I Took All My Grandparents’ Money And Spent It For Candies

Hey guys, I’m Daniella. I’m 18 now. This story began with me stealing 30 bucks
from my grandparents, and in a few years it resulted in a complete break within my family,
and my parents invading my house and forcing me to give up my plans for going to college. I guess that’s what is called the domino
effect. Our family has always had problems with money. We weren’t exactly poor, but for some reason,
sometimes by the end of the month we had to skimp on everything, including food. Sometimes me and my brother Evan would stay
with our grandparents to save up a little bit of money for our parents since it was
closer to our school. Our grandparents also had problems with money,
but it was just easier that way. I was 14 and Evan was 12 when we found something
weird in our grandparents’ house. They were out somewhere, and we were searching
for some paper for our schoolwork, so we looked in one of their cupboards. We found this very fat envelope. At first we wanted to just put it back, but
Evan noticed that it was full of money. We couldn’t resist and looked inside. We couldn’t believe our eyes. This envelope was full of money, I think there
were thousands. Me and Evan just looked at each other and
quickly put it back. A few weeks had passed and we were at our
grandparents again. We really wanted to see a new movie that was
at the cinema, but we had no money, so… we remembered the envelope. We decided to take a little bit, just enough
to see the movie. And then we took a bit more, cause maybe then
we could go out to eat somewhere and buy snacks. We promised to each other that we would never
take more of it. But of course, we did. Every time we wanted something, we would take
just a little bit, because they wouldn’t even notice this small amount of money disappearing. But when it was Evan’s 13th birthday, our
parents told us that we couldn’t celebrate this year, because we had almost no money. Evan was really sad about it, and I got mad
at my grandparents – why were they hiding all this money? Didn’t they want us to be happy? So I took a huge sum of money out of the envelope
and later, me, Evan, and his friends had a big celebration. We returned home later than usual and our
parents were very curious as to why. Evan was so excited, so he told them about
the party. They were confused, and Evan tried to come
up with some excuse, but we were forced to tell the truth. Our parents were sooo mad, but not at us. Our grandparents never supported them in any
way and left them to manage their lives themselves. You see, my parents met when they were young,
everything happened very fast, and they weren’t ready to start a family. Of course my grandparents weren’t happy
about this either, and they had a strained relationship, but nobody knew that our grandparents
actually had some money! Next time all of us met, there was a HUGE
FIGHT between my parents and my grandparents. My mother remembered all the times when they
needed money and my grandparents never helped, even when we really needed it. And how they tried to raise us but were forced
into poverty and my grandparents lied and said that they had no money. At one point Mom started to look through their
cupboards, trying to find the money she felt she was entitled to. It was then that our grandmother calmly took
the envelope, threw it at my Mom’s face, and said “Take it and leave.” We drove home in silence. Nobody knew what to say, because it felt like
all the dirty secrets of our family had been revealed in one night, and there was no chance
for any of us to ever go back. Of course Evan and I still loved our parents,
so when they said that our grandparents weren’t part of the family anymore, we listened. From this point onward, every mention of our
grandparents caused a fight in our house. I felt like I hated them, but Evan hated them
even more, because he was younger and was listening more closely to what our parents
were saying. And our life didn’t really get better with
this money – soon it was all gone, because we needed to buy some stuff for the house,
including a lot of things we needed to repair. Our house had been in really bad shape for
years. Three years passed, and all this time we were
thinking that our grandparents were evil, cold people. We had zero contact with them, until grandpa
called and invited us… to our grandmother’s funeral. It was sad. My grandfather looked so small and thin, not
like he was a few years ago. Nobody really talked during the funeral and
the worst part was that Evan refused to go to the funeral, because he hated our grandparents. Grandpa put a bouquet of lilies on the grave
and smiled with sadness. They were our grandmother’s favorite flowers. After this, our parents started talking about
how, soon, grandpa would also die, and we could sell their house afterward. I didn’t know what to think and it seemed
beyond cruel, but my Mother just hated him so much for never being a proper father to
her. They asked me and Evan if we would start a
relationship with grandpa, to get on his good side. Evan refused, but I said yes, partly because
