• That is the fake 100E

  • I am Czech

  • I change my money at Home and when I need more I go to a ATM.

  • Taxi je drahy jako ze jsme ve svycarsku. Uber top.

  • I was in Prague last week and you helped me so much! Thank you!

  • Dude you saved my budget
    Greetings my dear

  • Thank you very much for informing the public about the scams. You save us from a lot of money. Job well done man. Two thumbs up for you 🙂

  • But it they are scammers how do you know that what the sign saz is true and actualy what they give.

  • Who doesn't use Revolut now a days?..

  • Hey mate im moving to Brno soon, would be a pleasure to meet you sometime

  • Why we don't use Banks to change the currency?

  • my question is: how to pay for the bus to city center if you only have euros and no credit card and dont want to change money in the airport ?

  • Excellent very helpful I'm visiting for the first on friday the 6th sept 2019👍👍

  • U speak a perfect English !

  • Thank you so much,

  • Very bad experience v change from random guy look like drug addict . Try to help him but find out the currency is invalid

  • You had me at"10 BEERS"😆😆😆

  • going to prague very soon , whats the name of good currency places to go to

  • This guy deserves an Oscar.

  • This is insane. Too scared to go now.

  • i like you bro stay true i love it

  • Thanks a lot!

  • I really appreciate my Janek friend's advice

  • Well done, thanks , coming in couple of days

  • At least chequepoint got shutdown. 1501 CZK for 100 EUR? That is definitely NOT 0 percent commission. As of today you should get at least 2400 CZK at the minimum for 100 EUR. Anything below is a SCAM.

  • 1:33 1739 CZK for 100 EUR
    1:55 2450 CZK for 100 EUR
    2:16 2513 CZK for 100 EUR… not! COMMISSION COMES TO HAUNT YOU!

  • thank you so much for this video! is it ok to change money at the airport? if not, how do i buy bus tix from the airport to the city center, do they accept euros? 🙂

  • very helpful thank you

  • I have 20 kc note . Is it still valid in Czech republic?

  • Don't withdraw at KB bank ! Hello honest guide and thanks for your super advices, and nice video. I wanted to report to you that We withdrawn money at an ATM from KB bank and the exchanged rate was not nice: almost 23 for 1 euros. In addition to this I have to pay commission to my own bank in France. So KB bank not nice !

  • Hey. Can I use revolt card to withdraw money?

  • Why don't the government take legal action against them?

  • Actually sometimes it's better take money from ATM than using this weird kiosks. But when they give you really that 2500 Kč for 100 eur it's weird too because they have to live from something, I am curious if they are paying taxes correctly that they can offer such good transfer rate. 😀

  • On cheb is crisps small for 27 kč

  • Omg so usefull tips and video..

  • Pivo za 50 kč? A kde? 😀 😀

  • Love your video!!! thanks a lot for all the tips, going with my family to Prague for New Year's 2019/20 any suggestions where to eat proper local food??? Thanks in advance!!!

  • What a shame… sorry foreigners for these banana republic manners in my country capital… I cannot believe it is, was possible… today there is a new law – you can change your mind, and you have 3 hours to change your money back up to value of 1000€, if you find better deal.
    Great link with civilized exchange rates in this video description, thumbs up for Janek…
    I personally use these 2 exchange offices when in Prague, but I'd say I saw even better deals in Janek's link: (today is 27/01/19)
    – Exchange ( ) today: 1€ is for 25.20CZK or VIP 25.40CZK (minimum 1000€ or a voucher and less money)
    – Euroexchange ( ) today: 1€ 24.94CZK or VIP 25.46CZK (minimum 500€)

  • This video is so helpful!! Thank you so much. i'd like to share it with my students who intend to travel abroad.

  • When I lived there I used to change money on Kaprova 1. At that time they used to have very good rates.

  • Thanks for Nice advice love it

  • Amen guys x

  • Or take the crowns with you or just avoid going.

  • exchange before you go.

  • Excellent.

  • It would be great to have you in italy, for a guide to find honest people…

  • for best scams on the face of earth, go to İstanbul! level 50 scams will find you before you try to find them!!

  • Attention all foreign students who want to study medicine in English in Prague.
    I was studying 6 years at the first medical faculty, paying 14000 euros each year.
    These English programs are just well organized criminals, they steal your money, fail the students in the exam and then terminate their study.
    These criminals are calling themselves Europeans and they have nothing to do with being so.
    They stole from me loan and terminated my study.
    They first medical faculty in Prague have a maniac vice dean named Sedmera.
    Actually I found those criminals naming their university, Charles university to attract students from England and keep stealing them.
    The name of the university is karlovy university in Czech language which means Karl’s university and NOT CHARLES university.
    They have a city named Karlovy Vary, they don’t call it Charles Vary.
    Do you know that the Czech president was caught in Chile by a security camera of stealing a pen? And they security guards saw him and told him the put back the pen you stole and put in your pocket.
    Never trust a Czechs, these are pure parasites and criminals indeed

  • hi honest guide can you please make a vlog to discuss the monthly salary the wage of foreign worker thats why we have idea.. i plan to worked there in youre the fan to your honest guide channel im frm ph…thank you and mabuhay honest guide

  • Revolut is the best choice

  • 4th tip: Avoid Exchange stores inside metro/train stations and airports… Those really rarely give a decent exchange ratio…


  • Does this apply outside of Prague as well? I'd like to visit Czech someday but am less interested in the capital.

