Emily Blunt Recalls Her Days in a Girl Group


  • Emily is not only beautiful, she is hilarious

  • Love her

  • He's awkward about the teacher guys…. you considered why right? I mean it's weird predicament, but… after watching his interviews, I wonder if it's possible there is another reason. I Love Sam. Just how he is. I hope if my suspicions are true, he can feel free to be himself after Outlander. It's nobody's business. He never has to share his personal life. But if he does feel like he has to constantly be someone else, I hope for a freedom for him.

  • I wanna be best friends with Emily Blunt.

  • Emily is beautiful, and really charismatic. God damn her husband is lucky!

  • Hi Im new Wen i saw your BTS video I was like I should subcribed:)

  • Never heard of Bross or whoever that was must have been a Brit thing.

  • Must…. stop… dribbling..

  • Man, James got Emily good. I love their relationship. 🤣🤣🤣❤
    Sam is great. 🤣🤣 Love him.
    This segment was great. ❤❤

  • She really did not want to see those band members again…

  • She’s has such great humor, every interview of hers is just all funny and entertaining.

  • k r y m of f z Э k r y m
    К РИМ

  • What….Sam…..40? He looks so young!

  • I can't think of another celebrity I would be mad in love other than Emily Blunt…. I just can't.

  • James new catchphrase: "We tracked them down,"

  • I love when Emily speak 😍

  • No offense but, she looked like Oli London in the thumbnail. HAHAHA

  • I thought Niall would be here…

  • Jimmy Kimmel is fifty-two and David Spade is fifty-five, of
    the two, who among them can best benefit from a good hair dye treatment to
    better their television careers?

  • John Krasinski You lucky bastard!

  • OMG sam and emily!!!! This is beyond perfect!! LOVE THEM SOOOOOO MUCH 😍😍😍😍😍

  • "We track down your old friends"
    How many times have we heard that lie?

  • John is a lucky man. Emily is such a treasure and sweetheart!

  • Very good couch

  • This a married woman so back off u scoundrel.

  • I love how silent the audience is when British guests discuss British things! 😂

  • Shes american now ant she?traitor

  • "Emotional Blackmail" I will use that term whenever I become sentimental! 😂😂

  • People want her to be the Invisible Woman but I’d rather her go to DC and do a (good) solo Catwoman movie a la Joker.

  • that pure horror on her face lmaoooo

  • 40th?!?!! WTF

  • All 3 of them are so good and funny..
    Would love te see them in a movie!🤣🤣🤣🙋‍♀️🇳🇱

  • Brits are close, nice and friendly to each other when they're abroad…….hmmm

  • Starter, missed out on the Mains, and Desert, couldn't get more British than that, right there.

  • honestly the time when I found out A Quiet Place 2 is gonna come out soon what I was also looking for is Emily Blunt going on talk shows so I can have a good laugh again

  • He's FORTY? I thought he was like 29

  • Why does Sam look more Scandinavian than he does Scottish? XD

  • Wait Sam is 40??? He is aging well wow

  • On Jimmy Kimmel: Almost popstar.
    On James Corden: Girl group.

  • A movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Emily Blunt as the main cast would be exciting to see, especially because both of them have comedic and great acting talents

  • Spray tan is stupid.

  • I love everyone in this sofa! Everyone is just so funny!! And HOW COME SAM IS ALMOST 40???! 😱 he’s aging like fine wine!!

  • I could watch these 3 all day long. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • @6:31 Emily believing in James for the second time. lmao

  • Emily was in a band ?!?!?!?!
    That’s so cool

  • Whats heartthrop

  • Did he just deny the Harmonious on his birthday?

  • 0:45 its geeezyy

  • Ima huuuge fan of the huntsman and the snow whit, me and dad saw it twice

  • Can’t believe no one screamed for Damon

  • 2:01 pity. Experiences against Dreams..

  • she is so pretty!! 😍😭

  • I feel like Emily would be a fun teacher

  • I love Emily Blunt but felt she could have acknowledged Sam Heughan’s presence a bit more and included him in the conversation.

  • 3:03 Emma's face! haha OMG!

  • Sam Bowie On YouTube. Make it happen for Sam's 40th Birthday!!!

  • Emily mentions Damon Albarn from Blur and no one clapped?!?!? If she also said and Gorillaz then the audience would have clapped. I like Gorillaz but I wish Blur were more popular in the US.

  • A Quiet Place 2 has been delayed.

  • Emily and John have been married for a decade now ?
    It felt like just yesterday.

  • it ssssssssssssttttiiinkkkkksssssssssss

  • no one:

    absolutely no one:

    James Corden*: *WE TRACKED THEM DOWN

  • she seems very happy.. And i love her 😍

  • Dakota johnson. Emily brunt. Emilia clarke. Gal gadot.. Their smiles is something out of the world 😍

  • she has charisma man, this woman is amazing

  • Can you believe he's almost 40? I can't.

  • Hey James, read the message about the Coronavirus, because the Coronavirus has been invading the whole world, because we must stop the Coronavirus spreading the entire world. 🚨🦠📃

  • James is strangely familiar with self-tanning

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  • Emily Blunt is so genuine I love her

  • All this promo for A Quiet Place II to be pushed back 😭😭😭

  • It's a great show and I watch it every time😍

  • Sick burn on Damon Albarn

  • I sense Emily was uncomfortable when Sam sat on her! She moved away from him+body language(crossed hands).. etc what a shame because I was wishing they do a project together

  • C’mon Sam. It’s just a bit of fun. Emma loves you and the kids want a bit of fun. Go through the wall and come to 21st Century😂😂😂😂😂

  • But the karaoke in car with Queen?

  • ugh i love emily

  • 😆😆😆 He doesn't look 40

  • Emily is the perfect woman.

  • Who's here from algeria

  • both of them went "OMG" when Emily mentioned sweating while having spray tan & wearing white seems like they're familiar with that situation😹

  • Emily is so nice and pretty.

  • I'm pretty too…in a bloodshot eyes, grey demonic kind of way!
    You have to be into monsters & have an " I want to take over the world " type personality to appreciate the beauty!
    I can never understand why I'm still single???🤔🤔🤔😋

  • Wow now that i think about it that chick looks like this teacher i used to work with…i wish em the best

  • I wish Emily & John did these interviews together!

  • She has a great laugh

  • How to cure corona
    enter Emily blunt

  • I’m just watching my king sam

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Emily Blunt is perfect? She is so ridiculously charming and beautiful in every interview!

  • electrocution? Too far james. Too far.

  • Colonel Sanders called…

  • G'day From Australia, Please Put ALL Your Video's On All Countries It's Bloody Annoying Not Being Able To Watch Them All.

  • When I heard another season of outlander I went yeessasss

  • I would’ve guessed he was 25-30.. 40? Woah

  • One of these days, they'll actually track them down! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Damn they are both so gorgeous and funny, great choice of guests 😍😍

  • Bluntly beautiful she is.

  • Emily needs to be Invisible Woman in the MCU!

  • She is so lovely!!

  • The nervous energy with the sound off tho

  • Ugh when she said vintage Leo! ❤️ Love Emily Blunt even more. Her and Leo DiCaprio should have a movie together, it would be awesome.

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