How A Stimulus Deal Could Help Small Businesses During Coronavirus Crisis | NBC News NOW


  • Great, I'll just hold my breath until the politicians fix it. LOL. Cuz that's always worked out great.

  • I need a cure….

  • Yeah, that’s the solution. Let’s borrow more money and get deeper in debt. Anyone who has applied for a small business loan knows how long it takes. We are talking a month or more after you send them your tax return, cash flow statement, P and L, PFS. It’s a bunch of crap and they know it. It will take the same amount of time and bureaucracy it always does regardless if it’s an “emergency COVID-19 loan”. I agree with everyone below. Fat chance the government will send me a check equivalent to 2 weeks revenue.

  • Don’t borrow money you will end worse afterwards

  • Thanks Nancy Pelosi…

  • 877 cash now its my stimulas and I need it noww

  • Why should small businesses have to utilize a loan during this difficult time? It will only make it harder for these small businesses survive long term with just more to pay out monthly. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard!!

  • If Trump's "not your president" you need to contact the DNC for your check 😉

  • The big picture it says welcome to the One World Government New World Order

  • We'll need n95 masks and 3m white suits to go with the stimulus money or else we'll just be spreading the virus.

  • The day the government helps small businesses will be the first day of the apocalypse.

  • a StImUlUs WiLl HeLp ThE eCoNoMy

    Everyone: Buys toilet paper

  • Make China pay for it!

  • This is not good year for me , because my work is shut down due Coronavirus

  • All this is BS ,bank don’t have any “money” , they sell credit illusions and make money on interest… can’t pay back the air-loan; your property now belongs to them…win win. All global resources should be divided up equally or at best given away freely at this point in hopes of stopping the spread of greed virus and a pandemic.

  • Call J.G. Wentworth if you NEED cash NOW…Or just call your local congressman/woman and tell em YOU NEED cash now. It's YOUR money, why wait? 😁

  • Call J.G. Wentworth if you NEED cash NOW…Or just call your local congressman/woman and tell em YOU NEED cash now. It's YOUR money, why wait? 😁

  • I like how this story is about small businesses, but they use a thumbnail from Amazon.

  • Welcome to Socialism US. So big businesses get bailed out by us the tax payers. And small businesses get loans they won't be able to pay back. Only people who have a job get a payroll tax cut. And $1000 helicopter money won't even pay rent. 🙁

  • The government is just boosting inflation . Everyone's savings and value is about to drop like a rock.

  • I haven't worked in over a year am I eligible for the 1000 dollars check

  • i don't see any other country giving hand out to the unite states when we are in need lol.

  • Duh giving money to someone would help anyone

  • During the Great Recession, the FED took over all banks under the same premise. This is the next stage.

  • What does it matter? 3% of us will be dead. LOL

  • Thumbnail pic–that is NOT a small business. Are you blind NBC? Oh, wait….

  • So borrow more money that you can’t afford to pay back. Great 😒

  • Bailout=Welfare
    What's the difference ?
    Economic status ?
    A handout is a handout,right ?

  • Too bad Congress can't make a bill without trying to steal more tax dollars. 💵

  • It doesn't help independent contractors. You cant even apply for unemployment, from all I have read.

  • Let's talk about the good news… Jesus life! Can't play hide-and-go-seek with death. That's why Jesus Christ was sent into the world.
    Jesus, lover of my soul
    Jesus, (Lord) I will never let You go
    And You've taken me
    You've taken me from the miry clay
    Yes, You have
    You've set my feet upon the rock (and now I know)
    And now I know

    I love you (I love you)
    I need you (I need you)
    Though my world may fall I'll never let You go
    Never, never let You go, no

    My Savior
    My closest Friend
    My closest Friend (I will worship You)
    I will worship You until the very end

    I love You
    Oh, we need You
    I need you (though my world may fall)
    Though my world may fall
    I'll never let You go
    Never, never, never, never let You go

    My Savior
    My closest Friend (I will worship You)
    I will worship You until the very end

