Governor issues statewide order to stay home


  • It all starts with 1 case. Now the snowball effect takes over. Im just waiting for the cyber attacks then the bombs to start flying. Time will tell

  • My Job making me come in

  • Bruh…..

  • What exactly is considered an essential worker??

  • Such a half assed order.

  • So pretty much nothing is in effect. 👍

  • How about put a complete pause or freeze on mortgage and rental payments?

  • Not 1202 ?

  • About time… Now shut off the planes coming in

  • Now that most of us cannot go to work, it should be essential that we be allowed outside to get some fresh air, exercise and vitamin D from the sun. Making everyone stay indoors only creates more sickness.

  • Janitors are external right

  • You have the power to lock it down. So meanwhile travellers can still come in, yes on quarantine but they can go store and spread there. Nice🙌🏾

  • BEWARE There’s a new virus coming!!
    They’re calling it the No-money virus!

  • Everybody goes out to buy groceries as a result everybody still go out to buy something How stupid lock down this is!!!!
    It should be one person per household to go outside right

  • Exactly what this manmade virus was designed to do. Crash the western economy.

  • I staying home cause I like not cause this idiot says so

  • Property management squeezing there okole!!!! LOL!!! Nobody can pay rent… They no can get paid lol.

  • WHAT ABOUT DEBTS? RENT? MORTGAGE? ETC….. going have more people on the streets, if that ASSISTANCE dont kick in NOW! 80%+ of Residents live paycheck to paycheck. We have No Savings, never could afford 1 since "we" locals pay the price to live on our Ancestors land,the place we call home. UNEMPLOYMENT DEPT. IS SWAMPED, MY FRIEND LITERALLY SPENT 9hrs today to get registered, then the system crashes.🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Hey iggy… So that mean u gonna stay home too bro or u goin to go spend our tax money some where else

  • Fast food workers still has to deal with people coming out to grab food that causes the risk of workers getting sick. What was the point In a panic stock if people still going out to eat makes no sense.

  • Stop incoming flights. The tourist can still spread covid19 at the – airport, rent a car, grocery store, hotel – shut it down now before it gets out of hand

  • So can I still go jogging or hiking? I live across from the beach on the North Shore, am I allowed to go swimming for exercise? I’m confused.

  • Why was no one notified of this MANDATE?…..

    $5000 fine and a misdemeanor for something NO ONE is notified of! What a cash grab – leave it to the Democrats to find ways to steal money from working class people and the poor!

    A mandate without notification. Why are they not using the EBS?!

    Why were we NOT notified?!

    How about a notification?!?! Gov Ige should resign after this!

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