How I’m Wiping Out 21 Accounts ($59,268) of Debt I Americor Debt Relief I New Hampshire

Hello, I joined a part of the Americor
Financial program three and a half months ago, it was 21 accounts that’s
correct 21 accounts with about $60,000, I didn’t
think anybody could help. All of my payments I would make on time every
single month, I would just end up with nothing. It made it very difficult because I worked very hard I got myself in a very
difficult situation and every day I woke up knowing I had to make 21 different
payments every single month. Just keeping track of 21 payments was challenging I
had a spreadsheet, but it was just overwhelming. I spent so much time just
trying to keep everything organized and doing my best, but at the end of the
month I had nothing and I am sure I’m not the only one out there, you pay that
credit card bill and as soon as it clears I had to use it so if I paid $100
on a credit card within a week it was gone again so it was just a horrible
revolving situation, but I researched several companies, I looked at the Better
Business Bureau, I researched online which I think everybody should do and
this program seemed to stand out so I made the call. I’m glad that I did
I was just swamped in debt, but now after three and a half months two accounts are
already settled there are five five more accounts that are they’re negotiating
right now in just that three and a half months. Every one that I’ve been in contact with at Americor whether it’s an email a phone call have been so helpful.
They’ve been fast to answer, they don’t belittle you
or embarrass you or make you feel bad for whatever your situation is that
that’s amazing. I have to say in this last three and a half months, I’m feeling
a little bit of relief and with that amount of debt it’s gonna take me a
while but I’m already with their help we are doing it together,
thank you Americor.

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  • Did they lower your monthly payment amounts from what you were paying before and did they have you wait til your accounts were overdue? I’m considering the program. Thank you :).

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