I could never forget grandpa’s face when he was looking at grandma’s grave. He was very happy to see me, especially because
he had no one to talk to. He told me how hard the past two years had
been. Grandmother was old and sick, and the sadness
of losing us made her deteriorate really fast. They didn’t have any money for treatment
either, because they gave us all their savings. And then he dropped the bomb of truth. This envelope was intended for me and Evan,
to pay, at least partly, for our college education. They had Mom when they were young, so they
were always struggling with money. They couldn’t be good parents because, well,
they were just always tired. And then the same thing happened to Mom – she
ran away with Dad and cut all ties to them. Soon afterward she got pregnant and was forced
to return and get into contact with our grandparents again. They wanted us to have a different life. And because our parents were so young and
wanted to party, they couldn’t just give the money to them. They would’ve simply wasted all of it. I didn’t know what to think. For years I had hated them, but now it was
all different. And my parents didn’t want to listen to
any of it, claiming it was all lies. Evan was on my parents’ side, even though
I really really tried to show him it was different. I spent a lot of time with my grandpa, helping
him with chores, watching movies, and just talking. I completely forgot about my “mission”
to get on his good side. But I did, although not on purpose. Sadly, grandpa was old, and his health wasn’t
the best, so it was clear that he didn’t have a lot of time left. I tried to persuade my parents to visit him
because he missed them, but they refused. So eventually, he died and the only ones who
were at his funeral were Evan and I. He was crying because he finally realized
that he missed his last chance to see or talk to our grandpa. And in a surprising turn of events, in his
will, grandpa left the house and remaining money to me. All of it. I had just turned 18 and was finishing school. My parents were happy and started to plan
what they would do when they sold the house. It was like a ticking time bomb that would
explode as soon as I would tell them that all of it belonged to me and Evan. When they did find out, they couldn’t believe
their ears and demanded that I leave, because I now had a house. So I did. I decided against selling the house and started
living there, experimenting with AirBnb and working, trying to save some money for when
I was ready to apply to colleges. Because that’s what my grandparents would
want me to do. And honestly, life got much better. Evan sometimes visited me and he definitely
felt scared being in the house, because it seemed like our parents were going insane. For some reason, they had even more problems
with money, and they were mad that I had this house. I promised Evan that he could move in with
me as soon as he turned 18. My parents kept begging me to sell the house
or at least share some money from the AirBnb with them, but I needed all of it just to
stay afloat. So one day, they just moved in. They didn’t ask anything, they just showed
up with their luggage and shouted “surprise.” I couldn’t just say no to them. They were actually trying to sell our old
house, and because they took most of the rooms, I couldn’t rent them to anyone. I was pretty sure they were doing this on
purpose, to either force me to sell the house or so they could sell our old one. They quickly removed all of the pictures of
my grandparents and made it their own home, without asking me anything. I couldn’t just go to the police and tell
them that my family invaded my own house, right? The only one who was nice to me back then
was Evan. He was old enough to see how rotten our parents
were, and it was painful to live with them, because they kept spending all their money
on partying and useless things, but this time, unlike when I was a kid, I had actually been
noticing it. Every time I tried to talk some sense into
them, they would act like victims, the same as they did with our grandparents. I hated going home, so I spent most of my
days working. One evening when I finished my shift, I was
so exhausted I had a nervous breakdown and just sat on the ground, shivering from the
cold. I didn’t know what to do. I knew I needed to escape all of this, no
matter what. So I packed my bags at home, and told my parents
that they could have the house and could do anything they wanted with it. I left right afterward and moved to a small
room, cutting all contact with my family, except Evan. I can barely afford this room and I would
have to wait at least another year before even trying to apply to colleges. There is only one good thing that has come
out of all of this – Evan promised that as soon as he finishes school, he will start
working and we can rent an apartment together. And I really, really hope that it will get
better, because I don’t want to be forced to live like this.” Thank you for listening to my story. Please cherish your parents and grandparents
if they are good. Share this story with other people, so they
will know how things like this can happen in life.


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