Evan Almighty (9/10) Movie CLIP – The Flood Comes (2007) HD

Get on the ark!
Everyone, on the ark now! I think we should get on the ark. I agree. I think we should get on the ark also. I’m cold. I’m wet. I’m going home. Ladies first! Move! Oh, my God. This is happening.
This is really happening. Holy… Get everyone on the ark now! Get on the ark now! Let’s go!
Get on the ark! Let’s go! Go, go, go! Get on the ark! Go, go, go! On the ark! Go, go, go! All right, boys! Let’s go! Let’s go! We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
Stay here with the kids. Come on, Rita! Everyone, up the ramp! Onto the deck!
Come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Dylan, get back inside! It’s too dangerous. No, Dad. I told you, I’m with you. Careful, everyone.
In the ark! In the ark! Watch your step!
Up the ramp, everybody! Guys, help me with the door! Get the door! Get the door! Guys! Guys!


  • This movie is not accurate witu the real story according to Qur'an

  • لعنكم الله ياخنزير الاغرب

  • 0:08 Jimmy de Santa's voice from gta v???

  • 1:26 did u see that Eve ADAMS

  • Astagfillah you are Copying HAZRAT NUH'S

  • Aim like this

  • It is Nuh

  • If I remember the story, I don’t think prophet Nuh A.S yelled at the non-muslims to get on the ark. No offence for the non muslims


  • Nabi Nuh yg diceritakan di Islam

  • this more like from the storie from prohet nuh

  • why does this film plagiarize the story of the prophet Nuh A.S, all the inhabitants died except for the prophet Nuh and animals.

  • God damn

  • This is me when i see spiderman

  • Copy and duplicate of the true story nooh-ki-kashti

  • Nuh a.s

  • Nabi nuh a.s

  • The Story Nuh A.S

  • Nabi Nuh Alaisalam

  • Story of nuh the god prophot

  • Idiots copying our prophets for making money so dumb people they are


  • Imagine when noah arrived in 2007 and there was a big flood that kill all people

  • Kisah nya nabi nuh as

  • No mames

  • Its nuh as

  • I like film . I muslim

  • Kisah nabi nuh hampir mirip

  • Nabi nuh

  • Dasar orang kavir yang buatt ikutin cerita islam

  • Sent how like

  • Hono

  • Story of prophet nuh a.s

  • Тупо…

  • يا حلاوه

  • R.I.P house

  • Wait. Why ijust remember pewds?

  • I cant believe this ark is stronger than the titanic

  • 00:41 look the reporter running

  • Alhamdulilah In shaa Allah. One day they will become Muslims

  • 0:36 Hank?!

  • IM from Indonesia IM Islam l know prophet nuh thanks

  • The father

  • Hz.nuh

  • the best thing is people mocking him so much but he still save them in the end…

    reason being good people is not easy…

  • Wow so wonderful

  • Nabi nuh

  • ore putih pun buat movie benda hok ada dalam al quran..

  • Ini terlihat seperti kisah nabi Nuh: O

  • This looks like Noah the prophet story :O

  • This is story Nuh a.s nabi Allah

  • That's NOT cool!!! Taking the scriptures of the word of GOD, and twisting the events to make a movie, is a PERVERSION of the truth! Whoever thought of making such a movie, and those that participated in producing, acting, etc., will be required to answer -WHY they chose to. GOD was not entertained by that movie!!!

  • سيدنا نوح

  • Cerita nabi nuh

  • Tiru kisah nabi diamlah

  • im islam im love nuh A.S and muhammad saw and Allah swt

  • The End USA

  • Loved this movie when I was small but think about how many people kicked the bucket.

  • Story of Nuh A.S

  • Rhinos in New York ?

  • CG感半端ない

  • Where is the camera mans it's not Come to boat?

  • WHAT???


  • This is the story from prophet Nuh A.S

  • Ini sepeeti kisah nabi nuh A.S



  • Nuh a.s

  • this film insults Islam

  • الله

  • Was Noe Ark a myth??

  • Story of nuh a.s

  • You are losser you don’t know about Nabi Nuh Alaih:

  • Que mentira en la biblia esta que solo subieron en el arca las nueras hijos nietos la esposa de noe y el nadien mas todos los hijos nadien mas

  • Y tapó toda montaña todo el mundo y aki solo son callejones que tapó el agua ??

  • Thats a noah's ark

  • I

  • This is remembering the story of prophet noah a.s

  • GO NOW ON THE ARK NOW *every body screaming

  • In the bible nobody gets on and dies I guess they wanted to make it kid friendly

  • Kayak nabi Nuh As

  • قار خدا اگر آمد هيچ كس جلوش را گرفته نميتواند !

  • If the god will get angry no one can control!

  • nampak sama tapi jalan cerita nya lain sikit dari jalan cerita sebenar nabi nuh a.s

  • Me: Ahhh I wanna watch some YouTube

    Youtube: Here watch this video 8 years ago!

  • Noah in A.D. Warttt

  • I’m

  • The comment section is infected by ignorant Muhammedans trying to convince everyone that Evan Almighty, a comedy movie based on a story from the BIBLE, is evidence that their own religion, which was invented by an illiterate warmonger who married a 6-year-old and couldn't read, is somehow true lol


  • Those poor trees 🙁

  • Those animals better had been the first to get on

  • that is boat nabi nuh

  • Astagfirullah.insulting a prophet in thus way is madness

  • Why is this boat stronger than the titanic pls tell me why

  • 0:37 – The actor from breaking bad just noticed ?

  • Free on Netflix btw watch while it's free

  • that boat made out of wood can't break wat?

  • Name??

  • Não essa arca é perigosa

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