GOP Rep. Davidson Warns AOC Trying to Revive Obama-Era 'Operation Choke Point' Tactics


  • Can’t get it through the legislative process? Do it through strong arm Tyranny.
    It’s the DemocRATic party way!

  • Can’t really understand all the press being given to this waitress. He/she/it is a non-entity. Just a flash in the pan one hit soon to be loser. Just one mans opinion.

  • Obama is behind a lot of bad things, that is going on.
    We need to put some of these traitors before a firing squad.

  • Cow Farts-Cortex The Croissant Queen,The FDR revisionist,The 3 billion dollar math wiz…got her BA from the university of Lori Laughlin. Keep her talking,keep her tweeting. Nail her corrupt ass to the wall with FEC violations.

  • The transgendered luciferian from New York is getting way too much coverage.

  • Operation Choke Point? I'd like to CHOKE some POINTS–all anatomical!!!

  • How many angels can dance on an Occasional Cortex?

  • Hope you men are paying attention and are able to visualize where all the shit of this show is coming from.

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