Full Home Loan Approvals in Less than 24 Hours – Priority Approval from Southern Trust Mortgage

Picture this…. You are working with a buyer. Let’s call her Sally.
(“Hi!”) You’ve spoken with her,
got her basic information, and pre-qualified her for a home loan. Sally works with her real estate agent and finally finds her perfect home. She submits an offer, and sends
in all of her documentation to your team. Then, Sally waits for the loan
to be officially approved. A few days, or even weeks pass by before she is finally approved. The bad news is that because another buyer was able to put in a
stronger, fully approved offer while Sally was waiting,
her offer is rejected. Sally is devastated and she blames you for
her losing her dream home. Sound familiar? At Southern Trust Mortgage, we’ve got your solution,
priority approval. Priority approval is a fully
underwritten credit approval that can be provided to your
buyers in just 24 hours. This is a true credit approval, not just a prequalification. Using your buyer’s W2s, pay
stubs, and bank statements, we can have them fully
approved in 24 hours. It is that simple. They can qualify with priority approval before beginning their home search. When they do find their dream home, they can make a strong offer
that will stand out to sellers. Oh, and did we mention? Southern Trust even pays our
loan officers five basis points to use priority approval. That’s like getting paid
to close more loans. Priority approval, it’s just one more way that Southern Trust Mortgage
can make home happen.

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