Get Your Money Right® 2020 (FULL) | SoFi

Hey you, yeah you. I used to be bad with money,
but I’m not anymore. I knew I had to take control
of the situation. I got my money
right with SoFi. I opened a SoFi Money account
and it was the first time that I realized that I could
be earning interest back on my money. This is amazing. I just discovered SoFi, and I’m an investor
with a diversified portfolio. Who am I?! I searched and found SoFi
and paid off my credit cards and felt a weight
come off my shoulders. I refinanced my student loans
with SoFi and was able to cut
my interest rate by 40%. Cha ching! It’s because of SoFi, I was able to acquire
my first home. Wow, this is, is victory,
I did it! “Thank you SoFi!”

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  • I thought this was something about WiFi

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