Guide to E-Filing Income Tax Malaysia LHDN

hey what’s up guys this is ryan from
Bujang and Brooke and today’s topic will be
all right let’s go okay for those of you who are first-time you first have to
register as a taxpayer at the Eid after I wash the end the required document is
your IC which is scanned or you can go to the lhdn get three types of document
which is copy of your letter later celery your IC and if you are married
then you need to bring your marriage certificate if applicable now this whole
diagram is brought to you by ringgit plastic comb there’s one of the place
way I would read some articles and try to learn things all basically after
three days of application probably you got a call HD and hotline s here and get
your in context number you can ask them questions don’t worry
feel free to ask them anything you definitely need to go to the lhdn office
to get your one time pin to register for a filing once you do all this and you
can register for in filing log in to the lhdn which we will do next all right
before we begin let me introduce to you the income tax calculator from I money
don’t mind this income tax calculator will give you a rough idea of how much
you need to pay your income tax based on your annual income
let’s check example of people from the v40
segment in KL if you are earning about three thousand in twelve months is about
thirty six thousand when it comes to the rental income that is if you buy any
property that you rent out to people you can mention here whether you’re married
or you’re not single this and that if you are someone who have children you
can add them in here to get your income tax deduction based on how many children
you have made yet and in college or not you check if any of these is applicable
for you and then you can fill it up and you may take it or not and move to the
next one also for your parents if you claim for both parents is about three
thousand winking one parents about 5,000 and then you can
go on to the next one if you are still studying continuing your master’s PhD
you can add in there too my memory serves me right it’s about five thousand
that you can relieve your tax if you give an insurance you should put it in
maybe your life insurance if you have you can add them in for me it’s about
3,300 but the max cap that I know office about 3000 soldiers added three thousand
here medical insurance if you have any and contribution for the private
retirement scheme you may add them in here too to take any of this if it’s
applicable lastly any items that is for the parents child services lifestyle
spending sometimes you have even a gym membership also you can include that for
me I have gym membership so take this for Muslim if you have soccer payments
you can add them in here man Muslim or Muslim step contribute to charity
organizations that is recognized by the government you may put them in here too
and lastly just click calculate as you can see I need to pay about 125 million
this comparison here is about how much that you pay in 2018 and as compared to
2019 if our annual income is about thirty six thousand ringgit first things
first is this is your annual gross income so gross income means you include
the allowances such as your transport your capital your phone if there’s any
of such allowances given in your company your bonuses incentives or add up in
here and then you just – the personal and family wishes individually you get
nine thousand and your EPF and insurance now this one issue if this helped you
remember I mentioned about the other death deduction make us to my lifestyle
my gym membership is about a thousand by this calculator will not be able to
allow you to modify that test they put the maximum amount which is two thousand
five hundred which is not that correct but nevertheless we just give you the
estimate is not the actual calculation and after you – all this your net
taxable income will be about 18,500 in-game and to get this amount you
actually compare it with the table of the assessment year make sure it’s
assessment year 2019 and not 2020 because this is the year of 2020 but we
are paying for the tax that is for the year 2019 as you can see there’s a
differences whereby in 2020 the Ministry of Finance mention that they will tax
people who have exceedingly high chargeable income of 28 – from 20% to
30% less compared to 2019 whereby the max can be that 28% to charge those
chargeable income that’s why you have also hashtag so Sargon young so now when
you look back the net taxable incomes about 18,500 and you can see over here
your first five thousand they will not charge you anything so how do you
calculate that eighteen thousand five hundred you – the first five thousand
because you see your first 5,000 right either he will charge you anything by
your next 15,000 which is this amount 13,500 you times by 1% the rate that’s
why you get hundred and thirty five finger you check back see all right now
I’m very thirty-five trinket so the actual one is way but you have to
go to lhdn just lock in there you enter your I see inside here there
is certain place and go in the blue and once you go inside first thing you need
to see is the e-filing just click on that you look at me bow around most of
us who are being the employee we will click for this one unless your business
person then it’s a different story now most of your laptop will block any
pop-up and Disney requires you to unblock the pop-up so that you can see
all these things here so make sure you put in your particular so your name
which should open up a time and open number putting a melon I see all that
make sure every information here is con right example your bank account number
you need it to be correct so that in case you paid extra and they want to
return you back the money after you finish all these things you need to
return it to the correct account number when you do your tax please please
please keep it for at least seven years you need to scan it and keep into a
folder either your iCloud or your Gmail storage somewhere in case our HP and
wants to inquire you just you have your evidence review one thing you’ll notice
is liable to incentive you are section 1 to 7 you can go to this
red color here and just leave it there and you’ll tell you about you know the
profit rally and you can read all the material online so probably you need the
letter from the country and none of us YB right I just put that did a polka not
enough right here map on your account Quang Ninh Duong negara no the war
Malaysia no I don’t have multiple scan asset I did not sell any property this
year that’s for the first one is about your blue mat can give you do if you
have everything move on to the next one when that pattern work and on your
annual income or that one year based on your ear for music filled up on your
right side your ear form will mention about your bonus your incentives you
know allowances all these and I love it up and I put it here belong and put
imagine if you are someone who stays with your company for the whole one-year
you just put one unless you hop into a different job several times for that
particular year than your to put in here but the pattern but can you say why if
you have any royalty pension do put it put them in here you
can read it slowly I guess manga is that if you received
Annina PCB this one even on is automatically recorded in here I did not
touch it on this is the amount that they have adapted from you on your PCB that
you’ve paid monthly for your company and if there’s something that you forgot
what it did not realize that we did not report you can put it easier
moving on the next one okay now design is more detail you’ll tell you your our
temper about our medical expenses for your parents you can put it in here if
I’m not sure I just put it here and now check what is your part then you’ll tell
your order a shara shara like parents income can be more than 34,000 is more
than you cannot get this sort of the tax relief which is above thousand five
hundred then you move on the end product on Superman do you have any means no no
fire no your important idea I did not study for any papers and also no guiity
do for bludgeon toxins with armor for us in doing gym membership you put it
inside here you buy the smart phone laptop tablet that is not used for any
businesses at all 10 yes you can put it in here product
and Bayern Buhl London for internet because they want to promote digital
economy if you divorce and you have to pay any money also you can put in here
companies sons or daughters you have below 18 this above 18 and put in all
the information here one or two is that if you have life insurance you can put
them out here and get a VSP how much the chairman can look at your uniform again
when detector and robot are medical and education insurance you
instead I’m here the focus so you can see a your EA foam leather I’ll show you
how your earphone looks like okay so once you are done click at the busan and
you will see the deduction and everything like how I showed you at the
I’m I need a calm day there they basically automate the click how click
for you ready you don’t have to calculate but the exercise that I showed
you earlier is so that you know how to calculate it on your own
then you can see all this then you look behind by Aranda who does Araneta come
out if there is any they were banging back to you based on your ma you might
be be do which you put inside and after you’re done calculating all this and
that just click through scan you’ll ask you to do soccer and put all your
particulars inside again put in your IC again and your cattle l1 to click and
determine in um all right don’t forget to click the subscribe button if you
haven’t down below here and I’ll see you in next episode of Bujang and bro bye


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