Governor Newsom says California is preparing for 8-12 more weeks of coronavirus stay-at-home order


  • 12 weeks is the middle of May

  • Martial law is here last chance to run for the mountains

  • No soap in handwashing stations at Chavez Park next to Sacramento City Hall, block away from State Capitol, no soap at State Capitol park bathroom, no portable toilets and no bathroom for homeless after 5pm, handwashing stations at Fremont Park have been out of order for several days becoming trash receptacles.

  • CAn he clear his throat plzzzzzz

  • Milking it for as long as he can lol

  • Purposeful neglect to elderly wheelchair bound, mentally or)and physically disabled citizens that the State of California deemed unable to work and gives them an SSI check for it.
    Governor's own words that homeless are most vulnerable but has DECIDED on PURPOSEFUL NEGLECT.
    Human Rights Violations.

  • We aren't even a decade or two away 🤣🤣

  • If they become infected, fire and rescue will continue to be exposed along with the general public and police

  • Basic sanitary access to disabled citizens from City and State leaders in the State Capitol Sacramento, California.

  • Like I always say, there's no money in solving issues, only creating them.
    You would think with all of the billions in homeless funding they would provide basic services like toilets and soap and water and protect the health dignity of our most vulnerable citizens.
    Disease Prevention must be bad for business here in Sacramento one block away from State Capitol

  • I hope you downtown Sacramento citizens who are out jogging, walking around the city take your shoes off before you step into your homes where your babies and children play in the floor! The streets down here become the only facilities for homeless to relieve themselves during the night.

  • Newsom is an idiot! Zero CV cases in my county. Lets just get back to work! I believe the virus is bout as real as weapons of mass destruction.

  • California will be bankrupt because of Newsom.

  • Give me liberty or give me another country-Patsy Cline

  • Newsom's speaking from Arizona, think he's an idiot to stay in California..Just Sayin' !!

  • What about small businesses? Can they collect unemployment? What about people who rent?
    Has anyone else noticed that the 3 Democratically run states (CA, WA, & NY)who support open borders, which leaves all of us vulnerable to crime and disease, have the highest rates of the virus and deaths? Have you also realized that the same three states have the highest homelessness rate? And have you also realized that the policies of those 3 states has resulted in the largest requests to the Federal Government for financial relief, AKA, TAXPAYERS’ MONEY??

  • Even credit systems clear the slate for that

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