EU commission urges legal action against Italy over debt


  • If Italy falls, I agree that it should have food aide but not economically.

  • Countries have to determine their own debt and not the EU.

  • A lot of ignorant brexiteers in this section…lol

  • European Union is a
    Pyramid Scam by the Bank Mafia
    To make Europeans into debt slaves …forever

    Do the math …connect the facts …until you get to the Names

  • Watch "Oswald Mosley- Europeans" !

  • Love flat tax everyone gets A rebate to compensate poor customers. The regular consumer uses rebates as stimulus money/ investment/ savings. Perfect way to catch ALL tax cheats, and levels the playing field. Brllliant!

  • False news. Kalergi plan White replacement. Hi Tina and Nick

  • So first Brussels makes them broke. Then they tell them it’s illegal, a Logic disfunction in Brussels. UK get out now before the EU bankrupts you, Le Penn do the same for France, Hungry, Poland are you listening.
    Brussels will bankrupt your country, then takeover your country. Different to what Hitler did, so this is Merkels evil plan, takeover by default.

  • Right wing racist Italian government not doing well.
    Let's hope fascist Matteo Salvini will be punished. He kind of looks like an Arab, anyway.

  • Europeans should demand action against the (ECB) the EU parliament & EU union, for forcing billions of bad private banking debt onto the shoulders of Europeans <<< SHEEPLE

  • Italy's debt was created by EU central banks and worsened by forced EU refugee migration.

  • HELL NO,
    EUROPE is falling

  • Italy's people need a vote on leaving the EU

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