  • Please don't stimulate any more. The virus is already very agitated! 😁😁😁

  • Where regulations begin, common sense ends.
    The health care system is the epitome of proof.
    In a nursing home, the on duty nurse cannot give a chewable baby aspirin to slow heart rate for a patient who is experiencing hypertension and exacerbated breathing – without a doctor's prescription.
    A patient who just received a new pain medication that was strong enough to cause vomiting, cannot be allowed to receive half a dose . They must accept the whole dose or decline the whole dose.
    I just dealt with both experiences personally.
    That's pretty sad that there is no adjustment allowance to accommodate the situation for those who don't benefit from the one size fits all approach of regulated government, business and other necessary measures needed in life.
    From what I've seen so far.
    Many in the health and other fields work together to get as many of their network's people covered by the government insurance programs as possible and help keep those hands pulling from those cookie jars at all times. Basically, minimally tripling the cost of Medicare and Medicaid for the taxpayers.
    It's a very sick and greedy system. I'm not happy about what I've noticed going on, since I started using these insurances.

    The stimulus payments that Trump suggested at $1k per adult and $500 per child is shot down by Schumer? Wasn't Schumer amongst those who were all about the socialist trial income that was tested in Stockton Ca?
    This amounts to the same thing with the same amount, only this one has a purpose of filling a gap that shouldn't have happened.
    Why is Schumer such a bone head?
    Anything Trump suggests, they take the flipside as their side- even if they originally suggested it.
    A bunch of flip floppers should get back on their feet and flip flop themselves back to their home states.

  • help small business but the airlines that wasted trillions on buybacks can go fk themselves, no bail out for them.

  • Helping the rich is tight

  • Ummm wasn't it banks lowering interest rates and giving loans to people they shouldn't have that lead to the 2008 crash?

  • free money guys!

  • small biz gets the big stick


  • I expect all trumpOcrat MAGAts to return their socialist trump bailout welfare checks

  • Please please pass please


  • This is complete lunacy. This type of keynesian policy hogwash is precisely what has repeatedly failed and harmed us in the past, and it is precisely what has brought to the current catastrophe. We will be the worse for this. We've tried it before, lots, and it always makes things worse. Please, friends, don't buy it. Hopeful music and a resolute public speaking voice don't magically turn insanity into sound economics. It's all wrong.

  • the corporate media selling us the country's biggest corporate robbery

  • Stimus deal????yea just promise right now that when its time to pay back the small bussineses and people affected will not have to pay interests……

  • I propose "UBITCH" Universal Basic Income To Coronavirus Hostages

  • I need help Larry Spencer jr can anybody help me please 1220 Fallon Dr Clarksville TN 37043

  • Gold is money. Dollars are debt

  • Don't give the banks a dime. Send the checks directly to the businesses. No money for BANKS because they are racist when it come to loans to BLACKS.

  • I’m sitting on gold and silver commodities I’m good for the next ten years or more
    Who picking on preppers now
    You want to put your confidence in governments state and federal now dumbasses 😂😂😂

  • What have we learned? Just what we already know you are FAKE NEWS

  • A lot of people are home ordering/spending on Amazon like me ;-). Maybe go for a Walmart grocery delivery too. LOL

  • Great depression …

  • If Israel can receive over 30 billion a year then I’m pretty sure Americans can receive the same

  • I remember when Andrew yang told us all of his

  • The ONLY reason this bill was made is due to Asian politicians trying to give their race a handout due to other Asians not going to their business…. #ChinaVirus

  • Borrow, F*** You Lady, Keep the people with debt after this crisis, most of us already have debt and you want us to pile more on top of it not fault of our own but the Governments fault.

  • This update was surprisingly unbiased as news should be. Bravo NBC. I might actually start watching your tv programs if they followed this model.

  • Doin this for people with familes that havin trouble working with half our country shut down, this is an amazing thing ,people need the help,bills an kids are expensive ,this is great


  • This is scripted economic collapse to ushering a new currency….

  • When I hear 1000 bucks to every adult and ,500 to children, I roll my eyes. Seriously I don't think everyone needs that. Hey I don't. Will I accept it… Oh course.if your stupid enough to give me a grand I'll take it and spend it on a week then what.

  • That background music- looks like a commercial for lending. What a joke. $1000 isn't enough for people to survive on indefinitely. It's a pathetic bandaid that's been given to us too little too late. Waive the bills and provide free food for those who lost their jobs!

