How Much MONEY Do Twitch Streamers REALLY Make? (Inside Look from a Top Streamer)

Heh, This guy’s toast so you want to know how much money Twitch streamers make. Well, you came to the
right place my name is Disguised Toast and I’ll be
giving you an insider look at just how Twitch streamers make their income I’m
someone who has been in the top ten list for the most viewed twitch stream on
both a weekly and a monthly basis so hopefully this lends a bit of
credibility to what I’m about to tell you
all right so twitch streamers have about four different ways to make money they
can do donations ads subscriptions and sponsorships so let’s do the easy ones
first donations very straightforward viewers can directly donate money to the
streamer using credit cards or PayPal and they would get the majority of that
donation sometimes the platform takes a 1% cut but it’s negligible my donation
total is about two thousand and five hundred a month which is actually on the
lower side for someone with my viewership
I don’t incentivize donation other streamers do and they get more donations
because of it it’s really up to the individual streamer to incentivize
donations you know some streamer even give out private snapchats to their
viewers if they donate a certain amount next we have ads every time you open up
a twitch stream you get served an ad when that happens the streamer makes a
tiny bit of money in addition to the initial ad you get from opening up a
twitch stream every partnered streamer also has access to a special button the
ad button and when they press this ad button all the viewers get served an ad
and they make a decent amount of money cuz you know that’s love ads going on at the
same time if I was to press it it’s ten thousand people all getting a 30 second
advertisement and it’s really up to the streamer to control how many times they
want to press this ad button because you know it’s like a golden goose right you
squeeze it and instead of a golden egg popping out it’s some cash some
streamers just smash it non-stop you know they can serve like five minutes of
as if they really want some streamers never press the button
and they never serve any extra ads so if you ever wonder why a streamer you’re
watching just keeps getting ads ads ads ads it’s probably because they keep
playing whack-a-mole with the button and making money off it for me I make about
four thousand bucks a month of ads and that’s from someone who never presses
the ad button it’s just the initial ad you get when you open up my stream
subscriptions now this is where the money starts ramping up viewers can pay
$5.00 a month to be subscribed to a channel and in exchange to get a little
bit of benefits such as a special sub badge you know access to sub emotes for
example my sub emotes include a three-part dab emote and if your sub of
mine you can use this dab emote anywhere on Twitch to get attention I
would also like to point out that I understand dabbing is not cool I just do
it ironically I don’t really dab because I think it’s cool or anything
streamers can also set their chat to sub mode only which means only people who
are subscribed to paying that 5 bucks a month kept talking chat now keep in mind
streamers do not keep all this money which will take 50% of it yes 50% of it
goes to twitch if you’re a top tier partner you get to keep 70% so only 30%
go to twitch I talked to your partners there’s no hard definition but generally
anyone averaging 10,000 viewers or more is considered a talk to your partner for
this 70/30 split purposes when we use some examples let’s look at the number
one two extreme in ninja currently he has 120,000 subs publicly displayed on
his stream if we multiplied this by three dollars and fifty cents that’s
four hundred and twenty three thousand dollars per month of subs alone this is
just talking about subs pubg streamer shroud has about forty two thousand and
five hundred subs we multiplied this by at three dollars and fifty cents and we
get one hundred and forty eight thousand dollars
for months that’s a quite a decent amount of change also I would like to
note that not every subscriber is paying the five dollars twitch has something
called twitch Prime what you get when you link your Amazon Prime account to
your twitch account and when you do this you get a free sub to any channel every
month for free not sure if you guys heard about twitch Prime probably one of
your streamers may have mentioned it at one point do you know about which prime
which prime just private front which So if Johnny the 13 year old twitch viewer asked his mommy to link
her Amazon Prime account to his twitch account then Johnny gets to subscribe to
a channel on twitch for free every month and maybe Johnny will go to and click that free subscribe button for the
record streamers still get the same amount of money from a Twitch Prime sub
as they would from a regular sub and for those curious my sub count is at about a
