How to request an Interlibrary Loan

Hello and welcome! This video is titled
How to request an Interlibrary Loan. Are you looking for a book or article that
the TCC Library doesn’t have in our collection? If so, you can request an
Interlibrary Loan, most often referred to as an ILL. Once you request an ILL, we
look for partner libraries that have that item and request it from them. If
they agree to loan the item, they ship it to us for you to borrow for a specified
time, free of charge. It’s a wonderful service. Let’s look at how to request an
ILL. Step 1: Determine if the Library already carries the title. Before you
request an ILL, make sure that the Library does not already carry the title.
If it’s a book that you’re looking for, search the Library Catalog. The Library
Catalog is located on the Library’s home page. If you need to review how to search
the Library Catalog to find print and ebooks refer to the videos on those
topics in the How Do I series. If you’re searching for an article like a journal
or magazine article, you can search Super Search. Super Search searches across
nearly all of the library’s collections, both print and electronic. Simply search
by the title of the article. Sometimes enclosing the title of the
article in quotation marks is helpful. If we have the item you need, great no ILL
is needed. If not, however, you can request an ILL. And as always, if searching these
systems is confusing, you can always ask a librarian for help in finding
something. That’s why we’re here! Step 2: Request an ILL. Once you’ve
determined that our library doesn’t carry the title you need, you can request
an ILL. Here’s how. Go back to the Library Catalog. You’ll see two forms in
the left-hand column under Interlibrary Loan. One is for a book request and one
is for an article request. Choose the appropriate form and
fill out the requested fields as completely as possible. The more complete
you are about the item you’re requesting, the more likely we are to find it and
request it for you. Give the correct title, author, publication date, and any
other requested information, like journal, title, volume, and issue, if it is an
article that you’re requesting. Make sure to include your name and student or
employee ID so we can contact you and let you know whether we are successful
in requesting the item. For Gig Harbor student,s faculty, and staff, if you’d like
for the item to be sent to the Gig Harbor campus, please enter that request
in the note field. We will accommodate your request!
when finished filling out the form, hit the send button. What’s the timeline for
receiving an ILL? First, it’s never a guarantee that we can successfully
borrow the item, especially if the request is for something rare or very
recently published. That aside, though, we do fill the majority of requests that we
receive. Book requests take an average of 7 to 10 days to receive. Articles are
often much quicker, especially if they can be found electronically. The loaning
library would simply send us a link to the article and we would then forward
that link to you. The bottom line is that ILLs are a great option but never a
guarantee. They also take a while to arrive so plan ahead and take advantage
of this great service when appropriate! If you have any questions at all about ILLs, please ask us!

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