  • "Small businesses" like Boeing and Delta…🙄🙄🙄

  • Rate cut doesn't help when the dollar is worthless as it is. Add the cost of living are jumping do to the demand.
    Prices of food has gone up in all grocery stores by 0.20 to a 1.00 now add the number of people not working do to this. Can we say world wide homeless?

  • For how long is what most I think want to know. People are going to get restless soon.

  • College students are going to get shafted, if there was any hope for the college system in the United States it's gone. I can expect a rather large decline in enrollment for this fall. Of-da.

  • People who r on social sercerty do we get a check ?

  • No one's going to take out loans if they can't pay it back.

  • Small businesses by definition are those who employ 50-100 people… This does NOTHING, literally NOTHING, for Mom and Pop shops…

  • What about cab drivers, uber and lyft drivers? Any help for them???

  • Toilet paper is now starting its own cryptocurrency called ButtCoin

  • They did that to the farmers in the 80s. Didn't help

  • This wouldn't help anything. People will just spend it foolishly.

  • I could use a big package right now


  • Love how she clearly everything in detail

  • Giving out loans with interest is helping?


  • RIP small business

  • Decent segment. That was until Lester Holt came on the screen.

  • Build a wall around Trump and make China pay for it

  • Attn.. Attn. – All business are now ordered to close early ? Are you telling me the flu bug is a vampire now also !! The bug hides till 8pm.. This is total bull crap !! We have a flu season folks !! Last year ,22,000 died from it.. Every year !! Wtf is going on ?? False Flag !!Everybody tell everyone.. go out on the streets.. meet up with others.. WENEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK ,!! THEY ARE BUYING OUR FREEDOM AWAY !! ITS FLU SEASON .. NOTICE THE REPUB PARTY AFTER CONTACT WITH PRESIDENT FROM AUSTRALIA PERSON WHO WAS POSITIVE.. NO BODY CAUGHT IT.. ALL STARS AND SPORTS PEOPLE TEST POSITIVE.. HAD A SNIFFLE ONE DAY .. OVER IT !! ITS FLU SEASON !!! FALSE FLAG.. MARTIAL LAW !! ALL GOING TO STAY CLOSED !! NO MORE GOING OUT AT NIGHT !! TAKE IT BACK.. TELL EVERYONE !! THERE IS NO VAMPIRE BUG !!

  • What is the bug gonna do after 8 pm that it's not doing during the day ?? Govt is forcing bzns to close early.. causing martial law

  • Coronavirus is a scapegoat for an economic collapse that's been in the making for ten years. We are witnessing the collapse of the petrodollar and Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve. Coronavirus is nothing. It has a higher rate of recovery than the flu!

  • Is that money enough to buy a clon?????☠👻👽

  • The government is turning against the working class >:(

  • Using a pandemic to extort interest payments out of poor people, while at the same time inflating the currency for all those that aren't poor…. seems like a bad move in at least two ways so far.

  • Dont borrow money. The government bailed out banks, it can bail out it's people. Cough on elected officials.

  • Just keep kicking the can down the road. America needs a cleansing…… From the TOP down!

  • Event 201

  • Unemployment insurance is fine. But f***ing loans???

  • M4A would help small businesses more than really any tax break or stimulus package. Cancelling student debt and UBIs would be a substantial help as well. The stimulus package is realistically a waste of time, and a smokescreen gesture. Although the bright side may be that it serves as a beta test for UBIs. Let's hope for the best and keep pushing for M4A.

  • Idk. Sounds like a formula for disaster…

  • This is a way to try and implement no cash system.

  • Lowering rates? 😂 You gotta do more than cut INTEREST RATES. You have to cut the cost. You have to lower the monthly premium. Especially when you have no income coming in.

  • As you show a 1st photograph of a warehouse that Will still be delivering to grocery stores.

  • Low interest loans will be you, giving your* business over to them. Then they will OWN your business. Now, do you see why the virus is here. They, are bankrupting businesses, to get you to sign over via loans. It us an adjusted type take over

  • FYI, banks are not lowering their rates for the people. They just lowered the rates for the banks to borrow as a middleman so they get to make more money off our desperation.

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