  • i feel like the last place was tipped off

  • Perfektni, dekuji za toto video. Byl jsem ted v praze a zazil sem ten podvod na vlastni kuzi. Nemenil jsem, ale divil jsem se tomu.

  • cheque republic

    get it?
    not meant to be racist btw

  • Is that Foreign Exchange Office near the old Square or Wenceslas square? Can you please give us the street name? Excellent. Thanks so much.

  • Krijg je bellijst gemakkelijk met [email protected] binnen 2 uur na het werk zoals jullie allemaal wilden, vertrouw hem altijd via sms en e-mail en WhatsApp ([email protected]) en +1 (910) 766-0744

  • Best way i do it is i go to western union in my country i only pay like 5 bucks to them for 100 euro worth of Czech money

  • This man is an angel sent from heaven to watch over us (but only in Czech republic) 👼 💰 🙏🏻

  • What about get money from atm

  • Super owsome knoledge

  • Thanks man 😊

  • Went to Prague when I was 15 to play hockey but had no time to sightsee and have zero plans on ever returning….yet I’m watching videos how to exchange money there….

  • You have to make a sticker that present that exchange store is honest and tourist will know about it. Thank you

  • 1:12 0% comission but will take 100ccrowns Wery honest place

  • der Euro ist doch nicht mehr das Papier wert auf das er gedruckt ist besonders für dummDEUTSCH"!!!

  • Thank you!!!!!

  • In this orange change, they give me 18Čk for 1€.On Old Town square i give 200Čk for one sosage (85Kč) they give me change 10Kč.Prag is scum city. If someone want to saw eastern city vithout scams, vith good food, cheap prices go to Belgrade or Bratislava. In Warsawa, Budapest is the same story like Prag.

  • What about dollars

  • What a nice guy 🙂

  • please send me the exact adress for this exchange office that gave you 2500 for 100 Euro

  • Love this!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I recently found a new application on android named Winngie. It's a social application for money exchange platform. Very recommended for travelers. Winngie will connect you with another user/traveler that want to exchange his/her money with you. You may want to take a look at their website

  • good job..keep it up

  • great video….very instuctive and usefull

  • U need to give address of money exchange store

  • Love it👍👌

  • There are 2 more honest exchange offices: Alfa Prague Exchange in front of Palladium shopping mall mentioned in video has one more branch in Panská pasáž accessible from Na Příkopě street or Ovocný trh. ( and also good one with very similar rates is in the middle of short street Nekázanka. Both are close to Wenceslas square, both have zero commission and difference between sale and buy rate is less than 0,40 CZK – for example today EUR BUY is 25 CZK and EUR SELL is 25,38 CZK.

  • Why does my 4g work now at the motel collection agent?

    8:39 am January 19, 2020

  • There is a simple way how to tell bad exchange place from an honest one. Bad exchange places always have euronet ATM scam machines..

  • How much for monopoly money ?

  • what about ATM or pay with credit card?

  • I want to visite Czech republic plsssss

  • I want to visite Czech republic plsssss

  • You must do a reverse scam on the scammers. Ask how many czk you get for €100 and than ask if you can change that amount of czk to a €100 euro bill. And go to the right office to change it bank to 2500 czk.

  • I'm gonna visit Prague next week. Thanks for all your advices, you're a great guy. I'm from Rome, Italy: wich is packed with tourist traps: it is somethimg that really pisses me off royal! Tourism is the largest income of Rome's economy, and I'd like all those cheater mmotherfuckers that rip off tourist to be busted and kicked in jail!

  • Czech Koruna is the same as Crowns?

  • Your English is perfect

  • От души!! Карма +

  • Glad I found this channel. ❤

  • I really wanna thank you, your videos make tourists like me more confident to visit Prague. Thank you, your work makes the difference!

  • Good guide thanks a lot.

  • Just use ATM but never accept the exchange rate the ATM offers, let your bank do the conversion.

  • Taxis are bad?

  • I hate fucki..g east European countries 👎👎

  • I'm so grateful for your help and your channel!

  • i payed nearly all around in Praque with mobile NFC and PayPal to MasterCard in actual.

  • last week in Prauge close to Carlo Bridge

  • thanks

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