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what’s good fam my name is Krsippykim and welcome back to my channel
in today’s video what have for you is the workaround for the solo fastest
money glitch available in the game right now where you guys can duplicate any car
that you want solo as fast as three minutes okay so I’m talking about the
latest glitch guys its back it got patched but we have a workaround for you
guys so go ahead listen again first of all what you want to need to do is go
the story mode and open up interaction menu and enter director mode now you’ll
be in the trailer just like this go to settings and set the time of the day
into midnight all right midnight they came back out and simply
select enter director mode all right now soon as you are in the game you’ll see
director mode in the top corner from here I want you to open up interaction
menu go to settings hover over time of the day and press triangle or Y to
freeze the time after that go ahead and check your phone the time is frozen all
right we want that press boss go to game load game and load your own or save okay
and that from here since you low euro to save it will take you a minute or two in
the loading screen just like this just kindly wait for it and soon as you are
back in story mode just pull up your phone and you’ll notice that your time
is frozen alright 7:51 it’s not moving that’s what
we want simply press pause once again go to
online play GTA online go to invite only session now as soon as you spawn into
invite-only session you’ll notice when you pull up your phone it’s frozen the
time is frozen however it’s not nighttime yet and we
need the game to be nighttime so the ladies from the street are spawning so
we want to be able to get 10 p.m. onwards now enable for you to do that
simply stay in this session for five minutes and after that after five
minutes simply press pause go to creator soon as you are in creator you are able
to bring up your pause menu and go to another fresher invite-only session now
soon as you spawn into another invite-only session pull up your phone
it’s nighttime and your time is frozen and that’s what
we want from here I want you to go ahead and order a fag yo and store it in the
regular garage nothing you’re in Clubhouse but an irregular garage okay
and another thing that you will be needing is the MOC with personal vehicle
storage and also I do recommend guys if you have an arena to do this in front of
your arena because a lot of ladies from the street are spawning right in front
of the arena however if you guys don’t have in the arena you guys can do it in
your nightclothes garage pent house a garage of the casino and also the arcade
garage okay so there you go first thing you want to do is go ahead and park the
MOC right in front of your arena whichever location that you want to do
the duplication from here I want you to detach the trailer in park its side by
side just like this and over there free elegy rh8 and they call out that frailes
yard shades now here are the ladies they are saponification is right in front of
the arena but we’re not gonna get there yet first off we need to get set up go
ahead and get in your free LSU rh8 and we want to be able to wedge it in
between the MOC you know the truck in the trailer just
like this blocking both doors okay so there you go it’s very important that
the doors are blocked both doors are frail yard shade because we want to be
able to get the teleportation thing without the animation if your character
getting in the car so let me show you how okay so there you go go ahead and
park the trailer and the truck right in between of the Friel grha and this is
what I’m talking about you want to be able to teleport just like there’s a
pressing triangle or y-you see that I’m teleporting inside of the car without
the animation of the character getting in the car and that’s what we want to
achieve now as soon as you give that go ahead and approach one of the ladies
from the street hunk on him alright a repressor ID pad and she’ll get in the
passenger seat of the car and that from here it’s very important drive her
safely without crashing or else she’ll get out of the car we don’t want her out
of the car okay so from here simply go ahead and pull up your gun should about
two bullets on the floor just like this and she’ll get scared that’s part of the
glitch needs to be scared first do not forget the steps now from here I want
you to watch the car in between the trailer and the truck blocking both
doors now simply press triangle or Y and you’ll get
teleport outside of the vehicle just like this now get a pistol you know or
pistol with suppressor that’s a perfect gun for this okay and I want you to
shoot the certain part the hood part of your car and we want to be able to see
the hood on fire okay so it’s very important that you use pistol on this
one not the strong gun or else the car will blow up so there it goes to this
it’s on fire go ahead and call Lester to remove no cops on you I’ll get them up
just simply wait for it until you see the Morris Mutual Insurance
oh there a top corner there you go your personal vehicle has been destroyed so
that’s what we want after that go ahead and give Morse a call and son explain
your free l gr H I can do that now from here simply go ahead and register
yourself as MC club president and call in the faggio and what if your regular
garage not the clubhouse if everything is done correctly the faggio will not
spawn in front of you and the icon of the faggio will not be in the map so
from here go ahead and enter the vehicle that you want to duplicate that is
stored in your business garage okay so it’s stored in my arena I want to
duplicate my future shock easy that sells for 1.8 million or 1.7 million
each time so from here I want you to go ahead and kill or shoot the lady from
the street in the head okay or you can just spare her life and RAM the car just
like this just like what I’m doing there you go and the car will disappear it’s
just like that all right so one final stuff you just need to drag this one at
the back of your MOC for it to save and boom just like that this is another 1.7
million in your garage okay let me show you so I’m gonna drag this back to my
arena and there you go that’s the duplicated copy this is a duplicated
copy right here and you guys can sell this for 1.7 million the max upgrade of
the future truck easy sells about 1.8 million inch time okay so there you go
would like to give you Chad out for remix for making me this modded car
right here the easy with f1 so you chata to your remakes one of my sponsors in
the channel thank you so much I’ll see you guys


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