four thousand which means I get fourteen thousand bucks off myself every month
and finally the fourth category the big one sponsorship this one is so
comprehensive that I will probably have to do another standalone video on it
because sponsorship has a huge range but to give you the basics here are ways a
twitch streamer can get sponsored to do something a sponsored stream a sponsored
YouTube video has sponsored live appearance at an event a sponsored tweet
or a sponsored Instagram post A sponsored stream is when a streamer is
paid to play a certain game for example recently EA paid all the top streamers
on Twitch to play battlefield 5 you can tell because all these streamers put the
hashtag ad in the title hashtag yeah the hashtags sponsored this is because they
are legally obligated to do so by the FTC the Federal Trade Commission the hourly rate for these paid game play usually ranges between 1 cent to $1
per viewer which means someone like me who averages 10,000 viewers can get paid
between $1,000 to $10,000 per hour to play a game and yes I have done 1,000
per hour and I’ve also done 10,000 per hour personally so that’s a pretty wide
range right at the very end you have ten times what you get at the beginning and
the reason for this is there’s a lot of factors it’s like how fun is the game
how much money does the company have you know a mobile game from Asia probably
have deeper pockets than an indie passion project on Steam so one personal example I can give you is Battlerite every time they ask me to play their
game I don’t really care about how much money they’re offering because the game
is fun and I enjoy playing it so even if it’s like a thousand bucks an hour it’s
like yeah I really enjoy a game I’m gonna do it and it sounds weird right
me being okay was only getting paid a thousand bucks an hour and it’s it’s a
weird thing when you hear it out loud like hear me say I’m okay with getting
paid a thousand bucks but that’s just how the industry is on the other hand
I’ve turned down games offering $10,000 per hour and that’s because the game
they want me to market is just what’s the what’s the nice way to say it
dogshit yeah that’s putting it nicely and when games like that happen they
will essentially have to pay me Scrooge McDuck swimming and cash level amount of
money for me to be okay with playing it if I’m gonna force myself to go through
three hours of mind-numbing gameplay it needs to be worth it and for it to be
worth it there needs to be a lot of money on the table and a lot of you
might think of me as a money grubber because of this and that’s fine I’m just
trying to give you a realistic mindset that I have when dealing with
sponsorships I know there are people in a real world working a nine-to-five job
every day just to get by and Here I am expecting more money to play bad
games they can definitely warp your perception on the value of money
sponsored YouTube videos are around 5,000 bucks per video for a 30-second ad
live appearances at events ranges between 5,000 to 10,000 tweets and
Instagram posts are usually packaged into the deals because you know our main
platform is an Instagram it’s not Twitter it’s twitch so those are added
onto our deals and as I said at the start all these numbers I have given you
is based off my own experience as a twitch streamer who averages 10,000
viewers it is consistent with my friends who have 500 viewers it is consistent
with my friends who have 50,000 viewers so in total I get about 20,000 per month
off ads and subscribers and donations that’s essentially my base salary and
any sponsorship I take on top of that is just bonuses I really hope this video
gives you guys a better idea on how much money a cop twitch streamer can make
I’ve been told by quite a few of my colleagues that this video is a bad idea
because you’re not supposed to tell the public how much money you make because
they might see you differently you know you might think you’re doing something
only because of the money some of them might lose trust because of
this but honestly I just want to do something educational and transparent
about something I know about and I know that people are curious about so if you
found this video to be eye-opening or helpful please leave a like below and
comment your thoughts or questions I wouldn’t mind doing more of these videos
where I talk about what it’s really like to be a twitch streamer hope you guys
enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys next time bye


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    Appreciate everyone's support! I know all of you are mainly here for Hearthstone content, and that will still be the main focus on the channel, but as recent sentiments has shown, sometimes Hearthstone can be a bit boring. So I like trying out different things during these times.

    – Toast

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