How to Sell My House Fast? – MORTGAGE PAYMENT ASSIGNMENT | 6 of 7 | San Antonio, TX

a mortgage payment assignment is by far your best worst option the way
this works is you assign your mortgage payment to the buyer now because you’re selling a home with
financing typically a buyer will be willing to pay a premium. Now the buyer is agreeing to take over the payments so you will get the whole $145,000 that you
owe for the help and because the payment
will continue to get paid on time your credit is not get affected at all your house would typically sell
this way within two to three weeks now because the current underwriting
standards there are over 80 million Americans out there that can not get a loan and
there are thousands of people waiting for an opportunity like this
also with a mortgage payment assignment you won’t have to bring any money to the
closing table and if you have some equity you might even walk away with
some money this is why we like mortgage payment
assignment it helps you to get out at your house
and protect you with your credit and your money

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