home and then I
also want to ask them about the standalone I don’t know if this is the
proper term but just like because usually and semi custom homes they’ll
just put like a big ol mirror and it’s just kind of like a rectangular big
mirror and it’ll cuz we will have a double vanity in our master which will
be so nicely over just one right now and it’s honestly so fine like we work it’s
totally okay but when we are getting ready at the same time sometimes a
little chaotic but we’ll definitely be spoiled with the double vanity um so I
want to ask if they can forego putting it in the big mirror and then I can put
in some like pretty round mirrors with gold trim and stuff so that’s something
I have to ask and then I also want to ask about adding in like a little look
like this for the shower I think that is so handy to just have a place to put
your razors shampoo loofas whatever right there so I’m gonna see how much
that would cost add that into the shower if you are going through this process or
if you’re just interested in learning more about like building a semi custom
home one thing to keep in mind is that when you add things on in the design
center and pay for those additional upgrades that gets added to the total
cost and value of your home so if you are pulling out a mortgage you will pay
interest on it so some things if it is if it isn’t too complicated to add after
you purchase your home it is better to kind of pay in cash after so that you’re
not paying interest on those upgrades hopefully that makes sense but that’s
something we are keeping in mind as well because we would rather not pay interest
on something we don’t have to so yes um hopefully that makes sense but I’m
really excited and again I’m a little nervous so I don’t know how much I will
actually film while we’re at the design center but I wanted to just kind of give
you an overview of what we’re going for lots of think about I need to go eat
breakfast because I still have any end and I’m eaten and I know I need to fuel
for the day but let’s do are you feeling me you ready for this
ready ready as you’ll ever be are we gonna buy all the expensive
option we’re gonna be smart and wise with our money you still get your way I heard you’re
calling us I’m finishes in the kitchen and okay the
ones under the cook shop okay we just got out of our Design
Center appointment it was it was amazing we were having the time of our life
would you say we were having the time of our life at the beginning for the first
like pretty strong it was fun it was so fun it was very enjoyable he says I’m
more of a drama queen so sometimes my words are a little too dramatic for him
but so super enjoyable we were having so much fun peaking out and we were being
decisive which was good I was worried I would be indecisive with all the
different options and I would think like I would second guess or be stuck between
a few different decisions but we were really decisive don’t you think yeah and
we were both on the same page mrs. which is crucial so it was like all going
really well and I showed you guys a bit like at the beginning of this video the
batch time I wanted for our master and so I kept like referring to I was like
oh yeah we can just go with the lower option and then like we’ll have more
room for the bathtub and like really excited about it and stuff and then when
we got to the bathroom part with whips or design
Design Consultant Gordon yeah Design Consultant said that the manager is
calling to see if my freestanding bathtub will faint and I’m like what I
thought this was totally gonna happen like the freestanding bathtub I mean
where we’re paying extra for the bathtub and blah blah blah and so I was like
scared I was nervous because I was so excited about this bathtub and so like
they were doing stuff and calling people or whatever and find out I cannot have
my freestanding bathtub because it won’t fit and I was very excited about that
I’ll insert a picture of what I’m talking about I love the look of it was
so excited but they’re gonna have to do like a built in one I’ll show you
another picture of what they’re gonna do instead the good news is it will be
cheaper to do that but I was bummed and I was like it was just funny that I kept
referring to this bathtub that I was so excited about the whole meeting and then
they tell me I can’t have the bathtub it was a disappointment but I’m feeling so
much better now and honestly it will be a blessing to have more room in the
budget that we can spend money on different things that’ll be more of a
focal point of our home so I think it all is working out for the best with
Brandon he was so nervous Amy Wow excited I was for this fat stuff but it
was overall it was super super fun and I am excited and we have another
appointment in March at the beginning of March so we have quite a bit of time to
kind of like look at other inspiration and make sure we’re happy with all our
decisions but that’s pretty much the deal now we are gonna go get some
Chipotle yeah because I am so hungry it’s 1 p.m. now and my stomach was
literally growling in there and we had so many snacks but I’m just a hungry gal
and then we’re going to a tux meeting so so we’re just having an adult in day but
we hope you guys enjoyed this design Center appointment I probably will make
a part two when we go back again hopefully this is interesting to you
it’s very interesting to me I love watching home and home decor and home
building at videos it’s just like my favorite thing it’s YouTube’s version of
HDTV and I just love it so much so I hope you’re enjoying it and I can’t wait
see you


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